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what if
the wounds won't heal?
what if
my heart keeps aching
so bad?
what if
my tears won't stop

what if
I just give up?
I want to escape the pain so much.
Arke 5d
stop forgiving and cutting slack
to those who don't love you back
Caitlin Feb 9
I waited for you to say those words, to finally admit you cared.
By the time you said them out loud, I was already ensnared.
To someone new, just as broken as you.

Do I truly yearn to hear that phrase,
Or are you all just a game I play?
An intricate way to feel desired,once I have you I’m no longer inspired.
Lieke Feb 1
In a cloud of white air
I yell and I yell
enclosed by the air
and yet I can't feel it.

I want to hurt myself
just so I can feel something
So I try and I try
but not a drop of blood shed.

I shoot and I shoot
I clash my cymbals
I set myself on fire
I bomb the whole **** cloud.

No effects.
No restraint.
No movement.
No feeling.

I am stuck in an infinite circle of an alternate reality.
Isolated from life.
I sit down here
in a cloud of white air.
about a dream I had a few nights ago. 1 February, 2019
alonia Feb 1
You see, I've liked you for months now. The moment I shared my birthday celebration with you, I realized I like you. As days progress, I've become more attached, more greedy and more selfish. I wanted you more today than how much I wanted you yesterday. But the moment I felt I needed you no matter what insane thoughts and graveyard closed curtains, I saw you happy with another maiden. Your smiles was thousands times more beautiful than when you are with me. It shines brighter and radiates a light only both of you can immense on your own. I've become envious and started doubts. You only look at them, not me. I had wished for you, your smile, your touch and your sweetness, I want to have them all. You are my first evil, dark  loathing desires that had

But this maiden is my friend. So I've come to a conclusion that I'll thank you but I'll also say sorry because I'd rather give you up, a door of lost keys and wonderland, than to lose a friend with stars blink through our night.

I love you, but I'd still hope you too.
Dear Reason For My Existence,
I hope one day I will find you.
I'd ask you, what you are.
Actually I'd ask you every question I could think of.
I have no choice to but to give you my life.
So, see ya!
                                           -Sincerely, Alyssa Herndon
I don`t know why I`m here. Hence, nobody knows the meaning of life.
Sam Jan 8
Last night I was terrified.
Terrified knowing you'd call and tell me you're leaving.
Then I woke up this morning
thinking I would follow you.
But... The very cruel things left in me are the feeling of being numb, lost and hopeless.
Should I chase you still?
I have given up.
PleAse don’t pretend
Lie to a child that somehow we are friends
Even if I try to extend
Your moving back into the future
And we won’t ever be kin

If that’s a game you’d like to play
Take your misery I’m not afraid to walk away
I didn’t make the simple mans mistake
I saw a virtue in the struggle of the wait

So when I don’t care to even glance in your eyes
Don’t act as if it’s some ill willed surprise
You had a chance just as I
And just as in that sense we are alike
I too can choose to exile your kind.

So this is me saying with clarity
You’ve exhausted all of my charity.
Done forcing myself to be “nice”. The truth is ultimatelykinder.
Indigo Dec 2018
Do not wish for me so much
In your prayers.
I will be the biggest nothing
That you've touched.
Phantom Poet Oct 2018
Sometimes let go,
It's less painful than holding on,
To let yourself evolve and grow,
It hopeless to hold on,
To hope,
To barely survive,
To hope for something to never happen,
To expect and believe,
And eventually be broken,
Because you didn't let go,
Because holding on,
The rope will break,
Ull be taken for granted,
You loose your value,
You won't get what you wanted,
It's an **** thing but true,
There is no point in holding on,
When eventually ull be left,
Left to eat dirt,
Left alone,
There is nothing as hope,
It's a lie,
So just let go
*** ever you want to percieve  it
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