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ogdiddynash Jul 2020
Ask Americans why they prefer kosher Hebrew National Frankfurters for July 4th cookouts

they will reply:

they are extra clean,
possibly even a little blessed
by the rabbin-ate,
and everybody knows
the jews got all the luck,
so don’t forget the mustard and
the pickled relish,
which rhymes with
you know what:
(embellish, shellfish (?), psychedelic).

kosher hot dogs,
love that jewish treat,
a digestive hellish,
proof positive that hot dogs
make America great
again and again,
in brown, yellow, and green.
It was the time when clock was ticking exactly 12.
The stars started fading and sky covered itself with clouds.
A little boy opened the door hearing the rain, the soil was wet and it had the fragrance of freshness in it.
The mesmerizing sound of droplets amazed him.
He smiled and wished facing the sky, the one wanted to be a pilot , so
that could do a hifi to the clouds, but the illness he was bound to would never let his wish to be fulfilled which he knew .
He stepped in the rain  and it rained, just rained
Words' Worth Jul 2019
I probably love the truth
And the Truth is poetic
I propose that poetic lines be banned
Does that sound poetic
The Structure Of A Motion Picture
Crystal Freda Sep 2017
You are the firework of my heart.
You are the boom as sparkles depart.
You bring bright, amazing color
like no other.
You are the firework of my heart.
You make fire to art.
You acquire a spark
and light up the dark.
You are the firework of my heart.
Wrote back from 4th of July.
Vale Luna Jul 2017
The fourth of July
Is not my independence day
Because my ancestors
Waited an extra
100 years
For the Emancipation Proclamation
To free them
And then another
100 years
Before Dr. King
Fought for our civil rights
But even today
As African-Americans
We are sub-American
Taught to keep our heads low
Around white police officers
And not raise our fists
When they call us *******
So tell me
What freedom truly means
And what it is to you
Because freedom to me
Is the day
I can look my brothers
And sisters
In the eye
And tell them
That we have finally received
Xander Jul 2017
Dads discussing Wonder Woman
And it's impact on society.
Moms listing the ways to break a board,
To break a bone.
Children running and playing tag
Beneath the wide green oak tree.
And me.
Watching everything.
Sitting with the friend I haven't seen in a year.
Having him back in my life.
I am at peace.
Happy 4th everyone - I'm in love with the scene before me.
Äŧül Jan 2017
The desired gene could be found
In each cell of the body,
But it expresses positively in few cells.

A trefoil factor encoding gene I mean,
It is found in the intestine
TFF1 is found exclusively in the intestine.

TFF1 is also known as pS2
Meaning protein for specificity 2,
2nd gene discovered for specificity protein.

TFF1 protects gastrointestinal mucosa,
From any injuries that may result
Out of pathogenic invasion.

The trefoil factor 2 encoding gene
Is also found in the intestine
But TFF2 plays a different role in the body.

TFF2 is also known as pS1
Meaning protein for specificity 1,
1st gene discovered for specificity protein.

TFF2 protects gastrointestinal mucosa,
From any cancer that may result
Out of oncogenic activity.

And the third trefoil factor encoding gene,
It is only expressed in the female womb
But TFF3 is crucial for a successful pregnancy.

I love my field of study very much
And I respect my major guide,
Dr Ashok Kumar Mohanty, he is so wise.
Genes translate into proteins which are crucial for life.
Also needs to be mentioned is Dr Suman Chaudhary who helps me greatly in following the directions by Dr Mohanty.
My HP Poem #1386
©Atul Kaushal
Austin Heath Oct 2016
Sick of platitudes,
emotional contusions,
and little white lies.

I’m tired of the ghost;
this minefield of keywords and
it’s all just a game.

I’ve never had a
birthday party and now I’m
too old for magic

Light candles for me,
put a girl inside my cake.
Sing a song for me.

It’s just a party.
I’m just another sad boy.
Just another night.
josh talley Jul 2016
i write you now after you knocked
and woke after drinking too much
and now my mind turns
because of doubt on your face

as the pen scribbles
i notice dirt under my nail
from working in the yard
while you were here

i step out to smoke
it makes me sick
because you hate it
sparks swirl when i flick
and a fly lands in my mouth

i turn on the vivid screen at 12:02am
and high fidelity is so dramatic
and i think of you
searching 'existential depression'
earlier in the day

when I look into a mirror
i see grey on my face
you bring it up all the time
my mind wanders across the years
and now it's the 4th of July
and i know you love it

this movie is such a drag
i look for another distraction
i rub my finger on a trackpad
and immediately am sad

a high school friend passed
we were not close
and the last picture i see
looks nothing like the person i knew

she asked me to kiss her once
when i was too young
i remember being scared
i rarely feel that anymore

i crawl in bed at 3am
hoping to wake up
to fireworks dancing overhead
you'll smile, and i'll smell your hair
and i'll drown in the blue of your eyes
sparks will trickle and fade
to the base of the night sky
Oh the drama
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