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in the Light we stood
it all looked so clear to us then

and now
as the clouds roll in
much heavier than before
i carry this trust in my heart that
you won’t get lost out there alone

you'll find all you’ve been looking for
within the home you call your bones
you’ll uncover the endless reason
to the pain you have known

you will come back a warrior,
with weapons of worth
your volcano of a heart

arriving whole
you’ll feel new—light as water
yet moving mountains with
just the tune of your Soul
LeoH Jan 11
I am beginning to understand
I was formed whole
Nothing was left out
Nothing to be sent along later

So then what am waiting for
To start my life
Why do I play so small
In this garden of abundance

The walls of my fears
It seems are illusions
Fabrications I cling to
Protecting me from an imaginary abyss

How to tear these walls down
And emerge from this prison
From the sad aloneness
Into joy and connection
Why do the things we imagine seem so real?
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
hollow Nov 2018
lost in this world created on a screen,
I can't even see things that really matter to me,
I miss the rawness of your voice,
the pen to the paper,
now we have an abundance of choice.
I can type without looking,
I can manage five tabs while ordering food,
--whats cooking?
everything is so instant.
we are the impatient,
the damaged,
and the distant.
adaptation creates us to be dynamic,
but I can't seem to not panic.
you are high and dry,
but you're glorified.
you keep staring at your phone
I am just begging to know
Life has a way of speaking to you,
If you allow yourself to listen
So many days fly by without notice
Without meaning or difference.

Life has a way to show you the path
When we think we are travelling all alone
Sometimes we don't know where we're going
Living life blindfolded.

Life has a way of showing you
Your true self and that of others
If we would only tune in
To those around us.

Life can give you abundance
If we only realise the true worth
Of the things around us
We take for granted.

Life can give you true happiness
If we only let go
Of our comparison with others
And if we take ownership
Of the direction of our lives.
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Here you are a traveling soul.
Moving through the endless space.
You **** for strength, you covet hope,
as you shift through the wall of smoke.

In whole reflection just gaze around.
Erecting illusion and hallucination.
Forging vitality.
You call upon the holy flames.
The scintillating star of a million loves.
Whatever you feel is what you will see in your reflection of this poem. The time is coming an you will know, it's not for me or anyone else to show.
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Trust in it all.
Trust in the timing.
Believe in the soul of abundance,
and disregard all negative attacks.
Glenn Currier Jun 2018
Glory is a word I seem to be using lately
Loving my life and the people in it
Overshining sadness, pain, and darkness
Remembering the goodness of the Lord
Years of abundant love from many angels.
I think this is the first acrostic I’ve ever written.
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
i still hunger
for the wonder
in your eyes

but i want to be
the one who feeds
the love to me
this time
IrieSide Jun 2018
Feeling tides
of shimmering wave
take place
in modern day
I felt the pull
towards something more
though when it came
I lost my soul

Searching hard
with just a hint
some godly spark
that held my hand
the warmth of it
was all there was
yet sufficient

a poet at heart
yeah that's me
even with the money
cars and things
nothing more
gives me that rush
of a free flowing stanza
of my soul's pure

It nourished my garden
this dripping of words
from clouds in thought
and glacier energy
I found my soul
etched in this
sacred poetry
Stay true to yourself. That sacred energy you know is there. Follow it always, and it will guide you home. Neglect it, and you'll come out empty.
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