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You don't look the same
after I stopped cauterizing the facade  
which peeled away
with every act of attrition
exposing every caveat
you tried to warn me about.

Now you're bile-slicked and bent
languorously limp,
serpentine without the grip
pooling in regret
to the tune of the parrotted philosophy
you used to make yourself bigger than me
but how could you be?

You only ever existed inside of me.
aisha Aug 22
you have red flags around you
and I do not want to wear rose coloured glasses anymore
Hereshecomes Jul 27
Grant it
You stepped in
through a crack
like an assassin.

And yes
your prying eye
did establish how far
you could reach

Little did you know
that the lady you made out of me
can see in the dark.


Red flags you waved before me
for your colourful entertainment
Pillars for my temple
And swords for my angels.
beaten and bludgeoned
mind’s eye clouded
in vermilion defeat
uncognized haze.
astilbe branches
bleed into a canopy
of tinted pools,
scarlet windows,
weary blossoms.
all flags are fire,
all songs are screams,
and nothing is true
in these panes
of crimson glass.
White flags
stained red with
yew berry words.
Haylin Jan 20
The light is shining
We're on display
The whistle blows
Nothing's moving
The air is still
Everyone yells
4 beats of silence
And then it starts
The colors spin
The laughing begins
Then you toss
You hold your breath
As the colors fly through the sun
Everything stills
The light pours through you, you are endless
You catch
4 beats have gone by
Since the silence ended
4 beats is a lifetime
Haylin Jan 20
The flags interweave in a synchronous pace.
A pattern is formed and dissolves into space.

Kaleidoscope movement and the swish of a sabre.
What flows like dance is a pain and hard labor.

Glitter and make-up fluff and curls for the show.
But there's nothing soft about the rifles they throw.

The best part of the guard is not seen by the eye.
It's teamwork and sharing and daring to try.

When the show's over and the props put away.
There's always more practice and some time to play.

So just when you think the guard is all done.
Somewhere in a gym, they're still having fun.
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
One day when I was walking
When I saw some prayer flags
Prayer flags swaying
Swaying in the wind
Just swaying
Bring people luck
Making them the luckiest of the lucky
I ask what a simple life
A simple job
A simple bunch of flags
Then I become jealous
Jealous of their simplicity
Just wishing
Just wish for their lifestyle
Prayer flags
Simple life, simple job:
Simple flags.
Ariana Robinson Oct 2018
I ignored all the red flags
Like they didn't exist
Even though they were like beacons of light guiding me through the dark
They were noticeable
Some may even say obvious
But I ignored them for you
Because I loved you that much
Because I figured what's a few dangers when you're in love
And I gave you my heart as a keepsake
But your red flags
They waved proudly
And I realized just how dangerous they can be
There were too many. Too many flags, that is.
anotherken Jun 2018
"One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Everyday I wake up to the anthem,
The song of hope, a revitalization
To the lost children of the land, given up by the master's hand.
Humility, conscience, morality, does it matter anymore?
Under the skin of the new man,
They raise it up, all according to plan.

So what do we do to set it straight?
Save them all, and break the chains?
Of the nations that attacked us,
Attacked the peace and prosperity,
Attacked our culture, our abilities.
So what should we do right now?

Kneeling one at a time, lighting the kerosene to set the fire,
Removing the flags of old days that put the darkness on our way,
Under the world of sorrow, there lies the light, a key.
Nobody knows, until the flags become ash.
Nobody knows, until we shed our skin and pray.
Pray for a unified world.
Pray to burn them all.

I woke up on a field.
Littered with 195 crosses.
Darkened, broken, ready to be fallen into pieces.
But they still live on.
To remind us of our failures.
"The flags are burning. What should we do?"
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
The flags contort and distort

In the air

Writhing in the wind

Nations proud, lie

Humbled at their knees

What is done in the dark

Shall be brought to the light

In full view and truth
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