when you smile
the world is new
for all the magic
you see is you
those days
as dark

the way
you do
i spent so long
making mountains
with my inability
to trust

creating dust
with my worries
as i grew tired
of chasing
broken promises
and tasting
the bitter
in the never
of forevers

just so you
would have to climb
to my new heights
of broken life
and find my love
more worth the fight

and as we spent
less time alone
i found that broken
made quite the home

the universe in me
made sense
my worries felt
much less intense

you held my hopes
in your warm hands
and i grew trust
where i once ran

and in the midst
of all of this
i felt secure
in all those hits
my heart
once bared

for every tear
had led you there
to clear the air
for us to share
the taste of honey
in my despair
who said broken was a bad thing?
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough

i hope you know
you are so much more
than what you have lost
so much more
than those who have
walked the other way
specific to the reason why
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
how you decide to picture your life to be
won’t always end up being what you need
so surrender to what you now see
and let your highest self take lead
this life is a gift
so let it be

if you can just focus on the love
that is within you and around you
and trust that you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
that your falls are where you find insight
sit in this understanding
breathe it in
feel your magic come to life
see the world shifting in your eyes
hear your laughter in the sun’s shine
all of reality begins in your mind

and as you continue to align
don’t get caught up in all the “why’s?”
confusion is the doorway to new sight
it shows you where your greatness shines
and the less you fear peeking inside
the more you can see
that deep in your being
is where all your answers
will ever hide
no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth

storms exist to awake me
still one of my favorite poems i have ever written <3
we are free to be
whatever we please
whether or not
any others agree

our distinct vibration
shifts all of the nations
and our unique ways
are the cosmic-hydration

with no need for fixation
on anothers’ dictation
we rid ourselves of
any self-love cessation

we explode in our glory
all free from filtration
and use our relations
for human salvation

let us be who we are
embracing each scar
our imperfect nature
keeps us reaching far

releasing self-judgement
with our hearts kept ajar
we can see that our falls
were just crossroads to stars
these intense feelings
from the contrast you bloom
are the delicate roots
to the flower in you

please do not settle
for someone who wilts
your intricate petals
with their own self-guilt

because they can’t see
the light that you shine
through all of their weeds
they’ve yet to define

be unapologetically you
to all your degrees
and rid yourself of those
who cannot agree

for you form the cosmos
with every ounce that you feel
let it seep from your seams
and don’t ever conceal

all that you are
is so perfectly endowed
and to be rawly you
is your life’s greatest vow
the moon is full
with the light of you
and so you deserve
to shine on, too
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