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Mar 2014
I walked alone

The cold wind ripping at my face

The ground covered in stone

My mind clouded with death’s dark embrace

I pulled my coat ‘round

To try and breathe one last time

As the sky fell down

Whisper one last hymn

Black out black out black out

Eyes open

The fire shadow’s cast about

She was the first sight I had awoken

Her white as ice skin

Pale blue eyes

Her shadow dark as Gwyn

My welcome is full of chastise

She only smiled

And put my head on her lap

I would not shout the reviled

About was her cloak wrap

Eyes full of worry

She stooped over for a kiss

My eyes began to blurry

.Short lived this bliss

A dark snarl

She whipped her head forward

White fur, teeth, claws, and blood lust gnarl

I reach for my sword

I fell

She stood up

It bared its teeth

The ice sharp enough to cut

Cold energy beneath

My ice queen

It leaped

Its rage caused the ice to steam

She wept

Its claw deep in my chest

Her hands like icicles

Her form was distressed

sharp as needles

Ice stuck out of its gullet

.She ran over to me

I’m just a shattered cullet

Wise and worried was she

Cradled my head in her arms

As she sang and cried

My life tumbled like a house of cards

I died?

I woke up

My love was denied

Death raised its cup

She spared my life for hers

She melted away

Tears as my eyes blurres

So I can live another day

When we kissed my heart fell in a spell

I will always want you

Now my love fell

My mind skewed

I will remember you

As I leave a white rose

The most beautiful fool

I warmed a heart that was froze

Her skin was cold

I will always return

To remember your hold

Give your death gifts in an urn

A forgotten dream

Your life of woe

I will always remember your skin and teeth beautiful as cream

The woman of snow
Everyone loses someone
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams
Written by
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams  sacramento
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