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Gods right
Gods path
Gods plan
God an man
God said
Gods great
God the father
Gods son
God on earth
God the creation
Gods reconciliation
Gods confession
God be the witness
God the business
God willing
God knowing
Gods all
Gods king
Gods me
God be
God shows
Gods seen
God the righteous
God the almighty
God Z
Gods Creed
God commanding
Godly voice
Godly vision
Godly reasons
Pray to God
Dear Lord
Forgive my sins
God your word is bond
God i believe in you
God hear me grieve
God you make me send
The End AMEN
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Devil Atticman Oct 2023
Do as you might, you
Cannot sully the beauty
For me; you'll add some.
Maddy Mar 2023
Say what you mean
Not what others say and think
Think very carefully before you regret what comes out of your mouth
Quiet and silence sends powerful messages very well
There are many hellos and goodbyes in life
Dreams and fairytales come true and with that come troubles
You revisit what works
You cast aside people when the friendship expiration date can't be renewed
You will know the ones to hold on to because they will always be there and vice versa
Just turn around
Be open to new friendships but learn from the past
Choose wisely before they choose you
Letting go and moving forward is not a cliche
You can't stay in neutral or in the past
That is just the way it is
You will find your way

C@rainbowchaser 2023
kristian Nov 2022
oh, to be gentle
oh, to be gentle
oh, to be gentle
nick armbrister May 2022
Place To Be
The best place to be right now
Is not in Europe over Russia's issues
A ******* nation with 7,500 nukes
Of different types and classes
As set ready to use on Putin's order
Ukraine started it after NATO grew
Right up to Russia's borders
Now they want to turn back the clock
1997 when Russia wasn't threatened
This isn't possible so they all
Sleepwalk to Armageddon
This year or the next
It's coming soon...
Delicacy8100 Apr 2022
A normal night arises,
we take comfort with one another as we have in many past connections.
You reach for me I oblige.
My body yearning for its pleasure,
a silent request for more than traditional
I grasp you with a deep ****** of my body.
Pulling my leg up resting it on your left shoulder I
slowly pull your lips to mine.
Dropping my right leg connecting our bodies,
our toes gently touch.
I can feel your smile, as our bodies naturally take their own course
gripping together.
Your body heated your rhythm climbing
I pull away just enough to include your hand allowing you to feel me as your manhood penetrants.
Guiding you gripping you with nothing more than my lady.
I plead for you to lay deeper
allowing you to experience my true pleasure
Your one finger touching gently my lady's grip tightens
our stare
opening up as you experience my ****** control.
Loving one's self is knowing your place in the world.
uselace Apr 2022
I don't know much
except that when they call me "darling"
it feels like a warm blanket
And when their hands are in my hair
or scraping the back of my neck
so light it makes me shiver,
i think for the first time in too long
that i could die happy
I know that i want to spend my days laying with them,
laughing, teasing, but always
coming back to "i love you";
my nights holding on
sending one last text
before a sleep that gets me closer to seeing them again
I don't know much.
But I've already gone through a lot
and loving them is one of the only things
that i want to keep going through,
until i know them
and only them.
Descovia Jan 2022
I knew it all would never be the same
When times made us go with change
The feelings and situations that came.

Old Thoughts. Simplicity, Reflection
SquidInk Nov 2021
i've lived with you all my life
you've been there through the laughter and the heartache and the tears
you were always physically there
but never emotionally
i am your daughter through blood, but not through love
i never had the comfort of being close to you
you were always just my mother
hearing other people talking about their relationships with their moms hurts
bc i've never had that
always disappointed for my mistakes and never praise for my achievements
you were always too busy to talk
too preoccupied with my other siblings to listen
too tired to comfort me in my time of need
i've always had a mother, but i've never had a mom
you are so checked out of my life that you cant hear my cries for help
but its just a normal teenager thing, right?
Yvonne Nice Oct 2021
I can’t help but smile when she enters a room
  Beautiful hazel eyes that hold memories that will never go stale,
soft curls that dance with the breeze,
a smile so warm that it melts me into nothing more than my tender heart,
high cheekbones smattered with constellations
  She is endless possibilities and the flame of adventure
  Brilliance, spoken with a voice that not even the gods could hope to have
  Her love is the lick of a flame over your skin that never burns
  It’s the laughter of Icarus as he fell,
relishing in the scalding wax dripping down his spine and tang of sea spray
It’s the taste of herbal tea with a dollop of lavender honey on an autumn evening
There’s nothing quite like it,
overwhelming in the best of ways,
a taste of what it means to live instead of survive
It is an understatement to simply say that I adore her,
it is so much more than that
I don’t think that the word to describe it’s depth has been invented yet
She’s taught me of a love that is incomprehensible to the unacquainted mind
She embodies life
Can you tell I'm queer ****
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