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Dess Ander Dec 2018
Invisible bullets
Gaping wounds, tears reach the ground before the blood
Invisible demons
Uncontrollable laughter, eyes brighter than the sun engulfing the planet
A heavenly entity is seen yet ignored
Ignorance as safe as a gated prison
Freedom is never chosen
The masses chose to be slaves.
lifeonLSD Dec 2018
I didn’t hesitate to utter your name
into existence, right next to mine

      I’m still holding onto the same
      breath I took

It never left my body nor
did it cease away

      The awaking of the soul
      while you spoke to me fluently in
      the language of a select few

Forging your lips in figures
only for my eyes to read

      I prayed to forget we belonged
      on earth

To take this leap of air and to
break this curse

      Let us dance at heavens tavern
      dance through sultry vengeance
      of hurt

Hold me, till the last wise has had
its turn

      Opening to us doors looking like
      gates out of this burning mad world
Mongi Jan 2018
It's a New World

Cars fly in the atmosphere
Like kites being flown by carefree kids
Homes crumble down to shreds
Like mud castles being hit by the rain
Life gets washed away into the seas
Like soft sand grains from the sea shore

Earnest elite men and women in white coats
Will name as tornado, tsunami, earthquakes
Scary names they are
Imaging dragons and Dracula
But it is a natural disaster
It is the universe's fault
That no man can be blamed for

Some people live with their loses
Find solace in the life they at least have left
Though, sadly, most never do
They wish they were never spared
For they are nothing with the nothingness spared

It's a new world
Now welcome the insensible fault of nature
Pssshhh! A silver vessel flies to the North
Zssshhh! A furious retaliative one trajects
Bzshhhh! They both hit on either sides
And the rest becomes history

Secure in their protected fortresses
Safe in company of their families
Content with their actions
Two men from either sides
Too full of their selfish and narcissistic egos
And yet voted by the perishing masses into power

They watch their doings
From their fancy televisions
Like it were an **** action movie scene
Or a space Sci-fi video game
While everything burns down
And life turns to death
Toils taken to graves

Children screaming
Parents crying
Dreams shattering
Blood spilling
Sirens wailing
Doctors yelling
Pulses feebling
Breaths fading

It is selfish world
Where survival is only for the egocentric
And the innocent civilians live every day
In fear it were their last
As the media discuss the looming of a war
Now tyrants are bigger than their voters
And men's suits are too expensive
To sit down for negotiations
Rulers' hands too sterile to shake in peace
But their autocratic mouths so easy
At declaring and perpetrating war
Oh, how presidential!

Mongi C. Nkabindze
We read from newspapers about a possible looming war between two great  countries. I haven't done my research, but I just had these thoughts rushing through my mind. So I penned them down, in no careful manner
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017

was there really ever a clue
how to stand
against them
or get through?
PSR Apr 2017
Never ceases to amaze.
The mentality of the masses,
Their world in a daze.

Devoid of all nerve.
Following orders blindly,
Happy to serve.

Their's is not to question why.
Swallow all the *******,
Conform and then die
CastorPolydeuces Feb 2017
A carcass of saffron rotting daringly in the streets
as the masses slow and drag their feet
to see its splendor, its grossly awesome continuance
after a decidedly less so existence.
Just had some words I really wanted to use. Idk.
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
All of the masses
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till they all become passive

Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
So they know longer have voices
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till they no longer have choices

Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Let them all become sheep
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till their all nice and meek

With their drug addled mind
Their own thoughts will be hard to find
Then we'll input thoughts that are ours
For we are the great and mighty powers
We will tell them we know what's best
Not just for them but all of the rest

Like Sheppards to sheep we'll guide them along
And they will continue to sing our programmed happy song

For when the world starts to come to an end
We'll keep them drugged and tell them we are their friends
For when that day comes we'll shake and we'll sift
Pick out the good ones, drive the rest off a cliff
B Young Oct 2015
Does creativity spring[?]
from the well of the abyss,
so we can sing.

When you crawl up out of that well and
up my ankles up my
up over knee hills
through thigh valleys.

Reach a finger tentatively
my hidden alley,
a dark moonlit crater you're

My Annabelle.
My Annabelle
Hate me later,
love me now,
take your leave.

Perpetually pantheistic
endless cycles keeping man
in a vast panorama of
meaningless[?] accomplishments.

Is this it?

We are embryos patiently awaiting our birth.      

We are gods,
awaiting our flock of faithful followers.

We are embryos awaiting birth.
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