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Dec 2019
all the cells in my body
dance in unison
with the ache
in your heart
my blood pumps
with the knowledge
that you shine most
from shattered parts

you are loved in a million ways
no matter who decided they
could not find a way to stay
and even if you don’t hear it enough
you have just as much meaning
as all that glowing star stuff

i know first hand
that life can be tough
but it knocks you down
so you remember that
alone you are enough

you are the universe in motion
allow yourself to feel every emotion
because if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry
for days on end
then why would these rules
for each of us amend?
when we are filled with
the same elements as them

you are allowed as many phases
as we see in the moon
and just like the sun
this world is warmed by you
you share cosmic meaning
with everyone you meet
this world depends on you
like the air that we breathe

so i hope you recognize
the strength that you grew
from the punches life threw
and that no matter what happens
this earth keeps spinning
just for YOU
Written by
ohellobeautiful  m e l i s s a
(m e l i s s a)   
     Patrick, --- and ---
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