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tumbledry Jul 3
If only I knew what the moment would do
I’d go back to slam my knees on the floor
Look you straight in the eyes and say
We got this. I believe in this. Believe with me. Believe in us.
I wonder if it would’ve changed anything.
Or if our hearts were already too far apart
The pleading might’ve fallen to deaf ears.
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
the goal was to survive.
but the dream was to live.
I was ready to give it my all.
I just had to stay alive.
then, one day, my whole world came crashing down.
first, I lost someone I loved.
then, I lost myself.
cutting through my grief,
the demons in my head suggested I was better off dead.
but another voice said "you know that's not true."
that's when I remembered.
she always told me
"the goal is to survive but the dream is to live."
I was ready to give up.
but if it means I can keep her dream alive,
I will live. I will survive.
Alexis K Dec 2021
To my younger self.                                      
You will struggle.
You will fail.
You will fall.
But don't you ever give up.

In years to come, you will struggle with less.
Be loved more.
And get up faster.

If you knew then what you know now.
This stage you're going through wouldn't be so hard.
When you feel lost in the world and hopeless.
Remember these words I tell you now.

You will be where you are meant to be.
You will be with who you are meant to be with.
And *******, you will succeed.
Because: You. Never. Gave. Up.
Dhaneshwar Dutt Jun 2021
Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not love....But Having someone in your life on whom you have blind faith that even if you hurt them to the extreme they will still hold your hand and say:..."I was, I am, and I will always be yours"
That's Love ......
No matter how hard I try and try
There is no end
Things keep happening on replay
I just want it to end
A lone wolf on a mountain
A fish falling down a fountain
A butterfly on a flower
A shark about to devour
A man on a tower
About to meet his death
On his last breath
About to fall to the ground
And people crowd around
The man frowned
This was how he ended his life
Death has the feeling of a blunt knife
Yet the wolf, fish, butterfly and shark
Are still living
Outliving the dominant creature on earth
Do we have no self-worth?
Giving life away so quickly
Because it got a little sickly
Banana Mar 2021
The only thing I will say about absolute-lies is that you must be absolutely willing to give up what you believe absolutely.
Terra Levez Feb 2021
"There is nothing more peaceful
than not being interested in anyone"
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