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adriana Apr 2018
I've always thought that love was more like water than anything else.
It evaporates so fast, invisible to the untrained eye.
It changes with the moon, depends on the night.
It crashes so fast, eroding like the waves.
It stays unreliable, currents pulling hard.
It changes hands so easy, used by everyone.
It drowns you quick if you're not careful.
I guess that's it's sad that I'm afraid of the ocean.
Jinxx Mar 2018
I question the reliability of forever
When someone says
“I’ll love you forever”
Then stops loving you
Your faith in love begins to wane
If your heart is broken enough times
You don’t have enough of it
To believe in forever
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Bored on the internet, so see what I find.
I'm taken back to that moment in the past
When I met the droop-eyed star and starlet.
Look what Twitter has. Their pale face framed
and recreated, pixel perfect, inundated.
Talking in circles.
Talking highly of
Your self --
Like you're above the tower seat of power,
In the clouds. You're a mental case. How
you gonna love yourself so much?
All of my former lovers are the messes they left back when.
When  family make plans
They should stick to it .
Unless it's a matter of life & death
Vale Luna Jul 2017
I thought that out of everything
I could rely on the moon
To always be there

But even she leaves me
At least once a month.
Jenna Lucht May 2017
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
You are smooth against my skin.
Your surface is cool and inviting
As it wraps around my torso-
Like a protective blanket
You are my security,
Blue pleather bomber jacket.

I pick at your skin and it falls apart.
The zipper, like your bottom teeth,
Are crooked and misaligned.
You shrug over my shoulders,
But leave my chest defenseless.
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
I bet you cost a fortune.
Almost as much as your nonprescription glasses,
Though you break just the same
Like the promises you keep making.

Blue pleather bomber jacket,
You never kept me warm
Just less affected by the
cutting winds of your back lash.
But when I fall asleep at night
I sleep beside the indent of your absence.
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
You are just now brand new,
Though your skin is already worn through
And your lining thinning by the second.

I trusted you,
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
To protect me from the cold.
Though you slump lazily
Over others' shoulders,
Not really caring I've been waiting
With my shoulders bare and frigid.
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
I thought you were one of kind.
But I see your manufactured gaze
Walking down the street,
Sitting across from me on the bus.

Go on, blue pleather bomber jacket,
Temporarily dangling over person after person.
Soon I will see you dangling
On the rotting hanger in a thrift shop,
Years from now looking preserved in your waning beauty.
Blue pleather bomber jacket,
Your trend is dying and your color fading.
I have been snagged by your imperfections for the last time.
Michaela Siaki May 2015
There is this deep, evasive emptiness
that never ceases to lack control.
That conquers and escapes,
that stirs quiet chaos in my soul.

And there is this voice of vacant words,
which implore me to find structure instead.
But the broken writer cannot rebuild.
The unabridged poet is dead.

And I look at this self pity,
embodied in this girl.
And I have no inclination-
no desire
to be her.
Some Employers are* shocking
Cash in hand.
Slave drivers job.

Letting my son down.

Giving *
him a job.
Then *messing
him about.
No Wonder young people
* Get into trouble

This world *****
Just when my son Gareth. Thought that he finally found some work.
He was just used by that guy
Cash in hand..
Knew it was dodgy
Saying he had got the job.
Then work I g for 5 hours just for 15 pound a rip off and tax dodger no doubt.
one llucy Aug 2014
I've found you irresistible
these thoughts uncontrollable
our meetings so desirable
each emotion's indescribable
my lust unsatisfiable
your touch is undeniable
but I am unreliable
please- don't trust me

— The End —