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at the end
i gave up
so tired, darknights in my future.
give you the chance
to be.
A beautiful disaster

I just want to strive through the pain in a stride

I don't want to keep asking myself why
I'm sick of always having to say good bye

No longer will tears fall from my eyes
So at least in the end, I can say I tried
Nikkia Enno a beautiful disaster.
When the branches are weary
And the leaves could only
Helplessly fall on the ground,
The birds sigh in unison.

When the clouds are in deep burden—
They try to hold it in for quite a while
Until a sudden downpour occurs,
And nostalgia creeps into every person.

As you watch all these happen,
You come to realize that sometimes
It's okay to just give in to the universe,
Because beauty isn't always in holding on.
Lieke May 20
Fill your lungs with air, they say
These black fireworks are getting closer
Crawl around, it's fun, they say
The slower I move, the deader the knot gets
You're dizzy, shadowed, they say
Apple after apple, only glowing poison

You'll see, you'll see
You'll want to someday
But all I want is out.
20 May, 2020
Cai Apr 26
“ what would you say to someone who gave up on you if you had a chance? “

Id probably say that “if i had to choose a word to describe how I feel about you, it would be ‘disappointed’. I would’ve never given up on you and I did all I could to make you happy. But for many reasons, you gave up on me. It may appear that I’m confused about all of this but as much as I hate to say it, there’s a part of me that understands why. And I respect your decision. The fact that it wasn’t the right time. I was willing to fight for you. It breaks my heart to know that you weren’t. But, I love you and I want you to be happy. I guess I need to let you go, so I could find someone who actually wants to fight for me. And no, I’m not writing this to win you back. But to be honest, I don’t know if I want to be with you anymore. If you were so quick about giving up on us once, I’m sure you would do it again. So for now, goodbye. And I’ll be missing you.”
my bf and I of 11 months broke up recently. It was a mutual decision. It still hurts like hell. But Hi everyone!
dead ophelia Apr 18
i gave up
i am slowly fading away
you will never knew
you broke us two
Sherenna Apr 13
She once stared at the moon
Once tears rolled down, and tears broke free
She felt the breeze sweeping in
Until there were no tears to shed

Eyes locked to the beauty of the moon
When the scarlet tears drip from her vein
When the frantic soul was screaming and crying of a broken child
And the wind has solemnly left  her bare
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