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Emma O'Toole Jan 21
Oh, how your skin glows yellow,
as the sun glides along with your exterior shell,
oh, how you smile under the light of natures true beauty,
freckles glistening while the wind moves your hair,
oh how I look at your beaming face and smile
remembering how beautiful it is to you know you,
to watch you blossom,
my sweet little child,
feel that sunshine that is also inside,
Allesha Eman Dec 2020
Shades of burnt orange and saffron
in clusters between the clouds,
the coolness of the atmosphere
brought ease to my swollen eyes
the bitterness on my tongue washed away
as if caramel was poured into the sky,
sweetness inhabited my lungs
and I uttered...

سُبْحَانَ الله
Elemenohp Oct 2020
I would like to slip softly, kindly, into the abyss..
That sweet nothingness, which cradles all in darkness.

I wish to become part of it,
Letting that cold emptiness entwine itself, into my thoughts, smothering them into decay.

I seek to see no trace left, of this mortality I hold.
To let it drift away on oceans of black, eventually sinking sweetly beneath the tectonic plates.

Riya Sep 2020
you make
me feel
at ease..
just your voice
gets me
the night..
oh please
just whisper
to me..
tell me all
that you have
to offer
and i promise
that i won't
daze off
cuz i know
how hard
it could be
to finally
open up to
and let
your guard
just for a second
could happen
and maybe
this time
it will be
worth it..
to finally
just be
at ease..
you make me feel at ease <3
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Leeann Rose Aug 2020
A cool breeze , makes me feel free
A cup of coffee or tea , is soothing to me ..
A lit candle burning, puts me at ease ..
A walk around the block, the children laughing makes me smile.
A cruel world, they know nothing about ..
I'm still Living in the moments, trying to figure it all out
Some days are harder than most ..
I find strength within..
I know I'll be okay ..
Never forgetting to breathe.
One day at a time.
Kashish Aug 2020
There are certain emotions I am unable to process
They’ve left me suffocated. They cause me to stress
Stress over things that might be of no value in the near future
But it is now; they make me feel like I am a complete loser
These emotions go tough on my body but they flow with ease as I bleed on paper
And the feelings I once had for people I loved, are depleting layer by layer.
Neha Khan Aug 2020
My soft beating heart needs complete peace
I want my soul to heal and rest at ease.

I'm bleeding from inside,
I want to run, I want to hide.

Wandering all alone in the midst of the crowd,
I hear my silence screaming out loud.

I am tired and could barely stand up
I want my heart to slowly mend up.

My dripping heart agonizes for peace,
Indeed, after every hardship comes an ease.
~Neha Khan
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