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Maria Mitea Jan 30
I climb trees at night
with my hands,
my soul,
with my lips,
and I pick the green leaves one by one,
one by one,
my hands become so small,
or, suddenly
they grow so big,
and so long
that I can't see them,
or I see them too well,
or, I feel them picking the little green leaves
and putting them in a sac that is attached to my body,
my shoulders,
holding tight
until I climb soft branches,
or I reach trees with big heavy branches,
where I stop and eat jam,
sweet jam
made from little leaves,
like a baby, I cover my head with leaves,
I dance in green leaves,
and  I jump in yellow leaves that ones were green leaves,
I am an old man that holds a green leaf în between his tongue and thees and sings from a Greenleaf,

I climb trees at night
as if I am swimming up in the sun rays,
I see little leaves with the little names written on them,

I climb trees at night
and it is in that night I wake up with no pain,
No tears, No regrets, No resentments,
In that night I wake up with a smile on my face,
like a newborn that climbs trees at night,

I never stopped climbing trees at night,
but last night I was climbing on Everest,
Leah Oct 2020
I’ve wanted pretty, soft, hands for as long as I can remember;
thin fingers,
long nails.
The kind that pair well with coffee mugs and bookstores.
The kind you don’t hesitate to kiss;
but mine are riddled with anxiety.
There are scars on my knuckles from walls  that didn’t deserve my anger
and I can’t seem to stop biting at my fingernails.
I will never be the pretty girl with soft hands and thin fingers.
I am the strong girl
who scales mountainsides
and presses my hips into the walls I once used to punish myself.
My hands haven’t been the same since I covered them in chalk and started gripping onto what has become a lifeline for me.
I will never be the pretty girl with soft hands and thin fingers.
I will be the strong one.
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
I remember you
in my childhood yard,
you were climbing,
every year, little by little,
towards the sun, and blue sky,
leaving me on the ground,

Watching you year after year,
your dexterity as a free climber,
your character attracted me
til-one day your dark black grapes riped,
I wanted to be you, the climber.

Only you,
climbed higher, and higher,
and your grapes grew higher,
and higher,
green little eyes
looked from down
at your black grapes,
in the middle of the summer.
'Darling, do you need the ladder?
I can set the ladder for you'
Oh, mother!
Don't you see,
I reach the grapes from the ground.

I remember you!
Climbing grapevine!
I remember you!

I see you today only as a picture,
You make me climb up again.

Copyright © Maria Mitea | Year Posted 2021
Missing Home!
Thera Lance Jun 2020
It’s a tall order
Sloping miles above my head in loose handholds
That crumble to gravel at my touch,
Rolling under my feet sliding back
Further than I can crawl forward.
It hurts in scraped palms
And hearts of my own both beating
In and out of my chest.
My knees tremble at the eternity above my head.
But the view,
The sun unhindered by Earthly clouds,
The stars that I had lost sight of
Make this treacherous climb worth all the pain
Of one foolish enough to fall off the mountain the first time.
Daniel Pokorny Feb 2020
Life is like climbing a glacier,
A glacier that always fights back,
Pushing you down,
Beneath the waves at the bottom.
The longer you're under,
The more your affected,
You gotta keep climbing,
Your last breath,
Will be beneath the waves.
We all have our own glaciers to climb, and our own meanings of the waves we climb out of. But one thing is for sure, we all need to keep climbing.
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Apartment smokey
as oiled chicken bakes,
pepper flakes crunch, pop
from excess drops,
muscles hot from crushing rocks.
A time tested method for calm head,
shed weight, elevate concentrated focus,
no external locus.
Hippie-dippy, hocus pocus,
tokeless moments notice
change and composure,
closer to found by stealing
body from ground, resurrecting
ancient things, lost memories,
how to place my foot,
shift weight, drop knee,

for the next stone.
Daniel Magner 2020
Sky Oct 2019
My dear me, this is a promise
With you to try in being honest
To care for you like you deserve
To give you nothing else but love
In looking out for needs you have
If danger comes, to being brave
To be your shield, to have you safe
You are the beauty, love and grace
Live like you want, at your own pace
You are the sun, your light embrace
If hardship comes, smile in it's face
If that's too hard, I'll be your shoulder
To save your heart from getting colder
Until the end it's you and me
I'm right here with you so let's be happy
Zach Short Jul 2019
the coolness of untainted air

seeps deep into your lungs,

as glacial peaks and frozen lakes

become your ladder rungs,

reaching new heights - expanding your sight,

a horizon, soon undone,

with visible breath and stolen speech -

eye-level with the Sun.
climb on.
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