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Amy Childers Mar 27
Sometimes I feel invisible.
My surroundings consist of barrier reefs
And schools of exotic fish.
I am just a guppy in saltwater.
Out of place and out of mind.
And yet visible and more than often declined.

Where do I belong?
In freshwater or the sea?
Why must life be so hard for a saltwater guppy like me?
Who am I?
Jay Dayz May 2018
A word that has been defined and redefined by our conceptions.
A word without true universal meaning as it's so controversial.
You and I don't have the same perception,
our views are flawed by human nature.
But what is perfection in the heads of humanity?
What is perfection when lies rule reality?
Umi Mar 2018
I am darkness I am light, I am chaos I am might, lies and truth unite,
Fear and bravery, envy with hatred and love finally combined,
I am the difference between illusions and dreams, nothing as it seems,
Nightmares and mirrages, a realm of infinity and finite by its means,
I am fusion and fission, with one simple yet very complex misssion,
Energy and indolence, a wall, another fence, questions upon answers
If small lies give rise to grand falsities, what is the truth gonna bring ?
A place where you should be able to feel reality and fantasy's sting,
Apathy and concern unite, come closer I don't really bite, trust me,
My teeth look sharp, yet they are blunt, you can rant or stay calm,
I am a living death wandering yet standing still, does it make you ill?
Generosity and greed are both present while they are missing, still!
Control the lies of your uncontrollable tounge, listen to the silence,
Could we possibly agree that this unanimity relies in total dissension?
I am the discouragement for your precious, little yet pure intentions,
Aimlessness for hope of a future unexplored yet near enough to grasp
I am the rue in pride, a lamp without light, elusive but not transient,
A harmonic ramgage, riots over the horizon in undefined dark light,
I am malevolent and benevolent, bent yet straight, right behind you,
What am I ?

~ Umi
If you can solve this riddle I give you a cookie °^°
This took very long to make and actually combines my old rhyming writing style and the one I engaged myself in a while ago, I do hope it is somewhat enjoyable ^-^
Umi Mar 2018
The start is empty and dark, a realm of shadows consumes your mind, your soul and your fragile eyes with no hope for light to unfold
Try leaving the rest, or better,leave it all up to your imagination,
So you may not get lost in this loitering darkness which everlasts!
As you progress it becomes clearer, the picture begins to form alike pieces of an distorted puzzle with discord in between each of them.
When you close the door and enter once more however you will never know what you find, the image truly has corrupted itself,
This place is a secret which holds no meaning; Absolutely Undefined
A shadow can change its shape, reconstruct itself and resize too,
What you get may be what you see, though is it really what you get if you aren't able to trust your eyes through this ominous tenebrosity
A labyrinth, unhinged, seemingly endless cast away in illusion awaits those who make it through without being blinded by their eyes,
But why make progress, I will send you back to the start, empty and dark so that the joy of exploring this world of change never ends.
All or nothing, what is the goal, in this undefined loitering darkness.

~ Umi
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2018
Blank expression expresses enough thoughts
the unlived unemoted invasive grows
undefined remaining unused words
undelighted lazy curves
untriggered to any stimuli
selected to roam mindscapes
honest to the truth.
Eleanor Jan 2018
A poet is:
Someone who makes the ****, beautiful.
Someone who makes the beautiful, obscure.
Someone who makes the obscure, understandable.
Someone who makes the understandable, amazing.
A poet is:
Someone who uses words, to make art.
Someone who looks at art, and sees a story.
Someone who looks at a story, and sees a purpose.
Someone who sees a purpose, and uses it.
A poet is:
Someone who sees hatred, and writes hatred.
Someone who sees love, and writes love.
Someone who feels sad, and writes sad.
Someone who sees kindness, and writes kindness.

A poet can be anyone.
A poet can write about anything.
A poet can be implicit.
A poet can be explicit.
A poet can be hidden.
A poet can be famous.

You can be a poet.
The only rule is to write.
Poems are hard to define. You can write poems to express feelings or just to appreciate the things around you. You can write a poem on some paper or on a computer or in the sand, it doesn't matter. You can show people or keep it to yourself. The important thing is that when you you write a poem it's impossible not to be good enough because that poem is for you and only you. The world is lucky if they get to read it.
Olivia Christine Nov 2017
My own touch; undefined
By yours that is divine
Unsure how to feel
My thoughts take the wheel
November 7th, 2017
Vale Luna Jun 2017

That's what people say                  
When they're                          
too afraid                           

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