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Carlo C Gomez Oct 12
a glimpse of
what might have been:
the candle
and the blow

pacing the floor
mind filled with nighthawks
stomach with bitter pills

snow on the window sill
--the long winter
of our love

it comes out of the blue
like dead reckoning

thoughts of us

a hand withdrawn
the final wager on goodbye
Moth Sep 13
everyone in sync
lining up together
words and actions
that flow just right

out of the loop
unable to connect
like some secret
I couldn't find

how do they connect
like wires to computer
making memories together
I feel disconnected
Amanda Hawk Aug 27
Rain filters
through fingers
slipping in between
the cracks
conversations, wet
fluid, bending against skin
pooling at feet
puddles, these topics
we are eager to stomp
dance, splashing
memories catching
on the hems of our clothes
drenching, our sensations
shiver, and we are cold
in these connections
Cox Jul 18
You can be a small flower in life.
You may struggle to bloom.
To settle your roots.
To have the perfect position for the sunshine.
What you really need to do is **** your garden.
Your field.
Then, and only then, open your petals as wide and beautiful that they can go.
And just bloom.
Sometimes all we need is to empty those holding us back, only then in order to rise.
To rise to the sun.
Written: 6/6/20, 2:47AM.
A friendly reminder that weeding is important for growth.
Anais Vionet Jul 3
arrgh!. Zoom didn’t connect? - more tech issues
USPS can’t deliver any more - Trump's America!
I wasn’t dragged & dropped - is wireless down?
no Facebook notifications? - ok, who uses that
My image wasn’t swiped! - I knew my hair was..
My email was returned? - call that Alphabet guy
No Amazon deliveries. - a probable traffic issue
FedEx hasn’t arrived! - there must be a mistake
I didn’t get pinned? - maybe there’s a pandemic
I wasn’t upvoted. - I question the entire process
No iMessages - maybe the upgrade was buggy
No likes? - is it me or am I seeing patterns here
a pattern poem about connections
Wordsmith Jun 2
There she stood
Tall and assured
Charming but not boastful --

An energizing silence
A magnetic pull, all-knowing
Drawing me closer --

A scar I notice
A defect somewhat
An impurity they say --

She cares not to hide it
She basks in it
Pride in memory --

I come to hold her in esteem
Sets her apart
A quiet confidence --

A connection inimitable
I fondly remember
And she revels in remembrance --
A note of appreciation for my crystal friend.

Defects in crystals lend them their uniqueness.  Like every person is unique to their own DNA, we too should discover and embrace our own unique gifts.

Fun Fact: Scientists have discovered Calcite Micro-Crystals in the pineal gland of the human brain. These crystals have piezoelectric properties with excitability in the frequency range of mobile telecommunications.

Perhaps our very own wireless transmitter linking us to universal consciousness.
agalwithwords May 25
Cry to me; cry with me.

You know you can. 

When you are with me.

You’ll just be whom I see.

I’ll ignore the image I may have of you.

Even what the world thinks of you.

Good, bad, ugly — who gets a say in that?

I’ll even take evil if it comes as truth.

Look into my eyes,

Strip to your soul.

I promise I will have no filters.

I see you as whole.

There is an unasked why to each what.

Something has led you to this rut.

So, cry! Be angry! Shout, scream, and yell!

I know you want to, I can tell.

When you are with me, it's a deal.

You don't need to hide what you feel.

The world is fond of liars.

But you stay true to yourself.

Live what is now, it won’t be back.

Live what is real, let’s not pretend.

I see in you a reflection of my lost soul.

May be you will find yourself in my stroll.

That's the soul connection we have...
Adrian May 1
A cold wind
Greets my toes,
And the setting sun
Waves an orange goodbye.

Yet the moon
Has never felt so far away,
And the stars dim
From this distance.
I’m sad. Kinda *****.
Adrian Apr 19
An endless window sits before me
The ebon gleam
Entices my forest green...

Contact starts with eyes
But what contact is left
In this empty planet.
Black eyes... I wonder if that’s possible. Not like pupils, but the colored part.
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