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     I did the math:
     A bubble bath
Is (it's a fact) for two,
     Not one or three,
     But two, as in me
And, Bubblebathsheba, you.

     Rub a dub dub,
     I'll rub your nub
Until you splish and splash.
     I'll smash my rocks
     Into your box
And call it a birthday bash.
Whenever I love something,
it’s temporary like a bubble.
I see it but I cannot touch it,
for it will pop.
Bubbles are such fragile things.
How can something so lovable be so close and yet be untouchable,
It feels so unreal.
I can love them how much I want
but I can never have them.
Trapped outside the bubbles of my paradise.
watching the things I love.
Unpolished Ink Aug 2022
Bubble child
a pretty fragile thing
of pinks and blues
and other multicoloured hues
we watched you
with delight
in skipping dancing floating flight
the wind changed
and we moved on
I turned to look
but you were gone
Masedi Jun 2022
We have given you all kinds of names
But they all bubble up to one.
You aimlessly float around,  
so beautiful,
So fragile,
Only you have the courage to be so vulnerable.

Around you we shrink and worship your magnificence
We want to hold you,
But we are afraid,
Afraid you might burst,
We had forgotten
Forgetton your true nature
irregardless of whether we reach out or not .
You will rapture.

Sprinkinling your remains on us
Slowly you seep in.
You make your way to our hearts, again.
Ohh love, you are such an interesting phenomenon.
Love .
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I can go on forever:|

what if the worst I can't know anymore

what these fingers are capable are core

what if the blurs are getting to a hold

not even sure how I put that to the bold

what if I'm not here at all

still the same but number for the height of the fall

what if the tomorrow awaits no flesh no dark

the evermore I wrote is a fade is an invisible mark

Payton Feb 2021
He stared down
                into the dark, twisting waves, as if
a voice spoke to him from
                                                         the watery depths

                                            It seemed to pull him in and
                                                                                              pool in him.
It swam circles
          in his curiosity.

The Sun stabbed at the waves, washing rainbows     over
glimmering abalone.
                Translucent bubbles danced
in its light.
Fishbones lay quietly on the ocean floor, forgotten.
                                                                                   Starfish whispered to him, tales
of how they had lost their arms to the
                      creatures that walk in the sun.

                                                        Urchins complained about the oil pooling in their waters.
Sharks gave him the silent treatment.
And despite the fact that he too had legs and walked in the sunlight,

                               he knew he was not made for the sun,
                      but for the sea.
                                                            And the waves whispered his name with
salt and foam.
This poem was written in 2016.
"Sea" was published in Rose State College's Pegasus 2016.
Hopeless Outlet Jan 2021
A many miles seperation
can't be what you want up close
everything about this exist
the way it does in binary code
Probably the best way
cuz there's no way
everything that's said could mean a thing
If we ever meet
the fantasy is always better than reality
Unpolished Ink Sep 2020
Rainbows on the move
Floating gently with the breeze
A life of infinite beauty
Lived in moments
Always loved bubbles
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