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rig May 20
starlight showers
with the water deep in thought
(no universe in me)
(is that a sigma
or is my neck broken
jade May 3
darling, i wish you hadn't lied when you said you loved me
darling, i wish you hadn't broken all your promises
darling, i wish you loved me the way i love you
darling, i wish you'd considered my feelings
darling, i wish you didn't make me so sad
darling, i wish we could've lasted longer
darling, i wish you cared more about me
darling, i wish i didnt love you so much
darling, i wish we were something again
darling, i wish i made you happy enough
darling, i wish you didn't like someone else
darling, i wish we could have been even more
darling, i wish you hadn't hurt me the way you did
darling, i wish you'd been more careful with my heart
darling, i wish we could have done everything we planned to
thank you for reading<3
rig Feb 26
thank you so
god bless you
but which one
Eli Jan 27
i can’t commit to anything
can i?

not people,
not plans,
not schedules,
nor times,
i can’t even do a daily write daily.
III of Pentacles
Practice makes perfect

Underqualified, overqualified
It doesn't really matter
You have talent, that's important
Like coins, knowledge you scatter

It's certain you're overqualified now
Knowledge with no lessons
You know more than you think
Don't let your confidence lessen
A poem every day

god this was an awful card to write ab
III of Wands
The edge of succes

Let the world inspire your soul
Like marriage inspires a painter
Your enthusiasm makes love worth it
Don't let your heart grow fainter

Caring is key right now
Taking charge and leadership
Quality over quantity
Follow the rules, don't skip
A poem every day
III of Swords
Broken heart

Don't cheat yourself like they did
Let them sail so far away
Your health won't improve with them
Their lies will crush your day

Be aware of the confusion
It hurts but it will better you
Get your heart away from them
Before they crush that too
A poem every day
III of Cups
A celebration of friendship

Celebrate everything you wish
Family is your closest friend
Go on a holiday or party
Because one day it will end

Share but don't gossip
Don't enjoy yourself too much
You'll fall into false friend's arms
They give you words, no touch
A poem every day
Nylee Oct 2020
in the winters,
the marble floors
they feel cold
my bare feet
they are frozen
i cannot move
they are stuck.

in these twenties,
the only warmth
fabric of cardigan
I pull these
sleeves till seems
cover my fingers
touch the knitted
threads to feel
beyond the numbness
of my palm.

the cool sensation
touching my face
the melancholic air
disturbing my stare
tree without leaves
the somber look
the bone chilling
stare back from
a girl sitting
on the marble
floor by the
mirror looking dead.
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