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Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
If you are looking for a superior sanctuary

Where months are the same, December mimicking January

This is not a suitable place

Because a better place belongs to the outer space

There, to the stars

Where we whispered our needs

Might they are clandestinely healing our scars

Or they are crafting a panacea for all our bleeds

Since reachable not

Let just assume those what we can define

The world that ruled our flesh

The feelings that touches our spine

Regarding who we are as human

The poison we inhaled

The love, dreams and inhuman

To expressed them in words and hopefully be perfectly nailed

But if still, you are looking for a superior sanctuary

Where months are the same, December mimicking January

This is not a better place

But, aren't Earth a part of other planet outer space?


Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Someone gave me reason, not to go too far
A friend that seems to me, from another star
In a not so ordinary world, where paper and quill speak
Where best hug ever are not true, but we can feel it so deep

I've been busy lately, trying so hard
Pushing myself, to get an ace on the card
"Think of the reason why you are writing, Is it to impress or to express?" she said
A word that humbled me and knocked some nerves in my head

Truly with her, I think i can share my secrets
Everything about me, my happiness and regrets
I've learned a lot from her, on how to survive in this fairyland
Coached me how to engraved perfect footprints in the sand

She was the hardest riddle that I've met
Gives a lot of clue about her, keeps you thinking but you'll never get
She was someone so close yet so very far
But for me she will always be... my friend from another star...
Hello Poetry is like a different world from reality...
To where we can meet some amazing person...
To whom we can say they are truly, a friend from another star...
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
My days at Penlandia definitely reached its afterglow
Now it’s hard for me to find my rhythm
Hopefully, the soul of some of my poetry will find their mark
If not unto someone’s head, then to somebody’s heart

I hope my words are not just vandals on the wall
Nor merely a stain on the paper
I created them to touch, stab, **** and make love
To bring peace unto hell and create fire in the sky above

It’s up to your eyes now, my dearest readers to magnify
Hate my stuff or love them
What's the reason why I’m inches away on parking my pen?
Voices from the other side echoes within my ear again and again

That’s why I’m writing this poetry as if my last
But if one day you’ll see me deploying another poem
I hope you enjoy stories with an unexpected ending
Besides, even the afterglows have a little radiance remaining

Mysterious Aries

Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I befriend the antonyms of the light
Now the face of the night won't let me go
No matter what I do, even with all my might
So have no choice but to dance with the flow

I am a man who ate the forbidden apples
Indeed the wisdom of the dark was among the highest
Definitely a door to the unknown, until I am longing for riffles
Because I can take the lies of reality no more, such lunacies

Life was supposed to be a thankful journey
A sweet dance from hello's to farewell
Lucky are those who've found serenity
Who hasn't heard the music of hell

I've been too far, my clock is ticking in a cycle of forever
I need a reformat not just a simple reboot
Do not save any good files, that's not so clever
All parts of me was already been infected even to the root

I befriend the antonyms of the light
Now the face of the night won't let me go
No matter what I do, even with all my might
So have no choice but to dance with the flow...

Written: March 4, 2015 @11:00am

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
A beauty that keeps him admiring, cannot resist the view
Magnificence that continue blooming, as cool as morning dew
Picture perfect that is unfading, as long as he is in love with you
For Anna Marie he was striving, as hard as water buffalo

Days sometimes are so tiring, but with her it'll never be blue
As long as Anna Marie beside him, he'll never be in woe
His couch bed a memory of kissing, a lips that to him eternally new
Heart won't stop pounding, for you Anna Marie he'll keep saying I do

A loveliness that is undying, her skin he always chew
Night by night they are petting, but they never leave a clue
Really a wonderful journeying, if and only if this story was true
Ana Marie is a part of day dreaming, in a world that he only knew

written: October 16, 2014 @ 1:50 PH TIME

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Here come the omen
Things for those mischief

Then. . .

The wind approached them with his coax
Indeed, love was his arms
But those imp mistreat his word of care

Now. . .

There they are in the land torrid
Where they've learned to beg
They've shouted "Let us Die"
But no ear listen
Alas! They've learned to cry

Regrets, If only they've heeded the counsel of the wind
Be punished not with eternal pain
They've asked for mercy again and again
But apocalypse's way... stayed the same...

Written: November 18, 2000 @ 6:30 pm
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015

Still awake at 3 am
Listening to a mellow song
Waiting for the sun to rise
Holding back the tears in my eyes

Still up at 3 am
Doing some flashback
What happened to us
A love that I fully trust

Still sleepless at 3 am
"It's not you it's me" your voice still echoing
My heart was ripped in thousand pieces
And seems was drop into different places

Still not in bed at 3 am
Holding a bottle of beer
Wishing it can help me heal
Hoping it can erase what I feel

Still wide awake at 3 am
Maybe it just don't fit right at all
Waiting for the sun to rise for me to traces
To start anew and pick up... my broken heart pieces...

written: Oct. 7, 2014

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
Indeed, I thank you
For giving me some hope
By sharing your love so true
For injecting me the wisdom of the pope

Tried, but mostly I've failed
The exam was too difficult
Dark thoughts seem to me, was heavily nailed
To optimism, I am just an insult

So why? why back again?
Mostly because the wisdom of the dark is truer
I'm sorry, it’s really hard to begin
Believing in a myth was much bluer

I hope you'll understand such situation like this
This insanity in my head
Why I need to blow your sweet perfect kiss
And choose the bitter lips of pessimism instead

So here I am now
Singing the same depressed song
I know I won't received any bow
But I'm home, back where I belong....

written: January 29, 2015 at 10:00 pm
Depressed Mode
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Though green his not to *** without love
The feeling of cheers still as hot
After the brawl a trademark left - his evil laughed

Princesses are quite shy at first
But how could they neglect his touch of dearness
How could they've known that they're catching a pretending caress

He  love to hear the sound of those dames while they're tickled
Those are music to his ear
He love to behold the beauty of those ladies while they're naked
Those are art in his eyes

Alas! Thy virginity was taken away
Thy pureness was broken like a glass
To the air thy clamor burst
The adjective left to thy mouth was a cursed
A cursed for him, the BIG BIG WOLF....

Written: July 27, 2001 @ 3:20 pm

nom de plum: Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries May 2016
Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby

A mesmerizing dream turns cold

The promises swallowed with venom

Great pain of heart to head crawled

Till the enchanted voices heard are of demons

Come with us my dear

And we will give you rest

Someone love you here

Let it ended for your best

Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby

The silvery blade turns crimson

From a body whose soul just wanted to fly

People are crying, still asking why oh why

Marching while listening to the same black emotional lullaby  

Said then you are okay but 'twas all a lie

Now, you are a lonely soul who's so afraid to face the sky

Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby


9:28 PM

Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Yes in my dream, there in a blink of an eye I've build my palace
In my head was a crown, made up of expensive glass
A scene that I declared full of justice indeed
Because in here, all human to me heed

But then the threat of nightmare is always there
He knows what to do to ruined us, he really don't care
He will attack us till we are hopeless
Yes indeed reality, you are the nightmare that made us breathless
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Can you blame me when I said that "I really love dreaming"
In my reverie I can count the stars and to me they are glittering
I can kiss the clouds and they hug me there
But what have you brought me reality? Nothing but air

But to be fair reality its true that sometimes you gave me gay
Sometimes the wind hear my laughters, at times both of us play
But most reality, most of the time you gave me agony and pain
To your puzzle who's gonna turn not to be insane
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Through toil great wisdom instilled in my box
In that case I reckoned that I am a blessed fox
But it seems to me that all in vain
Because of my succumb that I can't refrain

Alas... Death to its fangs all our knowledge will be wrack
And who knows what's beyond death, might be all totally black
Are we still sting with the same looping dilemma
In the land of dead are we still haunt by this kind of enigma
Bold and Shameless is a book written by yours truly in the year of 2002.
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
May all holy possessed my beloved pen
My hope too that also those maleficent
In my case I chose no wise of fool
So you are welcome though nice or ugly soul

Come lost soul and take me to the bottomless abysses
There where numb bleed from thy eyes
Where I see demons triumphs while angels woe
A place with unceased bliss and there's no blue
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015

Who will listen to you? Who will lend an ear?
To give a little light? really! You don't deserve my dear
Come and be yourself again, don't pretend to be a white seer
Your dark thoughts was the highest wisdom that one could bear

Yes! thy stygian reflections, they are beautiful as you are
You've already surpassed the sageness of the farthest star
So why stepped backward to the land of hope
And be part of that could be people who's belief are made of smoke...


To give a little light, truly a nice start to begin with
Someday it'll beautifully spring up, your tiny glowing seed
At no time surely your wound will be fully healed
Welcome to serenity my friend, who's tired of seeing a battlefield

The other side might said that to only smoke our belief
What matter most here you've sensed comfort and relief
Believing in Him, indeed a good start
I know you could feel His presence, truly in your heart...

written: January 7, 2014 @ 7:20 pm Philippine Standard Time

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
Time, transformed me

Heal every touched of rage

All failures that rub me

The wound of my past

Teacher, modified me

Teached me the right path

The lane for a healthier tomorrow

For me to define this life with a better meaning

My friend, changed me

Picked up my wobbly hand

Give mind advice to cure its unrest

I want to feel your positive outlook

My dearest, refined me

Let me feel that genuine affection

Not the phony hugs and kisses

For my body and lips to attained true love

Lord, enlightened me

I was lost in intersecting road

Please display the right ladder

To the place where you are

From my tagalog poem: Baguhin Mo Ako

Translated: 1-18-2016

Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
Attempts to discover why
What difference do we  have
Trying to reach the wisdom of the sky
Why there's hate and love

We are just a part of that  could be people
Our belief are merely of myth and fantasy
A true wisdom only until the reaper take our soul
The saddest part of our destiny

Lucky are those who seems to know it all
Preachers and priests who are so faithful with their belief
But are they not part of that could be people
A belief that might only be of unicorn and elf

Those assumed their self unblemished call this poetry of fool
Condemned this words to the greatest
Condemned this poet who became a tool
But if you think you are part of that could be people... then let it travel to the rest....

written: December 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
On earth, how to cleanse our soul
To make the cloth of reputation white
At most we can only achieve this goal
When filled the neighbors mind with lies

What we are, at most hidden
Will never let them see
We tricked our neighbor to believe in
On what we seem to be

Of every man who tell the world
That they’ve found the hills of truth
Can’t climb with them, my feet to their wisdom hurled
Simply I’ve learned a lot from my youth

Can we cast away the sins
On human claimed holy words
Or just we hide unto the book
To cover our shame on this world
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Cupid set me free! it's only a sorrow
So please take out in my heart, your stupid arrow
I don't deserve it, to be this fool again
Falling in love with this beautiful maiden

Cupid set me free! it's not fun at all
This love entwined in me, is not amusing to my soul
Making me fall to someone, really it's you to blame
An impossible love,  I'm tired of your crazy game

Cupid set me free! stop your childish act
Maybe you are laughing now, beyond my back
I am always placing this princess, in my castle dream
There she love me too, there she felt the same

Cupid set me free! is this your definition of love?
Unreachable dream, she belong to the star above
Cupid your math is impossible, unsolved by trigonometry and geometry
Because this lady is a singer, an actress and a model - in a foreign country

Written: November 25, 2014 @ 7:50 am

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
The dark hugged me so sweet at first

Til' get tighter that I can't reverse

Now I don't know how to slip through this heavy cursed
3 line poems
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
To all of you advertisers
Throw your thing on its proper place
Will you just stop please
Don't vandalize this sacred face

This is where our feelings ride
The journey of our low and high
The future will learn from our joy and pain
For us to move faster, end your foolish game

That's why it's Hello Poetry not Hello Adverts
I know you know how to read lines so please divert
I beg you once again find another room
We are POETS here and simply... this is our HOME...

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
They said I need to see a doctor  - a psychiatrist
What do they think of me that I have this mind disease?
They just don’t want to accept the fact that I’m just so unique
Who see the story from the other side it was my very gift

They are just so envious that I am so genius
My IQ was unmeasurable to them that’s so obvious
They said they were my friends but they turned me down
But that’s ******* okay I have always by my side - these funny clowns

Written: July 29, 2014 @ 11:25 PH time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poem #9
My Poetry Story about Schizophrenia are mostly fictional guys...
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
All I can see is that we shall be burned
Will turned into a billion ashes
But blinded and crippled were unconcern
Still catching the meaning of holy masses
Sometimes I wonder, If they were the one disabled
Because at most, it's us all along
Who have this blinded and crippled soul

Mysterious Aries Aug 2015

Each day is a test, we must give always our best
At times we are so dishearten, but we've never seen the rest
We painted different colors everyday
Red, blue, yellow but at most white and gray

Each day is a trial, we often collide with betrayal
Parents who don't care to call, friends who are not loyal
We always pray, for us to get bump to a better day
Lovely and pretty not like this a life that is full pity

Each day is a class, a lesson to trust
A teacher at his greatest, a handbook that is finest
It'll get better someday if only we'll learn from the best
Else we will not able to see the rest...

Written: October 15, 2014 @ 6:15

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
“I could have done better” said the Schizophrenian Guy
"Seems no one valued the gorgeousness that dropped into my skin by the sky
No one care about the talent that destiny gave into my heart
Such a foolish judgment, to then I befriend the dark"

“I could have ended it well” his voice in a bit louder rhyme
"If only I’ve waited for the right and appropriate time
I could have written the greatest inspirational poem and story
But I let those evil, snatched that glory"

“My fate could be not like this my friend” in a smooth voice now
"Imprison my head in a box, letting seeds of darkness to grow
Blind and crippled are playing life with a courage
If only I’ve learned from them and did not act so stupid"

“I can’t change my fate now my dear co-poet” he said while eyeing at me
"Parking my pen too early when I did not get the applause  that I love to see
The last poetry that I’ve written was all about self harming and suicide
I wanted to change that with love and peace but now how can I"

“How I love to ask you to say goodbye for me to my dear ones
But that was foolish I know they won’t give you a slight chance
I’m done my friend it’s time, the light is calling” to then he stop talking
He started to walk away, left me with so much thinking

“What a journey!” I’ve said to my self
An encounter with schizophrenian ghost, really did rock my head’s bookshelf
Looking at my scar hidden in order not to be trace
Dreaming I can make an inspirational poetry someday…  but surely with a twist…

Written: September 17, 2014

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poetry Story #17
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
One more life painful injection
I might give this shiny knife a chance
That’s why no more time for me to learn
The right steps of my pens dance

I always let this dagger, two steps behind my ink
That’s why every of my poetry, got some flaws to mend
No more instance for me to study, the perfect language rules
Because the time of my life itself, nearing the very end

No time again, no time at all
The deficiency in my quill, I cannot bend
No time to heal my defective poems
Because my life itself has a lot of flaws to tend

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Jul 2016
You are the one

Who let me see the sun

Gray is not always be

The color of the clouds

That the nature plows

Whites and oranges I could see

Because of the heart shape

You've sketched in me

For you my dear, I've learned

To save for rainy days

Valued what I've earned

You truly gave me strength

To face the war of any length

Like I hold an arrow and a bow

Because of you I've answered

Many questions how

You gave voices to my song

Come with me sing a long

I don't care if our tune is wrong

My blood, my skin, my all

I see it within you, my soul

Indeed you are like me, my child

Whenever I think of you

Simply, I smiled


Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Let it be heard

The tale within

The unspoken myth you carry

Those dreams within a dream

'Twas long deferred

Those words you hide

Must turned into precious flowers

And grabbed the princesses eyes

Or to be a sword

And killed the beast

Defeat those ogres and demons

And turned them into priest

Through mighty words

You can blow a mind

Can slice the seal of fate

Could changed the route of time


Mysterious Aries Jul 2015

To forged a smile everyday

And joined the crowd and be okay

My face tattooed the image of clown

To hide a man who's so feeling down
That MAN there denotes all GENDER...
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
Gray! May define a boring day

A life encircled by smoke

When dreams are so far away

And eyes was always broke

Gray! I have a story to say

About a guy whom to heaven and hell in between

Head suffer from purgatory's sway

The angels and demons within

Gray! Gone astray

Touched a gun loaded with silver bean

He'll choose another color when journey

If given a chance to ride, another lifetime machine


Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
What that four letter HELL

Doing at HELLo

When it supposed to be heaven

A butterfly met its rose

The almost dry root

At last, kissed by rain

The traveler finally

Found his dream home

But what's not written

In the book of fate

Never really meant to be

As time goes by

The thorn of rose

Grows faster than its' flower

The rain never stopped

So the root was drowned

The traveler realized

That the home was nightmarish

Now I wonder

What that four letter GOOD

Doing at GOODbye


Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
I did run at the holy land
Simply a place of no fun
So I'm back here again, to be heated by the sun
3 line poem
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I am a firefly
One who hates the night
When darkness demolished the sky
Loads of monster wants to take our light

I remembered my friend Tammy
At nighttime, she has the shiny glow of green
Her vision to be the greatest firefly who shimmy
Alas! Children put her in a jar and destroyed her dream

And then, I have a comrade's name Tommy
Who love to show his yellow glow?
Little he knows that was too dummy
Sticky tongue, big eye frog devoured him below

I am firefly, who has a red gleam
Who always pray to God to take our beam
In order for my kin to stop to scream
To peacefully spread our wings at night, ‘twas my very dream

I am a firefly
My name is Timmy

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015
If only i have the good of fortune
For sure you and I now dancing in the moon
Having the nicest wedding in the month of June
But things are unfortunate to me I believe your two eyes see

If only I hold the lamp of genie
That could grant every of my wish
For sure we are flying wingless and surfing the sea
But in reality I couldn't afford just riding a taxi

If only I possessed that lucky charm
For sure I can give you anything that you want
All the joy and pleasure the world could give
But this poorness in me don't want to leave

If only I could perform a magic
For sure I will engrave your name in those clouds
Right now I'm happy that even without those IF ONLY
You still love me for SIMPLY BEING ME....

written: Oct. 1, 2002 @ 6:30 pm
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Feb 2016
You see no scars and laceration

But it doesn't define that I'm not wounded

I smell and looked great to you

Hey! It just my make-up and perfume

But If you really want me

Caress me no matter what season

Stand firmed for your reason

Love me as I am

Embraced even my demons


Mysterious Aries Jul 2015

I have a knife
It can sculpt death
Can slash a pulse
Can slit a neck

I have a knife
It can score an anger
Can bring life a real danger
Can cause cursed that stays forever

I have a knife
It can curve peace
Can tear an anger
Can split a fear

I have a knife
It can draw love
Can mark caress in the blood
Can blade hate into a hug

I have a knife
It has an eraser
It can write an emotion to feel
For my knife .... was a pencil...

Written: August 2, 2014 @ 9:00 am

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015








...chorus 2...



Written: April, 2002

Myrsterious Aries
Song Lyric that I dedicated to someone then... For a girl name JHACK...
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I miss you so much, been awhile since you’ve left
Do you think of me?
I miss the way you talked to me
The way you take care of me

I often kiss your cheek
You love the way I lick your neck
But what happened?

You only left  for a day or two
And when you came back
I love the way you tell me
How you miss me so

But one day,
You bid goodbye
I can’t fully understand what you are saying
But I can’t forget your look that day
You hugged and dropped some tears on me

Until now, you never came back
You never would? Aren’t you?

Whenever someone is opening our gate
How I wished that it was you
But there was no you
I miss you really
I’m sick right now
Feeling I have a few days left
Aren’t you coming back?

Your best friend,
Doggy Browny

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Aug 2015

Oh my, I think I'm so in love
I always think of her, this beautiful dove
Her dress, shoe and bag, printing in my head everyday
Her face, the way she frown and smile, keeps me so okay
I don't notice any flaws, every move she does was great
The way she talked, just any from her, even the way she hate
I often hold her face in my mind
To my looping imagination, doing crazy things all the time
Is she thinking about me too
Oh heaven please give me any clue
I can feel my heart beat ten times faster
In every single chance we're together
Next time we meet, I will eat all my pride
Its only her to tell, if this feeling will survive
My Lord I'm really so in love
Please hear my prayer sky above.

written: November 22, 2014
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Why, Judas why?
Your kissed became the treachery symbol
Sold your faith but hanged yourself and die
After you returned that thirty pieces of silver

Why, Judas why?
Might you have a big crisis for money?
A sick parent or child, perhaps
To cure their pain, but ‘twas cut in the story

You returned the dazzling silver
Might they’ve never fulfilled their promise
To never hurt your master
That’s why you weep unto your best

Why, Judas why
If the tree and the rope could talk, they’ll never lie
Might you’ve kissed the image of your master in the wind
Before you bid the world goodbye

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
They often judge the poet
On the words that he thread
Some readers formed his silhouette
In each poetry that they've read

Judge him not at one piece, else you'll be upset
Because his pen can laughed then can bled
In every second his mind will reset
Truly, you'll never know what's inside his head

In the universe of paper and quill
He can create truth within lies
He can put soul to nonliving
Some of his creations will never die

Every poesy made was alive
Talked of its own tongue
It will definitely survive
Even the poet was long gone


Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Hist please as speechless seas
For the wind sometimes touch you
But you're senseless

Can't you feel the warmth that one stranger want to share?
He wants to be your fellow
But your eyes seems don't care

The first time you glimpse at his soul
It seems you've seen an ugly beast
To whom you hated it as fatally snake

Can't you see the beauty that can't be seen by thine eyes?
He wants to be a friend
But your heart as cold as ice

To queen of night you promise that your judgement equal
Your prayers and words means a helping hand
Swear the world that your love profound

But can't you hear the pulse of his heart?
He wants justice
But you give lies that he was the doer of the crime

Here I stand in the midst of chaos
To my left, the wind, that eyewitness the crime
The wind care and its love genuine

The wind sheds tears so do I as we look up the sky
And I shouted "My Lord, give wind a tongue."
Then again, "My Lord, give wind a tongue."

written: Aug. 17, 2000

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
Lapis at papel aking pinangsibat
Pinangsibat sa mga taong ayaw mamulat
Mamulat sa mga bagay na sa mali nasadlak
Nasadlak ma'y pakay ng tinta kong mahatak

Mahatak sa tama't puso'y bumusilak
Bumusilak di ang anyong mapanindak
Mapanindak kasamaa'y kinakalat
Kinakalat sa buhay ng iba'y nangwawasak

Nangwawasak ma'y handa ang aking sibat
Sibat na letra'y sa pusong bato'y tatarak
Tatarak ng marahan makikiusap
Makikiusap sanang papel ko'y nayurak

Nayurak binalewala't mga letra'y nakalat
Nakalat sandatang higit pa sana sa sibat
Sibat na tinta'y nagdulot nga ng napakalaking sugat
Sugat sa puso ng may akda nitong sulat...

Written: June 27, 2014
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Jul 2015

He laughed but he cried
A clown whose real eyes was dried
A mascot who always tells a joke
But how he wished that his neck be choke

She laughed but she cried
A lady whose heart was ripped
At daytime life of her persist
But at night she wanted to cut her wrist

He laughed but he cried
A boy whose been deeply bullied
A smirking kid at home
The saddest child when he's alone

He laughed but he cried
A writer that has a lot of pride
To his readers he play and giggles
But his life is full wiggles

They laughed but they cried
They are lonely but they smiled

Written: October 3, 2014 @ 9:30 PM
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Jul 2015
There was this season for many reason
A failed ambition or bad decision
Too much subtraction, no single addition
Pictures of low resolution, everything in demotion
But surely... Life must go on...

Days of self damnation because of wrong position
Flowers  that need attention for admiration
Head that was full of delusions that needs calibration
Victims of disqualification without any consolation
But definitely... Life must go on...

Minutes of demoralization, hours of depression
Roads of devastation no clear relocation
Eyes shed in repetition because of hard reason
Goodbyes to all special persons for their final destination
But simply.... Life must go on.....

Written: October 23, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Those monsters
***** my innocence
My crystal white falls
Turns into stagnant
Stinky reddish
Blood like river

My mother dressed me
With a cloak of religion
Hugged me
With heavenly manners
But they ain’t gift

She hasn’t told me
That beyond our fairy home
Were monsters
With venomous fangs
Vampire alike

They’ve kissed my lips
My neck, my heart
And my brain

And now my seems
Stagnant stinky reddish
Blood like river ready
To flood the mind
Of those innocent
And surely
Every beautiful butterfly
I’ll kiss
Will suffer some metamorphosis
Mostly, they’ll turn into bats

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Rain flows here from the sky
As if he knows what I'm doing
Can't stop my world from mourning
Even those young bird cry

Their peeping sound are just everywhere
But only one human listened, only my ear
Seems no one can ceases the weeping
Tears that can suppress the flame

The time when I recalled some memoir's of my life
There I've seen some close friend of mine
Laughing, crying, dancing, singing
And saying goodbye

Memories that shed more tears
Knowing that in reality
I can't see them
For the rest of my life....

written: Feb. 19, 2000 @ 4:15 pm

For Jimmy and Emmanuel
Gone too soon...

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Vain I know
I just can't let go
Money that hard to earn
Each day some of it I'd burned

Creating my own clouds
To have strength to join the crowd
When I was a kid, I am too shy
Finally slain my demon of shyness and fly

It started by only feeding my ignorance
Just a single try I've said to my conscience
Seems helping me to have courage in a way
So once, twice, trice until dozen a day

My dear ones begged me to stop
I've tried a lot of times, but I just can't drop
Just like a vampire to blood I crave
To **** the beast of addiction I am not that brave

I am so ****** up now
I am targeting myself with my own bow
A poison I've known from the start
But still I keep it near to my very heart

Written: December 27, 2014

Mysterious Aries
Addiction comes from a different form... How can I enlighten people to stop the ways that aren't good for them, when I can't simply discontinue mine...
Mysterious Aries Mar 2017
I will tell you a story about my friend Ben
Always rating my poetry with a perfect ten
One macho guy in our simple town
Last year, he takes home the Mr. Admirable crown

There's really something about my friend Ben
He really likes the journey of my talkative pen
He said its prettiness afar from the rose
Dancing gracefully while in paper leaving its ghost

Indeed I have a story about my friend Ben
Who reads my drafts again and again
Little I've realized that it's more than it seems to be
Until I've heard him saying "he loves me as me"

I've felt sorry then, for my long time friend Ben
The only poem I could dedicate to him
Was a poem for a friend

I will tell you a story about my friend Ben
He changed his name now
She called herself Jen

March 8, 2017
Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Oct 2016
Wintry weather frosts me here
Thinking of her my lovely daffodil
Memories that long disappear
But it never left me still

One old September still fresh and new
When we both said "I love you"
Funny moment as cool as dew
Now the then one split in two

Looking back is funny fool inside
Smiling while storm ruled my very eyes
Little by little I've realized
That I need to roll the dice

I've asked the winter why oh why
Why such a lovely moment need to fly
But still in my heart, it never says goodbye
The story of my lovely daffodil and I

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