do not resign
when you feel unaligned
just laugh with the flowers
they’ll listen each time
no matter the place
nature makes space
the rivers will welcome
the tears on your face
they know just how good
the salty waves taste
and if your tide runs dry
when no one’s near by
just pause and be still
with the Universe inside
where all the stars shine
and all answers hide
in the dimensions of you
beyond your human design
you have depth so Divine
the Universal humming
keep drumming to life
all due to rhythms
that you breathe
a l i v e
you laughed
and the tulips began to bloom
they didn’t care if it was june
or how the constellations moved
for i, the sun, had found my moon
and in my photographic mind
i’d see the timeless dance
we’d find
if you did stay
i’d find new ways
to tell you how much magic
can live within the space
of your warm hands
upon on my face
how every dream
of mine would drip
out from corners of your lips
how constellations in me grew
the moment my bare skin felt you
+Cosmic love songs synched to tunes
of my lost stars that sparked in you
but when you left i swear they
grew and now you
shine through
all i do
i hope it’s okay
i still feel the music in you
it’s just that these lo-fi vibes
remind me of our synergy
and i know that lately i
have been getting so high
off of falling back into me
but i still miss your groove
when the music comes to
in a way that brings
me back to you
look at
what grew
all due to the
dirt that you threw
there is something
about the way they leave
with hands still deep in
the heart of me
but what hurts the most
is how easy it seems, like
the effortless act of
wind uprooting seeds
i guess some storms
are born just for shaking
away what’s not deep
but the blames not on me
for seasons change and
soon spring came to
wash the blame
i bloomed
away all
due to
and light
shined too
through parts i knew
you took the moment i met you
and from these holes my branches
grew resilient to the heat of june and
now they reach up to the moon
and harbor light to shine and
swoon the ones who come
to love me new but leave
me wild when they're
through i smile every
time they do as it's
your shadow
no such thing as goodbye
when you are the air i breathe
an eternity of me now will be spent
dancing along your exotic set of words
the ones you nurtured my heart with
the ones that sit behind the darkness
i n  y o u r  e y e s
there is magic in your heartache
there is a garden that grows
in the parts of you
that you have always despised
one that is blooming bright
as the light within you
begins to peek through
the valleys of your losses

i've climbed your walls
and oh, it wasn't easy
i lost my grip every few miles
there are cuts and bruises
lining the scars others left behind
but each time i knew
it was just making me
s t r o n g e r

as i made my way to the top
+ i drank in the view of you
when we finally arrived
t o g e t h e r
it was effortless
wasn't it?
once we arrived
e f f o r t l e s s
to look back down
so quick we were
to fall to the ground
losing grip is easy
saying goodbye isn't

there is a forest
you planted inside of me
and the leaves have fallen
but they still smell like you
and when the wind
blows them off shore
i'll watch as they
dance away

loving you...
was the furthest from a bore
it filled me, it fed me
it clothed me in the tenderness
i've been looking for

but losing you
oh, losing you....
it was how i found a way
to love me more
falling out of you and back into me
all i
you too
and every
single plant
in bloom can
feel me move
when you blink
my world is new
the cosmos come
to life through you
+ all you do—for all
you see—is all of you
it’s all you
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