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Rose Diamond Oct 2021
I pressed the red button
Your smile the last thing I saw
I bid you good night
And was left alone with my thoughts

I told you I would write something happy
and you I wish to impress
but what if the only thing I can write about
are the thoughts that run obsessively through my head

I can only write about dreams
that I wish I had
about charming scenarios
where the ending is never sad

about others’s love life
their feelings and pains
I try to get in their head to decipher
what it contains

is it love or lust
that keeps him going
does he really love her
Or it’s fake love that’s showing

my dear sweet sister
says my poems are too gloomy
she asks why can’t i write
of things that are sunny

she asks for joy,
excitement and fun
but how can I write of feelings
I can’t out run

I do feel happiness
I try to explain
but what can I do when
it’s much easier to write about the pain

about heart breaks and sleepless nights
Crying and feeling alone inside
conflicting emotions when I’m feeling low
I just let my tears guide the way in how they flow

but my dear sister and friend of mine
maybe it’s time to have a change of heart
I should think when I feel and seek the good
for its inside me and I only have to find that page in the book

look deeper
than what I thought I knew
and write about how
my dreams come true

Write about friendships family and cake
smiles and laughter road trips and games
find what really drives me the motivation of my heart
and finally write a story that includes every part

Add my smiles,
the way I get up in the mornings,
my love for reading
and a steaming cup of coffee

The pain in my legs,
after a long night cooking
and how sleepless nights are worth it
when you see how big their smiles are looking

Find within myself
stories that are blended
and change the narrative to include
beginnings, middles and endings.
There are multiple sides to every story... “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - Charles R. Swindoll
Regulus Cayapata Mar 2021
I swim into the depth of sulpiride every night
where those times I died like the dead roses
when I took the stairs right to the light
every composes derived the harmony of doses

To swear upon the streams of reckless
To the labyrinth of happiness
here I go to come fire the enclaves
Maybe nobody in home, hopeless
It has been long time, I been medicating for over one month and battling now I just wanna write again. Pardon me.
mal frost Feb 2021
to the stereotypes i never fit,
the homely summer camp I never attended,
the beers I never shared with my dad,
the conversations about girls I never had with my mom,
the sports I never played, the language I never mastered
too white to be African but too African to be white.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by michael r. burch


NOTE: Here “briefling” is a dimunutive of “brief” and also a pun on “brief fling.” Keywords/Tags: brief, fling, man, hatched, hops, mix, ***, spawn, brood, mayfly, plant food
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2020
Did your body not warn you
before you were wrung dry?

The day you found yourself depleted,
the nights that lead upto it became fragile,
your cell heavy as they were heaved onto the bed.

Did you not listen to your body,
when you woke up with a heavy chest
and your body begged you to sleep?

Did you not acknowledge your heart
when it had become
a black hole the night before
as it ****** you out in.
Your bones like gravestones
prominent among the barren skin.

Did the suffocating dark matter
not ring louder
as you gasped for air with burnt lungs.

When you stood there overworked,
with signals mixed and sensitive
rewired and tangled
did the response fit their norm of you?

Did your voice not thud,
with the lump in your throat?
Did your heart not pound
against your ribcage,
your stomach not curdle
with that war in your chest,
as your mind raced
and your chest pressured as you tried
to clutch that breath?

Did your hormones
not muddle with your thoughts?
Did they not drown them in depths
and set them on fire all at once?
Did it not ache your muscles
before it all turned red?

Did your body not scream
when they came near?
Your feet cemented,
as your body froze?
Did your gut not twist
till you felt nauseous?

Did your toes not curl
when the feeling sunk
through your spine,
sat in your bones
like an unwanted guest,
and you like an unwilling host?

Did you not feel the chill
shiver down your spine
as terror spread across your face
and painted it white
before the quake came?

Did you not acknowledge
your body is the vessel
that you kept giving and pushing
depleting it of the right to rest
rather than opening
it to the abundance of love
it was surrounded by.

Your body became over extended,
your mind became forgetful
a body that is now a red flag;
- SabilaSiddiqui ©
Star BG Jun 2019
Take my crazy and mix it with a bit of sanity
and Wala you have a me clone.

Take my love and mix it with the moment
and voila you have harmony.

Take my faith and mix it with trust
and shazaam you have a miracle.

Take my intention
with my poetry
and you have
a loving friend.
Inspired by Krystal Scoglio

Take something and try it on for size.
What do you get?
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