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Zywa May 21
The downpour dances

with the waterfallwater –

the lake overflows.
Collection "New Ago"
Annika Apr 14
Going through the process
Growing through the process
Letting go

I know, I'm being tested
For the amplitude of abudance that is to be poured over my head
trickle to my feet

For my Karma should be as light as morning break
As captivting as the sunrise

That first I must go through the pain
to come out on the otherside
To grasp the blessing that have been so eagarly
prepared for me
Zywa Sep 2020
The lake overflows,

there is way too much water –

to keep for itself.
Collection "Mosaic virus"
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Sigh with every stitch
Her hands soft with abundance
Smiles with sweet prosper

New day, new haiku!
I went from feeling better to feeling ****** again, just my luck!
I'm gonna book an appointment on Monday, I cant take this anymore.
Sorry for the late upload!

Still focusing on the younger Charites, children of Hephaestus and Aglaia [aka Kharis, one of the three Charites], this is Euthenia, goddess of abundance. Like her sisters, there isn't much on her.

Like nothing at all, so I wanted to give her some character, I picture her as a woman who has childlike qualities, like innocence and such.
I remember that I found sewing (cross stitching to be exact) so hard at first, but I enjoyed it when I went to the after school clubs and I was so proud when I was done. A fond memory of mine..,

For some reason, I dont know why, but I also see her with the endearing qualities to that of Marilyn Monroe.
Could be that I've been reading up on her alot these days, she's so renown yet so enigmatic at the same time.
She truly has dichotomous nature which I find so appealing. RIP to her.🙏

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Aurianna Aug 2020
always telling myself
i can do BETTER
almost like...
im not good enough for me
i wish
i could be proud
of myself
in the same way
i feel
when someone else
utters that same sentence
makes me feel
its not that im...
constantly searching for it
i try desperately
to fill that void
the same love
i give to other people
in abundance
it never feels
the same as when
someone else
looks me in the eye
and all you can see
is love
Caro Aug 2020
Bless the earth underfoot
the breeze on my neck
the still dawn
the open sky
the feather fall
the beetle climb
the crow call
the swift fly
the cloud drift
the rising sun
the golden field
the river run
the grass seed
the ripe plum

Bless this breath
this body
this good earth
this new day
Amanda Sant'Anna Aug 2020
His river encountered my waters
Flowing wild like the ocean
My waves curled around him
So we could grow bigger
And bigger
And his fishes, we both have them now
So we grew richer
And richer
Then the rain saw our love, so pure
And she blessed us,
So we grew fuller
And fuller
Each night we danced to the moon
Each day we sang to the sun
And we made them both so proud
They gave us light to guide the way
So we grew wider
And wider
Until there was no more space to grow
Then we rested
Nested by thin air
So still, so nurtured
Life herself looked at us
And Death herself looked too
They came down for a swim
In perfect comunion
We were everything.
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