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16.0k · Sep 2018
r o o t e d
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth

storms exist to awake me
one of the first few
rhymes i ever wrote
*and still my favorite*
6.5k · Jul 2018
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
my mouth has been
filled with borrowed words
my lips stained with emotions
no Soul has ever heard
inspired by a life lived
beyond all of my touch
so i leave my heart in
the hands of the
Cosmic Clutch
i trust
where tears
from laughter
fight fear of crying
lingering with love
that never was dying
i am finding myself
between loss + lying

but still i’m here trying

b e c a u s e
this is what makes us human
in contrast to all that’s above
for this is everything that is
and all that ever was
6.2k · Jan 2018
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
i am not one for making bets
but i bet your heart skipped too
when my soul recognized you
4.8k · Aug 2018
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
i am not alone you see?
for everything i see is me
the trees, the mountains
and the moss covered trees
without them i would not exist
nothing in this world persists
without you either... just be still
can’t you feel your cells are eager?
knowing just how much you grew
doing all those things you do
at all the perfect moments too
your energy leaves deep imprints
within the grooves of all existence
the fallen leaves can feel your truth
the sky forms colors pink to blues
just as your heart loves to do
the sun seeks darkness
to shine through
all you bloom
the world is
all for
4.2k · Jul 2018
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i melted off of you
like crystal clear water
as the snow changes form
you were the mountain i depended on
i had found home in your rubble
justified all of your cracks
when all along i knew
it wasn't me who
was falling
it was you

back then i was blind
but i thought i could see
how beautiful you + me could be
when my light peaked through
those broken parts in you

i guess that's what healers do
we attract the broken ones
knowing there is room to fill
but i have got to stop
and remember that no one
can understand my warmth
when they've only ever lived
in the cold corners of
my hopeful heart
when they only
loved me as
i looked

but that's
not romantic
it just left me frantic
yet all of that darkness
has made me a
4.2k · Aug 2018
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
i hope you
bask in what grew
from the iridescent
waves of pain
you once
3.7k · Jul 2018
the art of leaving
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
you were blue
and i am yellow
you liked the way
i brightened rooms
i thought we could
make a home run true
but no winning evolved
while our garden bloomed
for as my love for you grew
it expanded way beyond you

and it wasn't long
before you knew
exposing your true
shades of gray
when you touched me
but you looked her way
you decided olive green
just didn't look good on you

i have always preferred
green over purple
and you once told me
you felt the same
but that one night
where you both lied
you chose the latter
you took her side

and i’m not sure
if it's because
she appeared shiny red
and i was becoming
a worn out yellow
but it shouldn’t have mattered
because you plucked me first
and you and i both know
that's not what you do
to flowers when you love them
you were supposed to water me
but you showered her instead

and now i am left here
trying to heal the paper cuts
i got from the countless times
i ran in circles trying
to catch your racing heart
but it barely ever
grazed my fingertips
and each time i looked down
to see what was left
of you and me

i was struck in the face
with the sad reality
that we had never even
made it off of home base
~11/20/16~ the very first poem i ever wrote, not even realizing i could move my way out of the darkest heartache i’d ever known through my own words i never knew homed my bones. but i’ll never regret.  it’s amazing how much light shines through the cracks you left.
3.6k · Aug 2018
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
if my heart is an ocean
then my waves are stuck on you
with your words as thick as seaweed
that keep surfacing as i pursue

and as my tide gets high
i feel you find a place to hide
in the depths of all i’ve grown
you are swept away to find a home

but as my tide falls low
your truth comes out from down below
exposing heaviness you left in me
where i find sight to clearly see

that letting go of what could be
is how i finally set me free
3.4k · Feb 2018
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
(move) to
rhythms (my)
(soul) can’t help
but d a n c e
you move my soul along
2.8k · Sep 2018
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
we are free to be
whatever we please
whether or not
any others agree

our distinct vibration
shifts all of the nations
and our unique ways
are the cosmic-hydration

with no need for fixation
on anothers’ dictation
we rid ourselves of
any self-love cessation

we explode in our glory
all free from filtration
and use our relations
for human salvation

let us be who we are
embracing each scar
our imperfect nature
keeps us reaching far

releasing self-judgement
with our hearts kept ajar
we can see that our falls
were just crossroads to stars
2.8k · Oct 2018
ohellobeautiful Oct 2018
i'm not sure
who planted this seed
inside all of our heads
whispering quietly

”stop feeling so much"

who made the assumption
that feelings = weakness?
because those two terms
have never been seamless

to dip into your depths
with no feelings oppressed
takes the kind of courage
most fear cant be fed

weakness evolves
from putting all of
your energy into
building up
the walls
that block
the flow of life
that was meant
to move you
further into the
depths of the you
you didn’t know
you never knew

to feel
and i mean,
to really feeeel
every ounce of this
human experience
comes with a bravery
that most resist

it breaks you apart
shakes you down
uprooting all
that’s been

to guide you
from within

to let this life
overcome you
with whatever
it may,
while being
proud of it too?

now, that
is strength

that is the
out of

2.7k · Mar 2019
the path
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
i have just always
felt (more) comfortable
walking through (chaos)
it always (lead)s me
back to (me)
may more chaos lead me
2.6k · Jul 2018
c l a r i t y
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
let the LOVE
you form for you
be as formless as the
the SOUL it soothes
it’s ebs and flows
bring you to sea

so you can see
reflecting you
with Cosmic Sight
your darkness grew
a brighter LIGHT

at first WITHIN
but just be still
and watch as it
begins to fill
all you SEE
with all you seek
your clearer sight
forms new beliefs

the clouds all part
to let you RISE
as you let go of
what won’t bloom
and dance away
the heat of june

the summer Sun
has grown with you
its shining through
the cracks they left
your losses GLOW
with every step

this new selflove
you won’t forget
2.5k · Jan 2018
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
i radiate light
most of my hours
but that's not to say
i am always okay

day after day
everything changes
you, me, the trees
my mood + their leaves

the sky never hurries
the mountains don't try
the bees and the moss
without judgement
s u r v i v e

spinning, the earth
moves along

qualities i hope
we all can
take on
2.2k · Jul 2018
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i could hold all of human existence
within this single cosmic groove
bathing me in a flicker of fate
where our auras collided into

our two flames were infused
within this moment we grew
there was bending of Light
that mended me to you

and maybe i still blind myself
in the brightness of that truth
maybe i burned my own heart
by touching you to soon

but fire gives life to the stars
warming the sun and the moon
pain makes room for brightness
the cracks have made me new

in that moment i first touched you
the supernova in me came to
so i embrace the pain that grew
i guess exploding is just what we do
2.2k · Apr 2019
growing galaxies
ohellobeautiful Apr 2019
i swear
the Universe
inside of us grew
as we danced along to
all the pain we once knew
2.1k · May 2019
b l o o m i n g
ohellobeautiful May 2019
oh, but look at what grew

all because of the dirt
that they once threw
(our souls were meant
to bruise in galaxies too)
1.8k · Mar 2018
ohellobeautiful Mar 2018
the whoopsidaisies in life
grow the most vibrant flowers
in your garden of wisdom
and i promise their arrival
will keep you safe
don't fear
your path is perfect
keep trusting
keep loving
1.7k · Nov 2017
to Light the moon
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
Light in You:
brimming (my) heart
imprinting my (soul) with magic
feelings only dreams (can) paint; i am
soon subsumed by the (Light) of your rays
(the moon) dances behind your eyes
you are (all i)ts bloom and rise
with you there's no (need)
for a clever disgu(is)e
i will meet (You)
on the other
my soul can light the moon;
all i need is you
1.7k · May 2018
the way they leave
ohellobeautiful May 2018
there is something
about the way they leave
with hands still deep in
the heart of me
but what hurts the most
is how easy it seems, like
the effortless act of
wind uprooting seeds
i guess some storms
are born just for shaking
away what’s not deep
but the blames not on me
for seasons change and
soon spring came to
wash the blame
i bloomed
away all
due to
and light
shined too
through parts i knew
you took the moment i met you
and from these holes my branches
grew resilient to the heat of june and
now they reach up to the moon
and harbor light to shine and
swoon the ones who come
to love me new but leave
me wild when they're
through i smile every
time they do as it's
your shadow
1.6k · Sep 2018
your greatness shines
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough

i hope you know
you are so much more
than what you have lost
so much more
than those who have
walked the other way
specific to the reason why
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
how you decide to picture your life to be
won’t always end up being what you need
so surrender to what you now see
and let your highest self take lead
this life is a gift
so let it be

if you can just focus on the love
that is within you and around you
and trust that you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
that your falls are where you find insight
sit in this understanding
breathe it in
feel your magic come to life
see the world shifting in your eyes
hear your laughter in the sun’s shine
all of reality begins in your mind

and as you continue to align
don’t get caught up in all the “why’s?”
confusion is the doorway to new sight
it shows you where your greatness shines
and the less you fear peeking inside
the more you can see
that deep in your being
is where all your answers
will ever hide
1.5k · Nov 2017
the sand in my dreams
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
i am here in my head
yet my Soul it still sleeps
in a mossy seabed
waking up each new morning
with dew covered hands
wrapped in cold mists of leftover
words in the sand
rubbing waves from my eyes
gazing up at the sky
asking for reasons why
time for us won't comply

why i grew Love in hues of
his foreign blue high
how i sang him hello
just to swallow goodbye
why i still feel the pull of
his ocean-filled eyes
how his lips drown my mind
in sweet saltwater tides

until deep down a voice speaks -
the smallest of kinds -
with a thought that's so subtle
it might pass me by
"this is as deep as it grows"
magic like this can’t be owned
"this is only a dream"
i must wake up and go
trust it's all for my growth

maybe next time i will not
make shorelines my home
i'll look inward for more
heal mySelf when i’m sore
realize all is reflecting
my own reservoir

Love can feel like a war
each time bickering more
but it's fighting to prove
i am all i look for
1.4k · Mar 2018
ohellobeautiful Mar 2018
and then there was you
who, without knowing
just knew
1.4k · Jan 2018
the nebula in you
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
never apologize for the way
on your darkest of days
you may enter a phase
that feels a lot like
you are an interstellar being
these broken parts of you
are star-glowing matter
the pieces have a path
they’ll always
and when they do... their
new density will display
an even greater array
of the Light
That is
embrace your fragility
it holds your Power
to  t r a n s f o r m
..the same divine
ability is how a
nebula is
1.3k · Feb 2019
ohellobeautiful Feb 2019
life really is sunshine and rainbows
if you wake up and choose to see it
even in the clouds hanging over our heads
and beneath all of the lonely in our beds
there is light that softy shines ahead

and it is constant

with a kaleidoscope
of colors that blossom
from pain once endured
and sunshine that follows
with just the kind of warm
that you never even knew
you’d been searching for

and eventually, when it pours
you’ll start asking for more
because you’ll feel that the growth
is worth all that you came here for

and when your heart breaks
you’ll laugh
because it always
grows right back
with more reason to beat
and more clarity to see

do you know what i mean?
everything has magic at its seams

you are the moment you are experiencing
and it is perfect

so sit back and enjoy the dream...
1.2k · Nov 2017
heart for bed
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
think what i feel
i (sleep) in your mind
you're frightened
and somehow
my heart skips two times
distant (in) nature and
foreign in tongue
still you remind me
(my) soul isn't young
my life's just begun
the worst part is over
and now comes the Sun
you move and it shifts me
i feel your (heart) drum
deep in my lungs
we're connected
as one
everything you do grows in me too. these empty beds that we share are not lonely as your heart pumps stars right to me. your Soul is what i wear, i still feel you everywhere.
1.2k · Aug 2018
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
all is occurring
to help guide you on your way
as you journey through your path
toward your dream life estates
it won’t always look just like
you had pictured it at first
but the harder that it gets
the more you’re cosmically-versed
just know this moment’s perfect
every fall will become worth it
the Universe can hear your Love
it’s guiding you from up above
so please just trust in the Divine
knowing that you’re right on time
even when darkness pays a visit
it brings so many lessons with it
leaving you much more aligned
with iridescent Light to shine
1.1k · Sep 2018
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
when i pull you in
there’s a certain kind of magic
that sparks between our skin

seeping with a secret glow
rising up from down below

i smile with a feeling
that only you and i
will ever know
1.0k · Nov 2018
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
let love be sipped
drink from a heart
with a loosening grip
get drunk off detachment
on this transitory trip
1.0k · Nov 2017
Sand of We
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
i can't escape you in my head
with worried words you always said
the ones about us not foreseeing
what this Love could end up being
today i felt you as i woke
the Sun it shined on words revoked

the poems they just come to me
flowing from this heart that beats
the one you opened up for me
and now my head is stuck at sea
hooked on all the Love we'd be
i can't forget your humble might
you had the light when i lost sight
you shined upon my darkest nights
but now we're far apart in time

oh tell me that you think of me
when happy couples dance and sing
and kiss out on the wooden floor
the one where you struck me with more
more Love than i had known before
more Heart than any Soul had worn
it is that moment i adore
i'd give it endless more encores

i swear i'll find my way back to you
i'll travel far and wide to do
those things you promised me, i knew
one day i'd fly away for you
i'll leave this country and all i see
if only it means You and Me
the Magic we had felt will be
eternal and our losses we
had carried heavy will all flee
as you join them there with me
we'll bury them in Sand of We
rhyming my way back to you
1.0k · Dec 2018
a r r i v a l
ohellobeautiful Dec 2018
Love from a place of fufillment
never love to quench a lonely thirst
let your seams seep Self-alignment
from filling up your soul-needs first

externally so much noise can exist
but you have the power to quiet it
by making space for self-awareness
its expansion is your assignment

don’t let this world distract you
from the Worth that You Shine with
all that you ever seek for isn’t lost but
deep down inside—always it thrives
and like gravity, it keeps tugging
at your Soul to Arrive
1.0k · Aug 2018
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
if i am the ocean
than you are the sea
caressing the sand
where my waves
become free

i may hold onto
depths of what
we could be
but i know now
you’re willing to
hold space for me

in ways we are different
but much more, the same
to see us as separate
would be such a shame

for so long
i thought my waves
couldn’t be claimed
but then we collided
and still, you remained

through all of the storms
you washed pain off of me
and each of my tears
brought you closer to me

and now i don’t drown
in the rain of my doubts
as we dance to our love
we no longer renounce
963 · Jun 2018
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
i still hunger
for the wonder
in your eyes

but i want to be
the one who feeds
the love to me
this time
934 · Jan 2019
loving you
ohellobeautiful Jan 2019
tell me
who drew you in 
and made you think
the bones and joints
within your knees
the veins and nerves
mapping out your entire being
were not already complete?

who made you see
through their broken glass
who made you think
it was okay not to ask
to ask you how
it made you feel 
when they realized
they weren't going to be real
to you or to your swollen heart

you were just so beautiful to see
they just couldn't let you be
and when they fed you their falsities
they made you think you had to stay
as if half of you had gone away

when in truth—you were noting short of gold

and you should have been told
the one thing they couldn't be
was everything they knew
you needed them to be

and when this realization hits
they don't even have the heart to admit
you were everything they wanted
but couldn't be

so they just had to taste it 
they had to feel your breeze
and they take and they take
and then they leave...

but darling don't you fret

for they will never forget
the love they found in you
the love you still hold true
the love that's grown too

you needed them to help you through
so now you see that the best part of life
has always been about loving you
931 · Jul 2018
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
keep your Love
close to mine
this world does not
define your kind
i'll stick by you
through all you do
even when your
heart is strewn
i'll paint your worries
with my mind
replace your broken
parts with mine
your light
it guides me
so i shine, unrefined
we intertwine
through all time
you'll never find me
far behind . . .
for my best friend, chelsieanna marie <3
927 · Dec 2017
scorching-cool heat
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
(fire) burned
everything i (loved)
everything i (to)uched
i was a (catch) 22
until i caught (you)
a deep (and) decadent blue
you (carry) the mountains
with all that (you) do
(through) you shines the moon
your highest tides come in (dark)
(to) mist down the fever
of the ills i (embark)
settl(in)g the blaze
i’ve been (scorching) for days
your ocean eyes (cool) down
the (heat) of my haze
the flame (of) my heart
it still (burns) on some days
but (you)r waves they impart
(ice) to heal my new pains
my fire loved to catch you and carry you through dark
to embark in scorching-cool heat
of burns you ice
920 · Oct 2017
something amiss
ohellobeautiful Oct 2017
these vessels are merely
temporary vehicles to grip
every moment we trip
in this chance to exist
for your lips and their kiss
to caress down my hips
for your hands to reach out
and find my soul’s abyss
for our hearts to dismiss
every hurt that persists
in the midst of each glitch
you helped me stay equipped
with the power to fall back
to what was once bliss
so i dream our old script
and my heart nearly skips
do you too reminisce
of these moments
i miss or am i lost
in time falling
d e e p l y
860 · Feb 2018
r e f l e c t i o n s
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
love in my heart; magic in my eyes
flames that sparked from light in you
you echo through all that i grew
855 · Jun 2019
worlds of change
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
i am sleepwalking through
this clouded view of truth
and my soul is heavy
with your need to escape
all those noises they grew
so your voices would fade
the clouds are turning gray
and begin pouring fate
the rain wants to stay
but the sun finds a way
as they grow familiar
with the rivers and waves
i have formed in the desert
with the tears that i taste
from the suffering you face
and i want to erase
all the pain that remains
so that look on your face
can be lifted some day
as we all have the power
to shine light your way
and use our own privilege
to create worlds of change
praying for the people of Sudan. please research what is going on. there is a massacre and it’s not being spoken about. they have an internet blackout and they need us to echo their screams.
let’s do our best to uplift the oppressed.
836 · Sep 2018
the taste of honey
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
i spent so long
making mountains
with my inability
to trust

creating dust
with my worries
as i grew tired
of chasing
broken promises
and tasting
the bitter
in the never
of forevers

just so you
would have to climb
to my new heights
of broken life
and find my love
more worth the fight

and as we spent
less time alone
i found that broken
made quite the home

the universe in me
made sense
my worries felt
much less intense

you held my hopes
in your warm hands
and i grew trust
where i once ran

and in the midst
of all of this
i felt secure
in all those hits
my heart
once bared

for every tear
had led you there
to clear the air
for us to share
the taste of honey
in my despair
who said broken was a bad thing?
813 · Nov 2018
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
whether it was
the unwavering yearning
or the heights my heart insisted
there was a sense of hope there
that only grew with distance
811 · May 2019
ohellobeautiful May 2019
baby, lately I’ve been
space-dancing through
those lost dimensions
of me and you
806 · Jan 2018
mastery of breach
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
the clouds are floating
some days i try to catch them
but my grip is loose
so i learn to release
these reminders of you
and love that seems
within my reach
but i am a fool for drifting
and i have grown familiar
to the mastery
of breach
and love is here
just trying to teach
me and my past selves
the meaning
of ease

— Sun struggles
769 · Nov 2017
magic tricks
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
you planted trees down my worries
and grew love in all of the places i was too afraid to shine
and now a forest grows in all of the corners your fingers got to know
and wonder dances through the leaves to your magic breeze

but someone once told me that curiosity killed the cat
and yeah maybe when you smiled at me that first time
i wondered where you had been my whole life
and i think that's where we went wrong
just like the nights you spent telling me words
in the way your language speaks them
and i spent my hopes and dreams on them
i could see them being the key to all my wants and needs

but magic is made up of tricks
and you sure are the master
at making me believe the trees were real
but lately the plastic leaves have melted from the fire
you rekindled in my heart
and even if the words weren't true
you gave me something bright and new

i know we all are trying to be the best humans we can possibly be
so i don't blame you for leaving what you breathed into me
because really, i chose you to come do these things to my heart
i prayed and hoped and i manifested you to be there
when i looked up from my lonely hands

if only you hadn't come into work that night
if only i hadn’t stumbled to that side of the beach
to that side of the world
if only i had done something differently in my past
then maybe, just maybe then
i wouldn’t have fallen into the arms of lost hope
and maybe we would have never known
that magic could exist in strangers
maybe everything occurring now would feel real

but instead i am walking through some kind of lucid dream
and i can't figure out what my room used to feel like
because now it just looks so unfamiliar to me
like the person i am

i can't find her

what did you do when i looked up at you? some kind of spell..
i am ready to be free

i want you

but you don't have room left for someone like me
i still keep space for you
765 · Sep 2018
the way you do
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
when you smile
the world is new
for all the magic
you see is you
those days
as dark

the way
you do
759 · Jul 2018
divine mother of mine
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
if i had to pick one word
to describe my mom

it would be ineffable

she is beyond comprehension
her love has transcended
beyond every dimension
she exceeds every meaning i can see
i swear she puts the stardust
in the way my light bleeds
she is everything
beautiful about this world
weaved into a blanket of
incandescent vitality from above

i want to hug my soul so hard
for choosing such a woman
to be my guidance of love
she not only birthed me, clothed me,
and fed me as any mom innately would,
but she extended her heart in ways
that most humans on this earth never could
even imagine having the power to do
she lights up every single room
and leaves love dripping from
every corner too

she supersedes all roles she takes on,
and she continues to find ways
to make my life a dream
to say i am thankful
is infinitesimal in expressing
my gratitude toward all she has given me
in just my short 23 years of existing
she is truly beyond any poem or any rhyme
i could ever find— she is the most delicate
manifestation of the divine

i know not everyone has the ability to say
they have a mom that loves them
in this unconditional way
but we all have someone in our lives
—blood or not—
who has picked us up and guided us back
toward our light when the darkness attacks

and so if you’re still reading this
i hope you take the time to remind
this person from time to time
just how much they mean to you
even if you can’t put it into words
just hug them and tell them
they’re appreciated
because life is too short
and love is too sweet
to silence the drum
in our hearts
that they beat
746 · Nov 2017
t i m e l e s s
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
even if it was just for a moment
           we were hOMe

never again
will i fear leaving the shore
as your waves of intuition
fuel the anchor to my sea of losses

your familiar tongue
had forgotten its foreign nature
and together, we unlocked the door
to a vast sea of unkept secrets
fleeted feelings of silenced Love
no dialect needed anymore

and although this Magic
had escaped us for some time
thoughts of you
leave me feeling sublime
you continue to touch me
in all of my rhymes
i have never been more sure
that our moments are eternal
i endlessly sing
we are an illusion to time

i swear to you, darling
if the darkness continues
to dance around your room
i will find its rhythm
and i will synch to that tune

no matter the distance
between me + you
if your stars do refuse
to quit falling as you roam
i will swim across oceans to catch them
and i will use their light to guide us back hOMe
if only you knew
the life you live
through my rhyming of you
744 · Dec 2017
soul tunes
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
i still think
i can see you in the clouds
and every time i blink
the colors of your
soul sing
735 · Nov 2018
galaxies of growth
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
734 · Dec 2017
eternal illusions
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
hues of (you)
(leave) my heartspace sublime
you continue to paint (me)
in (a)ll of my rhymes
so my sun keeps it’s (shine)
so my Light (i) can find
all our moments (eternally)
(grow) toward the sky
oh our colors (the)y bloom
and my heart becomes (new)
(you) will always be my
true illusion (to) time
you leave me a shine i eternally grow the new you to
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