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Alex Scaife May 3
I tried to make a lamp into the sun.
It burns my eyes like the sun does,
But finds itself only half as gorgeous.
The real is too much for me to bear.
About trying to find meaning in poor poetry I write.
Star BG Mar 28
I turn on the lamp of love in my mind
moving as its glow shines. As it
spreads out eyes into day.

Energies spiral as voice aligns with breath
and song resonates outward shines. As moments of sand pile so memories begun.

I turn on the lamp of love in mind
that never burns out. That is
light particles magnetized
by heart pulsate.

Engirds spiral to enter cells
with breath as every ***** feels
energized and human form becomes crystalline.

I turn on the lamp of mind for my soul
and send it to the world to know
everything is grand and alright.
Everything is alright
Jenish Mar 19
ravenously ruled the rocky cave for many hundred years
fearfully fled to the firmament when a little lamp brought
srijith kn Nov 2019
Me, sometimes too slow
sometimes raring to go.
And you? like a ray of sunshine
that walked into my room,
Oh! my room full of my lonely
tumbled gloom.

Like a star that lost her moon,
like these rains that makes frozen
doors, inside my caged rooms.
I always saw myself, mostly through
the window, of my dark uneven mind.
Many of those characters I made
in my narratives could have been me!
But were never me for a reason.
Oh! did you ever know that
my beautiful silent vamp?

I usually sit down in my room
unsparing my mind, body and soul
sometimes in relentless pain,
but that was a story lost long back.
Now, in rosy curvy overture
you need to wake me up
with a sweet little pen lamp!
Read my vulpine runes
which I pen late nights
and then wake me up
to my own chorus tunes!
Also please use
my mystic crafty hands,
to give fire to your words
everywhere you wish to write!
But then again let me ask
with my mystic cryptic voice
where were you all this while?
Oh! my invisible little pen lamp.
Niki Gray Oct 2019
Remain humble and kind
always let your light shine.
Like a beacon of hope
to those wary, lost souls
on the hunt for a lamp
to light their barren path.
setting each step aglow
out of desolation.
Thank you to all my family and friends who support me and inspire me to be the best version of myself.  Special shout out to my husband Jim and my children Sydney and James thank you for loving me.  Thank you Christian,Todd, Sheela and Courtney for always giving great advice,  inspiration and encouragement. Thank you God for blessing me with so many things.
Äŧül Sep 2019
Its oil lit up by tiny sparks,
The night lamp in the corner glows.

Its light fills up this room,
The love flower is waiting to bloom.

The noise is from the loom,
Its expression will mute the gloom.
My HP Poem #1774
©Atul Kaushal
Oscar Jun 2019
i picked up so many of your pieces,
i made a house from the ruins of your life.
like a lava lamp, we blazed and bubbled;
we rose to the top, just bubbles in a jar.
u say tomato i say i want to die
Eliza Prasai Mar 2019
Indeed, it is lifeless
But it gives life to her hopes.
It is a witness;
Witness of her all time pains.
It is her friend whom
She shares her thoughts with.
She looks into a distance
Upto the place her eyes can see,
Tears flow down vigourously.
Yet, hope remains deep down the heart.
It shines;
Along with it shine her faiths,
Her faiths would have died a long ago
If it did not exist.
She gazes into its light,
It says to her,"your wait is not wasted."
She strengthens...
She grows stronger with the words.
When everything faded away,
When darkness covered the dawn of life,
When there was shadow all over,
It had helped her fight;
Fight with the pessimism of life.
To the rest of the world,
It was just a piece of mud.
But to her,
It was 'THE DIYO'
Her courage, her belief and her faith
Whose never ending light
Would provide her
A reason to fight and survive.
Diyo is a small lamp in Nepal which is associated with worships, prayers and optimism.
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