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One foot in my future path
The other one in my past
Two lives before me
At the crossroad

One pushes me
Into the land of prospects
The other holds me
like I have unfinished business

One is a path I’ve known
The other, I’m yet to explore;
Clean the slate and start afresh

Memories hold me back
But new ambitions push me away
Forever is not my place here

But for now, I’ll be still
For a short space of time
Deciding what's best for me
And me, and me!
And when you reach a crossroad
Dont look back.
you cant let fear, pain, worry, judgment, regret or anything stop you from going where you are.
Dark Dream May 2021
I came upon a crossroad
In the view of one year ago
That this life can be different
Something that had better flow

At the time I didn’t know
What the final change would bring
Only knew I needed some fragment
That would finally let me sing
I wrote this Dec 19 2019
M Solav Mar 2021
So this is how it feels
To be nailed to a cross
On a backdrop of pillows.

That mattress on which we lie...
The bedsheets are like the wind
Floating amidst your thundering sighs;

Yes, they are hammering me down
As you hold me there with your thighs
Beneath mine.

I am powerless,
I am breathless
As I tread upon the night sky
And the echoes of your rest.

There is a crossroad as I follow the path:

One to sorrow,
One to hopelessness,
One to indifference
And one to the divine.

And now at last there's a silence
That may linger til the morn.

We’re all prepared for renewal
From a past that won’t be left behind.
Written on January 7th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Kamal Mar 2021
Run down the misty road
Run for the easy street
Take the least resistant way

Life is a journey with many paths
No right, no wrong
Happiness is at many crossroads

Don’t fight
Don’t be

Unless you know

Who you are
What you are

Run, run my friend
No shame in running from thyself

Life is easier doing the right thing.
Run and never look back!
Hammad Oct 2020
Watch your step
at the crossroad of desires and greed
It's the place
Where many stumble  
and change their course...
r Aug 2020
What is it for?
All this turmoil, the inner battles
I have with myself each day to try to keep floating

What is it for?
And what is the point of floating anyway
If it causes these controls?

What is it for?
Do I even have to be what I am?
What  they  say I am?

What is it for?
All my life's work to be seen as a life wasted

Unsure and confused
About what it's all for.
eve Aug 2020
“if you want something very badly,
set it free.
if it comes back to you,
it is yours forever.
if it doesn’t,
it was never yours to begin with.”
this is all because
everything happens for a reason
Warrior Poet Feb 2020
I walked barefoot on the pathway of life
When I came upon a crossroad;
And at its sight, I let out a sigh
Of sadness and displeasure
For now, I must make a choice

The crossroad looked like many before it
One path was full of light and color
With many leaves falling on the soft green grass
And the other was dark and cold
With many rocks and fallen trees that covered the walkway;

I looked at both and grew quite distressed
Because neither are as they appear;
In past experience, I have taken both
At different times for separate occasions;
Both were quite painful to walkthrough
And ended up making me regret my journey
in life;

The soft grass would ease my feet
Of their burden and pain
But it would make them soft and
Easy to tear and bleed and cause
Me to stop more frequently causing
My journey much delay;

The rocks would bring me
Much pain and make my journey slow at the beginning
But my feet would harden after a short while and
I'd be able to walk with much ease;
But the cuts and bruises still would remain
And I would end up messing my feet up
For the rest of my life.

Both have their benefits
But they also have their consequences
One to punish the weak
And one to punish those who think differently;
So, in the end, I will be in pain from
The decision that I will make;

I tire of making decisions
For no matter how long I ponder
I always seem to make the wrong one;
So this crossroad is no different from the rest
And thinking about it makes no difference
Because I'll make the wrong decision and
Mess things up for myself but,
Alas, I will still sit and think about which course is best;

It might take a second, minute, hour, day or year
To come to a decision that I believe best suits me;
It would be faster and easier to come to a verdict
If I wasn't without a companion and by myself;
Thinking of this choice will take all my thoughts
But for right now I'm too tired and
I think that I will lay down
In hopes that my next breath is my last one

Here at the crossroad, I lie
Dreaming of what would become
If I chose one path over the other;
I have a tough choice before me,
Shall I stay or shall I go?

But only time knows when I'll pick between those roads,
So I must wait until my mind is made up;
But truth is, I wait secretly with much hope,
That death will find me before I choose
So I don't make the wrong choice
And look back with regret at that decision I made
At that crossroad that once stood before me.
Inspired by Robert Frost`s "Road Not Taken"
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