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There was once a man lost at the crossroads
who pondered which road to behold.
He hesitated to walk down a single path,
fearing how long the roads would last.
In his mind, he recalled the voice of a friend
who was willing to guide him to the end.
They said “There’s no need to go alone.
Whichever path you take, you’ll find your way home.”
With nothing to lose, the man took his stride
down a path he could take without too much pride.
Though he knows not his destination, he still walks,
knowing that there is light to guide him in the dark.
Whatever clouds may gather above,
he can be reassured that he is loved.
This is a short poem I wrote back on December 23rd 2019 when I was running out of ideas for short stories and poems.
Noor Fatima Apr 2020
Miserable I am, stucked.
My mind's wynds, entwined.
Inside burning, being indecisive.
Attempted to decipher, all in vain.
A maze unsolved; the unsaid pain
Perplexed **** thoughts' umbra
Darking in pursuit of seeking.
The more they amalgamate;
the more I Separate
Wretched. Same do all bear?
Distracted by despair;
I ended up nowhere.
Robby Jan 2020
My indecision is deciding for me
I remain
Stuck in this place of purgatory
I remain
All dark with no light and sleep without rest
I remain
Both horns and halos but no devil or angel
I remain
Sailing from star to sea in celestial form adrift
I remain
Darryl M May 2019
The ******* of a voice in one’s heart,
The soundness of longing,
Echoes of an empty love,
Oh, the noise of the thoughts in memory,
The pictured message in the painting,
Paintings of desire.

Silence be a double dagger,
But numb is the cut on love’s edges.
Why do I have a feeling,
that you have a feeling,
the one that I’m feeling?

Insecurities be shaped like a question mark,
Indecisiveness be an exclamation,
Pity be on the tears that clog the eyes.
Completed: 11th August 2018 [19:25 PM]
Scarred Dopamine Jan 2019
The sound of a knock
The ring of a clock,
Is what’s steady in my conscience.
I feel lost in time
My Key of logic, declined,
All I have is a key that reads nonsense.
I’m Not Verbal nor combative
Thoughts of myself, a tummy of laxatives,
I’m always alone I can’t lean on the fence.

One side was the sun but It comes with the rain, my side rains and pours but no light comes my way.

Wish I could be the tide, living is boring, I’ll just lay and I’ll sleep, I hope my heart will stop the snoring.
Zeynep Çiçek Jan 2019
Without within who knows what
That the knot inside wants you to want?
Is it hard knock blunt force
Or a gentle heart?
Using a prompt app. This is so fun
Olive Sep 2018
This word of wander,
Not as easy to do
As it may be to ponder

One life full of dreams
Another filled with distraction,
Makes it hard to choose teams,
Without choosing destruction

Go where the money is?
And risk losing myself?
Or go with my heart,
My passion,
My desire,
And ask, ‘What if?’

But ‘What if?’ I will ask regardless...

Either path will leave me with wonders-
But which to follow?
If I go with one,
I may become hollow...
If I go with the other,
My bank account may be swallowed...

Can one do both?
Or does authenticity risk fading?

Distraction... Destruction...

Focus. Decide.

To try is to decide.
To know is to have done.
To love is to know.

Do I know what I love?
Do I know what I want?

Try. Decide. Focus.
In an attempt to sort through mental chaos and conflict.
Jessica Jarvis Aug 2018
I’m stuck between impatience and time moving too fast.
If only certain moments could hold off and last,
Yet let me be the first to set the record straight.
I know that, in the end, it will all be worth the wait.
I’m not here because I want to relive the past.
While times have been perfect, the idea is too vast:
To stay where you are, red, and not look for what’s ahead.
However, why is the future an idea i’m urged to dread?
While this time is exciting, and often inviting,
I see the circumstance filled with crying and spiting.
No, I’m not scared, or maybe I was.
I’ve learned that I can’t live that way, only because
I’ll suffer that way in this current time I’m in,
And living right now is already hard enough to begin.
I’m not here to sulk, i’m not here to brag.
I’m just impatiently enduring the drag
Of time, of now, wanting it to slow to yellow,
While I’m eager, insisting on life’s green light, “go.”
Time, a constant thing, still looks me in the face
To say, “you think you know it all, but I will set the pace”.
No matter the task, the toll, the race, I’m in it for the ride.
Meanwhile, I’ll tell my impatient indecisiveness that it’ll have to subside.
Maybe time is like traffic. “Do I gas it, or hit the breaks?”
Either way, I’m afraid of collisions, so that’s a risk I just won’t take.
njabulo mangena Oct 2017
I’m indecisive, I act indecisively but today,
I have decided not to fight people,
Have decided not to argue with people,
Have decided not to hate other people,
Have decided not to compete with them,

But I did be in despair, for I fear my weakness, i may be tempted to decide, but if I’m tempted to decide, i will decide not to decide.

I suffer from indecision but for now,
I have decided not to be jealousy,
Have decided not to be greedy,
Have decided to be selfish,
Have decided not to do all of that,

But I did be in despair, for I fear my weakness, i may be tempted to decide, but if I’m tempted to decide, i will decide not to decide.
Always make decisions, but if you cannot,then decide not to decide
leinstinct May 2016
I don't do this much
It happens too often
Maybe i should hide
Or scape from my torments
I know you could be
The best of my memories
All i have from you
A perpetual hallucination
It is all i need
I don't seem to want it
I don't try to hard
Or do anything about it
Like a little kid
Want it back when you can't have it
I will not regret
Though change is an option
Maybe I should leave
But i found a solution
It's true thinking can be
Such a big torment
What we should all do
Is just live in the moment
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