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Star BG Jun 13
Take my crazy and mix it with a bit of sanity
and Wala you have a me clone.

Take my love and mix it with the moment
and voila you have harmony.

Take my faith and mix it with trust
and shazaam you have a miracle.

Take my intention
with my poetry
and you have
a loving friend.
Inspired by Krystal Scoglio

Take something and try it on for size.
What do you get?
mia May 1
she is water
and I am but oil
This is really melodramatic and bad but i haven't been able to write poetry in so long so this is all I could come up with
Your eyes.
A menace.
Yet something so precious.
Your look.
So cold.
Yet as valuable as gold.
Your touch.
So tough.
No feeling of love.
Your words.
A lie.
Only to hurt they try.
And you smile.
Oh, that smile!
Makes you forget about the rest.

your eyes are soft.

Your look is caring.

Your touch is gentle.

Your words are kind.
So who are you really?
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I paint over
the true colors
that they show me.
But they blend
and I no longer know
what color it is.
It's a mix
and that is how
mixed signals are created.
They are not made by them.
They are made by you.
Marthin Sep 2018
You are the smell that comes before the rain, that gives me that feeling of serendipity and vagueness that I like,

You are the smell that comes before the rain, that gives me that feeling of serendipity and vagueness that I like,

You are the view that I like to see every night, you're no mere star, you're a frickin constellation. You are made up of different kinds of you that makes you beautiful,

You are the food that I want to gobble and eat up but is so effin cute that it makes me want to keep you and preserve you until I think that the time is right to dig in,

You are the painting that's genre can't be described, you're like realism and surrealism at the same time, you look like a fairy who descended from above but is real because I see you and can feel you,

You are the dream that I keep on dreaming, hoping that it would never end, the dream that I want to reach and achieve, your radiance is what keeps me going through dark phases of my life,

You are the black hole that attracts my whole being, being dragged to the depths of your own profundity and mystery, I keep on being ****** in when I'm with you, losing all sense of time and awareness,
You are the sun that makes me bloom in excitement when you appear, you brighten up each day and give me reasons to wait for moments when I can see you,

You are the reason why I'm so gung-** in the definition of love, in the mysteries of love, in the ways of love or just maybe love itself, but wait, you are love itself and I love you.

You are the reason why my writing became much more colorful and expressive, you give me reasons to write poetry, and I write poetry for the sole reason of expressing my feelings to you.
Annie Aug 2018
je ne suis pas là
I'm nowhere
il y a des cordes à chaque extrémité de moi
I suppose I'll feel this forever now
parce que je ne vais jamais couper les cordes
no matter where I am, I will always be far from the other.
Seanathon Jul 2018
I love the warmth of heart as a home run is hit in the July heat.
The simmer on the weathering skin by the Carolina beach.
The grilling asphalt beneath the feet of the inquisitive kid.

But above all of this, both prestated and said.

I love the old worn wintery ways, the weathery, the cold and gray.
Where the days are as short as the ticks of a clock.
And the words turn slower somehow in due time.
Like the mirror's edge, I end and yet, know that I age a little less in the wintertime.
Northern Heart... To always have.
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2018
Colours mixing with each other
there is a new colour born
a new shade
taking the new shape
blinding the landscape

spiralling out of control
not in hold
spilling its content
without intent
ripping over
and under
emptying till it disappears
it is gone now.
Lon Witter Apr 2018
When I've started thinking
there is not  meaning to live?
When I've started feeling
so tired whenever I try to live?

When I've started putting
that fake mask of happiness ill?
When I've started living
without any desire and will?

When I've stopped dreaming
about that unpredictable future ahead?
When I've stopped trying
so hard to be part of others life?

Am I going to find
a meaning to live ?
Am I going to get out
of that tiredness in my life?

Am I going to feel
the true happiness  if I try hard?
Am I going to get back
my desire to live so hard?

Will I start dreaming again
about the future lying ahead with mysterious lights?
Will I start trying again
to be a part of world with precious ones?
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