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the truth is, i dont have the guts to kiII myself. i want to walk busy roads and dark alleys in the hopes someone will do it for me
  May 2021 Just Another Flower
Hans Ho
My sister my sister
We always stick together
We always make friends
But sometimes we fight together
Love love  and laugh laugh
Stick stick together
But  sometimes we have to let’s go our hands
When we are adults
We play Board games together
My mummy and daddy is important
Mummy and daddy save the day
Flickering in my hands
It can destroy the lives of many
If I drop it on the dry wood floor under me
Or if I blow it out
It doesn't make a difference to me
It doesn't affect my life
But it's not who I am
I blew it out
It becomes soggy and wet
The paper starts peeling off
Flimsy and weak
It starts to leak
The kids chewing around the rim
The teens filling them to the brim
I take a small sip from my cup
In my throat, I feel a lump
Playing with the paper peels that fell off
Under that layer, the paper fibres feel soft
The cup is my only friend here
My vision begins to smear
I wish I could just disappear
  May 2021 Just Another Flower
you made me love you so bad
it's tearing me apart
is this how love should be?
i just want to love and be loved.
is it to much to ask for?
You inflate my heart like a balloon
Filled with all your fake love
The pin you hold is always so dangerously close
Waiting for my balloon to pop anytime soon
Why do I still trust people with my heart?
When it ends up ripped apart
To the next person, I'm on restart
All remaining is the rubber parts
Popping all my love-filled hearts
The small ripples that come from my fingers
Causing waves in the ocean
A tsunami killing millions
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