Star BG Aug 12

Poison ivy -  Mother Natures way of saying tread lightly, and don’t dishonor her garden.

Every summer Poison Ivy seems to find me.
Its in the air,
on others skin as they scratch,
and in Mother Earths playground.

Ivy, is on clothes if improperly washed,
mountainsides, and backyards.

Poison Ivy carries summers name,
and helps heal deep cellular toxins.

It's not very friendly spreading like wild fires,
BUT Mother Nature is,
if you honor her boundaries.

StarBG © 2017

just saw the word poison and wrote this.
Vale Luna Jul 3

I was born with ovaries for a brain
And a cavity for thought
The predisposition
To put my hand down my pants
At the age of seven
But with a good berating
From my unconditionally loving mother
The putrid seed was recognized
Its stem ripped from my mind
Torn from my clitoris
Too late
Too oblivious
To notice that the roots still tangled around me
Its vines growing up into my vagina
The weed that encapsulated my mentality
So the birds and the bees were my friends
At the age of nine
And that cute boy across the playground
Was cuter when I envisioned him naked
Only a mere three years later
And my susceptibility
Ignited the sight of cybersex
The capital XXX
Or more commonly known as pornography
But when my parents soon discovered
The poisonous vines of dependency
The toxic ivy of addiction
It was forced to an abrupt halt
Too late
Too oblivious
To notice the compulsive masturbation
That kicked in with the involuntary lust
For a pillow to trust under my hips
Before the age of fourteen
Securing the hypersexuality
So that the hot girl in the hallway
Was hotter when I envisioned her naked
And hotter than the boy next to her
So the bisexuality
Tormented my already demented desires
By the age of sixteen
Simply because
I was born with ovaries for a brain
And a cavity for thought.

Joshua Haines Apr 21

Jazz women clap in unison, black.
All the boys in the club move
way, way over, for your health,
Some bartenders smoke weed
while polishing glasses, big or
Cartoons play on box t.v.s
while people look at hubs on
Some gruff guy points at you
-- and, yes, it could have been
me --
we have a phone call, I think.
Who uses a payphone, any-

Choir children double for choir
Helicopter parents hover their
hands above their juniper drinks.
Gesturing at poorly dressed kids
has never been this in fashion.
Be perfect for the camera;
this moment will be captured
by synthetic eye.
Moms and Brads turn to
  look at us laugh.  Which has
always been in poor taste.
They say my poetry is bad
and your music is shit -- but
I guess it's nice that someone
  gave us those views.

Columbia and Harvard
seem like distant planets.
But that's where we'll be,
You with your Guinness,
me with my Tito's.

maxime Mar 26

With the ivy on my house, I had to reconsider what flowers I wanted to add to my garden. I never expected to be gifted a hydrangea sapling that I planted beneath the wall of ivy. I was much more beautiful than I had originally thought, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the hydrangeas were able to grow and flourish on their own alongside the ivy. The scent of hydrangeas became comforting to me.

maxime Mar 25

Not much later, a patch of ivy crept up the side of my house, right above the garden bed nestled against the outer wall. I didn't worry about it at first, I treated it as an after thought until I noticed that it had eventually covered the whole side of my house. The thick ivy had cast a shadow over my little side garden and my black eyed susans were dying. I tended to them until my knees were bruised and my hands were matted with dirt, but I could not save them. They died. Eventually I grew used to the ivy; I grew to appreciate its unique beauty and held it in fondness, but I would never forget my beloved black eyed susans.

Tab Jan 24

you will never stop growing
and growing
and growing
and growing
until you reach the sun

Steve Page Nov 2016

Holly and Ivy
Walked in the woods
Discussing who was the best
Holly was hoping her rosey complexion
Would maybe outshine all the rest.

But Ivy thought Holly was surely forgetting
The shock of her prickly demeanour
She was convinced for sure
The king would adore
All that was so special about her.

Now Ivy was bit of a hugger
You might say a lot of a clinger
But she was convinced
Her warming embrace
Would win over the king no matter.

And when the time came
For the winter queen crowning
The king of the woods was clear
He chose as his queen the lady he fell for
And it's Holly who now wears his ring.

"The holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown."
Prompted by a curious Christmas card featuring 2 ladies in the snow: Holly and Ivy.
Dark Fjord Nov 2016

For my grave:
I dreamed to sleep
Under the snow and stars
And was one with them.

I made this gift
But it had strings attached
And I covered it with leaves
To hide, to sleep
For when they grabbed onto
For when they catched onto me.

I gave the gift
But it had a lid
I covered it with leaves
To hide behind my eyes
Its secrets
For when they fondled my skin, gently
For they who covet
the pennies upon my eyes, not to wake
my sleep.

I am this gift
I am inside my lashes
I am inside my latches
I am covered within leaves

To hide, I grew the ivy
For my eyes, and for my feet
As they gathered to unwrap me.
In these crypts.

I gave away
All I had, quietly
I had with leaves
Because I so loved them
And leaves leave me freely
To hide inside gently coveting
climbing The door.

these days... are made as a text and a pick of us get me and my gift i am the ivy to: attatch and snow now covers. eyes with lashes... eye with leaves... hides me - grewsome ivy. my eyes gave away, quietly, all i had. till this day, .... i can't see what neighbors i had and until then, this day had crept, quietly closer... i was cut down as the ivy.

Hold on, as I seldom plead to others,
Except, my parents for edible sweets,
And for some other similar things,
Rarely do I plead to others when I'm in need.

Most of the times it is for a childish demand,
Yes I frankly insist as I am so innocent eyed.

Proud of my choice I was and still am,
Lest I perish in my self-brought loneliness,
Earning only four shoulders unknown,
A defeated man I might perish alone.

Kinfolk of mine as of now are few,
Rings seldom this lifeless telephone,
Ivies of poison hang in front of my house,
Persons of importance have gotten so ancient,
In this lonely lonesome life I still wait for you,
Jarred ajar is this door of my heart,
In my life ever since you left me alone.

HP Poem #1155
©Atul Kaushal
Pixievic Feb 2016

Cling to me like ivy
Entrap me with your vines
Wrap tendrils around me
Weave your words with mine

Cling to me like ivy
Linger in my boughs
My branches will embrace you
My senses to arouse

Cling to me like ivy
Meander through my mind
Fascination everlasting
Forever souls entwined

Cling to me like ivy
Together we can grow
Sublime in our purpose
Majestic in the hedgerow

(C) Pixievic 2016

Some late night musings...!!
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