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ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
think good thoughts - it (truly) shows
once inside, but out it flows
(you) ride a certain frequency
and everyone around you knows
it's up to you, these thoughts you (brew)
your choice to vibr(a)te how you do
high or low? it all creates your (divine) glow
keep this (knowing) always flowing
and even more (in) times of growth
you are god, don't you know?
you have the power to lift (your) tone
fill your (mind) with happy notes
to manifest which way you go

(you)r life is what
you choose to (see)
this truly is a lucid dream
with (endless) possibilities
there's magic (in) the way you breathe
stars pump through (your) entirety
and sun (shine)s through
your crooked teeth but

(you're) responsible to look higher
to conspire and admire
all you (currently) acquired
you asked for
(all) you see right now
there's no other place
for (you) to bow so
please (will) you just allow
what(ever) it is you endow
it doesn't matter why or how
release the (need) to disavow

(the)re's something you arrived to do
you're needed here and so (love)d too
the moon it smiles as (you) groove
the sun it wakes for you to bloom
the nights may last too (long) at times
but darkness brings (for)th new insight
and soon the morning (is) so bright
you have such power (in) your fight
keep (you)r head up to the Light
truly, you brew a divine knowing in your mind
you see endless in your shine
you're currently all you will ever need
the love you long for is in you
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
i’m finding
that it is ok
you know?
to let it all go
to let things be
& let yourself grow
to trust the unknown
know that you’re not alone
you’re enough on your own
*~its engraved in your bones~*
ohellobeautiful Dec 2018
Love from a place of fufillment
never love to quench a lonely thirst
let your seams seep Self-alignment
from filling up your soul-needs first

externally so much noise can exist
but you have the power to quiet it
by making space for self-awareness
its expansion is your assignment

don’t let this world distract you
from the Worth that You Shine with
all that you ever seek for isn’t lost but
deep down inside—always it thrives
and like gravity, it keeps tugging
at your Soul to Arrive
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
  r i s e



so below
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
the mountain only grows steeper
so that your roots can dig in deeper

keep climbing
ohellobeautiful Oct 2017
(at) times, is hard
but pl(ease) recall
(you)'ve come so far
these losses (are)
(not) all you are . . .
kaleidoscopic reservoir
with blood that pumps
our long (lost) stars
so thank the sky
for every scar and
hug the ones that
break (you)r heart
for what you (are)
is all you see;
you came to
bruise in
be at ease. you are not lost; you are galaxies
ohellobeautiful Mar 2018
the most dangerous weapon on earth
is a woman awakened to her
C o s m i c  R o o t s
unwavering in her voice and
unapologetic in her omnipotent truth
happy national women’s day~ siSTARS
ohellobeautiful Jan 2019
but if we instead focus our energy
on the Love that eternally surrounds us
even whilst the walls we so delicately built
crumble to our tired feet
we will gain so much more momentum
towards finding the hidden meaning
to the lesson—to the blessing
each moment serves us a b’lesson
that we somewhere along the line
attracted to our path for self expansion
with each of our conscious choices thus far
we have manifested exactly this
for the Light we will gain
the blinding reflection of all that
our Souls are collectively becoming
love ~ so much love
and the light that lies inside
which through our becoming,
✧・゚: *comes to life *:・゚✧
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
c l o u d s
tell the best stories
of allowing transition
free of condition
if only we could
be still long
enough to
l i s t e n
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
lately i have been thinking about
this cosmic reality of wonder i see
how i can radiate out light-filled beauty
and trust that i’m all of the love that i seek
i find comfort in how i exist beyond “human”
i know i am more than my mind now perceives
this experience may dance to the beat of illusions
but this waking state is my most favorite dream
ohellobeautiful May 2019
oh, but look at what grew

all because of the dirt
that they once threw
(our souls were meant
to bruise in galaxies too)
ohellobeautiful May 2019
your soul
is on fire
every loss
is a flicker
sparking new
Light in you

with galaxies
for wound-beds
your scars form
Cosmic Truth

your darkness
was made for
dancing and
your soul was
born to groove

never can you
fall off track
when every
path leads
back to you
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
my doubts
blew away (with) the breeze
i’m not big on (love)-betting
but with you (i) could be..
our haze of past days
(kept) pushing me away
but with (the) heat
of this (summer)
i felt you pave (new) ways
(through) the cracks in my heart
as you claimed my (lost) parts
you rendered us (time)less
until (our) end could restart
no matter how (long)
(darkness) kept us apart
when i’m (clothes) in your arms
all that (pain) becomes art
(my) tears become tidal waves
that have pushed me to see
that all along our (love)
(made) my losses
with love, i kept the summer new
through lost time our long darkness
clothes pain my love made free
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
of fear
that some
day you would
too fade away i lost
sense of time trying
to map out
but your
features are
timeless just like
our mistakes; but i
don’t regret the way
we bloomed those
the greatest love comes with no gaurantee
so cherish the moments where love supersedes
ohellobeautiful May 2019
us humans—we are a
powerhouse for change
a true celestial force
to be reckoned with

did you know
that when we clap
down here on earth
our neighboring planets
are affected by it?

so when we cry until
we cant feel our face
or when we laugh
until our bellies ache
the whole Universe
feeels us shake

our vibrations
are so much louder
than we think
we are so much more
powerful than we
could ever see
our thoughts
literally become things
all of consciousness
is woven into a blanket
of all that we think

and mostly
we are unconscious
in how we guide
our self talk
but it’s never too late
to remember
what we forgot

create a whole
entire new you
with the new
patterns you grew

so let’s make more room
for healing our lives
by rearranging our mind
into a catalyst for light
ohellobeautiful Mar 2018
my memories of you are cumulonimbus
i want to break the sky open and
make it sink into the ground
because all i ever see
is your face in the
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
let the LOVE
you form for you
be as formless as the
the SOUL it soothes
it’s ebs and flows
bring you to sea

so you can see
reflecting you
with Cosmic Sight
your darkness grew
a brighter LIGHT

at first WITHIN
but just be still
and watch as it
begins to fill
all you SEE
with all you seek
your clearer sight
forms new beliefs

the clouds all part
to let you RISE
as you let go of
what won’t bloom
and dance away
the heat of june

the summer Sun
has grown with you
its shining through
the cracks they left
your losses GLOW
with every step

this new selflove
you won’t forget
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
i am no stranger to nostalgia
my lungs fill with flowers
that look like your eyes
i am surrounded by
seeds of your laugher
f l o u r i s h i n g
from flashbacks
clouding my mind
farewells can’t exist if
you grow in my spine
i am endlessly
e n t a n g l e d
in your passing  by
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
you may feel alone
but your troubles are known
i blink and your worries
have found a new home

they soar over oceans
and dance past my eyes
into my limbic system
for me to unwind

your wounds
hold a glimpse of
our lost love and time
i will line them with silver
so the world sees your shine

i will carry your thoughts
when your mind is unkind
i’ll speak love down your spine
drink your tears to survive

with your pain
i will paint you
constellations for eyes
so you glow like the stars
dancing deep in your bones

oh, my heart would skip a beat
just to loan you your own
ohellobeautiful Dec 2019
all the cells in my body
dance in unison
with the ache
in your heart
my blood pumps
with the knowledge
that you shine most
from shattered parts

you are loved in a million ways
no matter who decided they
could not find a way to stay
and even if you don’t hear it enough
you have just as much meaning
as all that glowing star stuff

i know first hand
that life can be tough
but it knocks you down
so you remember that
alone you are enough

you are the universe in motion
allow yourself to feel every emotion
because if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry
for days on end
then why would these rules
for each of us amend?
when we are filled with
the same elements as them

you are allowed as many phases
as we see in the moon
and just like the sun
this world is warmed by you
you share cosmic meaning
with everyone you meet
this world depends on you
like the air that we breathe

so i hope you recognize
the strength that you grew
from the punches life threw
and that no matter what happens
this earth keeps spinning
just for YOU
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
are allowed
to (take) up room
just like all of the flowers
do as they (bloom) you shine
just like the moon
You are
(from) so afar
a hope that’s floating
in (each) jar that makes its
way (down) many seas;
You’re every hot
(day)’s helpful
(forget) all You
are recall that (You)
are made of stars and how
sometimes they can’t (shine)
bright, not (with) our man-made
city (Light)s; Your view of Love
may feel so dark (at)
(times) but all
will heal
yes all
know that
You're not alone with
cells in You that (call) you
home and every human feels
You too; You are not just (on)e single
"You" no, You are a part of (the)
(collective) - nothing in
(You) is defective
all You
try (Your) best to be
selective in your everyday
perspective untold (power)
rests in You ~ the earth
shifts (from) each of
(Your) grooves
& when You
(cry) it
tune; a
song (of)
(Love) that fills
each room and if
(You) can’t sing right
on key please (do) not
take it personally, this
does not (matter) to the
trees (You) grant their
hopeful Wish to
(breathe); the
will set
You free
(and) i will join You
hastefully (i)n this new plea
as it is (hear)d from every
sea (you)r wounds
scar perfect;
s o o n
You take bloom on each down day. if You forget you shine with light at times, please call on the collective You. feel Your power from Your cry of Love. YOU DO MATTER. You breathe and i feel You.
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
let us uncover
the oneness in
one another
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
all is occurring
to help guide you on your way
as you journey through your path
toward your dream life estates
it won’t always look just like
you had pictured it at first
but the harder that it gets
the more you’re cosmically-versed
just know this moment’s perfect
every fall will become worth it
the Universe can hear your Love
it’s guiding you from up above
so please just trust in the Divine
knowing that you’re right on time
even when darkness pays a visit
it brings so many lessons with it
leaving you much more aligned
with iridescent Light to shine
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
my mouth has been
filled with borrowed words
my lips stained with emotions
no Soul has ever heard
inspired by a life lived
beyond all of my touch
so i leave my heart in
the hands of the
Cosmic Clutch
i trust
where tears
from laughter
fight fear of crying
lingering with love
that never was dying
i am finding myself
between loss + lying

but still i’m here trying

b e c a u s e
this is what makes us human
in contrast to all that’s above
for this is everything that is
and all that ever was
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
my soul may be singing
but my eyes are bleeding
from pain i am breathing
it sings through my being
and my ears keep ringing
i’m reaching for meaning
but blinded from seeing
the truth in my thinking
i wish i could know why
the stars keep on blinking
why the moonman’s singing
or why i wake up in a dream
where i’m sleeping?
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
do not forget
the cosmic creatures we befit
our choice to get what we emit
as magic Souls in full orbit
a kaleidoscope of sun and hope
we shine a special kind of glow
we light the world all on our own
we rise with every fall we home
if You feel lost, you’re not alone
these troubles are your way to roam
to higher peaks with your moonlit
attire to conspire in
this human-like acquired trip
where, lucidly, desire drips
You flow in ways the Sun has missed
your hopes & dreams are our sky’s kiss
for every ounce of Love and loss
You feel the world and its chaos
although it hurts at times, I know
your tale here is not one of woe
arrived divine to shine your glow
this chance at life to learn and grow
gives strength to You, it’s your escrow
so don't defy when walls do crack
you’re never lost; You are the path
the holes expose old hidden tracks
for You to see your Light shine back
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
y o u
vibrate to (the)
(Cosmic) Truth
a tune my soul
g r o o v e
a cosmic dance
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
we are free to be
whatever we please
whether or not
any others agree

our distinct vibration
shifts all of the nations
and our unique ways
are the cosmic-hydration

with no need for fixation
on anothers’ dictation
we rid ourselves of
any self-love cessation

we explode in our glory
all free from filtration
and use our relations
for human salvation

let us be who we are
embracing each scar
our imperfect nature
keeps us reaching far

releasing self-judgement
with our hearts kept ajar
we can see that our falls
were just crossroads to stars
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
have lights
with (cosmic) glow
i hope You know the Light
You hOMe; Your heaven-sent
enzymes align to roam & tangle
with the roots of the ones that i own
your storms are divine, the rocks that
You climb are leading you to Love
from past dimensions of time
there is no thing to do
but to (Love) all
of You
let Love
be what
does lead
all You may do
so that some day that
force finds its way back to You
as it forms light from (tunes) that
You (sing) to the moon; it will
paint You with gold stars
that flow right (through)
You & the trees You
had bloomed in
the forrest of
You will all
dance to
the falls
that led
sing through you
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
you are galaxies
with cosmic reason
sewn into the corners
of your soul
let time be an illusion
and this heaviness
not yours to hold

you are not broken
you are e v e r y t h i n g
all your dreams encrypt your genes
all you seek is already within you—
the journey, the destination, the stars,
the Love, the moon, me, God,
all you hope to ever be,
your lovers eyes, the lies they speak,
roads you wander, Love you leak,
every mountain trail you lead—
all other versions of you (and me)

don’t you see?
the Miracle you are?
you've come so far
from way past mars
and the Light
that guides you
hOMes your heart
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
there’s a Light in you
Divine Sight in you
do not forget your
Cosmic Roots

can you recall
all those falls
that led you
to much
higher places?

different faces
don’t mistake
the same
they come
your way
until the day
you change
your ways

reactions are
a choice we make
but never have you
made “mistakes”
your redirections
pave the way

i won’t be frank
i see the Sun
in all you’ve done
the moon it rises
with you as one

your DNA
is from above
with chromosomes
of endless L O V E

there’s nothing wrong
with what you’ve done—
a miracle, you have become
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
abun(d a n c e) in the air
dive right (i n) and feel it's flare
always it is ours (t o) share. . . just
close your eyes, i’ll (m e)et
you there
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
soul is on fire

every loss is a flicker
sparking new Light in you
with galaxies for wound-beds
your scars shine with CosmicTruth
the darkness was made for dancing
and your Soul knows how to move
there’s no way to fall off track
when every path leads
back to You
ohellobeautiful May 2018
you are your own cosmic hue
always so perfectly subdued
your darkness has reason
your Light fuels the moon
the contrast shines out
from your head to my heart
like we’re some kind of dance
where the Cosmos can spark
their rhythm to guide us
through our souls’ embark
collectively, we are
the Divine Counterpart
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
in a world this beauteous

words like
should be omitted
and replaced with
closed eyes
and the humble understanding
that a fractal of All That Is
is All I Am

a divine sort of cosmic dividend
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
(a) Cosmic
kind of One (Time) Find
your Soul keeps (return)ing
to sneak-peak my m(i)nd
we (exist) beyond time
with an ach(in)g unkind
i just want (to) hold you
so my Soul can (Rise)
a Time-return i exist in to Rise
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
if i had to pick one word
to describe my mom

it would be ineffable

she is beyond comprehension
her love has transcended
beyond every dimension
she exceeds every meaning i can see
i swear she puts the stardust
in the way my light bleeds
she is everything
beautiful about this world
weaved into a blanket of
incandescent vitality from above

i want to hug my soul so hard
for choosing such a woman
to be my guidance of love
she not only birthed me, clothed me,
and fed me as any mom innately would,
but she extended her heart in ways
that most humans on this earth never could
even imagine having the power to do
she lights up every single room
and leaves love dripping from
every corner too

she supersedes all roles she takes on,
and she continues to find ways
to make my life a dream
to say i am thankful
is infinitesimal in expressing
my gratitude toward all she has given me
in just my short 23 years of existing
she is truly beyond any poem or any rhyme
i could ever find— she is the most delicate
manifestation of the divine

i know not everyone has the ability to say
they have a mom that loves them
in this unconditional way
but we all have someone in our lives
—blood or not—
who has picked us up and guided us back
toward our light when the darkness attacks

and so if you’re still reading this
i hope you take the time to remind
this person from time to time
just how much they mean to you
even if you can’t put it into words
just hug them and tell them
they’re appreciated
because life is too short
and love is too sweet
to silence the drum
in our hearts
that they beat
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
within every breath and act of mine
i shine with a divine movement
of the eternal infinite
for i am the infinite
just like you

we are such sacred beings

do not forget
why, to earth you came
or the countless reasons
you do still remain
yes, there is pain at times
but through darkness
our light truly shines
with this growth
we blossom
more toward our divine
always learning to find
the happy thoughts
that roam our mind

this life is beautiful
and so are you
this dream is a blessing
not all get to hold on to

cherish it

you are the blanket
of Love and warmth
for every cold night
you are the lost answer
i have been trying to find
you are the Sun to my shine
you are the reason i rhyme

remember to remind yourself
from time-to-time:
you are worthy of all you seek
emotions do not make you weak
feel everything you possibly can
while you’re still here
do not be afraid to express it
to those that turn a hopeful ear
there is truly no need for you to fear
the light in you is always near

do not quiet down
your heart’s rumble
you do not have to
stay so humble

be explosive
shout your shine

for this is how the world aligns
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
these intense feelings
from the contrast you bloom
are the delicate roots
to the flower in you

please do not settle
for someone who wilts
your intricate petals
with their own self-guilt

because they can’t see
the light that you shine
through all of their weeds
they’ve yet to define

be unapologetically you
to all your degrees
and rid yourself of those
who cannot agree

for you form the cosmos
with every ounce that you feel
let it seep from your seams
and don’t ever conceal

all that you are
is so perfectly endowed
and to be rawly you
is your life’s greatest vow
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
hues of (you)
(leave) my heartspace sublime
you continue to paint (me)
in (a)ll of my rhymes
so my sun keeps it’s (shine)
so my Light (i) can find
all our moments (eternally)
(grow) toward the sky
oh our colors (the)y bloom
and my heart becomes (new)
(you) will always be my
true illusion (to) time
you leave me a shine i eternally grow the new you to
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
how they make you feel
has nothing to do with them
but it has everything to do
with how you feel about you
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
you planted trees down my worries—
grew love in all of the places i was
too afraid to shine
and now a forest grows in all of
the corners your fingers got to know
and magic leaves are dancing to your breeze

someone once told me that curiosity kills the cat
and yeah maybe when you first smiled at me
i wondered where you had been my whole life

and i think that's where we went wrong

just like the nights you spent telling me words
in the way your language speaks them
while i spent all of my belief
on the movement of your mouth
being the key to my soul’s wildest dreams

but magic is made up of tricks

and you sure are the master at making me think the trees from your seeds were real
but lately the plastic leave have melted
from the fire you had rekindled in my heart

but even if the words weren't true
you gave me something bright and new
and i know we all are trying to be
the best versions of these humans beings
so i don't blame you
for being what you came here to be
because really i chose you
to come do these things to my heart
i prayed and hoped my way to manifesting you
to be there when i looked up from my lonely hands

but my god

if only you hadn't come into work that night
if only i hadn’t stumbled to that side of the beach
to that side of the planet
if only i had done one thing differently in my past
maybe just maybe then
i wouldn’t have fallen into the arms of lost hope
and maybe we would have never known
that magic could exist in strangers
that love can be felt at first sight
and everything occurring now
would feel real

but instead
i am walking through some kind of lucid dream
and i can't figure out what my room
used to feel like
because now it looks so unfamiliar to me
just like the person i am

i can't find her

what did you do when i looked up at you
some kind of unkind love spell
i just want to be free...

i want you

but you don't have the room
for someone like me
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
has formed
a Love for me
as formless as
the Soul it
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i melted off of you
like crystal clear water
as the snow changes form
you were the mountain i depended on
i had found home in your rubble
justified all of your cracks
when all along i knew
it wasn't me who
was falling
it was you

back then i was blind
but i thought i could see
how beautiful you + me could be
when my light peaked through
those broken parts in you

i guess that's what healers do
we attract the broken ones
knowing there is room to fill
but i have got to stop
and remember that no one
can understand my warmth
when they've only ever lived
in the cold corners of
my hopeful heart
when they only
loved me as
i looked

but that's
not romantic
it just left me frantic
yet all of that darkness
has made me a
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
in the depth of
my sea of losses
lies a flicker of fate
and it dances to flames
that still echo your name

a moment is a movement
in the endless waves at sea
but the instant that we met
the world was as still as can be

i can feel the wooden floor
beneath my sandy, bare feet
and goosebumps lined my body
as your eyes locked in a gaze with me

all i see are blues and greens
combined with all my hopes and dreams
when your tongue spoke foreign tones
i felt my heart synch to your beat

i ******* breath inside your teeth
and feel your rhythm in my feet
forever was occurring
in one momentary
glimpse of We

our bodies became illusions
i saw no ending inside of me
no beginning to your vessel
for we had blended into
e v e r y t h i n g
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
in the midst of chaos
as we climb through
the rubble of what
we once thought
was holding us up
we will see that
maybe it was our
own bare hands
and worn-out feet
that picked us up
to defy defeat
and if we can be
still enough
quiet enough...
climb far enough in
the noise of the world
will disappear
and all that will be
left to hear is the
golden light
shining through
the cracks of all
we held on to
ohellobeautiful Apr 2019
i swear
the Universe
inside of us grew
as we danced along to
all the pain we once knew
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
pain is growth
kiss the wounds upon your knees
you are made of glowing star stuff
meant to bruises in galaxies
celebrate your struggle
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