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Jade Dec 2023
Currently listening to Taylor Swift’s
Reputation album & plotting
your death, baby.

Steve Page Jun 2022
In another life, my father
must have been a blacksmith.
Essential in his village
Essential to be needed
(otherwise what’s the point?)

Swinging his hammer in heat, in smoke,
content within his St Bruno haze, suspicious
of anything lighter than black leather
anything lighter than brass fittings

- comfortable with sweat stains and scattered ash,
scars and deep bruises marking him
a man’s man and breadwinner,

- relaxed with the air blue, the tribe white
and his iron laughter echoing with every strike,

every blow shaping his son
into his family’s likeness.
Arvon retreat June 2022.
WickedHope Aug 2021
I am so sick
Of these people saying I'm too much
Of those people saying I'm not enough
Just let me be
Prudish *****
Slutty bore
Perky punk
Failed monk
Does it really matter to you
Being myself
Doesn't require your permission
Before you call me a fake
Consider the lies that you make
Hoping to save face
Keep your face
Keep your slow rotting corpse
I'd rather preserve my soul
Rant cause **** people.

I love when I **** myself over and get sick. Good times.
el Jul 2021
my mother is like the queen
she is the queen of everything
but in the sense that all that matters is reputation and
i am merely a means to an end.

i am the pawn on the chessboard
and she likes to play with her pawns carved out hollow,
brittle shells on the edge of breaking.
she likes the power of holding a fragile heart in her hands
to nurture and then destroy as she sees fit
for her own entertainment.

is it still my fault i turned out the way i am?
the ground shook when the crown was placed upon her head, for surely even earth began counting down the time until its destruction.
Oculi Jun 2021
I set myself ablaze and then I fly about the room
Time and space became for me a lovely little tomb
Apparitions far more friendly than the people's gloom
That is why I live among the stars upon the moon

Gaze upon me, frail and mighty, see me and despair
Powerful and terrifying is the returned stare
Lo am I, high in the sky with my infernal horn
Play the notes and make the world my booming voice adorn
Wrote this a couple days ago.
You antagonise me in your warped story
Taking piety from people
you feel validation and glory

Politician with no shame
pulling the strings
Not your partner, not your lover
I am just your plaything
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
for a woman
all too often
it's not about
the reputation
that precedes her
but rather unfairly
like a stalker
it's what follows
closely behind her
DevMon Jan 2020
He looks decieving
I didn't saw that coming
He looked at me
Wearing a high class outfit

He's too naive
Have a self-esteem
But it's just a little bit showy
So that he'll be recognized and praised

Jesters are in a crowd
Clowns are spreading all around
Spontaneously making crimes
Inside the party of royalties

He came to me
Convinced me to be like him
To be a partner of him
But do I really like to be like him?

If you want me to be a villain
Well, sorry dear
I'm worried about me
Being exposed in public
Hidden Message: Don't ruin me, I'm innocent
james Dec 2019
why do anything if it will fall short of perfection?
i have a reputation, after all
and ive been dragging its corpse with me
for a long long time
the weary old corpse of when the sun still shined
and i had dared to be brighter
trophy series-2
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