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Vale Luna Aug 24
The melodic hum of Nothing
        sits atop the air,
droning on and over,
untethered to terrain or horizon;
It drools unceasingly-
         a chronic, abject symphony,
Ignored by the bustle of birth-
though subservient
               all the same
        To the unabated, morose consonance

The world will not wait for me.
A bit more 'academic' than my normal poetry...
  Aug 17 Vale Luna
Hello,  I am a puddle person.
I'm certainly not the only puddle person, of course.
And I often think I'm more puddle then person.

I lay on the floor still.
People come by and see themselves reflected in me.
Sometimes they step in me,  and drops of me splish around and evaporate.

I'm content being a puddle it's, comfortable.
People are aware of me whether looking at themselves, tip toeing around me or jumping in.

I am NOT invisible.

Love me or hate me this puddle person isn't going anywhere,
until I become more puddle then person.
Vale Luna Aug 16
There is a dead girl in the mirror
She breathes rapidly,
Her heartbeat vibrates her body,
Palpitating whenever she stands
Skin stretches thinly over her ribs
        darkens under her eyes
        turns grey on her legs

She scowls at the pinch of fat on her belly
Preferring to be scolded,
But knowing it will only leave her more
    shortwinded - lightheaded

She understands she is dead,
Counting the months before her collapse
Only hoping to see herself become a skeleton
Before they put her in the ground.
Anorexia ***** fyi.
Vale Luna Aug 5
Time runs faster
When it’s running out
Numbers sprinting towards the end
Only to be faced
With a brick wall
There’s no finish line ahead

There’s no winning
No participation trophy
Just the inevitability of death
Time speeding up still
Pronounced by the chimes
Of the clock your head

Will you make your life’s conclusion
As worthwhile as it’s intro?
Memento mori,
Hurry, my friend
Your time will soon reach zero.
* Latin for “Remember Death”
  Jul 30 Vale Luna
I hate happy people,
the smiles on their faces,
their eyes full of freedom,
I hate happy people...

I hate happy people,
they stick hearts with needles,
God, isn't that wicked?
They're laughing, I'm bleeding,
I'm choking, they're breathing,
I'm aching, they're healing,
they're loving, I'm leaving...
There are some things I can't explain,
sometimes it's hard to be yourself.
I gotta say I'm born this way:
I only hate what I can't have...
You know, sometimes you just look at others and the most terrible thing comes to your mind: "It will never happen to me..."
P.S Grammarly just tagged this text as optimistic, lol✌
Vale Luna Jul 30
I have always been
too aware of the moon

Weeping because we will never
be closer together
Worshipping the ground
her light walks on
Worrying that her crescent’s point
will stab me in the back

I have never been
good with relationships.
Just got a new diagnosis a few days ago,,,,,,
think I'll make a series
Vale Luna Jul 18
What am I supposed to do
with the thoughts inside my head
if not to speak them?
But who do I have
to speak them to?
(I wonder)
Who do I have to talk to but myself?
So my mind thinks the words
            and speaks the words
                    and hears the words
and thinks the words
            and speaks the words
                    and hears the words
and thinks the words
            and speaks the words
                    and hears the words
And over,
        and over,
              and over...
Until the words
don't sound like words anymore.
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