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Jul 2017 · 223
Diagnosis (short)
Vale Luna Jul 2017
We cried
when you were diagnosed

She cried
when you stopped eating

He cried
when you cut yourself

They cried
when you ran away

You cried
when you lost your home

I cried
when you lost yourself.
Jul 2017 · 249
Two Girls and a Joint (10w)
Vale Luna Jul 2017
"If                                        strap"
     you                               the
          get                       wear
              on                I'll
                  a­ll         ...
Jul 2017 · 231
Easy Like That
Vale Luna Jul 2017
I can't tell if you're talented at this
Or if I'm just
Easy like that
Because every move you make
Drives me crazier
Than the last.
Jul 2017 · 250
Irony's a Bitch (10w)
Vale Luna Jul 2017
Over stays
But I
Jul 2017 · 361
July 4th
Vale Luna Jul 2017
The fourth of July
Is not my independence day
Because my ancestors
Waited an extra
100 years
For the Emancipation Proclamation
To free them
And then another
100 years
Before Dr. King
Fought for our civil rights
But even today
As African-Americans
We are sub-American
Taught to keep our heads low
Around white police officers
And not raise our fists
When they call us *******
So tell me
What freedom truly means
And what it is to you
Because freedom to me
Is the day
I can look my brothers
And sisters
In the eye
And tell them
That we have finally received
Jul 2017 · 722
Toxic Ivy
Vale Luna Jul 2017
I was born with ovaries for a brain
And a cavity for thought
The predisposition
To put my hand down my pants
At the age of seven
But with a good berating
From my unconditionally loving mother
The putrid seed was recognized
Its stem ripped from my mind
Torn from my *******
Too late
Too oblivious
To notice that the roots still tangled around me
Its vines growing up into my ******
The **** that encapsulated my mentality
So the birds and the bees were my friends
At the age of nine
And that cute boy across the playground
Was cuter when I envisioned him naked
Only a mere three years later
And my susceptibility
Ignited the sight of cybersex
The capital ***
Or more commonly known as *******
But when my parents soon discovered
The poisonous vines of dependency
The toxic ivy of addiction
It was forced to an abrupt halt
Too late
Too oblivious
To notice the compulsive *******
That kicked in with the involuntary lust
For a pillow to trust under my hips
Before the age of fourteen
Securing the hypersexuality
So that the hot girl in the hallway
Was hotter when I envisioned her naked
And hotter than the boy next to her
So the bisexuality
Tormented my already demented desires
By the age of sixteen
Simply because
I was born with ovaries for a brain
And a cavity for thought.
Jul 2017 · 264
Vale Luna Jul 2017
I knew it was impossible
To change someone's sexuality
But with you
I tried anyway
Only to discover
How heart-shatteringly
And truly
Really is.
Falling in love is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.
Jun 2017 · 278
Wet (haiku)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
You know I'm eager
Because I'm already wet
Before you touch me.
Jun 2017 · 201
Others Watch TV (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
My entertainment
Is a notebook
A pencil
And pure imagination.
Jun 2017 · 572
Just Stop (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
ask me
If you
Jun 2017 · 119
Buried (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
My sorrows
Thanks Ed Sheeran.
Jun 2017 · 202
Warts to Wonders (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
You'll kiss
of frogs

your Prince.
Vale Luna Jun 2017
When you get down
On your knees in front of me
I panic:
                 “Please don't.

I'm so used to
  Being the one to kneel
  Being your submissive
  Being the one
To caress your sensitive sugar cookie
With the tip of my tongue
Just not the other way around:

I'm scared
Because what if
You don't like the way I taste
What if
I'm not sweet enough for you
The thought
Burns up my insides:
                 “please don't…

But when you plant
A candy coated kiss
On my quivering
Inner thigh
I can feel myself
My frosting
Creating a damp oval
On the bed spread
A gentle moan escapes my lips:

Your body is hungry
And my words
Only make your stomach growl

So you lean forward anyway
And kiss away at the sugar
My tension growing:
                 “Please don't. Stop.
Dripping and melting
Into a pleading whimper
                 “Please don't stop.

I seem to be sweet enough for you.
Just thought I'd have a little fun and write a sequel to ***** Sweets (for those of you who are a fan of that poem) :D
Jun 2017 · 377
Gas Mask
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I'm the type of person
That wears a gas mask
In the midst
Of flower petals

Simply because
The hallucinogenic scent
Reminds me
Too much
Of your perfume.
Jun 2017 · 509
Nowhere in Silence
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I'm trapped
Inside the labyrinth
Of my mind
I've lost track
Of the day's gone by
Trying to trace my way back
To the light
But I've gotten so used to the black
That now I just sit in silence

I'm tired
Because before
I would constantly
Stumble my way through
Just to get back to
No progress made
No distance created
So I'd just stare
Into the depth of it
Wondering if I should really care
Or if it doesn't meant ****
So that giving up
Is my only option
The pain
Too impossible to bare
Cuz I'd always
Land somewhere back in Nowhere

I'm tormented
Because every time
I try to stand up
My strength
Is never enough
So I'm forced back down
By the pressure
Falling to the ground
Over and over
And in this maze
The only sound
Is silence.
Jun 2017 · 502
The Patient in Asylum X
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Now you're in the sunken place
Clawing at your own skin
To escape
Break free
From the prison inside you
Pulling apart
Your rib cage
Because it feels like
You're suffocating yourself
For reality
But the only thing you catch
Is a handful
Of your decaying flesh

And now you're in the sunken place

The tears like acid-
Poison to your eyes
Burning through your sight
So you fight
With clouded vision
Stumbling into
The labyrinth that is your brain
Against the tissued barriers
The padded walls
Insanely insanity
The darkest type of mental institute
Locked with three clicks
Inside your head

And now you're in the sunken place

Constantly slicing yourself open
Searching for a key
To unlock the psych ward door
A key-
Lost in your vital organs
So you cut deeper
Deep-deep down under
Drowning in gallons
Or your own crimson blood
Muffling your screams to girgles
You try and hide
In the fissures of your bones
Through yourself
To escape yourself
To survive this hell
To outlive your jail cell

So now you're stuck
In the sunken place

Quietly psychotic
Waiting for what comes next
You're the patient in **Asylum X.
I got the "sunken place" from the movie Get Out (which is an awesome movie which accurately depicts racism that I've experienced btw).

Anyway, I just took that idea and ran with it!
Jun 2017 · 370
The Verdict
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I have no choice
But to put you on trial
Cuz you claim
You're innocent
Until proven guilty
But with all the evidence
I've collected
I'm positive that it was you
Who committed the crime against me

I'm sick of all your twisted lies
The disgusting humor
That this was all one big accident
Saying that in reality
You didn't mean to break me--
Only to leave me bent

The defense says
You were just messing around
That you didn't mean to take
What you stole
But I
-the prosecution-
Say that's *******
Cuz I know you seek control

So now it's time
For your verdict
Take your seats
They're about to start…

The jury says you're guilty
So it's indeed true
That you stole my heart.
Spoiler: its guilty lol
Jun 2017 · 149
They Call Me Twitch (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
If I


My hand
will twitch.
Writing something everyday isn't an option. Poetry is my existence now.
Jun 2017 · 122
New Ideas (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
The same


the same
Jun 2017 · 150
Do You Really...? (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017


They are very different things.
Jun 2017 · 305
Undefined Limits (short)
Vale Luna Jun 2017

That's what people say                  
When they're                          
too afraid                           

Jun 2017 · 216
Countless (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
           heart             many
     has         My / Too       times
           been                      to
                 bro-          cou-
                      ken / nt.
My first attempt at a shape poem!!!
Jun 2017 · 292
Goddess - No Longer
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I'm trying to humanize you
Rip you off
That stupid little pedestal
That I put you on
Make myself realize
How ****** up you can be
How mortal you really are
How ridiculous I am
For thinking
Your anything more than

I'm trying to deconstruct you
Tear to pieces
Your squalid crown
That I placed on your head
That your heart
Can be cracked too
That I'm not the only one
That gets hurt

I'm trying to objectify you
Stop building you up
In my mind
To where you're a queen
A goddess
On a throne above me
Ruling me
My thoughts
My actions
Attempting to perceive
The reality
That you don't own me
My mind
Or my body

I'm trying to humanize you
Fight against
Your stereotypical perfection
And acknowledge
Your flaws
Your weaknesses
Your mistakes
Your problems
Your defects
Your cracks
Your brokenness
Your ****
To finally appreciate
That you're nothing more than
Loving her is killing me. I have to stop putting her on a pedestal and realize that she's just as human as me.

Hope it's soon.
Jun 2017 · 317
Vale Luna Jun 2017
It feels like I'm drowning
Maybe that's just because
I'm downing
Ten shots of ******
An hour
The power
Of comparison
To what I used to be
Addict free
Every ounce of purity
Now stained
By an unclean bloodstream
So I'm far underwater
Committing my own manslaughter

With every breath
Inhaling death
Free from thinking
It may be true that I'm dying
My own toxins
Lacking proper caution
All this to avoid crying
Maybe it's wrong
But ******* it feels right
A fall with no flight
Clenched fists
With no fight

Because I can still breathe
When I'm drowning
And being underneath
The fluids
Is just as natural
And seemingly gradual
As a heart that's still beating
All my regrets retreating
The pain quickly fleeting
So I shoot up again…

And then just keep on repeating.
Jun 2017 · 274
Is My Mic On, to You? (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017

I hear
my voice
white noise.
She doesn't hear me when i talk.
Jun 2017 · 298
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Wanting, crying
Pleasure dying
Always sighing
Never finding
What is seeked
Or sought
Or sworn
Or the pain
Constantly borne

Weeping longer
Crying harder
Distant hoarder
Desperate torture
Of all things
Through battle
Through war
What is lost
Is lost too sore

Sin in darkness
Far from restless
Burning weakness
Truly lifeless
Death that walks
Life in
Dirt ground
Darkened earth
Not safe nor sound

Quickly fleeting
Love depleting
Always bleeding
Never meeting
Ones we love
And friends
Left to hate
Heavy heart
Cuz this is fate.
A very random, abstract poem
Jun 2017 · 214
Desprate for Empathy (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I'll share my poetry

With anyone
Who will understand it.
Poets need poets.
Jun 2017 · 150
In the Moment (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017

do something.

we know

we'll regret

Jun 2017 · 997
Dear Unborn
Vale Luna Jun 2017
My dear unborn child,
                 I never want you
                 To feel excluded

                 I never want you
                 To believe you're ugly
                 Just because you look different
                 From the other kids

My dear unborn child,
                 I never want you
                 To feel emotional pain

                 I never want you
                 To be ruthlessly bullied
                 Or be called a freak
                 Or a ******

My dear unborn child,
                 I never want you
                 To experience heartbreak

                 I never want you
                 To fall in love with someone
                 Who can't love you back
                 Or treasure your true beauty

My dear unborn child,
                 I never want you
                 To develop a mental illness

                 I never want you
                 To sink into depression
                 To the point where
                 You suffocate
                 And wish I had left you

My dear unborn child,
                 I never want you to hurt
                 I never want you to suffer
                 I never want you to end up
                 Like me.

My dear unborn child,
                 Because I love you
                 I have decided to spare you
                 I have decided to grant you
                 Your unspoken wish
                 I have decided to leave you
                 Unborn, forever.
My experiences have told me never to bring children into this world. The earth is too cruel. I don't want anyone else to suffer.
Jun 2017 · 158
Price Tags (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017

­                            But
Jun 2017 · 175
Shattered Clay (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
You were too

To handle
Jun 2017 · 120
Fear of Falling (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
The scariest part about Love

Is that Loss always follows.
Jun 2017 · 442
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Society tells you to be yourself
Then judges you
Cuz it's not right to act like someone else
It's good to be new
And yet at the same time, we shake our heads
“Don't stand out in crowds.”
So please don't start an unpopular trend
Just keep your voice down
Resist the urge to be innovative
Just go with the flow
But still we claim that the life you should live
Has to be your own

Cuz a ****** is a classified tease
Or too gross to touch
But anything more and you meet the needs
To be called a ****
And don't let yourself be a pushover
For jerks to use you
But if you speak up to find your closure
You're considered rude
Of course we say true beauty’s internal
That looks don't matter
But we're quick to lust for the external
Judging who's “hotter”
We love to support having opinions
But on the other hand
Ones who disagree should be imprisoned
Cuz differences are banned
We state that Jesus loves all his children
No need for hateful tags
But all homosexuals, stay hidden
Cuz “God despises ****”

Criticizing others is essential
For mankind to sink
Next time you decide to be judgemental
Please just stop and think.
Fight the contradictions
Jun 2017 · 220
Wildfire (pt. 2)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Well... maybe that's too deep for you
Too dramatic
But you liked the drama
Just not in my words
So I can't help but wonder
If my body was your chew toy
Simply because your other ******* were unavailable to play
Or wonder if you really meant to leave me alone with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess that we made together
Or wonder if you ever truly believed that we could bottle our sparks
Yet, no matter how much I want to hate you
I can't remember how
You taught me how to love
So I did
I loved every moment of us
Of you
But then again
I guess everyone loves the fireworks before they unexpectedly burst into uncontrollable flames

And maybe this was your goal
To twist my emotions around your relentless fingers
To toy with me
To get in my head
Or maybe getting in my pants was good enough for you
And you couldn't give a **** about my thoughts

So that shooting star I wished on
Disappears into the infinite collection of dim flickers in the night sky
And I'm just another diminished
*****-less trophy
For you to stack against your wall with pride
Just another addition to your demonized collection

Well, no.
I still can't remember why I wanted to write about you
But I write about sad things
So maybe that's why
And no
It's not sad because of the way you used me
It's sad
Because I know if I were to see you tonight
I'd run to you
And let you run your hands through my hair again
To feel that shallow wind again
As if I wasn't already burned enough
As if we didn't start a wildfire together.
It's about my ex.
You kinda have to read the first part to get this one.

I posted them separately cuz I didn't wanna overwhelm you guys lol.
Jun 2017 · 455
Wildfire (pt. 1)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I forgot why I wanted to write about you
But then again
I forget a lot of things nowadays
And the things that I want
Never make sense anymore
At least you made me want something

And so
When I saw a star
Dashing across the horizon
I wished I would see you again
Then for a second
A single second
I closed my eyes
And I could feel your hands in my hair
But it wasn't your hands
It was just the shallow wind
Like your desires
So when I kissed you
You left your eyes open
And when I asked you if I looked beautiful
Your answer was inaudible
Always too silent to hear
So you broke me
Or maybe I broke myself trying to fix you
And the sparks we created
Started a wildfire
One that I couldn't put out
Even after you left
So it burned the last broken pieces of me
The ashes swept away
In that shallow wind that feels like your hands.
About my ex.

This poem is a lot longer but I don't wanna overwhelm you guys lol.
Jun 2017 · 332
We Have it the Worst (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Bisexuals have it the worst

It's double the ****** frustration.
:D lol
Guys, I'm bisexual, don't get offended.
Its Pride Month btw so I'll probably be posting a lot about LGBTQ+ this month.
Jun 2017 · 164
Please Don't Go! (10w)
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Because if I lost you

I'd lose my mind too!
Jun 2017 · 323
If We Broke the Clock...
Vale Luna Jun 2017
I asked you to make time for me
To make time for my love
But you were quick to explain
How relative time really was

That the moments
And seconds
And hours
And days
Were too impossible to stretch out
Or make last
Or hold onto for me

You told me
That clocks controlled our time together
That every time a clock ticked
A second was lost
Becoming the past
Before our very eyes
Our moments controlled
And measured
In the hands of a machine
A twisted philosophy
That you believed

I wanted to tell you
That if we cracked open the glass
We could turn back the hands
And re-live the memories
When you told me
You'd always be there
And we'd never be apart

I wanted to tell you
That we could freeze time
If we broke the clock
So that always
Would last forever
And never
Would never come

I tried to tell you
That my time is measured
In how many breaths of your perfume I inhale
In how many times I cry on your shoulder
In how many times
You tell me you love me

But I can see now
Our time together meant nothing
Because you measure time
By the sound of clocks ticking

So when I asked you to make time
It was an impossible request
And you'll move on without me
While I put our clock to rest.
Jun 2017 · 597
Lost Tempo
Vale Luna Jun 2017
There's a gentle metronome
Resting on my writing desk
Like a robotic lullaby
Humming me to rest
Through the night
Let my wrongs turn to rights
A dream that's a home

Tick; goes the metronome.

There's a fragile metronome
Posing on my wood bookshelf
The only sound in the room
Echoing all by itself
All day long
A sharp, melodic song
Cranking out a soothing tone

Tick tick; goes the metronome.

There's a cracked metronome
Sitting on my windowsill
Clocking in and out
The worst type of sleeping pill
Night and day
Hypnotizing it's prey
True tranquility stands alone

Tick tick tick; goes the metronome.

There's a defective metronome
Laying on my bedroom floor
It's sickening harmony
Rots me to my core
Losing power
I'm awake every hour
A heart weighed down by stone

Tick tick; goes the metronome.

There's a shattered metronome
Placed at the foot of my bed
A sound that’s lost its tempo
A heartbeat that's fled
In my brain
Repetition in vain
Break me til I'm nothing but bone

Stops the metronome.
Vale Luna May 2017
******* blood like black tainted wine
- Stain lips with this liquid of mine
- Tear my tender skin to pieces
- Pry through these mental diseases
- Feel my flesh with a fragile groan
- Break my body with brutal stones
- Bite my bones and then lick them clean
- Sigh your breath into my bloodstream
- **** my cells from savory veins
- Dine and devour the remains
- Grind my organs through gritted teeth
- Try not to think and simply breathe
- Weep with me as you dig the hole
- Forget I still possess a soul
- Scrape the sand from my eye sockets
- Tie my wrists with a sick promise
- Seize all of your sadistic dreams
- Bury me even as I scream
- Drown me with a mouthful of dirt
- Cry a lullaby through the earth
- Stop my story and seal my grave
- Fall to your knees and forge my fate
- Know that I was wanting this grief
- Die in this demented relief

Taste, stain, tear, pry
Feel, break, bite, sigh
****, dine, grind, try
Weep, forget, scrape, tie
Bury, seize, drown, cry
Stop, fall, know, die
Believe you're ill, but so am I
Together now, we die
Could be about cannibalism or just a metaphor for ***** *** :) you decide
May 2017 · 587
Lunar Eclipse
Vale Luna May 2017
I’m trapped in the constellations
Because I tried to grab the stars
But the moon screamed
I screamed
Echoing across the celestial
So the city of lights awoke

And the extroverts below
Cry out at us
To force us to remain mute
As if they control the solar system
But the moon ignores them
Thus, I ignore them too

The rays liquify me
As I try to connect the dots
But the images I arrange
Are mocking me
Laughing through the sky
Teasing the Milky Way

And the sun scoffs our feud
Too galactic to engage
Only observing
As I bounce between the fiery lines
Surging into boundaries
Too torched to care

But for the introverts beneath
There’s only a catalina void
Where the established figures
Are marginally vitiated
Dim flickers
Lost in the distance

So I’m overshadowed
By this lunar eclipse
Helplessly cornered
Inside the myriad configurations
I scream
Because I tried to grab the stars.
May 2017 · 249
Can't Help but Think...
Vale Luna May 2017
I can't help but think
That you'd love me more
If I was dead
Haunted by my memory
And all the things
You should have said

Maybe if I was gone
You'd think
Of everything we didn't do
Maybe if I was buried
You'd finally admit
You love me too.
May 2017 · 160
Freedom (10w)
Vale Luna May 2017
Being free means absolutely nothing

But becoming free means everything.
May 2017 · 1.4k
A Poet's Love
Vale Luna May 2017
All poets
Are in love with the moon
Romanticizing the mystery of outerspace
On a cold, lonely eve
To look up at the night sky
And sigh
At the glimmer of friendship
The sliver of hope
The reflection of love
Hanging next to the stars

Sometimes, I sigh
The moon is nothing but a rock
Stuck in orbit
Stealing a poet's love.
A lot of poetry (including my own) is written about the moon or outerspace.


Just some depressing thoughts...
May 2017 · 303
Overwhelmed (10w)
Vale Luna May 2017
My love for you

Scares the **** out of me.
May 2017 · 295
Vomit (Limerick)
Vale Luna May 2017
Poetry is my word *****

It stirs in the pit of my stomach

So I puke up the letters

Just to try and feel better

But it turns out, I'll always be sick
I'll always want to write!
May 2017 · 1.0k
Okay Google
Vale Luna May 2017
Okay Google,
How do I get a crush to notice me?
Okay Google,
How do I ask someone out?
Okay Google,
What should I wear on a first date?
Okay Google,
How many dates until it's okay to kiss?
Okay Google,
How many dates until it's okay to have ***?
Okay Google,
How much do condoms cost?

Okay Google,
What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship?
Okay Google,
How should I apologize after an argument?
Okay Google,
How do I cope with a hard break-up?
Okay Google,
What are the signs of a mental illness?
Okay Google,
How do I cope with depression?
Okay Google,
What are the easiest suicide methods?
Okay Google,
How do I buy a gun?
May 2017 · 208
But Baby...
Vale Luna May 2017
I would tell you to stop
But baby, I want you tonight
I would tell you it's wrong
But *******, it feels so right

I would tell you no
But baby, all I whimper is yes
I would say I don't want it
But my legs grant you access

I would push you away
But baby, I won't put up a fight
I would tell you to be gentle
But I want you to **** me tonight.
May 2017 · 190
Connections (10w)
Vale Luna May 2017
Our bodies are puzzle pieces:

You fit perfectly
Inside me.
May 2017 · 154
Side effects (10w)
Vale Luna May 2017
Sleep can cure depression.

Waking up makes it worse.
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