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May 21 · 383
One match stick
Flickering in my hands
It can destroy the lives of many
If I drop it on the dry wood floor under me
Or if I blow it out
It doesn't make a difference to me
It doesn't affect my life
But it's not who I am
I blew it out
May 21 · 199
Paper cup
It becomes soggy and wet
The paper starts peeling off
Flimsy and weak
It starts to leak
The kids chewing around the rim
The teens filling them to the brim
I take a small sip from my cup
In my throat, I feel a lump
Playing with the paper peels that fell off
Under that layer, the paper fibres feel soft
The cup is my only friend here
My vision begins to smear
I wish I could just disappear
May 20 · 205
Heart balloon
You inflate my heart like a balloon
Filled with all your fake love
The pin you hold is always so dangerously close
Waiting for my balloon to pop anytime soon
Why do I still trust people with my heart?
When it ends up ripped apart
To the next person, I'm on restart
All remaining is the rubber parts
Popping all my love-filled hearts
May 20 · 970
Small Ripples
The small ripples that come from my fingers
Causing waves in the ocean
A tsunami killing millions
May 19 · 272
That one mistake
That one wilting rose in a blooming batch
That one wrong stroke in a masterpiece
That one broken pixel in your screen
That one sour grape in a bunch of sweet ones
That one useless child
That useless child, with no worth to this family
May 19 · 236
Maybe if I hadn't tried
I wouldn't have failed
May 18 · 342
Losing you
I keep losing you
As I slowly grew
I'm still learning to let you go
You were here with me, laughing, a while ago
I still care for you though
Guess I gotta learn to let go
May 18 · 202
Do you remember
Do you remember?
When I was suffering
You ignored me
I'm still recovering
You still expect me to be there when you need me
Sorry, I'm not free
You're in so much pain? Well I disagree
You can't feel the pain I feel
All that happiness you could steal
Don't you remember?
You have quite a temper
Stop your whining
My feelings declining
I might have loved you once
For that, I was a dunce
Your feelings can go die for all I care
And don't you start talking about being fair
There's no return
All my feelings burn
May 13 · 196
Did you?
Did you have to
Block me
From achieving
My only dream
May 12 · 551
The perfect amount of salt
It dissolves in my mouth
Melting on my pancakes
Complimented with sugary flakes
Dipped in syrupy lakes
My fruit salad with grapes
Bananas and apples too
It's too yummy to be true
While butter is still melting
I dig in, it tastes overwhelming
May 11 · 937
At home
Stuck at home
Why do I feel so alone
May 11 · 514
Rainy Book
Lightly powdered but slightly rough
The cover hard and tough
Clear black ink
My strawberry milk a bright pink
It's cold outside
But there's a warm fire inside
The house sighed
The windows cried
Its tears catching each other
There goes another
I hear the rains soft pit-pat
On the soft couch where I sat
May 11 · 676
Who Knew?
The ocean is not blue
The sky is
Who knew?
It was all our point of view
Clouds are not fluffy
Your eyes must be puffy
How would we know?
What exactly is snow?
Ice crystals that fall from a cloud
On to an unbothered crowd
May 10 · 550
Late for mother's day
If you have a mother to celebrate mothers day with you are lucky
Wagging our tails for their affection like a baby puppy
What if that puppy was abandoned at birth
Because it didn't prove it's worth
What if that puppy grew up on its own
But it grew up alone
With no mother shown
It hasn't felt a mothers love
As pure as a white dove
It hasn't felt a mothers care
Why was it so unfair?
Is it wrong for it to compare
So much damage that needs repair
A mother and child, such a beautiful pair
If I had a mother I'd feel like a millionaire
If anyone is wondering why I didn't post a poem about mothers day here's why...
May 9 · 314
Hiding on my own
My face is no longer stone
My emotions are now clear and shown
The things I feel to the bone
Have only grown
When I'm alone
May 8 · 161
I stare at the mirror
Yet I still don't see who really I am
May 8 · 602
It's not there
It's all in text
It's on your books
You'll find it there
It's there
It is there
I'm sure of it
All your questions have been answered
Of course, it's there
What are you talking about?
What's your question?
Well, you'll have to find that out on your own
Some of my questions will never be answered
May 8 · 797
Trudging through murky waters
It reaches up to my ankles
I know it goes deeper
But I'm waiting for the reaper
I feel it creeping up my legs, creating slippery tangles
My wet hair clinging to me in mangles
I slowly get pulled down
Waiting for myself to drown
Devoid of emotion
I'm pulled into an ocean
I feel nothing anymore
My feet are sore
From walking on this slippery floor
Please stop the pain
Before I go insane
May 4 · 128
The Unseen Flags
Splashes of colour
I've never felt duller
Seeing through my rose-tinted glasses
I never saw the red flags
My heart now carries these heavy bags
My feelings torn to rags
Bright and red
I feel sick
Hit with a rose coloured brick
Red and bright
All flags insight
I squeeze my eyes tight
Wishing everything was alright
May 4 · 808
Don’t upset the person who makes your food
Don’t be rude
They may have a mood
You never know
They might get upset on your food
See that speckle in your dough
It went bad a while ago
Ever wonder why service was so slow
You never know
Just some common sense, since some people still don't know how to treat the person who cooks for them..
Apr 29 · 364
Out of Sight
Those silent arguments in my head
Sometimes make me wish I was dead
My eyes all puffy and red
I just don't want to get out of bed
Is it normal to cry all night?
Enough to wish I lost my sight
In a ball, I clutch my blanket tight
Wanting to give up in this endless fight
All alone, out of sight
No one sees this side of me
No one hears my silent plea
My pleas to be free
My pleas to be me
Apr 29 · 585
Butterflies can’t see their own wings
That’s why they don’t know how beautiful they are
Maybe you’re a butterfly too
You just don’t know how beautiful you are yet
I saw this written on a scrap piece of paper in a library, I think it means a lot to some people
Apr 27 · 391
Nothing like a cup of coffee to open my eyes
Watching the early sunrise
Hearing the annoying bird cries
Silently watching the blue skies
Dark, black and deep
Slowly pulling me away from sleep
In my throat, I let the hot liquid seep
Hearing the coffee machine go 'beep'
I wait for my energy to take a leap
So I can stop counting sheep
Apr 25 · 140
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Rain pouring on mountains
Water gushing down fountains
Ice frozen on its peaks
I've been crying for weeks
My cheeks still have the tear streaks
My eyelashes all wet
My eyes can't forget
Going over and over it makes me cry more
I keep sobbing on this cold floor
I can't hold it in anymore
Leaning against this rough wooden door
I let my tears pour
Apr 24 · 263
Your disguise
The bust of colour I see coming from your smile
Your happiness radiates for a whole mile
The laughter in your eyes
The perfect disguise
I know what's behind that mask of love
Concealing the hate with a velvet glove
What you do when no one else can see
When there's only me
The way you make me beg and plea
How you cause me so much pain
Keeping me on a chain
How could a father cause so much pain
The pain that will drive me insane
That look of disdain
It's no longer humane
Apr 23 · 297
The sound of waves crashing on the shore
Your breath
The way diamonds glint even when there is no light
Your eyes
The soft feel of a ripe peach
Your skin
The deepest black of space
Your hair
The lost gaze of a missing child
The gentle smile playing on those lips
So close yet so far
I wish to see you on a falling star
Apr 22 · 172
I am in the mirror
Your reflection
Your opposite
But I am still you
Just wanted to try the opposite way of typing, It's kinda fun
Apr 20 · 619
Sugar Crush
Chocolate cakes from Cocoa beans
Vanilla cream from vanilla beans
Strawberries and small berries
Blueberries and raspberries
Juice made in squeeze machines
Put into pretty canteens
Sugary frosting and treats
Made into lovely sweets
Lemon cakes with lemon flakes
Powdered sugar sift on cakes
Apple and berry pies
A feast for the eyes
In the oven, they all rise
I'm hungry
Apr 20 · 195
Honey pt.2
Sweet and yellow
A dandy fellow
Syrupy in taste
It’s in no haste
Sugar laced
Translucent paste
Apr 19 · 686
On and off, on and off
It lets out a dusty cough
Old and rusted
Been long since it was dusted
Working all night
It produces light
You're using it to its delight
You used to type on that light box
It's been long since you used him
Yet he refuses to grow dim
It sparks in delight
It won’t give up to this new fight
It shines bright tonight
Apr 18 · 390
Green twisted in bone
Moss growing on stone
The forest floor overgrown
Tree's groan and moan
A predator on its own
It makes its presence known
Its scars are clear and shown
Letting out a long howl
It continues its prowl
With a low growl
Overhead warns an owl
On this quiet night
The moon shines bright
Watching the fight
Blood shining in the light
Apr 17 · 139
Honey so sweet
A truly tasty treat
A sweetness so complete
No one can beat
Syrupy and yellow
A dandy fellow
Tastes good on toast
I love honey the most
Apr 15 · 810
Silence can be comforting
Silence can be calming
Silence can be harming
Silence can be deathly
Silence can be stealthy
In this silence, you can leave me
You can break me
Drown me in this silent sea
This silence is killing me
This silence is chaining me down
Leaving me to drown
While I wish to be free
In this silent sea
Apr 15 · 417
Puzzle Piece
You don't have to be the perfect puzzle piece
You can be the one that doesn't fit
Into societies roles, you don't submit
The one that stands out from the bland crowd
Do things your way and be proud
Amongst the thunderstorms, you can be the cute fluffy cloud
Amongst the frowns, you be the smile
Do things in your own style
Go at your own pace, it might take a while
Apr 13 · 835
The tree softly whispered to me
It wished to be free
Just like me
It wished to walk
It wished to talk
It wished to swim in the sea
It wished to be like me
I listened to its plea
And all I could do was agree
All it did was sit on my lawn
My time with the tree had gone
I got up with a yawn
For it would soon be dawn
I smiled gently at the tree
I told the tree it was very dear to me
I couldn't breathe without it
It provided oxygen for me
I wanted it to see
That it was very precious to me
Apr 13 · 231
Is it okay?
They say
It's okay not to be okay
But do they really mean it

It is okay
Apr 10 · 135
Your words are like a bitter juice I can't swallow
Stuck there, Hanging in mid-air
I can't understand it
It rings in my ears again and again
But it makes no sense
My mind is becoming numb from hearing your voice
Like eating something so spicy you can't feel your tongue
Like your fingers on the coldest day of winter
You keep touching them yet it feels like their not yours
Like not feeling a cut
But when I realized it
It was too late
The cut was bleeding out
It felt like you pressed a lemon against it
And rubbed the salt in
Am I going to say what I'm talking about in this poem?
No, because I don't even know what I'm talking about..
Apr 9 · 464
No matter how hard I try and try
There is no end
Things keep happening on replay
I just want it to end
Apr 9 · 429
Wings extended to its farthest
The soft wind under me
Lifting my wings higher
The tips gently dipping into the sea
Creating clear crystalline ripples
Being free is all I desire
I lift my wing and dive in
Aiming for the fishes fin
I go straight for the win
The chances of me getting out is thin
But I took the chance
Without a second glance
Being in the water holds me in a deathly trance
But to freedom, I must fight
Back to the light
And into my flight
Apr 9 · 559
Black and white
Night and day
It's gonna be fine they say
I start to believe their lies
Thinking I'll be okay
And in a way
To my very surprise
They are not lies anymore
Apr 6 · 270
The moments when words are choked up by your own tears
The times you were chased by your worst fears
The amount of time I waited for it to pass, all those years
The people who were beside you through it all slowly disappears
The end of your suffering slowly, slowly nears
Happiness sometimes interferes
Coming in playing with your emotions
Ticking your feelings for a small giggle
But it shows no devotions
Leaves your life grey
While you wait for it to end
While you keep playing pretend
Waiting for the end
Apr 5 · 369
I’m happy
Life is great

I’m so happy!

See, I knew it wouldn’t work
Apr 5 · 425
In your pearly eyes
I see the twinkling night skies
Apr 5 · 156
I'm feeling kinda sick today
I sneeze at the slightest breeze that comes my way
My face is all droopy like clay
I have to cover my mouth before the germs spray
I just can’t do me today
Apr 5 · 168
Apr 2 · 200
Be You
I be me
And you be you
Be whoever you want to be
Don't copy someone to fit in
Be whoever you desire
Not someone else's

Don't be a liar
Be true to yourself
Care for who you are
With that, you'll get far
Within this world of grey, you'll be a shining star
Apr 1 · 64
April 1st
A spider in the gum packet
Sticky gum on your new jacket
Slime in your hair
Stuck to your chair
It's April fools
You don't need to play by the rules
But watch what you do
There could be glue in your shoe
Here's a clue
Whatever you do
Don't go to the loo
My brother actually pranked me by putting gum in my new jacket, I look forward to my payback. :)
Apr 1 · 846
I look up at the sky and think of you
Somewhere on earth
You can see the same sky as me
The same stars as me
Yet we are so far apart
The feeling just breaks my heart
I want to be with you
I want you to be with me
Yet that is just my fantasy
Mar 31 · 251
You know what's fascinating about the older generation?
They want us to have it easy
Yet they constantly complain about how easy we have it
It can be quite confusing, I must admit
I don't understand them and they don't understand us
So what's all the fuss?
Let us be free
Who we want to be
It's kinda easy
My dad complains a lot about how easy we have it now, well dad I'm sorry for being born when I was.
Mar 30 · 421
My fake smile
My fake laugh
My fake happiness
I say I'm good
While I'm begging myself to tell someone
I'm crying on my knees
Pleading for myself to stop lying
Begging to tell someone
Wishing I would listen to the voice asking for help
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