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Julie S K Oct 28
Sweet treats just for me
I need to get some money
Sweets, they are not free

Sweets treats just for me
To the shop, I run so fast
Don't stop to think, go

Sweets treat just for me
Eyes look through the glass
Curly wurly yum

Cola bottles yum
Sherbert dip is so delish
Too much sugar, sick.
having a go at writing  a  Haiku poem, never tried before so forgive the mistakes.
Carlo C Gomez Oct 11
Here come the confectionary clouds
Packed like powdered sugar


Little quicksilver has
A bit of a sweet tooth
And grubby hands well into
A box of Quality Street
Carlo C Gomez Jul 20
Oatmeal star

Is that your hand
in the cookie jar?

Go for burn
where chocolate heavens
meet that interstellar souffle

There we'll melt together
as the dark side
of the Milky Way
Cream-filled cannolis
Chocolate-orange truffles
Divine ecstasy.
I can go for sweet right now
Deepti S P May 14
Seemingly out of nowhere,
I have experienced an incessant yearning for sweets.
When I see mouth-watering sweets gracing my table,
An intense temptation grow inside me,
My desire goes on elevating;
Making it hard to satiate my selective hunger.
It's always an overwhelming feeling,
triggering a happy spot in my brain.
For all those who have a craving for sweets.Most of us have a temptation for sweets.
nif Apr 29
my sweet
caramel candy
treat me
taste me
pair me with sierra mist
bite me on each end
i am licorice
**** energy through my body
my sweet

swim to me
chew me
swallow me whole
pair me with crush
for a fruity mix
i am
swedish fish
pucker my lips
kiss me
my sweet
caramel candy
bonds over candy
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 13
Look how two can become one
How can one become home
How can home be so sweet

The reversed diffraction
The sweetest distraction
The everwanted satisfaction

Cupcakes and daybreaks
Cute bed sheets and lemon flavored sweets.
I like sweets; they're loved by all,
Sold in shiny wrappers; around the world,
Hard, soft, brittle bendy, they satisfy the mouth and belly,
but they rot the teeth, and stick to your jumper.
Oh to be an umpa lumpa!
Madi Jan 26
I am from grease,
From Valvoline and mineral oil
I am from green grass surrounded by dead trees
(Heady, damp, somehow always smelling of jasmine and mint)
I am from lilies,
Tempered and beautiful in her rage
I am from perseverance and moxie
From Lyons and Rob
I’m from the never cries and please no secrets
From death is imminent and shrill screams of my name
I’m from losing my faith to an illness, it that stole more than an ***** from me
I’m from chocolate turtles and Smarties, from pixie stick dusk wafting up my nose
From the ghost of my mother in the kitchen cooking, to her ghost that envelopes my soul
The colors cut and healed beneath her skin that I caress carefully,
The ink faded on her wrist as she succumbs to lividity
My grandmother holding her picture as she weeps quietly,
Her voice dichotic in my ears as I watch videos on a screen
Those photos, her headstone, grounding me deeply into my grief, like a needle piercing cracked jewels into my mind
A poem I had to write for school that I ended up really enjoying.
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