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Seen in the distance,
        beauty glistened
though ocean waves..

"Help me please,

                              She smiled,
  as she dragged him under...
You reflect
                                                                ­                  n
                                                       i      ­   b
                                                               ­             a               o
                                                     With ariel  r                       ws  so wispy
                                                     almost spectral in nature

                  But shadows swirl in you as well,
                  darkness within light.
                  tiny little rainbows
                  scatter out of sight

Fill up the sky
with your flight
Up up up
don’t look back

                                    Up up up
                                    till the pressure
                                    makes you crack
sorry coudln't get to b and the i in the right place. It's supposed to be a rainbow, but it didn't work.
Cara Lee May 11
Bubbles float gently on the breeze
Catching sparkles, sunbeams that fall
They move up towards the clouds
Delicate tiny balloons with rainbow edges drifting, drifting
Towards an infinite sky
Glistening in the sun
Light-hearted. A release. Fun.
Gliding along. Riding the wind. Drifting. Soaring.
A magical orb, transporting you back to a childhood
So carefree. So happy. So easy.
Floating, without a care in the world.
A moment of pleasure. A moment to treasure.
The freedom. Serenity. Complete lack of responsibility.

Of a bubble
What the Poet Sees
by Michael R. Burch

What the poet sees,
he sees as a swimmer
watching the shoreline blur
sees through his breath’s weightless bubbles ...
Both worlds grow obscure.

Published by ByLine, Mandrake Poetry Review, Poetically Speaking, E Mobius Pi, Underground Poets, Little Brown Poetry, Triplopia, Poetic Ponderings, Poem Kingdom, PW Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, Mindful of Poetry, Poetry on Demand, Poet’s Haven, Famous Poets and Poems, Bewildering Stories, Neovictorian/Cochlea

Keywords/Tags: Poet, poetic vision, sight, seeing, swimmer, underwater, breath, bubbles, blur, blurry, blurred, blurring, obscure, obscured, obscuring
She caught me running
Out the faucet
She caught me between
Her fingers,
She caught me between
her toes.
Turning the **** slightly
To the left.
She eased herself down in the tub
And I became a million and one
Learning to rise & float.
She was the peninsula that taught
Me to dream
I long to be nowhere else.
Shining soap bubbles
dreams swell with swirling colors
popping at day break.
Came up with this one today actually 02 / 25 / 20 because I know I had a very long dream last night but as soon as I woke up ****** it was gone! can't remember a bit of it... oh well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Fleur Feb 20
Bubbles bound for breakers,
Sea salt snacky snakers,
Great gulp goldfish galleys,
Brown beard barnacles and reef rash rallies,
Abstract art, active angles,
Tingly teepee tension tangles,
Swimming so safety sound,
Newest navies so nobly nouned!
A dip under the sea.
Betty Feb 10
Bubbles are children

Filled with hope

And lightness of being

Gaily coloured birds that long to be free

If you hold them too tight

They will leave you forever

All you can do is to watch them

As they float around for a while

And wave them goodbye

When the wind blows
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