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Mar 2014
Face down
I fell
To the black mausoleum
Wishing I could breathe
In my cold dark coffin
Her voice was grim
As she cried through the night
Long black dress, and angels hair
Little did she know
I would arise
With a fiendish scheme
So she could fall with me
In a cast shadow
Monstrosity lives
And its in all of us
Roaring to break through
So pray
Its final kiss
Shall hurt us this day
She gazed at me
As if im the devil itself
She kissed my cheek
And pushed me away
I laugh
Im not so easy to cast away
In her final hours
Petals bloomed
Hiding the shadows in eternal gloom
Why did I have
To go away so soon
My love I will protect
My shining friend
The next thing I knew
The shadow of death
Pointed his clammy hand
Making her rise as well
As the city burned
The children screamed
And we fade away
My love please forgive me
I am lost
In not heaven
Nor hell
But a monster we become
Once we fall
in our graves
Wrote this after listening to some to zombie
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams
Written by
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams  sacramento
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