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The perfect amount of salt
It dissolves in my mouth
Melting on my pancakes
Complimented with sugary flakes
Dipped in syrupy lakes
My fruit salad with grapes
Bananas and apples too
It's too yummy to be true
While butter is still melting
I dig in, it tastes overwhelming
i walked out,
my skateboard in hand.

i jumped on it and started skating.

i didnt know where i was headed,
i just skated.

skated away from my problems,
away from home.

i skated towards freedom.
~based on a true story~

thank u for reading
Stuck at home
Why do I feel so alone
Lightly powdered but slightly rough
The cover hard and tough
Clear black ink
My strawberry milk a bright pink
It's cold outside
But there's a warm fire inside
The house sighed
The windows cried
Its tears catching each other
There goes another
I hear the rains soft pit-pat
On the soft couch where I sat
The ocean is not blue
The sky is
Who knew?
It was all our point of view
Clouds are not fluffy
Your eyes must be puffy
How would we know?
What exactly is snow?
Ice crystals that fall from a cloud
On to an unbothered crowd
The first sip they say
Takes your breath away
And so it did
As I lifted the lid
Again to my smiling lips
The liquid falls and drips
But my mind is elsewhere
Thinking of a moment I share
With only you
Just us two
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!
If you have a mother to celebrate mothers day with you are lucky
Wagging our tails for their affection like a baby puppy
What if that puppy was abandoned at birth
Because it didn't prove it's worth
What if that puppy grew up on its own
But it grew up alone
With no mother shown
It hasn't felt a mothers love
As pure as a white dove
It hasn't felt a mothers care
Why was it so unfair?
Is it wrong for it to compare
So much damage that needs repair
A mother and child, such a beautiful pair
If I had a mother I'd feel like a millionaire
If anyone is wondering why I didn't post a poem about mothers day here's why...
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