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Traveler 40m
It takes its sweet time to swell
but my rage is quickly quelled.

I love those stranger
and so I wave,
I greet the world
With smiling face!

I don't chose sides,
I strive for peace...
When it comes to human
I am but a beast.
Traveler Tim
In the substance of my dreams
I saturate
Dopamine drives my depth
I draw my dreams
From the subatomic plunks
The eternal fountain of rest

Cognition failure
The source of my imbalance
Loosens my fall to flight
I attempt to pull to the surface
With all my diminishing might

Here the puzzle pieces
Somehow seem to fit
Paralyzed but for rem
My waking body starts to twitch

I gasp and hold
As it quickly slips away
Random samples left in my mind
Only a couple pieces stay
Traveler Tim
We all have two beings in us.
First our earthly body comes with a lesser self but fortunately we have an eternal spirit that is our higher self.
We are connected to our lower self, that is really child minded and is easily addicted to all the things this world offers.
Our higher self wants to be right with god.
Our lower selves can cause us a lot of stress when we let it drive.
I know this to be a fact.
I was on Klonopin and drinking and blacked out, my higher self lost it's connection and so my lower self was driving.
That's the day I got shot.
I could not justify my actions that day because I wasn't there.
I'll never leave again or go back to sleep and forget that I am eternal.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Apr 5
What if we stripped away all the barriers that separate societies?
What if the whole earth became one people with dignity for all?

Are you thinking about what this would do to your money?
Ya that's the problem with our kind.
We're not really on the immigrants side.

Life is one big soul test.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 28
Pardon these mind
racing thoughts
wandering about.

I'll attempt to reel them in.

This sometimes happens
to my poetry
every now and then.

A few more rhymes
and then I'll begin.

Begin a new day
shaking off the night.

My soul is still out there,
but here I'll set and write.

These wandering racing thoughts
of the early morning light.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 25
I'm not willing to chance it,
casting judgements through my eyes.
I hold my observations
so as to keep my heart alive.
I've been through hell and back,
as much as I could take.
Still I refuse to let hell take from me
the reason I escaped.

I won't condemn the blind,
nor the folly's of the meek.
Casting judgement is an indication
that karma will repeat.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 22
Home is where I started,
on my way is where I've been.
Now that I'm here I shudder,
to go back that way again.

Home is where you make it,
get there before dusk,
love it there awaiting,
with people that you trust.

Let it last forever,
the music that we make.
May we always be moving forward
on the roads we chose to take.
Wayne McClelland
Traveler Mar 18
The only evil
that we need to fear
is not over there,
it's over here!

The agendas of fools
who abuse our flag.
The acceptance of military officers in drag.
Weak and weary is become our brigades,
under a leader who can't find his way off a stage.
Mumbling and stumbling
and going to war...
The lesser of two evils
all the way to the core.
There's no reason to be proud,
no not đźš« anymore.
Traveler Tim

I had proudly served during the Carter and Reagan administr. But now they have ruined the honor.
Traveler Mar 15
I need not identify to any gender
nor ethnic group to know myself.
I am exactly like you,
a spirit being having
a human experience.
Mostly invisible.

By the way...
It's good to be here with you.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 14
You can't catch me sleeping,
I keep myself awake.
I balance myself
in this unstable world
with every breath I take.

With every evil deception
of the powers that seem to be,
I won't stop shining on
from sea to distant sea.
I won't stop loving my fellow beings
nor deny the Divine in everything I'm seeing.
Oh no..
You won't catch me sleeping!
Traveler Tim
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