Daig ko pa yata ang mga supporting roles sa mga pelikula. Kayo ang bida, at ang ako itong sumusuporta sa inyo na walang katapusan. Walang katapusang pagbulagbulagan. Walang katapusang sakit ang nararamdaman ko. Palaging pinipilit ang sarili na hindi mahulog para sayo. Palaging pinipilit sa isipan na ikaw ay para sa kaniya at siya ay para sayo, na kayong dalawa dapat.

Ngunit kahit anong pilit kahit anong pigil sa damdaming ito, bakit nahulog parin? Bakit di ko mapasokpasok sa loob ko na hindi tayo. Na ako ay ang supporting role lamang. At kayo ang binda. Siya ang leading lady at ikaw ang leading man.

Mabuti pa nga sa mga pelikula, at least merong ka partner ang female supporting role. Pero ako? Ikaw lang ang nasa paningin. Ikaw lang ang gustong yakapin. Ikaw. Ang kaisaisang bagay na di ko kayang makuha. Isang bagay na di para sa akin.

Marion Clarke Apr 10

I am mother.
I am school lunches.

I am a relationship
I am an extension
I am an idea.

I am mother.
Nothing more
but everything, everything, everything.

I am a tissue
I am a breast
I am a pillow.

I am mother.
I am a voice
saying no.

I am crying
I am drinking
I am lost.

I am mother.
I am every minute in a day.

I am losing weight.
I am running late.
I am coming now.

I am mother.
I am yours.

I am waking cold
I am feeling old
I am trying.

I am mother.
I am guilt.

I am Eve
who birthed us all
remembered for one mistake.

I am mother.
Because I have forgotten
who I am.

Cody Henatt Nov 2016

Often do men conceal their true emotions,
Because flawed are all of the earth's people.
Movies make men believe risky notions,
Not to shed tears lest they forsake steeple.

Amy I Hughes Oct 2016

The King nor the Queen
wanted the crown.
Too heavy to bear,
it dragged them both down.

The King wanted to drink
and party with his men.
The Queen couldn't manage
and wanted a friend.

The oldest princess
wanted love and money.
To sell the crown
and find a honey.

The youngest princess
was eratic and cold.
She hated the kingdom
but loved the control.

They bickered and squabbled
so no one did see.
The middle princess
picked it up so gingerly.

She placed it on
Her Royal, fair head.
She managed to stand
with courage and said...

'I will wear the crown
that you've all cast.
To protect our kingdom
and serve as asked.'

They all stopped talking
and quick as a gun,
turned their back on her
and continued their fun.

The King kept on drinking.
The Queen hid away.
The oldest spent her inheritance.
The youngest plotted and played.

All the while she fought there.
Defending the walls.
Fighting for their safety,
Pledging allegiance to them all.

The youngest became jealous
Of this brave new Queen.
She unleashed her rage
And beat her senselessly.

No one did anything.
The Queen looked away.
Nothing in it for the eldest.
The King stood & swayed.

Yet here she was alone,
Crying in the crown.
Unprotected and alone.
Slowly sinking down.

The eldest took her energy.
The Queen gave no hope.
The King let her down.
The youngest gave her a rope.

So she hung herself and died,
As they continued on.
Her absence went unnoticed
As their kingdom lived on.

Cheyenne Aug 2016

They told you you're a white knight,
To take pride in your long sword.
Now you've mounted your noble stead
And it's me you're headed towards.

They told me I'm a damsel.
Made me feel distressed.
Then you came waltzing in,
Shiny armor on your chest.

You want to slay my dragon;
Stick it to the foe.
You think I'm waiting here for help,
But I'm screaming, "please just go!!"

My tower isn't lonely.
That dragon is my friend.
So desist your constant jabbing:
It's annoyance with no end.

Don't try and kiss me when I'm sleeping.
Keep your hands off of my feet.
I don't need your so called valor
To make my life complete.

And you, dear prince, don't need to charm me--
You are more than how you wield your weapon.
Fair maidens needn't be your quest--
They'll tell you different--the trick is not to let them.

A man blamed,
A man feared,
A male struggle.

You give her a compliment,
She blames you for objectifying her.
You give the promotion to a better contender,
She accuses you of sexual harassment.
She gets vindictive.

She wears skimpy clothing,
It's hard not to notice,
Two seconds later,
You're labeled a pervert.

You want to provide,
So her nails are always polished,
She calls you a sexist,
All you had done was make her your queen.

So what is so wrong about being a man?
Why are you blamed for things never done?

Everyone speaks of the female unfairness,
Yet no one remembers the male sacrifice.

That women too exploit the male gender,
All so they can move up a ladder.
A sense of entitlement,
A pity self secured,
Used as excuses,
In everyday life.

Why is it okay for her to objectify you,
But she gets cradled in sympathy when you give a compliment?

Why is it okay for her to ask you to cook,
But sexist if you ask her for a meal?

Why should you always pay the check if she claims to be so independent then?

Why is there such a defined double standard?

I am a woman,
To empower man.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros

We seem to forget that men have it hard too and women hurt them just as bad or worse.
SassyJ Mar 2016

These words you speak
These words you spin
Have infinite meaning
A definitive substance
Inject my mind
Flipping the norm
Unravel all the lies
They fed to us

Unlock my mind, unwind my eyes
Take me out of this boxes, boxes
Erecting all around me
Untwist my tongue, deject my terms
Pull me out of the sinking crane
Piloting all around me

Who gives the fuck?
Just give me a fact
All 7 billions souls unique
This linear life is meaningless
Fictions to act
One day I am frog the next a beauty

The mystery of the dark
All shrugged in blanks
They say its locked in your head
A crazy existence
Dehumanised to decay
The police can’t even help

Inspired by Mouthpiece
Angelet Viveiros Jan 2016

A new journey
A new role
No longer just a wife
But now a mother
A Challenge to be better
To care and guide
A new journey
A new role
Excitement and fear
Happiness and sadness
So many adventures will come
Am I ready for
A new journey
A new role

AnnSura Moon Oct 2015

The playground of the tragedy and comedy echoes through the mind of the preternatural ones,
bound for time to certain roles and certain lies
but Devil or Angel which ?
And the mask goes deeper.
The storm comes with her starving glory.
And neither man nor creature shall know the difference of the dark and the light,
the crimson in our frail reflection, takes us all but who will wear the mask ?

Louisa Coller May 2015

My fingertips are scented iron,
I am here inside feeling so misplaced,
so irrelevant right now.

Three pairs of glasses on one desk,
two necklaces which are beautiful,
and then there is me here, so torn up.

I'm trying everyday to be happier,
but I feel like all I am doing is,
forcing out a beautiful happy facade.

Wear the mask, play the part,
nobody needs to know your pain today.

Wear the mask, play the part,
nobody'll know your main attraction.

My friends are pretty much the only thing,
the only ones I am bothering with.
Yet now I see, it's very clear to me,
that I will need to decide my path.

Why must I pick only one road?
When I want to explore them all,
I don't want to be forced aside,
to play a singular role this time.

Multiroling has been my key,
day #1 of false lies and screams,
I will paint a new image of me in the clouds.

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