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If we find something we are willing to die for, we truly live.

*Not a poem, nevertheless the birth of many.
I thought of this while writing a paper.
Ben Johnson Jan 2019
Pimps and ******
Missiles and guns
Death the score
Sacrifice for fun

Dollars for dancing
Paradise for blood
Money men prancing
Preaching the flood  

Jesus the Christ
Bringing the end
Mohammed given the keys
To Syria, Persia, & Yemen

Religion’s a bubble
Waiting to bust
Propped up by the gullible
Distracted by lust

The Gods are worthless
You better short the dollar
The faithful and faithless
All living in squalor

Mammon, a prince of hell
That’s who we worship
Ring the bell
Ready the warship!
Symbolic Beauty Jun 2018
As I lay here watching you sleep
Looking so peaceful
All my mind can think of is how beautiful you are
When we get together it's nothing but fire and ice
I am fire
You are ice
We make an intriguing pair
I fight for the right to bare my soul to you
You fight to keep all these walls up
Don't you get it?
I am the one that is patient enough to break down your insecurities
and melt away all your fears
Shield you from all the pain
Sacrifice it all just for you to understand how strong our bond is
The power to sooth your aching heart and chip away at the walls you've grown so comfortably accustome to
But how can I?
When all you do is ice me out
With my bare hands I'll take it down brick by brick. That's how much you mean to me.
LeV3e Jun 2018
Lightning struck and
Cracked the foundation
I've been building upon
Shaking my tower of
Preconceived priorities...

I'm falling now, slowly
Watching my dreams
Tumbling back in time
To the beginning...

I made a mistake when
I stacked to much pressure
Fracturing the stone that
All other things depend upon...

Now, I'm resting surrounded
By the wreckage I caused
By overestimating my own
Ability to hold it all together.
Mr Q Sep 2017
The six-turned horns with yellow eyes
shivers in the crispy Olympus air
as a wave of clasping hands
claw at his wet blooded hair.

A man of the pebbles and mud,
a crook that grazed the land.
He grazed sixty years, but then,

anchored a fair folk on the red sea,
babes in the arms of the slopes below.
They were green and white, with smiles
and ears that savored his wispy white hair.

But a harsh winter came that
uncovered the black, they
dug it out of the caves; and so,
Gaia took their warm green away.

The people fought and spit as they
stole more slick from shadowed pits.
Friction sparking fires to burn their ire.
and the Ire spewed fire back at Him.

Now, the Horns stands betwixt their heat and the pit
shedding salt over their fall, not his, and
with a bleep tosses his cloven hooves over.
to leave them their green, to drown in black..
I close my eyes
Forgot my mind
Or similar kind
Eaten by flies
I'm all alone
She is sick
Burning the wick
Speaks in groans
She can't breathe
She can't move
Please improve
What's underneath
Bloodied vile
Pills are lies
Make you die
I need a smile
Not alone
Please no
Feeling low
Empty phone
No one gets it
The sorrow
Covered in yarrow
Eyes filled in grit
Poisons my mind
You are gone
Blackened dawn
Wish it was my time
Give you air
Take my strength
Your heart sank
I will make it fair
My time yours
As I depart
Owner of heart
Don't fight any wars
I hope she gets better
You were so hungry
You fed off my emotions
Now I'm empty and there's nothing for me to consume
Because you treated my heart like a feast
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