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I waited too long so I thought
My faded song was just a shot
I tried once and gave up
You were no one to love
I'm glad we never talked
You were just so hot
But inside you not
I made an assumption
A fair one though
Treating my friend like **** you know
That don't fly so I won't even try
I hope you happy
That what you want
I am glad because I am done
Now I am mad, not so fun
Not so sad, and I won't run
See me walk by, forget I even tried
See me everyday, but say goodbye
I ain't gonna lie
You just looked good on the outside
I don't even know you
But I saw what you did
In a bad mood
My friend just said
Hi and tried to intro me cause I shy
Don't care well ******* then
I can't deal with your ****
******* gonna act
You a ***** and that's a fact
The Vault Sep 16
Deep internal rumble
Heard through the cracks
Hidden deep but never enough
To silence their past
Nina Sep 8
I'm tired
I'm tired of faking my smiles
pretending to be happy
lying that I'm fine
I'm tired of being a disappointment
Being a mess
Being useless
I'm tired of dealing with toxic people
With a broken family
I'm tired of panic attacks
I'm tired of crying
I'm tired of everything
A Sep 6
Do you ever want to down?
Like, just ******* drown.
Maybe someone could hold me down
It feels good to drown

I am forced to make the bad decisions
like there was no option for good
I know it's self sabatoge
But man it feels good

You see,
The effort is the stressor

So hold me down
Please hold me down
I don't want to think right now

Because if you don't hold me down

I'll swim  

For how long?

-don't know.


-don't know.

Will I make it?

Will anyone care?

If I try to swim and don't make it, will anyone care?



I mean ridicule.
Will they ridicule me?

That's why I need you.

Because it's all on you.
It's not my fault if I drown
If your hand pushes me down

I'll think about the stars I'll never see
I wouldn't see them regaurdless

Blacked out reality is quite easy
Swishing dreams in my mouth is easy


But if your arm gets tired
And I'm too hard to sink
Maybe we could swim together?
Kaede Aug 7
Maybe that is the saddest part of your story

He just waited for you to leave, to give up, to lose hope.

But you didn't. You will not.

But he already thought you finally did.
Was it my fault again?
This wicked world,
Is where I grew up.
Hated the crowd,
But I don't give up.
People stab me right in the heart,
And act like they are hurt.
Feeling this for ages,
Been living in the cages.
Never call yourself a corpse while you still have a chance to live however bad your situations are,
Never refer yoursel a carcass fed by worms while you still got a chance to breathe,
Never lie to yourself that your dying even when a single centimeter to the grave, while you stil can live,
Never see yourself poor while you stil have a big chance to gather wealth,
Never accept that you are useless and helpless while a million chances of bouncing back are waiting for for you to pick and move along strong,
Never say things are done when still you got some points to rectify and perfect,
Never give up feeding a cow that give no milk while still waiting for her own fruits to mature,
Never change a positive coarse, just because it has taken long time, while still can make to its optimal maturity,
Never ever give up, while still have a think about an issue,
Perception has killed many dreams that would have changed the world,
Shortcuts have killed the most infuential and suggestive successes people had,
God had a purpose for problems, gender parity, living classes, age difference and so forth.
Delayed success is still success,
Being dutiful and mindful can change everything.
#never ever give up.
I'm charged to inspire,
The low in spirit can be the most waited transformers of this worled,
The least can be the most,
So help me inspire my poem!
Non Pescador Jun 2
Too many problems and I don’t know what to do anymore.
Family problems
School problems
And even my self.

Why its so hard to live
If this is life I don’t want to live anymore
Im tired
And I already want to give up
Do you know how it's like to be in pain?
And I'm not talking about the physical pain
I'm talking about the mental pain
Every day I hear the same words
*****, ****, ****, and ******
And I don't know whose voice I'm hearing
I believe it's my own
But what if it isn't?
What if it's yours?
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