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You don't have to be the perfect puzzle piece
You can be the one that doesn't fit
Into societies roles, you don't submit
The one that stands out from the bland crowd
Do things your way and be proud
Amongst the thunderstorms, you can be the cute fluffy cloud
Amongst the frowns, you be the smile
Do things in your own style
Go at your own pace, it might take a while
Leah Carr Nov 2020
You never thought I'd be in this place
I didn't think so either
I was never the child
I was the protector
But I guess this needs to happen
To benefit us both
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today

We thought I was the carer
And you were the vulnerable one
You had the mind of a child
While my innocence was gone
But I guess it's for a reason
However unclear
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

*So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
The trick to self-analysis is self-alerting awareness.
Thus the cliché: know yo'own self.
Each you you ever be, see you be you.

Each self makes a bio, builds a being viable on earth.
Thus the click, on earth as…
always brings to mind in heaven, which is

--quotes are useless, it's like a choir of…
--- Hermes fans all fanning at once call for…

did Jesus say? The kingdom of truth is within you.
No way,
Jah, wei

we know, we tasted. Wanna bet, your interesting times?
ception receive the key from long before,
now is as we are
free to be anything imaginable
or if
we find whole lives memorizable, realizable
at the speed of thought, you live as long
as you wish,
to act as if you have the mind of any one mental
- mortal thing, we can't imagine immortality
- by law limiting speed of thought to
- the inner edge of the bell curve on
- mindless oblivion or nirvana, some call it.

imagine you are fed and clothed, because you survived,
no other measure of your worth,
or mine,
we survived, we can do good knowing,
knowing we know hell is a test all the best pass thru.
Fix your mind's hero story, you're it.
You are your mind's hero story hero, not mine.

I sold mine, did I not make that clear, when this game began,
I took you at you word, truth has a mind, so I sold the
mindless ***** NPC and blew my own bubble
to be in truth with a word accepted as true,
it cannot lie, I took it to heart,
like magic… new ifity

and I'm me. Not a fan of any name, tho' I do call Jesus friend.
{pre-facebook kinda friend, big deal in du-Sie times o'yor|

then you wish to die, and you do.
Before you do,

that's the trick. The other one.
Taste test. Mass appeal. Phemous Blahsay {The Immortality Key spilled over and likely set this in motion, it's a good book.}
Olivia Bennett Jul 2020
We come from different sides of reality
oh, its quite a tragedy

5 foot 2 blonde hair blue eyes
the reality some seem to despise

Hidden behind every corner is a new obstacle one must attack
Constantly I watch my back

women in the world today
constantly watching what we weigh
lack of support
so we try to conform

Become exactly like you want
yet my devils still haunt

You will never know the truth to my reality
oh its quite a tragedy
Lacey Clark Feb 2020
cold blue skies
with crisp air and sun in my eyes
we all play in the warmth
and i feel like a painting on a wall
or a decorative vase with dry arrangements
people find themselves viewing me
i feel so mad
that im ductaped to a pedestal
that im nailed into a wall
that im the frame of a painting
Tommy Randell Nov 2019
I role play, mostly, these familial lines
Doing what is expected of me, being stern, being kind

Age to age, with parental intent, I pass on
What Wisdom my own youth left unspent

Don't do as I did, do better I say
My Kids never listen, would I want them to anyway?

My one blind eye on my own misbehavings
My two deaf ears on on their constant raving

I guessed I would Tick All the Boxes
To be an average Dad without being obnoxious

I guess there'll be no surprises then
When my name is called I shall be content

To join that queue of Dads who've done their best
Thinking of my kids as I take one last breath
For All 5, and the Littluns... Bless
3 Aug 2019
you relinquished your chains.
i didn't realize the alloy
turned your wrists green
and soured the feeling.

    i didn't realize you viewed them
    as shackles, and not the comfort
    endowed to you when i vowed
    to protect you just two months ago.

    i don't blame you.
        no, i can't. delicate birds
    don't like the clanking of cages,
        no matter how intricate
    the bars are constructed, and
how beautiful
the permanence
of a lock is
yes, these words can stop here

(you take the life out of me every time you speak)
Sketcher Jul 2019
Dustpan in one hand,
Broom in the other,
Not a job for a man,
Not a job for a brother,
A job for a woman,
Not any other ***,
My wife didn’t agree with me,
And that’s why she’s my ex.

Stay at home,
Watch the kids,
Keep them chill,
When they throw fits,
Make the bed,
Do the dishes,
You heard what I said,
Carry out my wishes.

Stay indoors,
Don’t make friends,
Your friends are your kids,
And if that ever tends,
To become quite boring,
I won’t let you leave,
I won’t have you *******,
Don’t you dare deceive,
Your intelligent husband,
He knows what’s right,
This here hand feeds you,
You better not bite.

Last night,
I had her down on her knees,
That’s right,
I heard her beg and her plead,
But she was too noisy,
And I got paranoid,
So I had to cut her jugular,
Sending her to the void,
She was taking punishment,
Not a beating or ***,
But she screamed and I killed her,
So now she’s my ex.
mer Jun 2019
he is 5'3"
and she is 5'11"

her hair is short
and his is long

she likes baseball cards
and he likes nail polish

that doesn't mean
they're gay
or trans

they're just being

and that's okay
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