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Splashes of colour
I've never felt duller
Seeing through my rose-tinted glasses
I never saw the red flags
My heart now carries these heavy bags
My feelings torn to rags
Bright and red
I feel sick
Hit with a rose coloured brick
Red and bright
All flags insight
I squeeze my eyes tight
Wishing everything was alright
softcomponent Oct 2020
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





Toby Raines Oct 2020
Ignore the impending doom,
ignore the warning signs
Ignore the hateful glares
The flashing red lines
The labels beg to differ
Between everyone I meet
But still I feel myself simmer
In a vat of oiled up sheets
This escape room turns to hell
My every thought here to dwell
A bird inside a cage in a cell
I knew this could never turn out well
I thought you were good
but it’s clear that you’re not
If I wasn’t so kind
I’d leave you here to rot
You signed your fate
You’re to bleed under a rock
So won’t you please
Ignore my Warning Signs?
Krystal M Toney Sep 2020
I am the red flag
sprawled across your trembling limbs
when the world reminds you
that winter is also a season.

I am a reminder
that perfection exist
only in flawed visions
of how we see others
but refuse to see ourselves.

I'm the one you vent about
but refuse to listen to
because red flags
aren't viewed as imperfections
but as infractions;
Violations of laws
that neither of us agreed to
but live by.

Do you not see your own flags
boldly waving in the wind?
The way I stumble
beneath your force
or cringe
beneath your voice.

Do you talk about the way your flag
clings to it's pole?
Refusing to be pulled down?
Refusing to be burned?
An excerpt from a journal entry made on 9/18/2020. Currently dealing with my own flaws while quietly wondering if she notices her own...or even notices me.
Jenny Jun 2020
I’m tired of being treated the way he treats me
Through his looking glass, I am only an image of a limp retired doll
Something to turn on when he wants to pick at heartstrings,
Or to make me dance for him, my insides tied to his quick fingers
I'm addicted to the way he strokes me with his fingers,
The way he plays me as i sing, scream
with numbing pleasure, the kind you feel reverberate within your chest
But i know he doesn’t feel the same
He only grips me tight when he’s bored, wants entertainment, wants to feel wanted,
He only loves the taste of affection dripping from between my legs
because i give it without question
He knows that he’ll have someone to disappear into when he’s craving the touch of red silk
Or to play with until he becomes bored of yet another game
for him, I smile, I laugh, I act, im easy to manipulate, to use,
But to be used by him felt innocent, felt lightheaded, felt giddy,
The smiles from him were enough to make me feel that i was truly alive
So i listen with interest and concern without him ever doing the same for me
I allowed him into my head before i kissed his,
kept him in my heart before i invited him between my legs
Dreamed of his hands long before i held them
But that was my mistake
allowing someone who i knew couldn’t provide me the love i so desperately craved
that's the cycle we spun in, my smile only used to *** on,
my throat to swallow, and my voice to ask for more
Somewhere deep down, I knew he didn’t feel the chest palpations, he couldn't feel the sun dappled against his skin, didn't care when i tapped out my heartbeat on his chest, my fingers feeling nothing beneath them
And to realize that not only did he not feel these instincts,
But that he does not care about me the same way i care for him,
To realize that im just someone to inhale and exhale,
and return to only when he wants someone to listen and to hold him
But im bitter now, bitter at the sweet i used to be
Because i always give myself to people who don't see my value
And only see someone to use, to watercolor yellow for a while
While they disregard my many emotions, my art, my writings
I thought this time i got it right, but i swerved left yet again,
excusing his harm as a fixable flaw
I ignored all the waving red flags
My red silk used against me
annh Nov 2019
Susie Saviour is a Bond girl
From Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea
A swish, a sway; a fist, a fray
And home in time for tea.

She scuba dives for pleasure
Downdashious to her core,
But only when the flags are out
And never far from shore.

A beauty queen, a lisome lass,
A femme fatale, a flirt;
Serves martinis with a swizzle stick
This sweet assassin in a skirt.
Firstly, apologies to all Dorsetians; secondly, Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea is a figment of my poor imagination; thirdly, you will find 'downdashious' in the D section of the Wiki glossary of Dorset dialect words. It means audacious. And BTW 'dumbledore' means bumblebee. How about that?!

'To be a Bond girl you need courage, charm, determination and feistiness.'
Olga Kurylenko
aisha Aug 2019
you have red flags around you
and I do not want to wear rose coloured glasses anymore
Hereshecomes Jul 2019
Grant it
You stepped in
through a crack
like an assassin.

And yes
your prying eye
did establish how far
you could reach

Little did you know
that the lady you made out of me
can see in the dark.


Red flags you waved before me
for your colourful entertainment
Pillars for my temple
And swords for my angels.
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