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On and off, on and off
It lets out a dusty cough
Old and rusted
Been long since it was dusted
Working all night
It produces light
You're using it to its delight
You used to type on that light box
It's been long since you used him
Yet he refuses to grow dim
It sparks in delight
It won’t give up to this new fight
It shines bright tonight
clmathew Jan 2021
Turn on the lamp
started January 13th, 2021

Turn on the lamp
for the end of the day
is near

Turn on the lamp
let the light
warm this page

Turn on the lamp
and let go
the worries of the day

Turn on the lamp
there is nothing to fear
from the coming night

Turn on the lamp
that is your heart
tonight you are enough.
Sometimes I write, just trying to imagine a different way of being in the world. This poem is for me, but I know others are also searching.

What burned brighter
The orange flame rising from
the evening lamp
Or in the backdrop
the setting sun in its orange home
Both wore a warm glow
The journey
Beginning to end
Corrinne Shadow Oct 2020
Water whispers, froths and bubbles.
Tiny bodies swim in doubles,
Schooling along the edge of their world
Where the fish tank ends.

A panting tongue creates a mist;
Soft golden fur, tail in a twist,
Barking at the outside world
Where the window ends.

Poised and tense, smooth muscles coil
Whiskers twitch with internal turmoil
To track a leaf beyond her world
Where the sliding door ends.

Dreary shivers, dark and damp,
God's distant voice my only lamp.
I can only gape at the mad, mad world
Where my glass cage ends.
I'm supposed to be doing French but I felt contemplative.
The lamp of knowledge is your light,
The lamp is your guide in the darkest of forests,
You will walk by its light in darkest night in the darkest of lands,
The owl knows the wisdom of its light,
The moth is drawn to the lamps light,
The lamp of knowledge is your light,
The lamp is your guide in the darkest of forests,
The maid of wisdom is the keeper of the lamp of knowledge,
The wise ruler governs by its light,
The lamp of knowledge is your light,
The lamp is your guide in the darkest of forests.
Alex May 2020
I tried to make a lamp into the sun.
It burns my eyes like the sun does,
But finds itself only half as gorgeous.
The real is too much for me to bear.
About trying to find meaning in poor poetry I write.
Star BG Mar 2020
I turn on the lamp of love in my mind
moving as its glow shines. As it
spreads out eyes into day.

Energies spiral as voice aligns with breath
and song resonates outward shines. As moments of sand pile so memories begun.

I turn on the lamp of love in mind
that never burns out. That is
light particles magnetized
by heart pulsate.

Engirds spiral to enter cells
with breath as every ***** feels
energized and human form becomes crystalline.

I turn on the lamp of mind for my soul
and send it to the world to know
everything is grand and alright.
Everything is alright
Jenish Mar 2020
ravenously ruled the rocky cave for many hundred years
fearfully fled to the firmament when a little lamp brought
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