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At first, love is something you desire and wish for, something you simply crave daily. You crave real love, the kind of love you read about, or see in movies, Where your loved one would do anything and everything for you to be the happy they want you to be, but is there such a thing?

After being put through heart break .. and heartbreak again, all we want is to knock this “Love” idea out of our mind, completely. We don’t want it anywhere near us, because the last time we interacted with this idea called “ Love”, we lost the one person we truly cared about..

But when we lost them… we found ourself, who we truly desired to be all these years… and somehow that was everything.
While life continues without you,
I ask you please to wait,
While friends and family gather too,
I ask you please, just wait,

While isolation takes a hold,
How dare I ask you, wait,
While work seems like a ******* hole,
I dread to ask you, wait,

While I am here, and you are there,
I plea with you to wait,
While you believe that no one cares,
I boldly ask you, wait,

How dare I ask for such a thing,
Perhaps you shouldn't wait,
Expecting you to wait til spring,
No, move along, don't wait,

Your suffering and loneliness,
You really shouldn't wait,
Take back your life, go out and live,
Don't sit around and wait,

I love you, need you with me dear,
But can't ask you to wait,
You do deserve a better life,
You'll thrive if you don't wait,

Be free, be happy now I'm gone,
I've let you go..

Expecting someone to wait for us is unfair and selfish, yet I do it myself.......
(C) [email protected]  2019
tell me
who drew you in 
and made you think
the bones and joints
within your knees
the veins and nerves
mapping out your entire being
were not already complete?

who made you see
through their broken glass
who made you think
it was okay not to ask
to ask you how
it made you feel 
when they realized
they weren't going to be real
to you or to your swollen heart

you were just so beautiful to see
they just couldn't let you be
and when they fed you their falsities
they made you think you had to stay
as if half of you had gone away

when in truth—you were noting short of gold

and you should have been told
the one thing they couldn't be
was everything they knew
you needed them to be

and when this realization hits
they don't even have the heart to admit
you were everything they wanted
but couldn't be

so they just had to taste it 
they had to feel your breeze
and they take and they take
and then they leave...

but darling don't you fret

for they will never forget
the love they found in you
the love you still hold true
the love that's grown too

you needed them to help you through
so now you see that the best part of life
has always been about loving you
ohellobeautiful Oct 2018
i'm not sure
who planted this seed
inside all of our heads
whispering quietly

”stop feeling so much"

who made the assumption
that feelings = weakness?
because those two terms
have never been seamless

to dip into your depths
with no feelings oppressed
takes the kind of courage
most fear cant be fed

weakness evolves
from putting all of
your energy into
building up
the walls
that block
the flow of life
that was meant
to move you
further into the
depths of the you
you didn’t know
you never knew

to feel
and i mean,
to really feeeel
every ounce of this
human experience
comes with a bravery
that most resist

it breaks you apart
shakes you down
uprooting all
that’s been

to guide you
from within

to let this life
overcome you
with whatever
it may,
while being
proud of it too?

now, that
is strength

that is the
out of

Passang Sherpa Jul 2018
You could enclose me in a coffin, embalmed,
With the nectar of the sweet roses.
But, to the desiring and the needy,
Give away whatever I possess.

If you think you can,
When i die, burn me not
Hoping you would regard
My wishes and my thought.

Give my eyes to the blind
Who has not seen a sun rise.
Give my heart to the needy
Free of cost, without a price.

Give my brains to the *******
Whose brain is in disorder
Give my kidneys to the ailing
Ain't it worth and better?

Give my veins and my bones
To the lame and the *******.
Let him also walk his days
Strong and fit as a fiddle.

My soul would then rest in peace
though my coffin would be empty.
Before my body decay and rot,
Let me be of use to somebody.

Copyright © PS
Leigh Jacobson May 2018
In a forest of grass
the tallest **** gives
shade to the smallest.

Even a **** is useful.
In the vast world of hierarchies some don't see their worth. They say "I'm just a ......" Every one is important. Someone is always looking up to someone for help and guidance. Everyone is important.
Jimuelosity Sep 2017
******* like a kiss...
As if I’m meant for someone’s lips.
As if I’m meant to be caught.
As if I’m meant to be felt.
As if I’m worth of anyone’s thought.
Matters of the heart should not be handled with your head
I don't care what my mother says

You're trouble, and you make my head hurt
But I love you, and your absence is worse

Your body left an ache in my throat
I'm attempting to choke it out

I come to you for help
Because I secretly hate myself
Kate Lion Feb 2013
convincing us we have "followers"
of what
our personality
our religion
our values
our way of life
there is nothing to "like" about inconsistent imperfection, am i right
trying to make each of us gods
before we have thoroughly proved anything to anyone about our worthiness
zero effort needed

— The End —