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Traveler 42s
Time is but a nagging measurement
Kinetic forces, inertia unleashed
Every birthday now forth
One year closer to entropy

Deformity of my spirituality
Preserve my heart in wine
The calamity of my existence
Chaotically divine

My charity dreary
My energy empathy drains
As I share your agony
To ease your pain

Alone in the wilderness
I take comfort
Faces on the moon
Deities on the clouds
Another creative creature
Set a fowl
Traveler Tim
Sarcasm settles my stomach
When being force fed propaganda
Doubled down talking points
Sink to the bottom of my guts
Are ya ******* nuts!

I’m wired with a hair trigger fuse
Mess with me you’re gonna loose
Be on your game
Choose your words well
i’m not buying what you got for sale

Live long and prosper
For all that freedom brings
American pride is deaf and blind
And bigotry becomes your kings!
Traveler Tim
Everyone is meant for someone,
Everyone has a soulmate,
I’m afraid to have to say
That’s not always the case
Some people are meant to travel in pairs,
Others are meant to travel alone,
Some are there for each other with no connection but just until they move on
Although, it’s unfortunate to have a soul that nobody connects with, and to be seen not as someone’s lifetime partner but just someone they need when they need you but never want you.
But the memories we leave will live forever and the impact on our lives will always linger.
No one reads poetry
on Sunday mornings.
So I don’t post on Sunday’s.
until late afternoon.

But here’s a tidbit for ya!

Roses are red violets are indeed blue
Life is beautiful and so are you!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 16
Learning and evolving
Primitively revolting
Problematic solutions
Ideological institutions

Mergence of shadow
Disassociation of ego
***, ecology, spirituality
Check, check, check

Why am I still broken?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 15
My lady is well respected by most women
That is, in our struggling society class of friends.
Never could rap my mind around why$
Surely she is not the alpha type
Yet she owns property
She is very devoted to her money

I am but an accessory
I match her purse
Now don’t get me wrong
Life could be worst
With her credit card in my wallet
I fulfil my thirst
Material items, good times
I fell into a trap that treats me kind!
Traveler Tim

Tongue in cheek or is it

She gets upset with me when I use her credit card to buy suns from hellopoetry or other poets books
Sorry Imran Islam, I’ll see you at the library.
Traveler Sep 13
Surviving in a prison cell
I learn to stand behind myself
Witnessing this hell I dream

We sleep in comfort
As we slumber away our existence
Being a true master takes persistence
Hell I can fall back to sleep in an instant

Aesthetic displays
I get lost in the days
This dream is but a life
The con from beyond
Keeps me going strong
No matter wrong or right
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 9
Nothing is how it’s supposed to be
Yet it’s perfect how it is
The paradox is plain to see
There’s pleasure in suffering to live

Love an irresistible irritation
A hungry heart of complications
Time refuses to standstill
Innocence was never real

From the moment we’re born
We tread on life
We catch and ride
This purposeful flight

In the end
Perhaps we all ascend
Devour to survive
If you can!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 7
Looking through your eyes
What do I see
A mirror reflection
but that’s not me
I’m sure your different
than what I perceive
We are all free to believe!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2
You have one of the most beautiful soul I have ever come across.
Not a single blemish on your body could represent your eternal self.
With eyes that see through, I look upon the beauty of your eternal youth.
See what you may of my surface and wonder of my underneath,
I am but the spring of passions and countless quantum leaps.
Traveler Tim

Blimishless is a new word somewhere
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