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Amanda Jan 16
I used to believe loss was part of life
That isn't quite correct

Losing IS life

The losses what make us who we are and mold us

The wins just the incentive to keep us in the game

So I am learning to embrace the suffering and let it stretch my soft parts into something stronger
Instead of wishing bad weather away
Alan S Bailey Aug 2018
This is the other side of sanity!
I think to myself,
a riddle in the middle of chastity, vanity?
what is it that I have to say?
Is this not another day or is it a play?
Vaguely we are tossed into this
post hence I have seen the other side-
this day with you...this day that never came.
I will not be able to tell the difference of pleasure
or pain.

I am still lost dreaming on to the memory,
you stood there in the middle of high school square
doe-eyes intent, hidden behind you're intense
endless hidden truth, your boyish youth.

A dream of gazing into those eyes some day,
I never wanted to say goodbye or go away,
this world carried me to the "other side" and it was
"too late," I was unable to "succeed." Who am I
to seek this "other side?" In the sky?
What we never do? Call this "side" what you will,
but in the end I would have gladly battled madly
through hell for a chance to share your world with you.

Oh, here I go again, blithering sadness, sad poem!
Look to the skies when you're alone, then maybe
on the clearest of nights when this whole world
they've built of stone is gone you will finally find out
how beautiful you are so.
Even if I never got to see you understand this or
spend another day with(out) are all
I can't get off my mind no matter how hard I try
I will continue to see you can't forget you
Even in my wildest
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
I’ve been playing this game
for **** near twenty one years
and long ago lost track
of my wins and losses

I simply got caught up
in the winsomeness
of all that is

Why keep a tally
that’s callous and rigid
with the infiniteness of living at your fingertips
How I play the game.
EA Sports.
It's in the game.

How do you play the game?

Game game game
Jolene Faber May 2018
your unshaven face rests on my shoulder.
your hot breath sends shivers and little speed bumps on the surface of my tanned skin.
the unforgiving sun stinging us and reminding us of the cool breeze around us.
you smile at my lips and my creases deepen tempting me to smile more at you as if you knew what I was thinking.
your messy hair falls on your forehead and I move it, trailing kisses from the top of your face, right down to your mouth.
we say nothing.
we've said nothing for 2 hours, but our traveling eyes are having conversations irreplaceable by our mouths.
we can't get any closer, and contact wont allow us to get any closer than we are.
we hear each other breathing and it reminds us that we're living. and dying doesn't frighten us, because right now feels like forever.
your lip biting and slight looks up doesn't shift my gaze, as if staring at you has been innate.
your washed out jeans and faded black shirts lay on the floor like my dignity and composure.
loving you something terrible and letting you sink in.
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
of fear
that some
day you would
too fade away i lost
sense of time trying
to map out
but your
features are
timeless just like
our mistakes; but i
don’t regret the way
we bloomed those
the greatest love comes with no gaurantee
so cherish the moments where love supersedes
alayna Feb 2018
was the last thing
that you ever said to me
i went to bed, not knowing
that we’d never talk again
there was no way i could’ve known
neither of us had time
i was busy with school
you were busy with work
but the thing is
you slowly turned to dust
the next thing i knew
i was in the church
crying while talking about
how much i missed you
and how wrong it was
for you to die so young
nick armbrister Feb 2018
Warhawk and Nate
The Warhawks took off and flew upwards
Like angry hornets looking for trouble
Covering the frail old biplane
A flying camera with brave crew
Tasked to look for enemy locations
Flying here and there warlanes they were
American flown Curtiss fighters
Guarding the Filipino crewed Stearman
On a mission of war in the second global war
The **** were ready and scrambled planes
Nates took off and headed for battle
Each side had skilled determined pilots
Men would die today and planes be wrecked
Like something from Hollywood they clashed
Vicious little snappers reeling about the sky
Rolling turning diving climbing shooting dodging
The battle went till fuel and ammo was gone
Two planes and pilots never made it back
Both fought like demons and paid the price
Each side lost a pilot and plane
They both came to grief on the same mountain
And left comrades and loved ones behind
Bits of broken airplanes on the mountain
Lost forgotten unwanted for decades
Till the wrecks were eventually found
Some answers revealed more questions posed
Only the pilots' ghosts and God knew the truth
In this Tarac Ridge battle February 9 1942
The day Stone and Kurosawa died...
alayna Dec 2017
a decade ago,
i would eagerly wait for you to come home
so that i could aggravate you,
the sound of the front door unlocking
would bring me running to the door,
hugging you and your sister.
a decade ago,
you fought with your sister about who would
sit next to me in the car.
half a decade ago,
i visited you,
you asked me, “are you seven now?”
i replied, “i can see why you got held back.”
i was nine, and too sassy for my own good.
three years ago,
you were there for me when i had no one else.
you calmed me down,
when everything was falling apart.
you sat in the basement with me,
and you told me everything would be fine.
three years ago,
i sat with you and we played video games.
you told me stories, and we talked about
politics, of all things, you talked about politics with a newly-turned twelve year old.
last year,
you accidentally took your own life.
i miss you, is all i have to say.
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