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Angelica Yeo Jan 10
Youth - an epitome

In your own headspace
and all you could hear is your heart

like you had an extra shot of coffee
your breathing gets louder and slower

In a wrath of emotions
As you peel the foil of the chocolate bar
and take a bite into your anxiety
it is bittersweet

You find yourself in a place
where you no longer belong
where expectations are high yet grey

What an odd age
An odd age indeed

Fun turns into guilt
Money becomes happiness
Love, a liability

But remember, while all things change
there’s one that doesn’t
It is Him

His Word remains, always
John McCafferty Jul 2020
Harmonic vibes from past tribes
Come together to realign
Our voice as one is magnified
Raise your level from inside
Trust in part with what can't be seen
Feel supreme in alternating tones
Eyes often closed to open minds
Reap beliefs to form your own
No words are needed to succeed
Moving true free and deeply
Yet synchronised numbers rhyme in kind
(@PoeticTetra - Instagram/twitter)
Josh Overson Feb 2018
I solidified into stone, I had no heart.
I thought I was alone, I met your spark.
The cold metal scraped the walls,
Creating friction inside the halls.
Where were we supposed to be?

Hoping to cover my hurt,
I stripped my shorts and shirt.
A little early to giveaway needs,
We have ties yet to be relieved.
I know I’m lost, so don’t look for worth.
I know it’ll cost, but so does rebirth.
You never saw my fake joy,
Never saw that I’ll always be an abused toy.
But couldn’t careless if your dark eyes were blind,
Your dark eyes found a way to sooth my mind.

I’m scared as hell...
“I know that this was hard to find,
But we need to wait some time”
The longer we we wait
The more you’ll see
That I’m not all that great
And I’m nothing you’ll ever need
I’m just gonna let you down too
I’m sorry
It’s all I could ever do

I hope to be there in the morning,
Every second adoring.
I miss your room,
Can we realign soon?
I have great hope for this flame.
I’ll befriend the frame.
I’ll meet change.
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
(a) Cosmic
kind of One (Time) Find
your Soul keeps (return)ing
to sneak-peak my m(i)nd
we (exist) beyond time
with an ach(in)g unkind
i just want (to) hold you
so my Soul can (Rise)
a Time-return i exist in to Rise
Darkly Aug 2016
The feeling is so hidden away.
Protected shrunk down reduced in size to within straight lines traced with fingers into a tiny box.
Ninety degrees.
V = a2h
Thrown through a dimension door into another place far away tucked underneath earth and grass and kept quiet by flowing water.
You are connected to it so well it is simply a part of you.
A very small part that is very large.
Don't tell them that.
Your secret is safe with me.
(By The Moon, They Are)
And things will never be the same.
SassyJ Dec 2015
Dear one,
As the domino, I fall cascading on the drawing board. Why would one deny progression? A furtherance , the ebb and flow. I remain up beat and spirited as I read your letters. It's like a barred barricade is being lifted.Your glowing light is charging me. Certainty is liberating, the riding of the waves have become a skill that I have engrossed. The tides spread from shore to shore and I must anchor. I am ever grateful for your deliberation in regard to my current affairs. Your magnanimity is greatly appreciated.

                                           As I am
Enormous, bountifulness of free spirit. Episodes of  taciturnity alternated by sequences of  thrill are remarkably felt. The higher level linking is simultaneous , coordinated and equidistant. As life propels, years progress a resemblance of energy is greatly congruent. The conforming compatibility of the absolute is evident. Transpiration of what once known yet unknown surfaces, erupts and consolidates a new meaning. A renewed existence, a recovered emergence solidifies. These moments are so evident, abundantly and vehemently felt on every fibre,bone and muscle of my being. Right to the core of my soul, my very existence.

On the tangent of thoughts........"J" the jewel... the forgotten treasure. What happened to the nature trueness that stroked your mind? The non win compromises aren't spontaneous. We must realign.... we must.

Vous êtes magnifiquement merveilleux et excellent en tous les moyens possible.
You sure do give me the butterflies......
You hold me in skies high above.
I can't control the butterflies.........
Is it just a flutter ?

To progress as you progress.....

Inspired by........
Natasha Bedingfield (Soulmate)
Vous êtes magnifiquement merveilleux et excellent en tous les moyens possible.

Translation from French:
You are wonderful and beautifully excellent in all ways possible .

— The End —