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14.9k · Nov 2015
Who We Are
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Drawing images using some words
Telling some stories that are unheard
Stealing the moment, freezing the time
Killing the beast that vultures the mind

Spilling blood, the pen is our knife
Collecting traces from this mysterious life
Connecting dots to create a line
Polishing stones to make it shine

Our words are riddles, a must to decode
Giving multiple key for them to unload
The meaning of some could make readers insane
If wrongly unlock it will conquer their brain

We are a shape-shifter just like the cloud
Painting angels and demons to enlighten the crowd
Hoping they’ll listen to our joy and our pain
Wishing they’ll get the lesson of our every rain

Mysterious Aries
5.5k · Nov 2015
Sugat Sa Papel (Paper Wound)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Ang katotohana'y di ko batid kung paano ko susugatan itong papel
Kung aling sandata ba ang gagamitin, itong punyal ba o kaya'y baril
Mithi kong bawat panitik na bibitawa'y mapatakan ko ng sariling dugo
Dahil bawat papel na masusugata'y tiyak unti-unting hihilum sa puso kong bigo

Ang bawat isasalaysay ng taong malapit na sa kanyang dapit-hapon
Dadamhin alaala ng lumipas, na para lang itong naganap kahapon
Umaasang maaklat ninyo ang aral na nais ihatid
Pulutin ninyo ang ginto, ang bato'y iwanan sa sahig

Maraming salamat kung sakali mang makikilangoy kayo sa aking ilog
Kulay pula man ito'y lilikhain ko itong may kalakip na pag-irog
Mula sa susugatan kong papel magaganap ang lahat
Lapis na punyal at baril ko'y nakahanda nang gumawa ng aklat....


Paper Wound

The truth is I do not know how I will smite this paper
Which weapon to be use, this gun or this dagger
Every letter that I will let go, I’ll blend my own blood
Each paper that I’ll wound slowly will cleanse my hearts mud

A chronicle will unfold by one person who is close to his gray
I will feel the memories of my past as if it just happened yesterday
Expecting that you will learn the lesson that I will serve at your door
Gather up the gold, left the stone on the floor

Thank you if ever you will swim at my river
Though its color is red, I will create it along with a love that is forever
I will wound some paper by hook or by crook
My pencil knife and quill gun are now ready to create a book

Translated: 11-23-2015, not so accurate to create a rhyme
5.2k · Sep 2015
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Galit na galit ang asawa, anak at kababayan ni Pepe

Pano nga naman, ang napulot ni Pepeng tatlong daang libo ay ibinalik sa may-ari...

"Kung di mo ibinalik sana ay di na tayo magdidildil ng asin"
ang may galit na sambit ng kanyang asawa...

"Kung di mo ibinalik sana ama ay di na ako araw-araw maglalakad patungo sa eskwela"
ang may paninising salita ng anak...

"Kung di mo ibinalik sana Pepe di hindi na kayo maghihirap"
ang may panghihinayang na usal ng kanyang mga kababayan...

Tumingin sa kanila si Pepe at nagsalita

"Aking asawa, aking anak, aking kababayan
Hindi ang ganyang ugali ang nais kong inyong matutunan
Dahil higit sa lahat nais kong inyong malaman
Na hindi lang tayo sa lupa... nag-iipon ng YAMAN"...

Written: November 30, 2011 @ 11:00 am
Nom de plum: Mysterious Aries
4.8k · Oct 2015
The Last Scent
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Two images of flowers suddenly appeared up the sky
One with beyond compare beauty
While the other could be the ugliest ever seen
People studied them, but they seem a mirage
They just appeared out of the blue
Can’t be touched, an unexplained phenomenon
Until it became part of the daily life scenery

One day, the public smells a lovely scent
The most pleasant fragrance they’ve ever inhaled
They’ve looked at the beautiful flower
They’ve adored its gorgeousness
Noticeably the pretty flower seems to grow more

The next day, humanity smells some disgusting odor
The most unpleasant stench they’ve ever breath in
They’ve looked at the ugly flower
They’ve hated and cursed it
Visibly the unattractive flower shrunk

The next morning, human race smells another lovely aroma
Much more amusing than before
They’ve glanced at the sky
And there’s only one flower left
The most beautiful one
So they've dance and sang praises
Not knowing, that’ll be the last beautiful scent
They’ll ever inhale during their entire lives

Mysterious Aries
3.8k · Aug 2015
The Schizophrenian Mask
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
I wear a white mask
A happy smiling face
A face wherein they couldn't even trace
This darkness in my head temporarily being erase
They praise me everyday
To them I'm good, great in every way
Little they know that I'm only holding back
Without a mask they'll know
Know that my head possessed the biggest crack...

written: july 22, 1014

mysterious aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #5
3.4k · Oct 2015
Judas Iscariot Mystery
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Why, Judas why?
Your kissed became the treachery symbol
Sold your faith but hanged yourself and die
After you returned that thirty pieces of silver

Why, Judas why?
Might you have a big crisis for money?
A sick parent or child, perhaps
To cure their pain, but ‘twas cut in the story

You returned the dazzling silver
Might they’ve never fulfilled their promise
To never hurt your master
That’s why you weep unto your best

Why, Judas why
If the tree and the rope could talk, they’ll never lie
Might you’ve kissed the image of your master in the wind
Before you bid the world goodbye

Mysterious Aries
3.1k · Sep 2015
The Shoe
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Looking for another acting award
An actor asked one poor, what his shoe looks like
The unfortunate caught off guard
But he smiled, then answered with no fright

Well, today it doesn’t look so well
You see I don’t wear it now
Looping sun and rain hurt it like hell
But it is tough and survive somehow

It stands tall against the mighty storm
I really appreciate its endurance
But as time goes by, its look deformed
I don’t know if it can take another resistance

So here I am now walking on the street barefooted
But may I ask you sir, why are you asking for my shoe
You see I can’t buy one, my pocket is so wounded
Hence believe me about my footwear, it’s all true

Looking for another acting award
An actor asked one poor, what his shoe looks like
Now he got the best trophy reward
A teary eye, a lesson that deeply strikes

Mysterious Aries
An actor may claim that they know what’s the poor shoe looks like
Little they know that some aren't wearing one...
3.1k · Sep 2015
Kabiguan Nang Manunulat
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Lapis at papel aking pinangsibat
Pinangsibat sa mga taong ayaw mamulat
Mamulat sa mga bagay na sa mali nasadlak
Nasadlak ma'y pakay ng tinta kong mahatak

Mahatak sa tama't puso'y bumusilak
Bumusilak di ang anyong mapanindak
Mapanindak kasamaa'y kinakalat
Kinakalat sa buhay ng iba'y nangwawasak

Nangwawasak ma'y handa ang aking sibat
Sibat na letra'y sa pusong bato'y tatarak
Tatarak ng marahan makikiusap
Makikiusap sanang papel ko'y nayurak

Nayurak binalewala't mga letra'y nakalat
Nakalat sandatang higit pa sana sa sibat
Sibat na tinta'y nagdulot nga ng napakalaking sugat
Sugat sa puso ng may akda nitong sulat...

Written: June 27, 2014
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
A long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Thank You Dearest Readers

Thank You Dearest Readers! I’ve created a poetry story but you make them alive
I’ve nearly give up along but you encourage this poetry story to survive
Every read, every vote and every comment counts
Driving my head into full speed, dancing non-stop in a beat of a beautiful sound

Thank You Dearest Readers! For all the love and care
Your simple words of saying “stay strong”  I feel them really I swear
Yet this is only a poetry story but to me most emotions are true
I’ve been to the darkest clouds but somehow you clear my gray and blue

Thank You Dearest Readers! For all the ideas and corrections
Pointing out your views truly help me travel to a right direction
You really deserve my respect and admiration
Adding some flavor to what I’ve baked, a sweet cake with dedication

Thank You Dearest Readers! How I love to shout out your names
To all of you who helped in one way or another and played my sport your game
My Dearest Readers, Thanks for a beautiful journey
This is “MY SCHIZOPHRENIA”  and this is MY STORY…..

Until Then…
Love n' Care...

Mysterious Aries

My Schizophrenia Poetry Story #18
Thank You Guys... Especially for those who read "MY SCHIZOPHRENIA" from the start, until this very last piece...
3.1k · Jul 2015
I Have A Knife
Mysterious Aries Jul 2015

I have a knife
It can sculpt death
Can slash a pulse
Can slit a neck

I have a knife
It can score an anger
Can bring life a real danger
Can cause cursed that stays forever

I have a knife
It can curve peace
Can tear an anger
Can split a fear

I have a knife
It can draw love
Can mark caress in the blood
Can blade hate into a hug

I have a knife
It has an eraser
It can write an emotion to feel
For my knife .... was a pencil...

Written: August 2, 2014 @ 9:00 am

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Ako ay isang nawawalang tupa
Sana mahanap ako ng aking pastol
Naglalakad akong may hikbing di humuhupa
Kadalasa'y ang kasuotan ay kulay asul

Ako ay isang naliligaw na tupa
Lumakbay na nang di mabilang na burol
May sugat na tila isinumpa
Di kayang pagalingin ng mga doktor

Ako'y isang di mapanatag na tupa
Bagamat nag-aral ng mabuti upang di maging mapurol
Humahakbang sa pagitan ng langit  at lupa
Naghahanap ng ilaw upang kumislap ang aking parol

Ako ang simbolo ng karamihan dito sa lupa
Mga tupang kapanataga'y hanap bago sumakay sa ataol
Lito dahil kay raming mapagpanggap na kapwa
Nawa'y bago kami lumipad sa araw, mahanap kami ng tunay na pastol...

Written: April 4, 2015 @ 8:00 PM

Mysterious Aries
The Lost Sheep

I was a lost sheep
I hope my shepherd will find me
Walking with a relentless weep
Dressed in blue, hoping He'll see me

I am a wandering sheep
Traveled into innumerable hills
With wound that so deep
That doctors cannot heal

I am a worried sheep
Though studied carefully to learned
Between heaven and earth I stepped
Looking for brilliance to enlighten my lantern

I am the symbol of most here on earth
Sheep that looking for serenity, before we board into our coffin
Confused of many pretentious being, promising to fill our dearth
Hopefully, before I fly into the sun, the true shepherd will find me...

Translated: 10/24/2015
Sorry for the not so accurate translation...
Mysterious Aries
2.9k · Sep 2015
Skin Color
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Dark sympathizes with the night
The light understands what’s with the day
Colors labeled what’s on left and right
Giving reason to who’ll go and stay

Simply justice that was out of sight
Don’t know that day and night are made of clay
That grays are white
And whites are gray

Skin colors supposed to be no height
Something we have to weigh
But why with it we learn to spike
And distance our hearts some miles away

So what’s the beauty of that site
Let us all hope that there’ll be a place one day
Where grays are white
And whites are gray

Mysterious Aries
2.8k · Oct 2015
I Am A Firefly
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I am a firefly
One who hates the night
When darkness demolished the sky
Loads of monster wants to take our light

I remembered my friend Tammy
At nighttime, she has the shiny glow of green
Her vision to be the greatest firefly who shimmy
Alas! Children put her in a jar and destroyed her dream

And then, I have a comrade's name Tommy
Who love to show his yellow glow?
Little he knows that was too dummy
Sticky tongue, big eye frog devoured him below

I am firefly, who has a red gleam
Who always pray to God to take our beam
In order for my kin to stop to scream
To peacefully spread our wings at night, ‘twas my very dream

I am a firefly
My name is Timmy

Mysterious Aries
2.7k · Dec 2015
Disabled Soul
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
All I can see is that we shall be burned
Will turned into a billion ashes
But blinded and crippled were unconcern
Still catching the meaning of holy masses
Sometimes I wonder, If they were the one disabled
Because at most, it's us all along
Who have this blinded and crippled soul

2.4k · Sep 2015
Judge The Poet Not
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
They often judge the poet
On the words that he thread
Some readers formed his silhouette
In each poetry that they've read

Judge him not at one piece, else you'll be upset
Because his pen can laughed then can bled
In every second his mind will reset
Truly, you'll never know what's inside his head

In the universe of paper and quill
He can create truth within lies
He can put soul to nonliving
Some of his creations will never die

Every poesy made was alive
Talked of its own tongue
It will definitely survive
Even the poet was long gone


Mysterious Aries
2.3k · Oct 2015
The Jealousy
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
She change a lot
After a year, when we become one
I've always asked her, but
Repeatedly I've heard none

I knew she was hiding something
I've felt it in my bone
She refused to stop working
When I've said "woman's place should be at home"

My friends told me, to look into her eyes
"You are not looking good" they've said
Really our situation is not getting nice
She doesn't play well on our bed

To chop the ice
Might be I will find another mysterious elf
So I look into her eyes
And I saw my pity jealous self

Mysterious Aries
2.2k · Oct 2015
I Miss You So Much
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I miss you so much, been awhile since you’ve left
Do you think of me?
I miss the way you talked to me
The way you take care of me

I often kiss your cheek
You love the way I lick your neck
But what happened?

You only left  for a day or two
And when you came back
I love the way you tell me
How you miss me so

But one day,
You bid goodbye
I can’t fully understand what you are saying
But I can’t forget your look that day
You hugged and dropped some tears on me

Until now, you never came back
You never would? Aren’t you?

Whenever someone is opening our gate
How I wished that it was you
But there was no you
I miss you really
I’m sick right now
Feeling I have a few days left
Aren’t you coming back?

Your best friend,
Doggy Browny

Mysterious Aries
2.2k · Oct 2015
Cupid Set Me Free
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Cupid set me free! it's only a sorrow
So please take out in my heart, your stupid arrow
I don't deserve it, to be this fool again
Falling in love with this beautiful maiden

Cupid set me free! it's not fun at all
This love entwined in me, is not amusing to my soul
Making me fall to someone, really it's you to blame
An impossible love,  I'm tired of your crazy game

Cupid set me free! stop your childish act
Maybe you are laughing now, beyond my back
I am always placing this princess, in my castle dream
There she love me too, there she felt the same

Cupid set me free! is this your definition of love?
Unreachable dream, she belong to the star above
Cupid your math is impossible, unsolved by trigonometry and geometry
Because this lady is a singer, an actress and a model - in a foreign country

Written: November 25, 2014 @ 7:50 am

Mysterious Aries
2.1k · Feb 2016
The Waterfall
Mysterious Aries Feb 2016
Eyes sore can’t even hide at early dawn
People will try to read what happened last night
Those seconds, minutes and few hours when I am alone
Time when I tried to pull the string of my owned kite

The waterfall unleashed within my eyes
As I travelled to a higher ground
When I saw what really on beyond lies
The meaning of this life indeed abound

At most, I pitied myself
My waterfalls were for my owned flaws
But not last night, when I saw what really laid on others’ shelf
I was hurt by a sharp blade of selflessness claws

People will look at me twice or thrice
They’ll try to read what my two stars on the face write
In fact, today I have sorry eyes
But ‘twas the worthiest waterfall last night
2.1k · Aug 2015
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015

The radiance of my pen was already ebbed
My outcry seem now, not that much effective
But this could not be the hindrance for me to go on
For as long as my pen breath I won't ceased

But foe owed a vigor and have a lot of arms
That it needs a miracle for them to be ruined
But as a mark of history, armor was defeated by a pen
That wisdom count most than those of precious gem

But now indeed the battle was not mostly of war
Instead a disease that ruled the heart of many earthlings
That thy deeds sound very earsplitting
Do I have enough ink to calm their flame?

But maybe this time I was destined to be defeated
For I am weak and one breath away to death
Oh sky!  I should be dead! But this i'm quite sure
That my pen will continue to battle....

written: June 14, 2001 @ 9:00 AM

Mysterious Aries
2.1k · Nov 2015
Poets' Priceless Poetry
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
When the
poets’ soul
its bones and flesh
At most,
by only then
the poets’ poetry
becomes priceless

Mysterious Aries
1.9k · Oct 2015
Poems Will Hit Home Someday
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Words threaded are no better than dirt
If no one could feel the emotion of joy and hurt
If human heart metamorph into stones
How could a sparkling poem will hit home?

Seems poet dwell beneath the surface of the ground
Watering each other plants, praising each other sound
With instinct to prevent extinction, in order to continue to roam
But if we are on the underground, how could we hit home?

Doing both selfish and selfless acts
Photographer of fictions and facts
Every detail of life during white and gray
Hopefully, the images we captured will hit home someday


Mysterious Aries
1.9k · Oct 2015
Crossroads Wisdom
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
On earth, how to cleanse our soul
To make the cloth of reputation white
At most we can only achieve this goal
When filled the neighbors mind with lies

What we are, at most hidden
Will never let them see
We tricked our neighbor to believe in
On what we seem to be

Of every man who tell the world
That they’ve found the hills of truth
Can’t climb with them, my feet to their wisdom hurled
Simply I’ve learned a lot from my youth

Can we cast away the sins
On human claimed holy words
Or just we hide unto the book
To cover our shame on this world
1.8k · Aug 2015
The Moment
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
What are we doing here?
Strangers uttered to each other CHEERS
We live in two different world
But for unknown reason we were being furled

To a place beyond the outer space
For me a miracle that can't be untraced
Though reason was so unclear
All I know I'm so happy I met you here

Occasion that may take a day or two
Time that set for me and you
A dream that certainly will past
But for me.... truly a moment that will last....
Definitely for all of you GUYS... Thank you for the FRIENDSHIP...
1.8k · Aug 2015
My Schizophrenia
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Since I cannot cure my schizophrenia
I decided to end my owned dilemma
I looked for a rope to hang my head
But split in two, that old rope left me undead

But that was not enough to stop my will
In our kitchen, a shining blade
But I pause for awhile for the reason
That I might pass out undead

So I then looked for a key
To open the cabinet
Unsealed the gun that was strictly kept
To put into my head that one tiny bullet
Just one shot and for sure I’ll be lucky dead
I pulled the trigger it didn’t clicked

Then I realized I've never done any
I’m stocked in my lonely room
Chatting with nymphs, those god’s so holy
Then I began to chill while facing demon and ghost so scary

My world was full with delusions
I can fight no more this emotion
Since they cannot cure my schizophrenia
How I wished to end my owned dilemma

But how can I?
They don’t want me to
I was incarcerated in this empty room
No rope to hang this head
No blade to slash my pulse
No gun to point in my head...

written: July 01, 2014
Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #1
1.7k · Sep 2015
My Love, My Care
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
"I LOVE YOU" A sweet word to the ear
A flower blossoms that to someone you are dear
A paint that will clear the color of your blue
And turns your lonely heart, to a happy you

"I CARE" a word that will bury to a heart
Words that can't forget even to the last breath of a life
A seed that someday will bear sweet fruit
A fruit that will end up my countrymen chaos

Perhaps if I didn't utter "I LOVE YOU" and "I CARE" today
The saddest word that I'll meet someday
Mister Regret a name that will **** my heart
To then my mission be declared as failed

So then to my acquaintance, to my beloved ones
To you my princess, my beloved fatherland
And then again "I LOVE YOU" and "I CARE"

written: Feb. 22, 2001 @ 9:30 am PH Time

Mysterious Aries
1.7k · Aug 2015
Schizophrenian Love Story
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Indeed, I love her!
But can't muster enough nerve
I had rehearse those lines
But as if someone tied my tongue

Afraid of venom of pain
Afraid to be stung
Better to hide it this way
Regret is more painful at the end

She was so alluring
A beauty that could only be mine in a dream
She was every of my fantasies
But how can I charm her
Everything about me was so simple
While she was extra-ordinary

I must act now...

Then I lied...

I told her I am a prince
That I owned the stars
But I saw her shaking her head
She was nothing compared the sun
She was nothing compared to the blue sky
I lost my self control

I began grasping her
Kissing her torridly
Even though a lot of people witnessed what I was doing
Little do I care
I want her badly, crazily...

And then laughter

Indeed people saw me grasping and  kissing someone
Someone in their eyes...
Was only a tree...

written: July 4, 2014
mysterious aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #4
1.7k · Aug 2015
The Fear
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Can you blame me for viewing life gloomily sometimes...
As dim as night or even darker...
Whenever I go beyond unreached, I saw strangers within me...
They knows a lot well... They often brought me to the farthest end...
Religion give us hope... But for them there is no hope at all...
For them we are only God's toys...

They knows every fate of human... Death...
That the blade of the father of time was always in our neck...
That every day we became closer to our unhappy ending...
They were so strong...

They began as my sidekick...
When I started counting 1 2 3... Learning ABC's...
I even taught they were a gift... My guardians...
But as time goes by... Their motive was unleashed...
To ruin life... To ate and destroyed mind...

There was a time that i never know me anymore...
They possessed me so much that I can't even control myself...
It's like a beast was unraveled within me...
Their passion was to get into one's head...
To play mind games with it... To turn white to gray...
Beautiful days into rainy... Love to hatred...

My body fell numb suddenly... Here they comes...
They really did exist... My head will be at war yet again...
On what I feared most... My sudden METAMORPHOSIS...

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #2
1.6k · Sep 2015
Words of Wisdom
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Don't be my child, don't step on broken glasses
Don't be fooled by all of those sweet promises
I've been through a lot of regrets
Memories that I love to bury and simply forget

Treasure my child, my words of wisdom
I have a lot of story to tell when I enter the kings kingdom
Wounded by those pitiless pawns, knights and bishops
Terrorized by a rook and the queen killed all of my hopes

Listen well, don't act so stupid my innocent child
The world is full of jungle and really so wild
I was bitten by spiders, lions and snakes
To recall what I've been through still make my body shakes

My child, look at all my deep scars
Think thrice always, don't fully rush to reach the stars
Else you'll wished upon it to bring you back to where you start
Because you've led your life to a maze and welcome the dark

My dear sage, all your words are of true wisdom
But let me take my own course of freedom
I may feel the deepest sorrow like hell
But at the end like you I will have a great story to tell

written: October 8, 2014 at 10:45 pm PH time

Mysterious Aries
please share or comment if you enjoyed my piece... thanks...
1.6k · Sep 2015
Virtual Friend
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
You are my friend, a virtual one
Who adds this life with so much fun
Someone who is willing  to hear
When realities hearing none

You are so near, yet so far
Truly a friend from another star
Might be so strange, but this is true
You are an eraser that cleared my blue

Together, we voyage to the east
Unafraid fighting the beast in the west
We clear the mist of the north and south
Definitely you know, what I’m talking about

But every journey has an end
You brought down the flag, a sign of surrendering
Might be sad, but for your reality’s part, good as well
But remember this my friend, I will miss you like hell

Mysterious Aries
1.6k · Nov 2015
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
My days at Penlandia definitely reached its afterglow
Now it’s hard for me to find my rhythm
Hopefully, the soul of some of my poetry will find their mark
If not unto someone’s head, then to somebody’s heart

I hope my words are not just vandals on the wall
Nor merely a stain on the paper
I created them to touch, stab, **** and make love
To bring peace unto hell and create fire in the sky above

It’s up to your eyes now, my dearest readers to magnify
Hate my stuff or love them
What's the reason why I’m inches away on parking my pen?
Voices from the other side echoes within my ear again and again

That’s why I’m writing this poetry as if my last
But if one day you’ll see me deploying another poem
I hope you enjoy stories with an unexpected ending
Besides, even the afterglows have a little radiance remaining

Mysterious Aries

1.6k · Oct 2015
A Man Who Befriend the Dark
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I befriend the antonyms of the light
Now the face of the night won't let me go
No matter what I do, even with all my might
So have no choice but to dance with the flow

I am a man who ate the forbidden apples
Indeed the wisdom of the dark was among the highest
Definitely a door to the unknown, until I am longing for riffles
Because I can take the lies of reality no more, such lunacies

Life was supposed to be a thankful journey
A sweet dance from hello's to farewell
Lucky are those who've found serenity
Who hasn't heard the music of hell

I've been too far, my clock is ticking in a cycle of forever
I need a reformat not just a simple reboot
Do not save any good files, that's not so clever
All parts of me was already been infected even to the root

I befriend the antonyms of the light
Now the face of the night won't let me go
No matter what I do, even with all my might
So have no choice but to dance with the flow...

Written: March 4, 2015 @11:00am

Mysterious Aries
1.6k · Sep 2015
A Friend From Another Star
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Someone gave me reason, not to go too far
A friend that seems to me, from another star
In a not so ordinary world, where paper and quill speak
Where best hug ever are not true, but we can feel it so deep

I've been busy lately, trying so hard
Pushing myself, to get an ace on the card
"Think of the reason why you are writing, Is it to impress or to express?" she said
A word that humbled me and knocked some nerves in my head

Truly with her, I think i can share my secrets
Everything about me, my happiness and regrets
I've learned a lot from her, on how to survive in this fairyland
Coached me how to engraved perfect footprints in the sand

She was the hardest riddle that I've met
Gives a lot of clue about her, keeps you thinking but you'll never get
She was someone so close yet so very far
But for me she will always be... my friend from another star...
Hello Poetry is like a different world from reality...
To where we can meet some amazing person...
To whom we can say they are truly, a friend from another star...
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Things haven’t got better
Those clowns turned into a ghost and beside me seems they were forever
I’ve started smoking, taking marijuana and *******
Might help me get out from those faces that really haunt my brain

I’ve drunk a lot of wine for them to my head be lost
Relieve me for a while but really I’m getting worst
Lately I've realized that I did have this cursed
My head can’t take it anymore seems going to burst

This is not what I crave
But to the stars might be already been engraved
A fate that no one could ever delete
I am so very wrong thinking that I belonged to the elite

They’re coming in numbers pushing me to the edge
I ended up looking for a gun… a rope… a blade…

written: July 31, 2014 @ 7:00 pm PH Time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #10
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
"Stay safe, Stay strong" my old friend giving me some words
"Have Faith" they've said "Give your trust unto the Lord"

"It's easy for you to say" I've said
"You see and hear nothing  that will rock your head"

"You are right, They are wrong" voices of my friend from outer space
Supporting my conviction asking me to shout for them to leave our place

"I'm still here waiting my love" said a lady whose name was Jane
Indeed I remembered her, my heart keep calling her name

"Love her? She was nothing compared to us!" those beautiful nymph again
Showing their naked body seems so real that let me forget something

"No one could ever help you' No one could ever heal" my mother voice to feel
"It's only you my son can cure yourself, can give your wound a heal"

"We've won again we've won!" all of them again cheering
While looking at the shadows of my old friend, my love and my mom leaving

"Sir here's my handkerchief" a voice from a nurse unfrozen myself freezing
To then I've realized that my eyes turned into a dark cloud
and now it's really raining...

written: August 27, 2014 @ 8:35 PH standard time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #14
1.5k · Nov 2015
Once A Star (2001)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Thy effigy was so charming
It can grips a heart
Thy face of youthfulness
It can tranquilized a war

Many roses envied thee
Their complaints was loudly burst
That blessed was unjust
That you owned a beauty, to them ugliness

Thy prettiness a weapon
Can  slave a kingdom
But it feared someone
The monstrous beast - the time

Thy beauty was rotten
The one that allured thousand kings
Thy effulgence doom
A star that used to be dream...

written: July 31, 2001 at 7:00 pm

Mysterious Aries
1.4k · Nov 2015
The Healing
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
To unearth the means of life
Is the saddest part of our ferris wheel
Every ups and downs, in peace or strife
A looping ride to our little heaven, but most a free trip to hell

There's a box of gloominess that I'd opened that I can't seal
Overflowed my mind with a lot of dark wisdom
Wound I'd self inflicted in a day, seems will take a decade to heal
If only I did not enter the too much curiosity kingdom

It's my intention to craft a masterpiece
So I've yearned crazily for knowledge
Scrambled all the colors till darkness become my art piece
A life that longing to be at the center because I am at the very edge

But then I still thank fate
For giving me the chance to travel life
To feel the air, the cool rain and the blazing heat
To have parents, brothers and a wife

To accept what life can offer and never go beyond
If only I could turn back, I'll never do myself a crime
But I'm on my way now, righting the wrong that I've done
Might take a decade to heal, but I believe in another lifetime...

Written: 01/01/2015 @ 6:30 am

Mysterious Aries
1.4k · Jul 2015
Life Must Go On
Mysterious Aries Jul 2015
There was this season for many reason
A failed ambition or bad decision
Too much subtraction, no single addition
Pictures of low resolution, everything in demotion
But surely... Life must go on...

Days of self damnation because of wrong position
Flowers  that need attention for admiration
Head that was full of delusions that needs calibration
Victims of disqualification without any consolation
But definitely... Life must go on...

Minutes of demoralization, hours of depression
Roads of devastation no clear relocation
Eyes shed in repetition because of hard reason
Goodbyes to all special persons for their final destination
But simply.... Life must go on.....

Written: October 23, 2014 at 11:35 PM
1.4k · Oct 2015
The Witness
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Oh! What a place to be at
Witnessing a helpless victim of these rats
The girl is fighting back, to retained her pureness
Shouting, asking for mercy, but it’s all useless

If only a woman like me, could lend a hand in order for her to escape
To get away with the nightmare she’s at right now, this gang ****
Too late now, those rats found the hole
Eating every pleasure from her pity soul

After the relishment that the poor body gave
As fast as the symbol of death, the master rat hand wave
Two gunshots, two bullets buried into her head
Oh my! The poor girl now is totally dead

They are now dragging her body not so far
I hope she won’t turned like me, that she’ll find her way up in the star
Into the ground they started digging a cave
Now, they are placing her remains,  near to my very grave


Mysterious Aries
Advanced Happy Creepy Halloween
1.3k · Oct 2016
My Lovely Daffodil and I
Mysterious Aries Oct 2016
Wintry weather frosts me here
Thinking of her my lovely daffodil
Memories that long disappear
But it never left me still

One old September still fresh and new
When we both said "I love you"
Funny moment as cool as dew
Now the then one split in two

Looking back is funny fool inside
Smiling while storm ruled my very eyes
Little by little I've realized
That I need to roll the dice

I've asked the winter why oh why
Why such a lovely moment need to fly
But still in my heart, it never says goodbye
The story of my lovely daffodil and I

1.3k · Aug 2016
The Dove Is Not Ready To Fly
Mysterious Aries Aug 2016
The dove is not ready to fly
Not ready yet for goodbye
Many dreams must to fulfill
Have shown not his best skill

The dove is not ready to fly
Oh please! Not today, not tonight
Must freed what his life embraced
The hellish art made must be erased

The dove is not ready to fly
At this time he will not reach the sky
Hadn't yet shared the delicious bread
The new wisdom fathom hasn't spread

The dove is not ready  to fly
Tears are flowing into his eyes
The dove is not ready to take wing
From his dying body and bruised skin

1.3k · Jul 2015
Mysterious Aries Jul 2015

He laughed but he cried
A clown whose real eyes was dried
A mascot who always tells a joke
But how he wished that his neck be choke

She laughed but she cried
A lady whose heart was ripped
At daytime life of her persist
But at night she wanted to cut her wrist

He laughed but he cried
A boy whose been deeply bullied
A smirking kid at home
The saddest child when he's alone

He laughed but he cried
A writer that has a lot of pride
To his readers he play and giggles
But his life is full wiggles

They laughed but they cried
They are lonely but they smiled

Written: October 3, 2014 @ 9:30 PM
Mysterious Aries
1.3k · Nov 2015
My Addiction
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Vain I know
I just can't let go
Money that hard to earn
Each day some of it I'd burned

Creating my own clouds
To have strength to join the crowd
When I was a kid, I am too shy
Finally slain my demon of shyness and fly

It started by only feeding my ignorance
Just a single try I've said to my conscience
Seems helping me to have courage in a way
So once, twice, trice until dozen a day

My dear ones begged me to stop
I've tried a lot of times, but I just can't drop
Just like a vampire to blood I crave
To **** the beast of addiction I am not that brave

I am so ****** up now
I am targeting myself with my own bow
A poison I've known from the start
But still I keep it near to my very heart

Written: December 27, 2014

Mysterious Aries
Addiction comes from a different form... How can I enlighten people to stop the ways that aren't good for them, when I can't simply discontinue mine...
1.3k · Sep 2015
Apocalypse's Way
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Here come the omen
Things for those mischief

Then. . .

The wind approached them with his coax
Indeed, love was his arms
But those imp mistreat his word of care

Now. . .

There they are in the land torrid
Where they've learned to beg
They've shouted "Let us Die"
But no ear listen
Alas! They've learned to cry

Regrets, If only they've heeded the counsel of the wind
Be punished not with eternal pain
They've asked for mercy again and again
But apocalypse's way... stayed the same...

Written: November 18, 2000 @ 6:30 pm
Mysterious Aries
1.2k · Dec 2015
Thrill Game
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
If there’s a miracle that could move a mountain
Then we don’t have this heavy rain
But what we are, if we could feel no pain
Maybe life may not be the same
But it's a journey with no thrill game

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
They said I need to see a doctor  - a psychiatrist
What do they think of me that I have this mind disease?
They just don’t want to accept the fact that I’m just so unique
Who see the story from the other side it was my very gift

They are just so envious that I am so genius
My IQ was unmeasurable to them that’s so obvious
They said they were my friends but they turned me down
But that’s ******* okay I have always by my side - these funny clowns

Written: July 29, 2014 @ 11:25 PH time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #9
My Poetry Story about Schizophrenia are mostly fictional guys...
1.2k · Oct 2015
Part of my Folly (2001)
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Are those parts of my folly?
Those words that I carve to end up with a poesy
I love my hobby in a way that it's kicky
In a sense that in this world, I am free

That a pauper can be a hero daily
For in reality, those events happen in paucity
But it's my wish that this occurrence will not be of perpetuity
For most of the poor possessed a heart of humbly

But really, of most battle poor can hardly get the victory
But it's always to them belongs my sympathy
That If only I got the key to end up their poverty
I will not think twice, simply I'll set them free...

Written: June 30, 2001 @ 8:12 am

Mysterious Aries
1.2k · Sep 2015
Schizophrenian Freedom
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage,  far from that hell stage

Been two months since I'd stopped chatting with them
They've never ceased stalking me, talking to me
But I fought them with gallantry
The courage of not making a noise
The bravery in silence

Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage, far from that hell stage

Might be the last visit of my loved ones that affected me so much
Gave me a true strength to overpower and block
They've danced, sang, even performed a magic tricks
But all are in vain, the coin was finally flipped
Until totally no voice from them, no sightings at all

Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage, far from that hell stage

It has been twenty minutes since we left the sanitarium
Finally i am away, finally i am far
"His situation is fifty-fifty" said the nurse that accompanied the body
As i looked at him to my curiosity
Oh God! It was my body in an ambulance...

written: September 1, 2014 @ 9:16 PH standard time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poetry Story No. 15
If it's your first time to read my Poetry Story... You'll fully understand this if you read it from the start.... My Schizophrenia 1... Thank you...
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
I talk to her at first
Indeed she filled my thirst
She told me her name was Jane
And her favorite color was green

We chatted like we know each other then
And now we are destined to be again
I'm happy I found her here
Though worlds to me remains unclear

It's time to say goodbye
I glanced at her I saw her cry
Our morning walk was done
The best walk ever second to none

And now to make the story short
Just like me
Jane possessed these

written: July 23, 2014

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem 6
1.1k · Oct 2015
Purging Through Poem
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
As my fingers punches each letter
And vandalize the blank wall
Purging what's inside, at most all bitter
The lonely journey of the bliss less soul

Why? Of all emotions
At most I choose the time of my pain
To evaporated into the clouds
And turns the season into rain

I am looking for that colorful sign of hope
But sometimes I'm getting tired
Living my life on this endless loop
Misery always transpired

But why those blind aren't quitting life's game
Hopeful and thankful to the mighty Lord
By then my eyes shattered some tiny white grains
That touches the face of my keyboard

Mysterious Aries
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