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Twalib Mushi Jun 18
follow your pattern
totally change
my nervous system
don't know what happen
Is it real or a game!?

change my reputation
should blame
Is it real or a game!?
question is rotating
In my head
is still vibrating!
Steve Page May 26
Who do you wish to be?
Who do you wish to die as?
How will we remember you?
As joyous or as pious?
sushii Apr 24
So, you fancy fame?
Are you willing to step into the frame,
And give up your life
In exchange for the spotlight?

It could go out soon.
Listen to the monster's croon.

So, you envy the game?
Will you keep your reputation tame?

And listen as they watch,
While you are left all done and used

Like another belt notch.
mikhaila Apr 16
he looked at me
like i painted the ocean blue
like i was the only promise he was meant to keep
like i was the one to throw stardust in the sky and create the milky way

—how do you live up to a reputation like that?
Katie Feb 14
They always say the grass is greener
On the other side.
I think they’re too scared to admit
That their own lawn
Is dead.
Shriveled brown grass, broken glass on the other side of that
**** white picket fence,
Holes wide enough for lies to pass through.

And to those who think their grass is, in fact,
Greener -
You forgot about that patch where your
Innocent little dog
(You might want to fix that.)

Even the rich folks up in their mansions on the hills
Don’t have perfect grass.
They usually spray-paint it that color.

Maybe they’re afraid that
If someone saw
Their wilted lawn, suffocated under fumes and expectations,
We’d shatter their fragile porcelain saying -
And their reputation
Of being greener.
Esther Jan 6
we're both preceded by our reputation

we want the sun in our face

only to turn our backs to kiss the shadows.
this ain't for the best
my reputation's never been worse, so
you must like me for me.
Thorns Sep 2018
Reputation, Reputation this is how you play
If you mess up your status will change

        ­                   r

Be with me or forget me
It’s your choose
You’ve kept my letters
We’ve taken walks together
You’ve admitted you like me and want to be with me
But apparently your rep means more
So you won’t go around with the girl who’s a beauty behind a pokeball hat
So I’ll sit here like a broken record repeating our good times together
In my head over and over again and again
Even though we part ways in the end
Not that there will ever be anymore good times
Not with us together anyway
Just so you know
I’ll be here for you
What’s strange is you never got with a girl except for me
You act like you’ve moved on
But there’s no other girl
I think it’s pretty clear we both know you haven’t moved on
But you still pretend to and ignore me
While holding on to my words and drawings
Sometimes it just feels like your toying with me
You play the game for the trophy and nothing more
What does that tell you
He doesn't give a crap, I don't either...
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