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isabella Jul 21
“The scentless plastic flower/It’s kinda different from the flowers I knew previously”

This difference makes all the difference, doesn’t it,
The way you smile and laugh seems stiff and practiced,
Yet it’s beautiful in its own way, looking through glass,
I can’t smell your fragrance but I admire you from afar.

“I can’t understand and I’m going crazy/Spinning my head”

Soon I feel myself falling, cascading soil of the flower ***,
You’re driving me crazy, I’m going crazy and crazy and crazy,
Yet I still pick you up, hold you close, feeling your plastic hardness,
It digs into my palm and etches into my heart.

“This is a really intense lovesickness/No, it’s a harmful toxic”

I see right through your lies, your answers, your sharp brilliance,
I see the faded, dusty boy underneath, tired and worn and wondering

“I’m an ignorant loser when it comes to love methods”

It’s been five days since I’ve started, how many more days until it ends

“Come to my side as you’re such a waste beside that person/The person who can fill you up with your fragrance is here”

I remind myself your roots are not true,
Yet they grow and twist and beckon and poison
Looking for a lovesick girl to prey upon,
Looking for a loving girl to take from.

“I find you through buzzing/Buzzing towards you”

My secret becomes a disease, slowly traveling throughout,
If you were to be with me, you would feel it too.
Pain more than pleasure, that’s what real love is.
I’ll find you and teach you, plastic boy.
ninacrizelle Jun 2019
You were the seed I planted
The boat I’ve sailed with
The breeze I felt deep
And the summer I’ve been waiting

You were also the seed that never grew
The wave I failed to pass through
The feeling I wish  to forget
But the memory I’ll never regret

- Summers she never missed
Part 3 of my summer poems
Madison Oct 2018
My curiosity got the best of me
I chipped away a hole
It was just big enough to let in air and light
And an eye to look through
Part 3 of my incompleted poem thingy
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

....So the next morning comes and he's slumped halfway off
The bed with drool spewing out from his mouth,
Must of had a good dream inside a kerosene filled with doubts
Thinking about his future spouse,
Gets up , does everything that he didn't think he would do
To get ready for school,
Saw his friend walking to the bus stop and decided to join him,
He said "Man those shoes are cool, are they new?" He bragged
"Yes my friend it's called shop lifting", looking in astonishment,
He said "are you telling the truth?" He sarcastically admitted, "haha
No I got them from a yard sale", he replied "you *******" and then they
Got on the bus, knowing that his friend on the bus , is really the only
Guy he could trust,
Which brings us,
To first period , fixing his hair in the bathroom and talking to
Himself in the mirror saying , "the day is only as bad as you make it",
Aligning his collar and pants to at least in the slightest look presentable
But his hands started to shake, oh what a day! You couldn't possibly
Say that if you've made it to the end he thought,
He walks out of the bathroom and into the hall looking into first
Period and then ducks so he wouldn't get caught,
Sitting by the door , he looks down and sees that one of his shoes isn't
Tied and then looks to his right only to see Felicia walking down the hall coming towards him, thinking to himself , what I am I gonna do
If she wonders how stupid I look sitting outside of this door I need help,
He stands up quick and she walks right in front of him as graceful as a
Million swans and a thousand beautiful smiles put together and says ,"Hey",
Brushing her hair passed her face shylike,
With sweat on his face he replies nervously , "ahh ...he...hey",
They stare at each other for like 4 minutes almost like syncing into each other's minds using eyes and raging emotions, she looks down and looks back up and says ,"so umm , you gonna let me through or should I be worried?" As
She giggled, he replies ,"no not at all ... I'm um ... Actually in this class too",
Blushing a little...........To Be Continued.
He happily greets me
kissing my cheek and lips
Bile rises in my throat
But instead of throwing up on him
( It'll only make this worse)
I smile making pointless chatter
He won't forget, he'll never forget
He can switch so fast
Going from a happy to outraged
and vise versa
Just as these thoughts pass through my mind
His once soft and gentle touch
Becomes an iron like grip
Bruising my arms as he pulls me to him
Crushing his lips on mine
Tears well in my eyes
But I can't let them fall
If he see's them than he will
only make it hurt more
Don't give him the satisfaction
Squeezing my eyes shut
My tears quickly disappeared
Just as fast as they appeared
I love you Princess
Those words are the last I want to hear
Princess do you love me?
My heart hammers in my chest
No matter what I say he won't
let it rest
But if I say the wrong thing
he will beat me than start his sick ritual
I swallow against the knot that has
formed in my throat
Just say it and make it sound believable
You don't want to wind up like mom
and those other girl do you?
Fear and the basic need to survive motivated me
I love you too daddy
He smiles and his eyes travel the room
Daddy's going to go and get your dolls
You can play while I finish my work
Than we can play our game, Okay
But I jump with mock joy and hug him
Seeming happy that his "Princess"
was excited
He whistles as he leaves the room
and closes the door
The click of the lock being turned again
sounds like a nail being put into a coffin to me
Finally alone for a least a little while
My smile falls
There is no hope for me
No way to leave
Fifteen years of the same routine
Though I only remember the last ten  
Same living breathing nightmare
I want to die
Then at least I can be with my mother
all the girls I had grown to think of as sisters
He had killed them all in due time
Everyone but me
I've always
Daddy's little Princess
troglodyte Sep 2015
Now I remember: the acrid whiskey in chipped
multi-colored coffee mugs, a knock-off
movie murmuring in the background,
the lot of us surrounded the smudged table
our bleary eyes focusing on our suites.

And now I remember the back room
where the makeshift **** was being passed,
and smoke slipped out of drunken mouths
like souls escaping
and my mouth felt like I had eaten desert sand.
The whiteness of the room was blinding,
and the flickering of the light
could be seen through my closed eyelids.

I remember the dingy couches,
all of them full of life but one seat,
the one beside me,
and He still hasn’t arrived.
The news of His arrival felt like
I had been punched a plethora of times.
The creamy taste of our peanut butter
sandwiches turned to bile.

The door littered one more being,
all heads turned. My hazy vision displayed
a shadowy figure; the lights flickered on
to brighten His face;
fingers slipped around my wrist; and then
I was removed from the boisterous room.

But I remember that my shoeless feet
couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with my friend;
he kept my head straight
while my knees wobbled,
and I stumbled through populated rooms
drinking flat coke to paint the color
back into my clammy face.

I remember voices coming closer,
until every single one of them-
including Him-
filled the room like a overstuffed stomach.
But my friend took my arm and pulled,
and the others gawked and cheered.

Now I remember: they thought we would ****.
Expecting eyes followed us,
but only to be disappointed by conversation
between two friends who shared a secret.
They did not bother asking why I cried
in the cloudy blue hallway-
they didn’t take a second glance.

No, I remember it all so clearly,
because I did not sip from those cracked mugs,
no, I sat under shuddering lights in
the musty back room.
I hadn’t even taken two hits
from the crinkled water bottle
before He walked in.

I remember the fire in His eyes
when our gazes met one anothers.
My whole being was a grenade,
and the sight of Him was
what pulled the invisible pin,
and at any moment I would explode.
I remember the way His lips upturned,
and the way His hands twitched,
as if He was ready to reach -
as if He was ready to touch -
but His hands never fumbled farther
than the small tear by
the pocket of His stained jeans.
I flinched when He turned around.

But I remember feeling as if I needed to apologize,
but I had nothing to apologize for.
But the odious cry from the kitchen stirred my insides,
and I couldn’t help but feel guilty-
I couldn’t help but feel like I was too hard,
but He deserved it all.
I was once a daisy-fresh girl.

Now I remember: my palms were too sweaty,
my mouth was too dry,
and the need for a drink left my throat coarse.
Heavy hands held mine to the kitchen,
and that’s where I saw Him glassy-eyed,
His mouth agape, His gaze dazed.

I remember the limp body leaning,
the way His arms dangled by His side,
as if they were swaying in a nonexistent breeze,
as if one blow and I could knock him over,
he was alive but it was like he was dead,
but I couldn’t find it in me to feel for a pulse,
I couldn’t find it in me to force my numb legs
to walk out of the room.

The last thing I remember was the walk
back to my house.
Unspoken words choked me,
leaving me gagging on frigid air.
My mother’s words resonated around me,
her warnings and concerns nipping my rosy cheeks.
Watch out for boys who touch you with ease.
My heart raced like a hummingbird’s wings
but my anxious hands stayed still
for the first time
since the last time.
Namir May 2014
As the sun rose higher into the sky from morning to evening the Snow Leopard and the Little Fox kept to their travels. The Fox started to get bored and this started to annoy her, not learning anything and just walking, "Isn't there anything we will learn today?" The Leopard laughed softly looking to the young little fox as he softly said, "Patience young one. Not every day has a lesson. Just like not every day has meaning. You have to make the meaning, Just like you have to watch and learn." The little fox got more annoyed at his slightly confusing answer "But I want to learn something soon. This is boring." she said with groan and a grunt. "I thought you were going to teach me more" She started to whine. The leopard continued to laugh softly, "Again, Patience my dear. Good things come to those who wait. You cant rush. You will get your lesson when we find something to teach you," he said with a smile. The little fox got mad this time, getting impatient, she started to run off and shout back to him "well if you wont teach me I will find something myself!" The leopard shook his head and smirked slightly saying to himself "I wonder what trouble she will get herself into this time" as he took his time walking in the same direction she ran. The little fox ran as fast and as far as she could before getting tired. The Snow Leopard was completely out of sight though he did keep following her direction and scent. "good riddance" she said to her self, "I dont need him to teach me anyways. I can learn on my own." As she turned back around and it was getting dark she started to become fearful. A little fox, all by her lonesome, as the sky started to darken. The little fox began whimpering softly, not knowing what to do and still no Snow Leopard in sight. "Maybe I shouldn't have ran off..." she said to herself as she hid at the bottom of a large tree, curling herself into a ball, shaking and whimpering. In the distance there was a little noise, a coyote appeared, hearing the whimpers and noticed the little fox. As the coyote rushed up to the little fox, a big grin flashed across his face, "Whats a cute little critter doing this far in the woods all alone?" The little fox screeched as he rushed over and abruptly spoke to her. "I-I got a little lost?.." she said with a terrified shake in her voice. The snow leopard heard this shriek and started rushing in her direction not knowing what to expect.
The coyote started pacing side to side in front of her "Ohh no no no. That's not good now is it? Being all alone, so young, no one to protect you." The coyote stopped in front of her abruptly with a sinister smile, "Tell you what, Come on with me and we will go find your family, What do you say?" Said the Coyote slyly and smugly as the little fox tried to back up against the tree more whimpering louder but not saying a word. But just as the coyote tried to step in closer the Snow Leopard leaped out of the brushes and between the the little fox and the coyote, and with a snarl and a growl he sternly ordered to coyote "Leave now. She isn't yours." The coyote backed up slightly with a laugh "A little far from home now aren't pretty little kitty. By the looks of it, you found your caretaker. I guess I will be off." The coyote then rushed of with a sneer and a grimace, as the little fox started to cling to the snow leopards hind leg. He pat her head softly and smiled slightly while saying "you aren't hurt are you?" and the little fox whispered back with a shaky voice "Y-Yea... I'm okay... Just... Scared." The leopard dragged her to his side and the layed down beside her, curling himself around her, and whispered to her in a soft soothing voice "There is no need to be afraid. I would never let anything happen to you. I will protect you and fight for you. I promise." He then softly licked her cheek as she curled up with him to rest a little.
Part 3 of the short story series "The Leopard and The Fox"
Made by Myself for a very special young woman.

— The End —