Umi Feb 1
The Moon has a gentle light, which he gifts the Earth,
It could be compared to how you talk to a child;
Careful, soft and in a sweet manner
His light doesn't hurt me, which is what I adore,
Therefore, is it bad that I tend to lose myself in his gaze ?
When he rises over me, in a clear, registered pace ?
Without a sound I let go of all troubles, all pain,
As the clouds open and it has stopped to rain,
Many people do want to be the sun to brighten up anothers day,
But not me, this is not something for me to say.
I wish to be alike the moon, brighten up your darkest of times,
And be here, to illuminate tomorrows very way
Tug you into a delicate embrace, like his light tends to do
And be here for you, till I have to rest too.
Even in the coldest of nights, the moon manages to warm my heart
And manages my heart not to just fall apart
Tonight again I will enjoy his light,
After all, I hope he does not leave my sight

~ Umi
the clouds are floating
some days i try to catch them
but my grip is loose
so i learn to release
these reminders of you
and love that seems
within my reach
but i am a fool for drifting
and i have grown familiar
to the mastery
of breach
and love is here
just trying to teach
me and my past selves
the meaning
of ease

— Sun struggles
Katelyn Billat Dec 2017
It was a cold dark night.
The moon hung bright
In the starry eternal sky.

It was a night I
Would usually be afraid of,
But as we shivered on the dock,
Surrounded by the shimmering water,
I was at ease.
In your arms I felt peace.
(at) times, is hard
but pl(ease) recall
(you)'ve come so far
these losses (are)
(not) all you are . . .
kaleidoscopic reservoir
with blood that pumps
our long (lost) stars
so thank the sky
for every scar and
hug the ones that
break (you)r heart
for what you (are)
is all you see;
you came to
bruise in
be at ease. you are not lost; you are galaxies
Mister J Sep 2017
Frustrations plague me
Bringing me down on my knees
Your smile brings me ease
Smile. It can lighten someone's day up. :)
Harsha ravi Sep 2017
My dad always told me I was useless
At times like this I believe him
Could have stood up for him
Could have pushed the kids who hurt him away
Could have, could have, could have I could but I didn’t
I didn’t because I was scared
Fear is our worst enemy they say
I think fear is our best friend
He stops us from doing things that we shouldn’t
Because if I stood up for him that day
He would not have learned to fight for himself
At least that’s what I say to ease my guilt
The guilt I got after listening to my best friend.
Listening to only what he said
My thoughts are all over the place i apologise
Anthony Reynolds Aug 2017
How do you describe brown eyes?
Dirt, mud, earth, none of these suffice
Too much to beauty for most to realize
Too much depth for some to think why

Seeing them first thing in the morning,
Warmer than a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day.
Deeper than any earth on which we stand
They welcome you. They make you want to stay

Sweeter than chocolate, they'll relieve all the pain
One good look into them and those thoughts run astray
Like with a sweet tooth they are something you crave
Please make sure they don't melt away
Marsha A Aug 2017
I don't feel at ease.
What was anticipated, extinguished.
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