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Cait Sep 11
Hope in things Eternal
A Promise in your Life

Shock and Sorrow at your Loss

Joy in knowing Jesus
has conquered Death and the Grave
and nothing can take away
my Hope.
For my daughter, Esperanza Claire. Eternity will be all the sweeter because you are there.
Cait Sep 11
Joy overwhelming met
with peace.
So many plans and prayers
were for your sake.
You were given resurrection life
and the chance to save millions of hearts,
but if all you did was change this <b>one</b>
you were worth it
and forever loved.

Heaven has never been clearer
or more sweet.
For my son, Peregrine Lazarus. You could not be more dear to me, and I cannot wait to meet you.
Cait Sep 11
Met with death before your time
Waiting for heaven
For my son, Vespasian James. I eagerly await the day when I can hold you and never let you go.
Ari Sep 3
Our babies need more
than our prayers  
They need more
than our likes and shares.

Their innocent eyes
drowned in tears
Mommies and daddies
drowned in fears.

Our babies need more
than wishes
Their bodies
covered in stitches.

Their sweet little hearts
are breaking
Their vibrant souls
‘ever aching.

Our babies need more...
Yes, a baby
Asks questions
By the act of pointing
Or making a quizzical
****** expression

What is this world
What is the world about

It is so easy to Imagine
A baby not knowing
It is easy to imagine
Not knowing because
Who knows

Not the best of us
Not the stargazers
Not the book readers
Nor the book writers

Especially not the politicians
Who never stop
To ask the question
Or to ask any questions

Their nature is to accumulate
While they pretend to lead
While they pretend to guide
Their nature is taking

Some pretend to tilt
toward compassion
Toward caring
Toward altruism

No longer a baby
One grizzled octogenarian
Ask no questions
Merely wonders

Where has all of the wonder gone
He wonders if altruism is real
And if it is, why is
It ******* by greed
Poetic T Jun 3
You were my little snowdrop,
             but with every howl
finding courage
to become a

           of  transparent strength.
Your skin was soft as cotton
With hands so small in mine
You'll never be forgotten
My little ray of sunshine.

Your eyes were beams of light,
Adjusting to the world around you
You didn't leave without a fight
My son so pure and true.

Not a day passes by
That I don't think of you
Sometimes, I can just die
Knowing you left too soon.

My son, how can I move on
If you're not gone?
"I have a name and it’s Jaylen Foster
I am two weeks old.
But the size of my big feet
Will foretell my future:
big things to come

I am the third generation of Fosters
What the world need now is love sweet love
It is the new normal, the beginning of a bad ending
Social distancing, mask trending, and facetime,

My new world..  Six feet apart, no options
Only restriction: for them or for me??
The truth for our futuristic endeavors is to
Wear a mask, or stay at home..

I saw the smile, on her face, her laughter is contagious  
The joy of being a grandmother, pretty Joy for Paula
Proud moments for my father and mother..
a new beginning for a grandfather: David

Love and happiness for a two weeks old me
And distance kisses for cousin: Annie
Annie said the meaning of my name is Joy

My grandmother's voice says nothing can surprise her.
My grandmothers’ voice, says wisdom,
My grandmother’s laughter is genuine,
When it comes to me.. Jaylen Foster
Keep the pictures coming?
Meant keeping Joy alive
Post-Mother's-Day Poems

We desperately need a Mother Recovers Day!
by Michael R. Burch

Mother’s Day!
Lovers’ Day!
Adulation Re-Smothers Day!
Hugs ’n kisses galore
till she’s tired and bone-sore.
Now, like a needle in the hay,
she needs to find a Recovers Day!


Mother’s Day Replay
by Michael R. Burch

Mother’s Day!
Lovers’ Day!
This Hug-and-Kiss Smothers Day
when a roll in the hay
conjures babies, olé!
(Please, children, ignore these verses, okay?)

Keywords/Tags: Mother's Day, mother, mothers, child, children, baby, babies, family, families, love, hugs, kisses, adulation
Regina Apr 26
Myriads of
sleeping babies,
dreaming on
cumulus clouds,
smiling as
the tall angels
with iridescent wings
kiss their cheeks.
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