Don’t you burst my bubble
Or rain on my parade
I’m walking on sunshine
Not stepping in your shade

I am on a high
Things are going fine
Got a spring in my step
And I’m feeling divine

Join me if you want to
But do not bring me down
Had enough of negativity
And never will I drown

Firing on all cylinders
Bursting with energy
Feeling light and zingy
Effervescent and carefree

As if I could actually fly
To the magical end of a rainbow
On the wings of a unicorn
Wafting which way the wind blows

Through iridescent, turquoise skies
And fluffy cappuccino clouds
Dodging dancing golden rays
That glisten all around

This vibe is sublime
I’m not causing any trouble
So stay out of my way
I won’t let you burst my bubble.
I am underwater
No breath to be found
Encased in liquid
I am death bound

So deeply encased in water
I think I'll just swim down
Feel the pressure build
As I slowly drown
Got bubbles in my heart;
Air filled needle in my vein.
Don’t remember why I really started!
Oh yeah, right, to stop the pain.

It got me going straight down-
To the underneath
Soon I will be below the ground;
Safe and sound asleep.
Tiny bubbles in the hot-tub
not always
a good
Yeah, not been there, butt, can imagine ;D~
Chaundra Jun 8
People are like bubbles
Bottled up with troubles
Protected by a little container
Until they come face to face with their struggles
When they face their struggles  
Their bubble may crumble
This causes people to stumble
Stumble upon their troubles
They have a choice to pop
Or think non stop
They shouldn’t give up
Not until they float to the top
Katie Burton Apr 22
Swishing and swirling in a mass of frenzied bubbles
The shark swims after its prey
Sinking diamond cut daggers into the velvet flesh of the next feast to dine on and take into the depths of the sea.
I wrote this years ago whilst listening to a very powerful piano concerto and an image of a shark feeding came into my head.
medjed Apr 18
Staring blankly,
All I see are glasses,
All half empty…

Chartreuse drips drop
Tip a tap a top.

Atop empty glasses,
And empty bottles,
On my empty table,
On my empty room—

On my empty house,
With no one else but me.

All I see are bubbles.


More like the reflections,
Of the sad sad face on every bubble,
Staring right back at me—


What if I’d just pop,
Whenever I’d take a drink?

Fated only of two things—
     To burst or to sink—

Staring bleakly,
All I see are shards.

Shards just mended together.
Shards made empty bottles,
Turned to empty glasses,

Reflecting the same empty face—
Just like glass shards…

Just broken.

I see that same forlorn face,
Behind all the alcohol bottles.

A spark quickly burning out…
Deprived even ash to even trace.

A fire that is melting…
Dying of thirst inside.

With all fingers crossed,
Hoping somehow beer could sate her drought—

All I see are bubbles,
So many bubbles,
But each single one just the same…


Drowning in rum,
Engulfed by vodka,
Christened in whisky—

Sinking deep.
Deeper and deeper.
Down, down, down—
Always going lower,
Down, down, stop.
And then continues,
Colder, staler, darker,
Until I hit rock bottom,


2018-Feb--- A piece requested by some close friends- Title by Rose
Concept (Bubbles) by Erza
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