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Sometimes I'm sick
Emptying my feelings
Into the pipes they go
Just to resurface later
To haunt me again
Why don’t you love who I am?
You only give me your attention or love
if I’m doing good in school.
You never loved me for the person I was. Only for the things I did that benefited you.
I am looking at ships alone
On the beach of forever
Peeking through clouds the moon shone
Thinking of you again, have I never?
On the beach of forever
Over the sea, under the trees or wherever
I hope my thoughts reach you
Are you thinking of me too?

Whenever I love something,
it’s temporary like a bubble.
I see it but I cannot touch it,
for it will pop.
Bubbles are such fragile things.
How can something so lovable be so close and yet be untouchable,
It feels so unreal.
I can love them how much I want
but I can never have them.
Trapped outside the bubbles of my paradise.
watching the things I love.
I’m in need,
of a savior.
Just something,
to pull me tight,
and tell me,
don’t go,
I need you.
But life,
isn’t the movies.
You’re the one,
who told me,
that line.
I kinda sorta,
always thought,
life was ironic,
the way it,
worked out.
How I’d say stop,
and the sign,
well it would,
yell at me,
to go.
Swallow the lump,
turn around,
but no,
not this time,
I gotta,
I’m going to,
I’m sorry,
I’m going home,
to the fields of daffodils,
and dandelions,
that we make wishes on.
Even if,
they may,
or may not,
come true.
what’s fun.
Life will never,
be the movies,
but it’s certainly,
a song.
Have you ever laid in bed
and cried so hard
to the point you’ve had to cover your mouth
so you didn’t make any noise?
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