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Aug 2014 · 1.8k
Namir Aug 2014
I think I'm done
I'm down and out.
I have to go.
I cant do this.
I am no more.
I am gone.
I doont think I am gonna be posting ever again.
I dont know anymore. So if I come back, cool.
If not, sorry, and goodbye.
Aug 2014 · 665
Namir Aug 2014
What is a poem now?
A release for emotion?
a bottled up fear?
Just words on a page?
We all make them.
But what is your reason?
What is a poem really?
A bunch or words sprawled on a page?
Intricate feelings from one to another?
Its who we are. What we enjoy.
The question is both simple and complex.
We sit here writing with thoughts on mind.
But never ask ourselves "why?"
So what is a poem to you?
That is my question.
Its a pondering question of mine.
Aug 2014 · 506
New Lines
Namir Aug 2014
What is this?
New lines across the street?
What is this?
streams of red, with blinding heat?
What is this?
A long lost feeling not soon forgotten?
What is this?
The Pain, The Rush, The sting.
What is this?
Its new lines. New lines, across old pavement.
Only certain people will understand what this really means.
Aug 2014 · 12.6k
Namir Aug 2014
Is it a maske?
A front or illusion?
Is it fake? Maybe a little?
Was I wrong? A trick all along?
Im not sure. Because i was blind.
But its not there now. And i can see again.
So even though it lingers still. Goodbye maske.
Soo long and fairwell.
Take it how you will.
Aug 2014 · 369
All Of This
Namir Aug 2014
All of this building up.
All of this coursing through.
All of this bottled up tight.
All of this stuck inside.
But I fear the day it gets let out.

All of this gets brushed aside.
All of this to be gotten over.
All of this to let go of.
All of this... its whatever.
But one day, it will get out,
And it wont be pretty.
Just thoughts running through my head.
Jul 2014 · 487
Let Them Go.
Namir Jul 2014
When you love someone,
Let them go, and if they can be happy,
It will only hurt for a while,
Then you will get to see them smile again,
Even though it Might not be with you.
Jul 2014 · 479
Namir Jul 2014
Did I lose?
Am I lost?
What to do?
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Jul 2014 · 866
The Cycle
Namir Jul 2014
From strangers
To friends,
To strangers again,

Then lovers,
Then friends,
Then strangers again.

The cycle runs on,
But when will it stop?
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Namir Jun 2014
And Now Its Time
To Disappear
Jun 2014 · 419
Time Goes On, But I Do Not.
Namir Jun 2014
Tick, Tock, Goes the clock,
Striking the bell as the hours go by,
Tick, Tock, you hear it again,
Time goes on but I do not.
Tick, Tock, the day goes on,
The sand trickling from lifes hourglass
Tick, Tock, How long will it be,
How long till I'm just a memory,
Tick, Tock, whats this?
Days? Months? Years even?
Tick, Tock, still waiting.
Letting life just wizz right by...
Tick, Tock, Is this the end?
I dont know anymore, what am I waiting for?
Tick, Tock.... Tick, Tock....
Time goes on, But I do not.
Time is a valuable thing.It should never be wasted. Everyone has a life. Everyone has to make the best of it. If you let time slip by, You may never know what you missed.
Jun 2014 · 299
~Poetic Ranting~
Namir Jun 2014
The fuel, The fire,
The passion, he rage,
what do you see?
Its all the same.
You fuel my fire
and give passion to my rage
But you dont see it
Because its all the same
Love and hate,
Is there a fine line?
They are completely different.
But then why does one cause the other?
Why do they both cause pain and misery?
Are they truly different?
Or one in the same?
Who knows anymore?
What is this "love"?
Is it real or something we make up?
Making something out of nothing
because we feel safe with that person.
What is "love"?
Is it hormones?
Or chemicals?
Is it really an emotion?
Or just the Dopamine our brain releases?
I dont really know the true answer anymore.
I see this and that, that and this,
What should I believe?
What should I do?
Who knows.
The answer lies within you.
Jun 2014 · 418
Namir Jun 2014
...I think...
...Im done...
...But I don't know...
Jun 2014 · 3.6k
Namir Jun 2014
May 2014 · 1.4k
My Summer Skye
Namir May 2014
Will you be my savior?
Or maybe my downfall?
I dont know just yet,
Though I'm at your beck and call

You've treated me great.
You've treated me divine.
But all this happened,
When I thought things were fine.

As I sit here and cry,
You hold me in your arms,
Because you caused this,
And I'm allured by your charms

So even when its you,
That's causing me pain
In your arms I'm happy.
Your like a drug in my veins

So I sit here waiting
Confused in sorrow and joy,
The only thing I can hope,
Is that I'm not used like a toy.

But I know you better
That's something you wouldn't do
But you may just go...
And I can't live without you

You mean so much to me
I think of you every day of the week.
A life without my Summer Skye
Would leave my life very bleak

You are the only one to make me smile when my life was at stake.
So without you in my life, my heart would just break.
...I love you...
May 2014 · 5.3k
Worries and Fears
Namir May 2014
Maybe I should give up?
Maybe I should stop?
Maybe I should let go?
Or maybe its just a small hiccup?

I see things I worry about,
Or at least I think I should,
But who knows what will happen
Anything could.

So do I sit here and worry?
Sit here in fear?
Or get over it?
letting the chance of pain draw near.

Of course I'm afraid,
Who wouldn't be?
he thought of losing a loved one
It doesn't frighten only me.

So I guess I should figure it out,
one way or the other,
But I hope my fears are wrong,
Because I don't want to lose another...
May 2014 · 191
Namir May 2014
...I Promise...
May 2014 · 386
It's Come To This
Namir May 2014
It's come to this...
An epic battle?
an amazing duet?
...not even close...

Its come to this, it's simple
a fools remorse, and a lovers choice
Though he had the answer from the start
It never showed its voice

He was to stupid to notice,
Though he does care
So he tries to sort things out
But fails as his screams pierce the air

He talks to himself
as he figures things out
But he is so contradicted
He screams and he shouts

He shouts out the pain
and screams out the tears
while during this whole time
He is quietly drowning in fears

This is a story of a lover
who is also a fool
He makes the wrong choice
and looses his cool

For his fears come around
from every which way
Though he wont speak a word
For he also fears "noway"

So this boy needs to think,
Stop being a fool!
Make the right choice!
And don't lose your cool!

For a lot is at stake with this one little choice
you could ruin your whole life, with one simple voice.
May 2014 · 527
Make Love
Namir May 2014
We touch, we kiss
our bodies entwine.
we mouth off words
claiming each other as "Mine"

Skin to skin
toe to toe
body to body
under the sheets we go

kiss by kiss
Moaning in pleasure
we each have our fun
giving each other our "treasure"

In public, in private
Making love through the night
The passion, the lust
Even right after a fight

we make love, hard, fast, or slow
we make love, and promise, not to let go.
A little "love" poem for fun
May 2014 · 1.7k
Restless Night
Namir May 2014
I lay here restless and trying to sleep
laying here thinking of you while counting my sheep
As time goes by and still I try
Just to get a little shut eye

It looks like a night of little sleep for me
Just sitting here awake, tired to some degree
But I can seem to sleep even wrapped in a cover
Because I'm not in the arms, of the one I call my lover

So I sit here and wait with a frown and a pout
And hope that my body will soon, just pass out.
I'm tired and what to go to bed but I cant seem to relax...
I'm restless and wanting with stuff on my mind.
I cant seem to stop it and its just driving me insane
May 2014 · 495
Namir May 2014
I miss you, I love you
I cant live without you
I want you, I need you
This loneliness hurts me too

Your voice, so amazing,
like hymns from an angel
your looks, so beautiful,
Like the ocean waves

Your eyes, shining bright
Like gold in the sun
Theres nothing I dont miss
when I hear that voice from your lips

You are an angel,
of sweet caring bliss.
You are a goddess,
who's beauty truly exists

So listen to my words,
Whether you believe them of not
You're beautiful and amazing
and you're always in my heart
Something I ended up making before bed.
for a special someone.
Namir May 2014
As it started to grow even darker, and as the sun began to set, The Snow Leopard nudged the Little Fox awake again softly saying to her "Come on. Wake up. It's time to get going before it gets too dark." The little fox pulled herself up groggily and almost toppled over herself in her half awake state, "But I'm tired" she whined softly, nuzzling herself against the leopards side. The leopard smiled and chuckled, "Then get on my back, and I will carry you" he said as he waited for her to move. She smiled at him in her half awaken daze as she clumsily climbed onto the leopards back and layed flat, her legs dangling off his sides, nuzzling her face into the fur on his back, smiling and resting. After she got onto his back the snow leopard stood up carefully and slowly, making sure not the let the little fox fall off, and startedwalking back to the direction they came. As he was walking with the little one on his back he kept looking around to find clues of the direction they went. But everything seemed to look different, Had I taken the wrong path? He thought to himself since he didn't pay much attention to where he went when he rushed to her aid before. Even if we are lost I have to find a safe place for her at least. He kept looking around for any type of shelter for the night, even if it was too small for him and he would have to keep guard. As he kept walking he took a few turns, keeping an eye out for anything that could be considered 'shelter', A overhanging rock, a cave, even a small tunnel, anything. But he didn't seem to find anything. He started walking a little faster but kept care to make sure the fox wouldn't fall off his back in her slumber. Time went on minute by minute, and as he started to feel like he wouldn't find anything he saw a small, but not too small cliff with some overlaying trees and rocks. He stopped for a moment, It's... Not to safe looking... But its better then nothing. he thought to himself as he walked over to he cliffs conclave alcove. He softly nudged the cliffs side with him paw to see if it was sturdy enough for the night, which it seemed to be. "Hey, Come on. Wake up." He said as he shook his back very slightly just to nudge her awake. The little fox yawned and groaned again, "are we... home?" She whispered as she rubbed her eyes. "Sadly... No," muttered the snow leopard softly, "but this will have to do for the night. Just to keep up sheltered and safe. I want you to stay in the corner over there to stay safe and I will stay right here to make sure you will be ok." said the snow leopard with a slight smile. But the little fox didn't like that idea, "..Nooo..." she said with a frown and a whimper, "I want to stay with you, I want you with me... Please..." She started clinging to him as if her life depended on it, She didnt want to sleep without him wrapped around her. "Alright. Alright," the snow leopard sighed with a smile, walking farther into the small alcove of the cliff. "Come on. lets get some rest for tonight. and tomorrow we will find our way back home." He said nudging her off his back a bit. The little fox hopped off the leopards back and curled back into a little ball on the ground. The leopard then curled himself around her with a smile, nuzzling his cheek softly against hers, and said "Goodnight little one. May you have sweet dreams till the morning sun rise," though making sure to keep an eye on the entrance to the alcove. The little fox smiled and snuggled up to him while staying all curled up, Muttering under her breathe without realizing and while falling back to sleep "Thank you... I love you..." The snow leopard smiled brightly as he heard and realized what she said, then softly muttered back into her ear as she fell asleep "And I love you," he then closed his eyes and layed with her until they were both asleep peacefully.
Part 4 of the short story series "The Leopard and The Fox"
Made by Myself for a very special young woman.
Namir May 2014
As the sun rose higher into the sky from morning to evening the Snow Leopard and the Little Fox kept to their travels. The Fox started to get bored and this started to annoy her, not learning anything and just walking, "Isn't there anything we will learn today?" The Leopard laughed softly looking to the young little fox as he softly said, "Patience young one. Not every day has a lesson. Just like not every day has meaning. You have to make the meaning, Just like you have to watch and learn." The little fox got more annoyed at his slightly confusing answer "But I want to learn something soon. This is boring." she said with groan and a grunt. "I thought you were going to teach me more" She started to whine. The leopard continued to laugh softly, "Again, Patience my dear. Good things come to those who wait. You cant rush. You will get your lesson when we find something to teach you," he said with a smile. The little fox got mad this time, getting impatient, she started to run off and shout back to him "well if you wont teach me I will find something myself!" The leopard shook his head and smirked slightly saying to himself "I wonder what trouble she will get herself into this time" as he took his time walking in the same direction she ran. The little fox ran as fast and as far as she could before getting tired. The Snow Leopard was completely out of sight though he did keep following her direction and scent. "good riddance" she said to her self, "I dont need him to teach me anyways. I can learn on my own." As she turned back around and it was getting dark she started to become fearful. A little fox, all by her lonesome, as the sky started to darken. The little fox began whimpering softly, not knowing what to do and still no Snow Leopard in sight. "Maybe I shouldn't have ran off..." she said to herself as she hid at the bottom of a large tree, curling herself into a ball, shaking and whimpering. In the distance there was a little noise, a coyote appeared, hearing the whimpers and noticed the little fox. As the coyote rushed up to the little fox, a big grin flashed across his face, "Whats a cute little critter doing this far in the woods all alone?" The little fox screeched as he rushed over and abruptly spoke to her. "I-I got a little lost?.." she said with a terrified shake in her voice. The snow leopard heard this shriek and started rushing in her direction not knowing what to expect.
The coyote started pacing side to side in front of her "Ohh no no no. That's not good now is it? Being all alone, so young, no one to protect you." The coyote stopped in front of her abruptly with a sinister smile, "Tell you what, Come on with me and we will go find your family, What do you say?" Said the Coyote slyly and smugly as the little fox tried to back up against the tree more whimpering louder but not saying a word. But just as the coyote tried to step in closer the Snow Leopard leaped out of the brushes and between the the little fox and the coyote, and with a snarl and a growl he sternly ordered to coyote "Leave now. She isn't yours." The coyote backed up slightly with a laugh "A little far from home now aren't pretty little kitty. By the looks of it, you found your caretaker. I guess I will be off." The coyote then rushed of with a sneer and a grimace, as the little fox started to cling to the snow leopards hind leg. He pat her head softly and smiled slightly while saying "you aren't hurt are you?" and the little fox whispered back with a shaky voice "Y-Yea... I'm okay... Just... Scared." The leopard dragged her to his side and the layed down beside her, curling himself around her, and whispered to her in a soft soothing voice "There is no need to be afraid. I would never let anything happen to you. I will protect you and fight for you. I promise." He then softly licked her cheek as she curled up with him to rest a little.
Part 3 of the short story series "The Leopard and The Fox"
Made by Myself for a very special young woman.
May 2014 · 1.9k
Sick to my stomach
Namir May 2014
sick to my stomach
I sit here and wait
sick to my stomach
How long will it take?

Sick to my stomach
Not in illness or the flu
But sick to my stomach
drowning over you.

Sick to my stomach
I miss you with me
Sick to my stomach
From joy taken from me

Sick to my stomach
I force myself to eat
Sick to my stomach
and stricken with grief

Sick to my stomach,
Ugh I feel nauseous.
I hate posting these where she can see them because it makes er upset. But its my only true vent right now. I just don't want to talk to people about it for once.
May 2014 · 324
Namir May 2014
As I sit here, Waiting, wandering, and watching.
I can help but think, "Why?"
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we feel how we feel?
Why do we have free will?
Why do we cherish things and people?
Make friends, lovers, and enemies alike.
Why is the biggest question of all.
But can never truly be answered.
There will always be doubt and holes in reasoning.
There will always be another answer to fight against.
There will always be something getting in the way.
So just answer me this, Why?
May 2014 · 1.1k
Texts I Want To Send You
Namir May 2014
...I love you... [deleted, never sent]

Is there anything I can do to help fix it? [deleted, never sent]

...Please don't run away... [deleted, never sent]

Maybe I should get back with my ex?... what do you think?... [Stopped at get back with, never even finish writing, deleted, never sent]

...You know things wont be the same right?... [deleted, never sent]

Remember the day with the pillow fort, Yea, That was the day I promised myself I would save you.... Look how that turned out. [Thought about sending, deleted, never sent]

I will always be here for you... Please remember that... *[deleted, rewrote, and sent]
This is, in a way, me venting and getting the words unspoken out. I just... Hope it doesn't upset her more... But all my words come from the heart...
May 2014 · 424
Giving up?
Namir May 2014
What happens when you start to give up?
You feel less? You try less? you do less?
Not really
Giving up doesnt just mean you just stop
It means you are letting go.
Leaving what you once had behind.
So when you sit there and say you are giving up,
Are you really willing to let yourself become different?
Change what you thought of and let go of what you had?
Giving up. A simple phrase that means much more then people think.
It doesn't just affect you but also the ones close to you.
They notice this change, this doubt, and this pain.
Yes its a pain, That shows bright as day.
So next time you are giving up, Ask yourself this,
"Am I ready to let go? Am I ready to move on?"
Because if you make a mistake,
Things wont be the same when you try and go back.
May 2014 · 3.6k
Namir May 2014
What do you do when you aren't hungry,
But you have to eat?

What do you do when that sustenance,
could mean life or death?

what do you do when you feel sick to your stomach,
But without it you may die?


Its something I need as a diabetic.

But what are you supposed to do,
When you cant even stomach looking at it?

What are you supposed to do,
When you feel like you may throw up?

Do I sit and wait? Or force myself to eat?
Either one is bad.

Forcing making you sicker,
Or waiting making you weaker.

What to do is the question.
To eat or not to eat?
I am a diabetic and and upset to the point where looking at food makes me sick, let alone eating it. So I sit here and write. Waiting to see if I can calm down to eat something. If not, ohh well, there is always tomorrow.
May 2014 · 526
Like any other day
Namir May 2014
Wake up,
Like any other day.
get out of bed,
Like any other day.
Go eat,
Like any other day.
Do chores,
Like any other day
Listen to the family,
Like any other day.
Life is bland without someone to make it colorful,
Like any other day.
May 2014 · 1.3k
Crash, Burn, And crumble
Namir May 2014
When you crash, You try and catch yourself.
When you burn,  You try and save yourself.
When you crumble, You try and stand back up by yourself.
But what if you cant?

Behind those walls people put up, to save others from grief.
Are you really saving yourself? Or killing yourself?
Because when those walls crumble under the weight of loneliness.
Who will be there to help you when friends words don't work anymore

You love them dearly but words begin to fade
You try and stand up but the weight is to much.
Some people need the love of another to keep their walls strong
Some peoples strength comes from the one person they call love

Are you one of them? Or do you stay strong on your own?
Only you know who you are, and what you really need.
So let yourself be free and be who you really want to be.
Let yourself do what really needs to be done.

Just be you, even if it kills... me
I know she is going to see it, and its gonna hurt her, But I need to let this out. I need to have a release that isn't considered bad.
We broke up, But I still love her. Loved her for 2 years without being with her, Loved her for the time we were together, and I still love her after this pain. Because pain wont stop me from caring. Wont stop me from letting someone be happy.
Namir May 2014
The snow leopard and the little fox were sound asleep. The leopard curled up around the young fox keeping them both warm in the cold weather. As the sun started to arise the leopard awoke from his slumber. He then softly pat his little young fox apprentice's head, "Wake up little one. A new day awaits us," he said with a smile as he stood on all fours and stretched out his back. The little fox grunted and yawned "It's too early," she whined as she curled up tighter, "The sun isn't even fully up in the sky yet" was her rebuttal to his awakening. The leopard took her by the scruff and softly tossed her into the snow covered field. "Ahhh!~Ooof." The little fox yelled as she tumbled into the snow. "You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm, the early cat catches the bird." The leopard laughed slightly as he spoke, watching the little fox stand up all covered in fresh snow from last nights fall. "Well what's that have to do with me?!?" the fox shouted slightly, being slightly agitated about him tossing her. The leopard smirked as he walked by her and pat her head again, dusting off the snow, "It has everything to do with you, it has everything to do with everyone. It means the sooner you wake the more you can do. The more time you have in the day to do what you want," the leopard exclaimed with pride and excitement in his voice, "Do you ever ask yourself why there is so much left you want to do by the end of the day but just didn't have enough time? Well this helps you get more done. It gives you more time." The little fox tilted her head slightly to he side and looked down a bit, "I guess you are right," she said softly. Not knowing what else to say, she stood up and shook the snow off of herself then rush over to the leopard. "So what lesson will I learn today?" she asked eagerly. The leopard smiled as they started walking, "Didn't you just learn something?" he said as he raised an eyebrow. The little fox giggled softly and started pouncing around him laughing happily and saying "Well yea. But I want to learn more." The leopard laughed and looked to her, "Slow and steady wins the race little one. Slow and steady. we will find something for me to teach you, or for us to learn, as time goes on." he said softly but wisely as they kept walking into the woods, away from the sunrise.
Part 2 of the ongoing short stories of a snow leopard and a young fox venturing together, for my love.
May 2014 · 1.8k
Namir May 2014
With all the people all around
Friends are the ones to be found
The ones that have your back forever
The ones who say you're stuck together

Friends who are true, trusting,and kind
The ones who know the dark in your mind
But what do they care, their demons play too
To let you know they're there for you

People always come and go
Lovers, family, and acquaintances you know
But real friends are here to stay
Cause they are as weird as you anyway.

Best, boy, girl, or close,
The prefix of friends doesn't matter much for most
A friend is a friend that's all that matters
We stay together, like the the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter.
Just a quick poem I thought of when thinking of my Best Friend Through The Ages.
May 2014 · 24.5k
Goodnight and Sweetdreams
Namir May 2014
Goodnight and sweetdreams, I whisper in your ear
Goodnight and sweetdreams, as you sleep so near
Goodnight and sweetdreams, and wish you could hear
Goodnight and sweetdreams, my love so dear

You fall asleep, so safe and sound
You fall asleep, with love abound
You fall asleep, so happy and free
You fall asleep, right beside me

When you wake, I be right there
When you wake, there wont be a nightmare
When you wake, your lips will touch mine
When you wake, We will have our time

Goodnight and sweetdreams, you then say to me
Goodnight and sweetdreams, and I will dream free
Goodnight and sweetdreams, for there you I will see
Goodnight and sweetdreams, as we lay as happy as can be
A poem for my love that I just thought of and posted as she fell asleep. <3
May 2014 · 359
A Worryful Heart
Namir May 2014
Broken hearts and worried minds
In love; but frighted, all of the time of time
It sits and watches, seeing things happen
Always wonderin', thinkin', lookin', and crackin'

That worryful heart always thinking the worst
Cause its been ripped and torn, and never picked first
The things it has been through, the things it has seen
The people who've stabbed it, the ones who've been mean

It makes it hard to trust when someone offers help
Even though it lets out a cry and a yelp,
But that heart does get healed in time,
By friends, family, and temporary love that seems just fine

But then that heart gets hurt again
By that love, or that friend, so it asks, when?
When will it find someone so dear?
someone to hold is tight and near.

When will it see the pain go away?
To see the end of this unending fray.
To know what its like to worry no more.
To truly have love.... amor

That heart will worry, tense up, and sigh
But it will always keep quiet, watch, and try.
Namir May 2014
Once upon a winters eve, there was a young little fox. As she played around in the forest and snowy plains she kept trying to walk along the thick snowbanks. But she always seemed to fall into the snow. In the distance there was a older, but still young, snow leopard, watching and giggling as the little fox kept falling through. The snow leopard decided to get up and walk closer to the fox and softly he said with a happy laugh, "so what are you trying to accomplish?"The little fox looked up at the leopard with an annoyed looked as she poutingly explained, "The snow is to high and I am to small, and I can't seem to walk on top of it." She then sighed softly. The snow leopard laughed and smiled, "You can't just jump on it then. You can't try to walk on it," the leopard said with a grin. The little fox looked up at him in befuddlement with her bright blue eyes. The leopard slowly walked around the snow hole she was in and proceeded to explain, "You have to let it lift you," he smiled, picking her up by the scruff carefully, takeing her out of the hole and softly placing her on a less deep part of the snow bank, "Only when you understand this, may you be able to walk atop the snow."The little fox was still confused but was willing to learn, "What do you mean 'let it lift you'?" the little fox asked. The leopard smiled and lay on the snow, sticking his paws into the snow, "Every flake, like us, is different. Each one being different gives it it's own type of life, melting fast, or melting slow. Sticking firm, or lightly." he then softly blows the snow off his paws into her direction, "You have to let life of each of the snow flake be as unique as your life is and let it lift you. Let them lift you, as if it they were trying to show you somewhere new, to bring you places." He got up and started walking off atop of the snow, but then stopped and turning around and said with a big smile "Now do you see?" The little fox was still kinda confused, but when she looked at the beautiful snow, and saw each snowflake, a different shape, a different size, she smiled and believed what he said. The little fox looked back up at the leopard and softly placed her paw down on the snow before she said to him softly, "I think I get it..." She was afraid but she slowly started walking on top of the snow, step by step, not looking down, But looking to the leopard as she got closer to him. The leopard with a happy laugh, smiled and congratulated her, "There you go. Like a natural." The little fox smiled brightly and ran up to the snow leopard happily and excitedly asking him, "What can you teach me next?"The leopard laughed and patted her head with his paw. "My my, Looks like I have a little apprentice" the leopard said with a smirk, "We shall see where the wind and sun takes us and what lessons we have to learn as the days go on," the leopard said as they both started walking out into the setting sunlight.
This was a little story I made for my love. I was thinking of making it a continued series. Leave a comment if you wish. Maybe if you want to see a continuation or not.

— The End —