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Mimi Hachiko Sep 11
To make connection
such stark satisfaction
evades me these days
I try to make conversation
Fight my own evasion
no luck, to my dismay
Every day is a challenge
I work to scavenge
my strength, whittled away
I just need a friend
Someone to depend
Before I lose my way
Monisha Aug 18
Have you ever felt this,
That you know someone
Without really knowing them.

That you hold someone,
Without really  holding  them.

That you see someone,
Without really seeing them.

That you hear someone,
Without really hearing them.

That you feel someone,
Without them being close enough.

That you call out to them,
And their soul whispers back!
lake Jul 14
they say life is a highway
that way or my way
where it ends i can't say
that depends on the places
the places i'll be
and faces i'll meet
the names that i'll greet
and friends that i'll keep
but how many will leave
and how many are left

will you follow me
to where this life ends
when i'm on my knees
will you hold my hand
will i get to see
flowers on my grave
a familiar face

cause at the end of the day
when i'm gone, far away
and you're left here to stay
will you hold on to me
like a sweet memory
will i make you laugh
or just make you cry
be the tears in your eyes
will that be too much
or just enough
Valentin Jun 22
She used to call me Free Man
I already miss her

Living this life of connections
Connecting with people
Loving them

They are all so mysterious
From all parts of our World

I would give anything
To experience such a party again
With those unknown people

Especially you
The Chinese girl

I gave you all the love
All the tenderness I have
Inside me

I can spend the night kissing you
I can spend the night touching your body

The alcohol is pouring is my veins
It affects my brain

I desire you
I am wondering how would I start kissing you

Close your eyes
My hand is covering your eyes
I am staring at your lips
Bending over
I kiss you forever

I am unreachable
I am the happiest man on our planet

I desire you
I don't want to have *** with you
It is more than ***
It is romance

I will not see you again
Let fate decide for us

I can't remember your name
But I have to thank you

Thank you
For making me feel in love again
At the edge of the feeling
This will never fade in my mind

And I wish you
All the deepest happiness
You can find on your path
This endless path
Called life
MindMooring Jun 17
Our connections are cloned
so fast on mass scale, that soon it will be difficult
to recognize the original seed where uncounted we leave
unbinding of these beats on millions of devices.
#cloned #connections #device #mass #scale #beats
With the sound of shuffling leaves
I gaze at the moon
With you on my mind
And I will you to glance up, too,
And I wonder if you will.
I wonder if we’ll ever find ourselves
Gazing up to the sky
Miles apart
And so connected
With the blue light
That shines in our eyes
As the strings to our hearts
Strengthen again.
Love me until the end
As I will love you.
Rowan Jun 14
I have an extensive knowledge of things
many people might call useless.

I can explain to you the evolution of the Doctor,
the Dalek’s rise and downfall, the breath of a Rose.
Merlin and Arthur live in tandem, two sides of the same coin,
and it’s hard not to see, they mean more than simple friends in their reality.
Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Hael, Michael, Eziekel, Raphael, among many are
the warriors of God, a man who writes comics about the Winchester brothers.
“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” is my favorite quote from Russell Howard’s Recalibrate,
and Danial Sloss’s bit about jigsaws hits a note, a truth Ed Sheeran does too, in the last line,
“And before I get to love someone else, I’ve got to love myself.”
Of course, they mean romantic love, it can take someone loving you platonically to learn to love yourself.

I crawl around the corners, searching for this information, the tidbits I can throw at people,
Look and see me, I’ve got things you ain’t never seen before, as referenced to Secretariat,
said by Eddie Sweat. Tiny things, picked up from Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, ‘tis I, the frenchiest fry’.
I have a store racked with snapshots of a million different stories packed tight in my head and I’m desperately trying to shove these facts to fill this void I cannot fill.

I can tell you blue waffles are Percy’s favorite food, that Nico deserved better and look at me like come and watch the kid with a slowly declining mental health as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself. Bo Burnham. BBS came from a video featuring a yellow school bus and a fuckton of shouting. Terroriser and Danisnotonfire are comfortable in their gender, and so is my friend Evan. **** the terms and conditions of masculinity, take the signatures and white out the scrawled names, break away from the lines we try to box you in.

Tumblr doesn’t always get it right, often times they get it wrong, but somethings I’ve found on there have helped me calm down a friend from an anxiety attack, have shown me truths I don’t want to see. It also taught me that carrier pigeons could fly eighteen hundred kilometers and were used as early as three thousand years ago. Have you ever seen what fan art can do? The stunning creations made by people who don’t expect any money or expectations? What of the fanfictions? We have to pay for food, water, electricity, but yet we can delve into books, a lifeline for many, for free? Kudos to them.

This is the world I have fought to live in since I can remember. This is the hunger I am trying to sate inside of me, but it only grows and I can’t keep up with it. When I can’t be me… facts, connections, the only places I can feel through are the books, movies, shows, YouTube videos. I make reference after reference, hoping to connect with someone else, to find a place I belong and…

And I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t—
Planejane2 May 19
What happened to just being there
Not these ******* filters
Or showing off your nails and your hair
What’s wrong with being present
Talking and expressing feelings to some mother ******* that don’t care
Everybody’s in a ******* movie
Lip syncing, finger pinching
Tryna make angles that aren’t even there
You all sitting together
Snapping each other’s life
Yet no one is living theirs
Lilli Sutton May 9
I still check Craigslist sometimes
just to see what people are giving away
or trying to sell. Scraps of wood,
tires and furniture and pieces
of their hearts – so glaringly clear.
Sometimes the missed connections
are ******, sometimes just raw –
strangers stripping off their skin
and laying their bones in the streets,
to say – we never met properly,
and I miss you because of it.
Or longing – do you remember
the way we used to look at each other?
I want to love someone enough
to tell the whole world about it –
like that, private whisper into white space.
The bravery to say – we’ll meet again
one day, because of this,
because you feel the same
and would do anything to find me.
Or maybe it never works,
and all this is simply a semi-private performance
of grief, of oneness, of the in-between.
Vivian Apr 27
Apart yet together,
as we take a walk in on different beaches,
as the sun sets, casting the golden color over the sand,
the pink sky fading into the night blue,
yet at the same ocean,
it's blue waves washing on the shore,
giving us who we are,
and taking away who we were,

Apart yet together,
as we live different songs,
the chorus repeating history,
the verses singing us a different future,
the melody of the words in our hearts,
the tune forever in us,
sending different messages,
yet one meaning,
as our songs go on,
to sing us,

Apart yet together,
as we're not next to each other,
as we're not talking to each other,
as we don't know each other,
as we're together

As the weavings in our life are knotted and tangled,
made of torn scraps of the past and the present,
different strings, all barely hanging onto each other,
yet connected and tied,
by invisible threads,
of the future,
and hope,
and love,

As we're apart,
yet together
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