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Shelby Finger Jul 23
The early morning light; vibrant and glowing
casts soft splotches of robin’s egg blue across the flesh of your stomach.

Only a handful of short hours before
words fell rapidly from us—
Catching up on the thirty years that we had existed outside of one another’s lives.
Now, there are no words— only sharp inhales and that which is tactile and tangible.

I take you between my lips
My mouth, your ****
The physical manifestation of the palpable chemistry between us.
In this moment:
I was
for this.

The first task of my day, your legs vibrating beneath my weight in carnal anticipation.
ONE - wipe the lack of sleep from the corners of my eyes.
TWO - take a shower.
THREE - get dressed.
FOUR - swallow the pills.
FIVE - drink the coffee.
SIX - Get. The. ****. Done.
But first—
I’ll make you ***.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Sitting at the restaurant
Eating with your friends
Suddenly you realize
You're in for a surprise
Hiding under your table
Hiding from your friends
I'm hoping to have some fun
Trying to make you ***
You try not to make a face
You try not to grin
Hope no one will make a fuss
If someone catches us
As i start to spread your legs
And kissing your thigh
My tongue moves to lick your ****
Can't get enough of it
You begin to lose control
As I'm eating you
Trying not to come undone
As you begin to ***
I am still not done with you
After you have cummed
I continue licking you
Until ****** two
Time to leave the restaurant
And to start act 2
In the limo off we go
You're my girl, I'm your beau
You take off all of your clothes
And kneel before me
Seeing just how hard i am
You stroke me with your hand
You then start ******* my ****
Making me feel great
Pleasing me until I'm done
You swallow all my ***
Both of us in ecstasy
Living out this fantasy
Just another fantasy put to pen and paper to get it out of my head
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Iliad book two
never ending list of ships
impressive, Homer
Such a long list of ships and to be able to do it ****** by memory, impressive Homer!
Briar Ren Apr 2018
Rapturous bliss
beckons in the guise
of a Swedish Apollo
with plump,
pink lips.
Master of Tongue Feb 2018
A fire broke
with his kiss and sizzled
her wet 'n' drowning lips
Purcy Flaherty Feb 2018
Have a little slice of key lime pie; get down on your knees and get real high,
'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!

Spank step, toe hop, cramp-shuffle, paddle and roll;
Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie.

Dig deep, riff-walk, clunk-click, scuff those feet;
Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!

Soft shoe or metal tap on the heel or toe, get your shoes on honey here we go!

Tastes so good, tastes so neat,
it’s a sweet and salty treat!
'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!
The oral tap dance

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Leila The Kiwi May 2016
I kneel before her
Smoldering heat
Coated in want
Hips rise
Thrash and squirm
An eager tongue
Darts forward

Her petals
Are my reward!

helena alexis Oct 2017
i want you
to taste the
sweet nectar
between my legs
that drips ever
so slowly
because of you
so much ****** frustration ahhh
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