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Descovia Dec 2020
el fuego adentro nunca muere

(The fire inside never dies)

The ancient circle consisting of infinite untapped power.  

Mother Gaia. My bond with this realm as of now is temporary.  Please, hear my voice, bearing through holding the weight of the skies, give me strength to be encouraged by prayers!

Devine energy, granted to me by ancestors of many generations. To answer my calling, for healing and protection to be casted to all.

My blood is not the only offering, of my very being, to give for the sake of saving this world!

My shadow dances and flickers with other dimensional beings. Then is solidifies and remains glued to the ground.

Drowning in the
Sands of shifting time...

Lost in time.  
Staring into the abyss
Losing myself
Following the lines
Losing my mind.

My heart continuously
Leaves me in a bind
The world becomes illuminated
Angels falling from the skies
I believe in the peace
I see, Glowing in eyes.
In the end, you will never know...
What these scars actually defines!
Alieze Jan 2020
In her eyes,
bitterness manifest,
from the throat which is dry,
a sad note of lullaby rest.
first poem. first and a small part of the whole.

by acknowledging the dark will you able to find light.
gia sanchez Dec 2019
I wake up to the morning sun,
with only the thought of him.
what did i do to deserve this?
why are we only friends?
You told me you weren't ready for anything more.
When i finally moved on, that option left the door.
I know it sounds crazy that i could actually care for you,
but you meant a lot to me so i couldn't stand for it.
I try to make "us" work even though there was no "us".
you didn't put a label on it so now you see why i would fuss.
imagine if i would want you because i was just bored,
How would that make you feel, because it made me sore.
Of course i tried to move on with someone else, but when i saw you with her my whole heart just fell.
If only i could delete the thought of you in my life,
i could really move on and everything would feel right.
i go through a lot.
staysha Dec 2018
Darkness Is perfect
It is completely Heartless
It does not reflect
It does not care
When you die
It has no “cross” to bare
Do you think it would cry?
1 of a 2 part poem
bymslu Nov 2018

i dip in and out

i made a home of the 9th cloud

except the happiness i found leaked out

and spilt outside of the silver linings
Madison Oct 2018
I wonder what would happen
If I started to chip away the walls
Just to let a little bit of light in
And some fresh air too
Not complete. I’m gonna write this poem in parts.
Rose Allen Mar 2018
Seconds pass into moments,
moments to milestones.

Milestones disguised as memories
- memories the song and story to my existence.
a chain of epochs. . .

Little infinities together,
to become a lifetime
- a story line.

Tales of happiness and victories.
But mine you see,
my story line.

Its scattered.
Scattered with tales
those of loss, death and tragedy.

See, you see today may be March 2, 2018.
You tell me - you say that I must be alive.
I must be alive because that'd be necessary,
to enable me to write this.
but. . .

341 days ago.

My heart may still be beating.
Yet in 18 days,
it will be one year since you went missing.

You see, that was alright.
It was going to be okay
- because you were still,
going to come home to me.

Come  home to me.
or at least that's what I told myself
- even after.

After it was too late,
After you were long gone.
You had abandoned me.
EVEN NOW - almost a year.
A year to the day you did it.

Seconds to moments.
Moments, milestones and memories.
Rest In Peace
Evie Robin Marincak
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017
Forever in Memory - Gone but Never Forgotten.

continuing . . .
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017 (Part 1)
evieous (Part 2)
Sarah Lin Oct 2016
i looked up at the stars
and i felt you next to me
far from the sound of cars
a place where only we could be
it's a land for us
i made it in a dream
so walk with me
until the dusk
for the shadows overwhelm me
and i get covered in dust
but your hands are always there
and serve as constant care
i never knew i'd feel like this
until i met you
so walk with me
until the day
when i feel safe
and can walk on my own
for every star we see tonight
stands for all those restless nights
i spent awake in fear of bliss
in fear of feeling any of this
but now that i feel it true
i know it's real and just for you
so walk with me
until we see
the end so clear
we cannot fear

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