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Carmen Jane Sep 23
No one can hear, your symphony escaped through the gaps of your teeth
No one taught you, how to pray or in what you should believe
Your weary bones, don't know which road to choose and take,
As you stumbled on this crossroad and want to avoid mistakes

I should say, spin around as fast as you can,
Let yourself fall and reach out your hands
See which road you touched and before you step,
Squinch your eyes and try to see as much ahead

If you see some sunny patches, that is good, my friend,
And if you see some cloudy corners, that is not the end
You'll be sure to find your way, trust me when I say
I see how strong you are and how you can lighten up a day!
Isaac Ward May 21
Sold my soul for a laugh and a date,
It's all okay, it's just my fate.

I'm gunna burn at the end of the day,
So if I'm going to the fire, I might as well play.
I cannot find any masterpiece
How then do I plan?
There are no shoulders on which to stand
Shoulders of any giant of great stance
How then do I view the remaining journey?
How do I understand?
Tell me, is there still hope for me?

You might feel like a pirate
whose masterpiece Is lost between waves and tides,
But, look In the mirror
Who you see Is the master's piece.
This Is the greatest conviction.
Those great giants you look up to,
Are now like Goliath,
Lying helpless down your feet,
Let this be the hope you seek.

The path I seek does not seek me in return
The one I love never loved me — I was just taken for fun.
Should I think less of my so called friends or should I say much of them?
They only show up whenever I find a gem
Shouldn't I say less of my very own?
Whom I danced to his great plans — plans for me alone
Great plans for the tomorrow that is never known
Only to find he never had a plan, not even of his own
Tell me, is there still hope for me?

You are at a crossroad,
All path seems right.
But, right In you,
Is a Great compass
Leading away from doom.
Trace your steps one, two,
Deep within the bed of your shattered heart,
Sleeps the hope you seek!

Yuki Feb 17
Ever since you left
I’ve been wondering
what it’d be like if we
were just parallel lines
never destined to meet
instead of two rusted cars
with broken brakes at a
crossroad without signage.
The sun's down
I'm stuck at a crossroad
heading down town,
on a lonely road with a load.

The moon comes out
and dim is my torch light
Luckily, the street light's out
and on my path, it shines bright.

Now the light points to two directions
it's at my discretion to choose my path.
I realized I'm bad at making decisions
can't tell which would lead to my death.
Hadiy Syakir Sep 2018
no one is subscribing
to the universal affection
draining subconscious ailment
that needs no treatment
quaking with fear
shaking with revulsion
looking to prolong
an hour, a minute
stretching one seconds
into ten seconds
where are we going,
past the streetlights
the crossroads
the commotion
inside the canal boat
that surrounds and accompanies
this road -
will it ends one day,
sometimes, somewhere
and brings an end
to the entire's generation
guilt and disease?
Pyrrha Sep 2018
Love is the crossroads of two garden paths
The thing about loving is that it is selfless
I will want to love you more and think of myself less
So I choose to walk your path and tend to your beautiful flora
While I forsake my own in your love and care
It is you and I who decide when we wilt and when we flourish

But will I let it wilt in the end?
I live between your heart and mine
And am not inclined to either side
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A human race
Everyone, wakes up and starts running,
Fleeting the shadow
False sense of control over the self

Crossroads, both a chaos and an order
Parted by destiny, united by hope
Thin air keeps blowing away the leaves,
Not always,
A sweet fragrance,
A perfect shade of blue,
A luxury of retrospect,
A rosy beginning and a happy ending
Fear ~> Trust ~> Shared dream ~> Dead man
Customary to remain silent
A sensible mind

Everyone deserves a morning sunshine
With a immunized life.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
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