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Bailey Aug 22
Bubbles fly
High from my sky
Maybe now
It's my time
To fly
Anastasia Jul 3
I would like to see you
Before the world ends
We would walk in the ashes
Around the twists and bends
Kisses stolen under the flickering stars
The little that's left will always be ours
Gallons of spray paint
In stolen bookbags
Making our mark
With words to be said
It's not like it matters
No one else will see
The art that we've made
The stars, you, and me
Anything we want
Tangled in the rubble
Finding meadows of grass
Blowing effervescent bubbles
Our lovely dystopia
With creatures that survived
Songs to be sung
And stars to be hung
The word hopeless
Not meant to last
But you and I,
We'll be the last
I know, I used the word stars lot
Oscar Jun 22
i picked up so many of your pieces,
i made a house from the ruins of your life.
like a lava lamp, we blazed and bubbled;
we rose to the top, just bubbles in a jar.
u say tomato i say i want to die
Rachel Mar 8
Conversations only happen in my mind,
my thoughts don't reach the surface to even
hit the air.

Bubbles only sitting and bouncing,
behind my eyes.

I want to ask you what you think,
but it wouldn't matter to me anyway.

So, I don't speak.

I'm wondering why
do you still keep talking to me?
writingsolo Jan 24
a place where hands held low,
slowly squeezing,
never letting go as the bubbles lost their air
and I knew he no longer cared.
I'm terrible about opening up about my past and I can't decide if it's better to forget this or if I should share it.
I sink...

I sink...

I drown
The soft glisten of the moon
Reflecting off my drowning pool
Speaks for us both;
A reflection of a reflection
So beautifully distraught
In an identity crisis of the century--
The moon looks in the mirror
And only sees the sun,
She has lost all dignity
That she kept so dear.
The ripples of my love and I
Slipping into the sea are no differnt.
She looks into me and sees me drown
And feels no differnt than I.
Tears stream down the face of the moon
And the rain trickles onto the sea.
Our bubbles are the memories
Slowly drifting from the mouth
Slipping away to the surface.
My love swims to the top to breath
Yet I am here, sitting at the bottom
Of the great blue sea,
Breathless from her sight,
Forged together by unfought tears
And the pressure of its depth.
I watch as you swim to the moon
And bathe in her forlorne light
Breathing, time and time again.
For I will watch all night long
And then go to sleep in the morn.
bubbles appear when water boils
bubbles appear when wave strikes
her sister or rocket or shore ends
bubbles appear to show our weakness
they refuse to stay up at sea surfaces
they damage themselves fearing of appearance
as they knew bad things and news
they fear of sharing human bad feasts

in spite of mention good things
and doing as the good man or messenger acts
the man kind does every worst
drinking wine, dancing naked, getting faults
under some wrong and liars

under love and faith names
the love means only clearness
honest means be at heart in brightness
making deal between two members
and the upper power all over all persons

two hearts and God is the witness
all people know the relation between two souls
she wears white cloth as their hearts
and people know that they get married

bubbles burst at anger , vanish at fast
to disappear and die so fast
the life gets more awful of man kind of doing everything worst
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