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Savio Fonseca Jun 23
I don't like brief talks.
I like long conversations.
About anything and everything.
Provided they are
long and deep
and they are had with,
the right Woman.
Long conversations are priceless,
especially when the Woman,
has a Beautiful Mind
and a Passionate Soul.
It's the Twenty First Century,
way of making Love.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 18
You bloom so bright for me
in each & every season

be it the intense heat in summer
or the frosted chill of winter

then there are days when
you are the only thing that shines

you're a strength
I greatly need & admire

you're an endurance
so priceless, so vast

I long each day
to nourish you in return

love is a gift
& you're the kindest one
imaginable to me

together we are firmly rooted
& so we shall remain
for all time to come
For Mrs Timetable.
Happy 25th anniversary, my love.

jolie fleur is French for 'pretty flower.'
𝓛𝓐 Dec 2018
If minds were sold,
I’d pay gold,
I could have the mind of a genius,
The mind of a scientist,
The mind of the wisest,
and mine wouldn’t be,
Worth a penny,
but without it,
I wouldn’t be me.
Hello Prolly Aug 2019
thank you

for reminding me to be alone
the reason to be with you
Masha Yurkevich Jun 2019

You made something


into something


With an old T-Shirt, a marker, and the best of friends, I made myself a treasure.
elle jaxsun May 2019
stand still.
rest your breath here.
remember what you are—
a starseed visitor on earth.
stand still.
stop rushing yourself to find worth.
you are priceless right here.
worthy right here.
stand still.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Sweet smells of a Rose,
and the beauty of them all,
are simply priceless.
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
We     haven't
exchanged     words       now
in        more      than      a     week.
Come   on,
talk   to .  me,
S P E A K !
I'm   desperate;
                                                          in   n e e d ,
I    need   you    to     speak.
I   can't    live    like   this,
I    need   it   to    stop.
Our     words   used   to    be   priceless,
and      now       we         don't         even       have      voices.
Very unfortunately, a true story that still hasn't ended...
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