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Anastasia Aug 1
She was made
of gold
and marble
and she stood
the water.
A boy of stone
less looked at
stood hidden
the ivy.
by most
he loved
the girl
of gold
and marble.
loved her
loved him
and they whispered
their love
in the night.
what do you think?
Shadowhollow Jul 22
I tried to love you
The way the sunflower loves the sun
Patiently waiting till it’s grows enough
To touch her lover

But I’m not patient or hopeful like the sunflower
I am as delicate as baby’s breath wrapped up in poison ivy
Beautiful yet poisonous

Nobody will risk the pain
That comes with me
The blistering rash that follows my touch
But won’t you try ?
For me ?

I suppose I’m not for most people
I grow better without the sun
Without blinding love

I’m am not like the sunflower that much is true my love
For I’d rather wilt
Then wait to be picked up and thrown away
Ivy Leigh Apr 22
She never thought that things could change
for her. Like time moves fast, but she moves
through water, fighting the currents to walk
straight. She gets used to holding her breath.
Khrome Mar 4
the day you sprouted into my life,
I was intrigued by you immediately,
like a newly grew seed of ivy,
it invaded my lawn without fail.

but just like many lawns that needs mowing,
I tried to shake off your existence.
planting roses and daffodils, but to no avail,
ending up fertiziling the feelings i have for you.

your untamed and cheerful nature,
enthralls me even more towards you;
And as your vines crazily crawls unpredictedly,
I steadily stood my ground to stop it.

but still, I once again failed.
Like a kid who's slowly being binded,
binded by the love i feel,
a love like vines that I know would never bloom.

but as time goes by, and day by day has come,
I'm learning to live by the vines,
the binds started to become ropes,
ropes to move up to sunshine.

As the vines nurtures even futher,
and starts to burgeon lilac colored flowers,
I'm starting to understand the untamed and cheerful nature,
is for it to bear blooms that are delicate and precious.
dedicated to my delicate and precious ivy.
Bella Jan 5
poison ivy
the looks so innocent
so sweet

the raindrops like pearls
brightening your evergreen

do you feel lost
staring out of the window
at a nature wall
into the depths of it

not knowing who you are
CeilingStar Oct 2018
You are like ivy creeping and embedding yourself in spirals around my limbs

Poison slowly creeping into my very flesh, my very being

What is it about you that makes my lungs heave with distaste

You are a wolf in sheepskin

Your soul a grotesque knarly fungus, toxins settling around you like a shield
But your exterior a brilliantly bright red

You invite others in, only to realise your glowing, vibrant colours have been forged from using and discarding others
******* those around you dry
Forcing yourself into every little crevice

I hate growing next to you, stealing all my light, all my nutrients, all my life

And I bet when you no longer require my prescence you will give absolutely no second thought to tearing me limb from torso to feed that rabid wolf inside you

I bet it's lonely on that 'moral' high ground you keep telling me about, looking down at the rest of my humble flock

I bet one day you will realise you are actually growing on top of an ants hill, not a mighty moral mountain

Enjoy your own company, since you're clearly too good for anyone else's
Since you would rather poison everything around you

Everyone hates poison ivy

P.s. tried to use the combination of juxtaposing two different metaphors here, kind of switching between the two, hope it worked
Chris Neilson Aug 2018
I used to think you were pretty
I liked your spirit
you were always growing
always reaching for the sky
you could be clingy
but it was all part of you being you
but then you didn't know when to stop
greedily absorbing the sun and rain
climbing my walls with abandon
disregarding all in your path
determination to be seen by everyone
passers by stopping to view you
it's been a difficult decision
but you were causing too much damage
you were out of control
so there was only one solution
I cut you off at your roots
to die a dignified demise
killing you wasn't easy
there are signs you're still not dead
but all good things end sometime
dear ivy, you've given me a hell of a ride
Ivy growing on my shed then spreading all over one side of the house and even trying to get into the guttering and on the roof!
writerReader Mar 2015
there's poison ivy
growing along
my spine
it caresses every
it's a climbing plant
Louise Joyce Jul 2018
The darkness shimmers upon the glass window panes,
Soaked covered in snow,
Cracks slithering
 up to the seams of the damp rotten wood,
Though it was once beautiful manner,
The wood was darkened and looked mystical in the sunlight,
No broken windows,
It was this fateful day, however,
A red and orange criminal broke through the walls of wood,
It hissed and created shadows upon them,
Like cats of fire,
They danced up the wall,
Scratching the ruins of this once successful manor,
Hearing these death threats created by the fires blazes,
A beautiful spirit entered,
Almost staring them down as if they were specks of dust,
With an almighty powerful howl,
The fire cats whimpered as they felt the pain she had once felt,
Ivy Sorrow, mother nature as most know her.
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