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Yatriii May 2019
Did I Vanquish or was it the capitulation?
Was it the onset or it was the culmination?
What is to come?? When is the time ??
Banal schedule: Aplomb enough in anticipation
Dani Nov 2018
We wait and watch
A digital wall or wrist-watch
The ticks and tocks
Of the never ending clocks
Continuing night to dawn
It goes on and on
Never does it consider our mood
It is a date or something we elude
A specific dot to take our stance
We sit, we wait, we do the time dance
It goes on and on
One day it’ll be all gone
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
What kind of non-human:
makes a bowl of oatmeal
adds chia and flax seeds
with a little bit of
light brown sugar
and eats it for breakfast?

What sort of creature:
packs a snack lunch
and eats it on a bench
before going to work?
Laura Jul 2018
Bun o'clock
I'm hungry but I don't say anything
Because I can hold on longer

Chew pm
Someone says I look thin
Have I lost weight??

Three pounds
Potentially three pounds
But I don't know because I always think I look bloated

Four ice cubes to tie me over
I don't need to eat
I'm okay

Five fat shaming *******
Stroll past me in their skinny jeans
Reminding me who deserves to be a size 0

Tricks o' the mind
Start to play
As I tell myself I don't need to eat because I did yesterday

Age seven is when
Mama first told me to stretch my shirts
Hide my figure
Watch what I eat
Stop taking second helpings
No dessert

Looks like a couple of donuts.
Muffins.  Pizzas.
Any round food.
My round stomach.

Nibble pm.
It's okay to eat a little?  Maybe?

Ten pm?
Or ten candy bars?

Eleven hours later
Nothing in my belly
But four ice cubes

Twelve: time to taunt my taste buds
Trick myself
Tell myself that I'll eat tomorrow
Tomorrow will be the day
The day I really splurge
Everyone knows that's a lie
But my tummy doesn't
Alec Astaire Apr 2018
It’s 3:09
And if everything was fine
Then I would be sound asleep by now wouldn’t I?

But just like my potential
I’ve ignored my sleep schedule
That I might collapse wide awake to ponder ”Why?”
Just wanted to write another before attempting sleep
Emily Miller Jan 2018
The drive is scheduled,
how I work,
when I work,
who I work for.
The destination is scheduled,
when I get there,
how long it takes,
why I go,
what keeps me there until
what time.
It is all a matter of a predetermined schedule that
in the end
is not about me.
And yet it is my time that is being spent.
Every aspect of my
and "independent" being
is secured tightly to a slowly sinking ship by miles and miles of red tape,
layered thickly around me.
It is an artificial creation,
and yet completely outside of my control.
Removing it's meaning
does not release me from it's binding,
just as senseless ******,
is still ******.
So as I sit in the driver's seat,
a passenger in my own life,
I roll down the window,
and extend one hand,
allowing the brisk air and bracing wind to sting me
lifting me,
and I imagine the wind picking me up and taking me somewhere else,
if only to have the mask of authority removed,
and truly capitulate.
More than anything,
I reach out for something so shockingly cold
with such a great force
simply to feel something.
kailasha Feb 2017
my time table is worked down till the last seconds of every day,
every minute creeps around the clock only to shiver and die.

we're all on schedule, we're all here for finite moments that float away.

but isn't it only fun when
you're at the wrong place at the right time?
How was your day, and/or what do you hope to achieve today? Let me know below! :D
lei Dec 2016
at 7 am
i'll love you in soft whispers
and white.

at 12 pm
i'll love you in yellow
and the blinding sunlight.

at 3 pm
i'll love you in soft browns
and the pit-a-pat of the rain.

at 11 pm
i'll love you in warm bedsheets
and wishes of forever.
My To Do List:

1. Wake up to face the day         6:00
2. Let out the dogs:  6:10 AM
3. Check the basement for any messes 6:15 Am
4. Get dressed for the day and gather materials    6:20
5. Leave for school      6:30
6. Do my best in school 8:00-3:20
7. Get home and feed the dogs      5:00 PM
8. Help prepare dinner      5:30 PM
9. Eat          6:00
10.   Rush to get a good start on homework    6:40 PM
11. Let the dogs out AGAIN           7:00PM
12. Do dishes        7:15 PM
13. Worry about being too loud   7:17 PM
14. Wash table             7:45PM
15. Re check the kitchen for cleanliness   7:50 pm
16. Rush to get back to homework    8:05 pm
17. Get ready to let the dogs out again    8:50 PM
18. Get an overview of what homework I need to finish at school. 8:52
19. Listen for a commercial to come on to let the dogs out that way I don’t interrupt the show. 8:58
20. Quickly let dogs out again 9:00 PM
21. Let dogs inside 9:10 pm
22. Wait for another commercial to say goodnight    9:20 Pm
23. Say goodnight     9:22 PM
24. Take a shower 9:25 Pm
25. Get ready to go to bed   9:45 PM
26. Repeat    6:00 AM
This is litterally EVERY DAY
Breeze-Mist Apr 2016
As yesterday came to an end
I thought I had some time to spend
Then i opened my plans
To see where I stand
I'm booked until April's month ends
The moral: never look more than two weeks ahead in the springtime.
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