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You made something


into something


With an old T-Shirt, a marker, and the best of friends, I made myself a treasure.
elle jaxsun May 24
stand still.
rest your breath here.
remember what you are—
a starseed visitor on earth.
stand still.
stop rushing yourself to find worth.
you are priceless right here.
worthy right here.
stand still.
Poetress2 Apr 18
Sweet smells of a Rose,
and the beauty of them all,
are simply priceless.
We     haven't
exchanged     words       now
in        more      than      a     week.
Come   on,
talk   to .  me,
S P E A K !
I'm   desperate;
                                                          in   n e e d ,
I    need   you    to     speak.
I   can't    live    like   this,
I    need   it   to    stop.
Our     words   used   to    be   priceless,
and      now       we         don't         even       have      voices.
Very unfortunately, a true story that still hasn't ended...
Johnny walker Mar 17
If I was offered a fortune to forget you, well you can
guess what
answer would be It would probably start with
one letter of F
then probably end with two my darling no riches ever could buy
wonderful love that you gave me right up to the day that you passed
If offered all the riches In the world to forget you, well you can probably guess what my answer would be?
Liz Mar 8
if you promise you will love him,
must he also promise he will love you?
or is it that the man gets the choose
to leave if he gets tired of the toy
he bought in the clearance section,
though the “toy” was misplaced,
and was meant to be
placed with the jewelry, the diamonds
which cost more than twice his income.
you, a priceless artifact.
you don’t deserve that kind of love.
the love that enchants you,
though it was always a one-way arrow.
Spring time is here
What better way to cheer
To marvel at mother natures wonder
That can be admired beyond yonder
This is by far a magical feeling
Taking it in - your soul healing
All the trees and plants blossom away
Reminding us of natures ways
Leaving us all in awe
Hands to our cheeks dropped jaw
Oh what a blessing nature is to us
Providing us with calmness in life's rush
Johnny walker Feb 25
Awoke to the sun beautiful
this morning the kind of day one feels alive admittedly
still a sense of losing emptiness but somewhat
less than winter
I suppose days like these It's that I want to live for the both of us Helen would not want me sitting around
moaning but to get out there live for Her
Go some of the places we went together just to sit and remember all the fun things she loved to do and to think back to days at seaside those Ice creams
dinky doughnuts and of cause
But just to Imagine she In the sat beside me which I'm sure she still Is giving Instruction how to drive all those things at the time might seemed annoying I'd
have all back
complaint because I loved her so much never stop missing her one In a million a real rare gem priceless
Helen was like rare Gem priceless one In a million there will never be another
Akshi Hargoon Feb 15
Kindness makes a huge difference
It's something that comes for f r e e
And truly is P R I C E L E S S
Just coz it doesn't cost anything to be kind to people. Any simple act of kindness is appreciated
Johnny walker Feb 13
How amazing to lay on my bed and watch the stars at night sight to behold on a clear night Inky black

And stars like a million priceless jewels scattered upon the sky forming patterns across the Inky blackness occasionally out of ones eye a glimpse of a shooting star

Before you have time to focus your eyes It gone light aircraft flying overhead and always wonder to where they going and to where they'll be will tomorrow

I gaze upon the Inky blackness of the sky stars like priceless jewels forming patterns whilst cast upon the Inky blackness
Watching stars whilst laid In bed a sky that holds endless stories
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