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Oh yes!
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Traveler Tim
The ferns have taken over
most of the forest floor
you can barely see your feet
through the bushy flora moor

Early spring flowers
have come and gone
and now replaced
by summer song
Butterfly bushes
bussing with bees
New life singing
high in the trees

Regrowth of mind
as your nature unwinds
hart waxing fatter
as you take in what matters!

Uncountable species
and we are but one
lunar submissive
in our paradise
under our life giving
Goldilocks Sun

Life has just begun
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jun 12
I been tainted with such beliefs
Death is but a ***** thief
Sins are redeemable in blood and sweat
Hurry, we haven’t got much time left

Heavy handed the hierarchy hicks
Church leaders were some of the biggest ******
Fear of hell fueled by shameful dread
But that’s not how the real Jesus lead

Let keep this vague
Lets keep this soft
When life is over
It’s time to get off

At the moment of rebirth
We’re in debt to the earth
The sky cannot lie
Clouds are but dreams passing by

And so my spirits gently sighs
All these unanswered questions
Yet I seem to be doing just fine!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jun 7
How long have we waited
Watching as life
passes us by?
Growing out of toxic sludge
Our instruments
long to fly...

Old age is not a reason to end,
It’s a place to begin!

Wise and growing
All that’s good is flowing
No one ever died of old age
Don’t let your beliefs
lead you to a grave!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jun 5
I don’t runt this farm
No, this farm runs me
Ducks, geese and chickens
Organic plains and trees
It’s true...
Traveler is a proud farmer
Who grows his own ****!
Oh yes!
I am certainly blessed
With the blessings of the meek!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jun 3
It had been a long time
Since I seen his face
The demon inside
The climatic mistake

The angry response
Behind my eyes I play along
Where am I when I let him drive?
Scared little child hiding inside!

To the surface I’m climbing faster
Now I must answer for my *******!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jun 2
When peace and harmony take the stage,
the soul begins to stir.
Placing notes in staggering rudiments,
emotionally revered.
As the receptive audience begins to sway
with the dancing rhythmic sounds,
the connection of oneness
in our blissful beating heart's is bound!
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 26
I discovered a strange new world...
A world thriving with microorganisms

Colonies of colorful
bacteria fluidly flowing
through membranes
of cellular tissue.

Fine phlegmy parasites
covering  caves
of mucous membrane

Friendly fungi feasting on cancers
mildew and mould the tiny little dancers

And the viruses we so feared
Are holding the remedies of antient cures

The catalyst of the code God
awaits to be downloaded
And each and every microbiome knows it
Traveler May 16
The Devil
came down to reason...
His ethics no longer conflict
I think it only fair to say
twas true love
I mostly missed...
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 16
I'm not trying to come back
I'm trying to stay here!
I haven't got time for hell dreams
I'm awake and aware..

I love my human condition
In this inning I'm unique
It feels so good to hunger
Dopamine release...

Perhaps I'll run a marathon
These wind sprints do repay
Integral with nature
My essence rejuvenates!
Traveler Tim
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