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His goodbyes were like the sunset
A warm embrace leaving the day
How calming was his presence
As the sound of his steps fade away
He reminds me of the sunset
How I wish he would have stayed
A sight of a beautiful ending
Transitions to memories to my dismay
I hold these memories close to me
So I can put them on display
As I wait for him to come again
A beautiful ending on replay
Emily Nov 2018
This isn't a hypothetical.
Baby when I write this it's all about you.
You've been running through my mind.
Thoughts of you stuck on replay.
The way you make me feel.
Your touch is like nothing I've ever felt.
I want nothing more than to be wrapped in your arms.
You tell me time and time again that I'm perfect,
Inside and out.
My body is the peak of perfection.
My mind is nothing less than eminent.
Coming from you it does something to me.
Have me feeling myself.
But I rather have your lips feeling me.
Turn me inside out.
Hear my screams over the music.
You know what you do to me.
Have me feeling vulnerable.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Let's mark the Sunset with the kiss from our love story.
And when the evening comes,
let the Moon work her wonders and engrave it into our memories.
Then we'll replay it as the Dawn breaks til the Sun rises.
From the outside
I don't want you looking in
from the inside
my patience is wearing thin
I feel no pull
no weight
no desperation
no candlelight deviation
flickering reticently in your name
just the echo in my mind
reminding me of the time
I should have paused and hit rewind
I've encountered you a thousand times before
a different face, sure
but I've seen the script
I know how it unfolds
just another cliche told
No doubt I'll encounter you again before I'm old.
Shalini Pandey Apr 2018
Be it last Monday
or this Tuesday
Days are behaving Xerox Copies
bolted with same color,
dull and faded
playing replaying
the same chord everyday.

Waking up to the
same myopic thought,
transformed into a rusted machinery
with controlled signals-
Wake , Office, Work,
Stress, Eat and Try to sleep -
Robotic Human is my
New Name.

No music, no poetry, no hobby
Neither to play with children
Nor to catch up with love
Not even a self affair !!
Don't remember when
I was live with my friends ??

Stretching the senseless power
of Stressful Work
for a volume of money,
still can't afford a
slice of happiness
not even for a single moment,
person or thing..

Life is broken -
Mundane ,
Lost and tossed
Beaten up by
Routine and Replay
where obscurity
blinds the path to happiness.
The Misconstrued Aug 2017
Whisky,*****, ***,
Anything I could get my hands on,
Only a temporary escape, such a pity,
Something to smooth out the rough edges of reality,
Blur out the past,
Those incessant barrage of disconnected memories flashing before my eyes so fast,
Numb myself for one night from all the sorrow,
And promise to press the replay button tomorrow.
Vinny Chav Mar 2017
Missing you is the hardest thing I've ever done but just know what we had was beautiful

the Sandman Mar 2016
rewind; replay
    we're standing in a canopy of sunlight
    and laughing, constantly.
    our faces are tired of moving up
    but our eyes are used to crinkling;
    they fold, and shut, and open like buds
    with the spread and shrink of our grins, in
    and out, with our lungs.
Pauze. Zoom.
    Your nails are chipping now, but
    You're really a halfwit,
    So that doesn't deter you the least bit
    From scratch-scratch-scratching at their shook ends:
    They fall apart as we fall out.
    We're spinning, we're dizzyingly quick,
    Hurtling at the speed of 28,800 kilometres an hour; we're brisk
    At best. (Inconceivable at worst.)
    And I can feel, already, you slipping away.
    You're outside of my grasp; you're far out.
rewind; replay.
    We're ripping at the seams;
    Our faces are like bad make-up
    That doesn't move with our smiles;
    Our eyes stay impassive,
    Uninterested at best. Incensed at worst.
    The crinkles in their corners are crusted
    And new folds form on the frowns of our foreheads.
    We're smothering each other in pillow talk and blankets.
Flash-forward, play.
    We're bathed in rain, we're in a
    Canyon, in a chasm.
    We don't know salt from wound
    Or snake from bite. We
    Bring out the worst in our best selves.
    We're drowning in suitcases and bedding.
    We let it fill our lungs and we
    Don't look back.
m Mar 2016
i know only thinking about it, is wrong
but no matter how much i try
its a feeling i cant deny.
if my life was a song
you could barely hear it.
maybe cuz i can barely feel it.
and everytime someone asks
i again put on my mask
enthusing over how many days i still have to spend
when in reality i would like this song to finally end.

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