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Zetolgam Aug 30
Got the kids and stopped *******
Four times a year you get *******
Forcing yourself for my pleasing
Truth is that you **** at *******
Leaving me always for fapping
So many years still not knowing
At least do a bit of upskilling
Go online and get on reading
Use videos if you prefer watching
My cues are also worth listening:
- Comment as you're tasting
- Time to time pause for starring
- Be generous with licking
- Also do a bit of *******
- Do not finish up spitting
- Kiss me if not swallowing
If you can't handle the praising
Let's instead do some facesitting
Head slotted onto your opening
A lesson on oral I'll be teaching
Devouring until you let go shacking
Anyway, in parallel, *******
Get those pleasure juices flowing
To see you orgamiscaly smiling
Set of rhymes for my wife
arra Aug 13
2:14 in the morning
Haven't slept for three days
My eyes are heavy
My thoughts are crazy
Happy moments
Sad ones
Things I wish I did
Things I don't know why I did
My eyes are heavy
I need my thoughts to be empty
I touched myself down there
It's wet
I keep on caressing
Like someone was touching
And I know I'm almost there
Until I see myself
Hanging on the ceiling
On the rest room
On the kitchen
But I'm almost there
Until I see blood
In my head
In my wrist
A slit on my neck
And my eyes are heavy
And I'm almost there
The next thing I know
It's 2:14 in the morning
The next day after.
Empire May 3
I’m an addict
It’s obvious

It’s in the way I drink
Desperately pouring into my gut
To finally let a smile grace my lips
To mask my constant pain

It’s in the things I do at night
Phone in one hand
The other reaching down
Endlessly searching for another wave
Just one more moment of bliss
Before I go back to reality

It’s in the way I swallow my pills
Trying to will them to be stronger
Begging each extra tablet
To be just a little too much

It’s in the emptiness of my soul
The numbness of my heart
The agony in my head
And the recklessness of my spirit
I know it’s inside me
A few years and you’ll see
It’ll be quite obvious
I’m an addict
Wasting my life.
Cause my time is so precious, ha!

Walking through my room,
the stench actually slows progress.
You feel it on your skin,
it thickens the air, increases drag.

They squirm on the floor.
I wipe them off my hands and stomach.

They might have had dreams, aspirations.
How ridiculous they’re just ejaculations.
I posses a value for life. But my children here.
I don’t feel anything for them, or without them.

Time ***** by.
Instinct, greed and something else win again.

This addiction doesn’t leave track marks,
***** spoons, or empty lighters.
But it does leave a stench, and little time.
It’s a **** I can’t get rid of. Literally.
It’s attached to me, I use it everyday in one way.

But **** it.
Whoops, phrasing...

I mean ***** it, school is in like 6 hours.
I feel relieved in one way. Now I have it onboard.
A nice big hit, of dopamine. Instantly.
Empire Dec 2019
There’s that point

Approaching ******

Reaching it

Savoring it....

Where I’m absolutely certain

I’d do anything for some real ***

Or maybe even

Just to ****** one more time...

I suppose I’ve been in need
Of some kind of painkiller
And it’s clear now
That natural ones may have to do
It would seem dopamine is my drug of choice to ease my pain tonight
Empire Dec 2019
It hasn’t even been that long...
Bit over two weeks?
But tonight I gave up
I gave in to the pleasure
Then pleeeaassssure....
Mm... and to lie in bliss
In comfort
In serenity
In deep and surprising
I gave up and gave in.
Kevin Castro Dec 2019
(in heavy breath)
my eyes take her in
her body lying prone.
her smile, smothered in her pillow.
back arched,
she releases a moan.

(moaning, quite sharply)
my hands stroke with her cadence
staggered gasp
and with a click
i lock my screen
as her moans send me to space.
my own fluids are now
the fluid for stimulus,
for an eye rolling **** numbing high.

but in thirty seconds
i crash.

i am tasting myself now
with desire
with disgust
like raw eggs mixed with salt
like water laced with crushed paracetamol
exactly *** mixed with spit.

i sink into the dark musty scent
of stale air, *** and sweat.

and i awake
and once again
my eyes do hunger
and so does my ****.

Eshu, end your tricks now
it’s not funny anymore.

my gaze ***** everyone it meets.
it strips them bare
of their skin
of their flesh
it turns them into meat.
it grinds a person into produce.

these eyes are battered and harmful.
may they now rest, please?
(ekphrastic poem for Eshu by agnes arellano)
a little insane Dec 2019
it's sweet,
like honey.
it's pressure,
on my fragile body.

it's tingly,
like someone running their
fingers through your hair.
it's magical,
like nothing you've felt before.
Deadwood Jawn Nov 2019
Grab me.
Devour me.

Inject me.

Taste me.
Enjoy me.

Become dependent on me.
Become obsessive to me.
Become addicted to me.


D̶̢̮̳͐̈́͆̃̿͐̓E̶͇̱̲̯̾̈́͊́̃͘͝V̶͙̙͙͇̝̚ͅǑ̶̡̙̰̲̫͒̊͋U̷̯͓͙̮̫̙̬͂̎̈̈̍͆̋­Ṟ̸̡̨̛̝̙̘̦͛ ME.
****** ME.

Just heat me up in the spoon,
ignite me with your flame,

and let's do it again,
my sweetheart.

As much as you love.
I'll make you smile again.
Quite like the drug talk here.
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