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Corey Jan 2019
The sea lifts me up
and pulls me down
in gentle waves.

A subtle darkness
freckled by the stars above

The paleness of the moon,
of my body, reflects
off the deep greenish-purple

A charming moment of beauty
within the calmness


Dullness to the outside light,
and the inside struggle
of each day

A timeless opening of solitude
in a life that precludes it

Alleviated from the awareness
that I am unworthy
of the world

Specks of comfort and pride
hang in the sky above me


At the crest of a wave;
I find peace for the
briefest of moments

A burst of orange
as I shout in triumph

Tearful bliss; then I’m pulled
back down by the sea,
falling into dark purple

And I arrive as I am,
now sunk in despair
ohellobeautiful Dec 2018
Love from a place of fufillment
never love to quench a lonely thirst
let your seams seep Self-alignment
from filling up your soul-needs first

externally so much noise can exist
but you have the power to quiet it
by making space for self-awareness
its expansion is your assignment

don’t let this world distract you
from the Worth that You Shine with
all that you ever seek for isn’t lost but
deep down inside—always it thrives
and like gravity, it keeps tugging
at your Soul to Arrive
After years of slumber
I awake...
Feel the heat the that surrounds my arrival

I no longer drown in fear
Ready to face this world
Hear me roar...
Burn... cause the dragon has arrived

I now see mountains below
I'm soaring higher than ever
All those who oppose shall perish
All those who summit shall flourish

I'm not hear to steal your spotlight
Just hear to take what's mine
It's a birth right baby!
Who's the boss ?...
I am .... *******

You ain't got non on me !!!!!!!!!
I know this isn't your conventional heartthrobing peom
I apologize for a few ****** words
I felt it might have lost it's punch had those words been substituted with friendly 'posh' words...
Simon Soane Jun 2017
In this early summer placement
it's easy to arrive
at your blue eyed station.
Àŧùl Feb 2017
Centrifuge & resuspend the oligos,
The precursor to your macromolecule,
Follow it by concentration & *
To avoid resuspension difficulties,
Heat the oligos to 55º C, and,
Vortex in between thoroughly.

Optimal conditions,
For standard DNA oligonucleotides,
They be followed closely.
Store them at –20º C for long,
At 5º C while performing procedures.
Also, store them with fluorophores,
For better visualization later.
For standard
RNA oligonucleotides**,
The conditions be more stringent.
My HP Poem #1428
©Atul Kaushal
AM May 2016
there will come a day
when you finally arrived to me
for I am the only one
—your only one
who can make you stop hiding
from your own darkness and fear
cause I have saved up enough light
inside my heart for both of us
Ibk Santos Apr 2016
Its been 2 years and a month when you left
I think i've move on. I miss you but whenever i remember what you did to me i wanna hate you! But your still hunting me with your smile and thats ***** you idiot!.
Now your going back with your love one...
I will smile with gratitude, when deep in side i was crying and trying to fix what you've broke. Your the reason why i was like this! Your the reason why i dont trust any guy! Im scared! Im scared to be rejected again! I wish i didnt meet you after all.
Thomas EG May 2015
Pitter patter of miniature feet
Children are something that I want

I always have
And always will

But my own children aren't necessarily
Something that I can have

They are beautiful
And worthy of life
And as open-minded as I can be
I don't want to **** mine

But I will not have to pay
For surgery nor for drugs
So let me freeze my potentials
Let me remove my shallow caves

I do not need them anymore
Just like you don't need her

Love me love me love me
I am your child

I always have been
And always will be

I love you
So love my kids...
(However they arrive)
Because they will arrive...
And love you too
I wrote this last night when I was very drunk and kind of high... Apparently this is what my intoxicated mind thinks about.
Waiting for the hour
I look in expectation
For when you arrive.
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