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Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not love....But Having someone in your life on whom you have blind faith that even if you hurt them to the extreme they will still hold your hand and say:..."I was, I am, and I will always be yours"
That's Love ......
No matter how hard I try and try
There is no end
Things keep happening on replay
I just want it to end
A lone wolf on a mountain
A fish falling down a fountain
A butterfly on a flower
A shark about to devour
A man on a tower
About to meet his death
On his last breath
About to fall to the ground
And people crowd around
The man frowned
This was how he ended his life
Death has the feeling of a blunt knife
Yet the wolf, fish, butterfly and shark
Are still living
Outliving the dominant creature on earth
Do we have no self-worth?
Giving life away so quickly
Because it got a little sickly
Hannah Mar 3
The only thing I will say about absolute-lies is that you must be absolutely willing to give up what you believe absolutely.
Terra Levez Feb 24
"There is nothing more peaceful
than not being interested in anyone"
rmrplpr Feb 20
I finally mustered the courage
to give up
When I learned that the clock ticks
even when I've stopped
And the morning comes
when I wish the night was eternal

At last I've worked hard enough
to lose
When I heard the stomps of the forward march of time
deem efforts insignificant
And the Sun rises with no care
even when the night is still there

In the end I learned to celebrate defeat
to feast upon the joy of procastination
And shut the senses for responsibilities
hovering like vultures, anticipation in their beaks
for a man to fall
Liberating as it is, death is a good night sleep
Amy Childers Feb 10
So yea it's been a while,
I guess I forgot all of the things that used to make me smile.
maybe that is destructive on my part but everything I loved will eventually break my heart.
so yea I gave up
because I rather have never loved at all and
forget this pain.
the pain that will not leave my heart or brain.
so yea
I give up.
Habiba Herisha Nov 2020
I feel like this is the end.
I’m standing in the middle of the street while it’s raining. I’m cold,probably freezing.
But,all I can feel is the pain in my heart.
The voices in my head telling me to give up.
I feel like this is the end.
I’m down on my knees,I’m screaming.
I can’t survive.
I won’t survive.
I just wanna give up.
Is it worth it?
Am I worth it?
I feel like this is the end.
I can’t keep on having this facade of normalcy and strength.
I’m under a lot of stress.
It’s not worth the fight.
I’m not worth it.
Maybe this is the end.
Maybe this is how it ends,me giving up.
Me not survive.
Falling apart under this pouring rain,with tears streaming down my face and my palm on my chest,I can feel the pain.
Habiba Herisha Nov 2020
Oh god,
I’m done.
I can’t be a fighter nor can I be survivor anymore.
I’m tired.
I can no longer fight my own battles.
I’m surrounded by darkness.
I’m a prisoner of my own demons.
Oh god.
I’m done.
I’m sad
Riley June Nov 2020
i thought it could last longer,
worn and tattered your purpose is flawed,
what to do with something of no use,
why do i keep your threads,
you no longer smell of fresh linen,
i'll cast you aside to a pointless existence,
no one will ever pay you any mind.
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