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Johnnyqu33r Jun 2
Strip of fabric folded
Darkening the day
So that you not see
Desire radiating

*** cherry red
Soft hands clapping
Flushing the cheeks
And then you smile

I want to be your teeth
So that your tongue
Is constantly touching
Feeling and licking

Black cat arched back
Fingers arachnid running
Descending and deliberate
I want to be your teeth
Before five thousand years ago
There was no written language
Communication was oral
Morality was moral
It was prehistoric
They didn't lack rhetoric
Art and literature were there
They couldn't write poems as I did
Every piece created in mind
Every piece existed in mind
Communication was through sound
Experience, knowledge, literature
From generation to generation
All were passed oral
There was no written confirmation
Everything committed to memory
Huge scriptures in the tally
But change is the law of Nature
Motion permanent
Rest temporary
Time changes
Forms of words and expressions change
Semantics change
Understanding change
Oral things with ease change
Same story
Different people, different versions
Scholars brought in writing later
Create huge task for researchers
Researchers look for evidence
Some kind of evidence they may find
Theses they write
Some commonalities do emerge
There's a popular surge
With pride people declare
Their forefathers were great
They knew everything
Which scientists now struggle to find
Researchers research reflects more of their minds
Difficult to tell
How closely prehistoric scriptures, knowledge
They define
Languages changed, usage changed
Semantics changed
Amelioration, pejoration
Additions, deletions
Happened over thousands years
Prehistoric remains more of a mystery
What scholars and researchers tell you
If you find useful in life
Please do imbibe
Don't fight
Let scientists show you the light!
GQ James Dec 2020
My tongue be rubbing all over your ****,
Then the rest of that ***** I kiss,
That morning bliss,
I wanna lick on her until she ****,
Where you going don't you run,
Your juices is what I want,
I wanna feel you and taste you,
Breakfast,lunch,dinner and dessert.
You're the only thing I have a appetite for,
You got the recipe for whatever I need,
No need to beg nor plead,
But you're the only thing I wanna eat,
My favorite thing to eat and please is you.
on our first date,
you asked,
what that mouth does,

let me ask the same to you,
but besides lying.
idk just trying out
Devin Ortiz Nov 2020
A memory is just a story altered.
Every recall differs from the one before it.
The details will fade, though the essence remains.

An orator of the mind spins the tales,
Our experiences catalogue them.

The bitter ones grow even more bitter.
The happy ones grow even happier.

But this mind of mine refused my request.
Figuring some memories are best,
left behind.

And so in my unremembering,
I ponder the splendid and mundane,
that has all been locked away.
Zetolgam Aug 2020
Got the kids and stopped *******
Four times a year you get *******
Forcing yourself for my pleasing
Truth is that you **** at *******
Leaving me always for fapping
So many years still not knowing
At least do a bit of upskilling
Go online and get on reading
Use videos if you prefer watching
My cues are also worth listening:
- Comment as you're tasting
- Time to time pause for starring
- Be generous with licking
- Also do a bit of *******
- Do not finish up spitting
- Kiss me if not swallowing
If you can't handle the praising
Let's instead do some facesitting
Head slotted onto your opening
A lesson on oral I'll be teaching
Devouring until you let go shacking
Anyway, in parallel, *******
Get those pleasure juices flowing
To see you orgamiscaly smiling
Set of rhymes for my wife
N Mar 2020
An eyelash stuck
on my left cheek,
she gently removes it
and tells me to make a wish

Her fingers smell like
orange peel and the sun

Her mouth tastes like
citrus and rose water

When she left I peeled an orange,
and wiped away the salty tears
with my citrus fingers

And with every eyelash
that fell on my wet cheek,
I whispered a wish
for her to come back
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