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Jace Joseph May 27
I wonder why most of everything,
Of my life and anything that was in it,
Has been forgotten by my mind.
Maybe I forgot because off the blaring sound,
That's found it's way into all my memories,
The same one that was a constant in my head.
I'm honestly frustrated that I have very little to show for who I am
Hailie Mar 26
So I been thinking about my next Move and how to make it right,
it’s becoming a bit of a sore eye but I’ll never lose sight.
at the end of the day all I got is myself, I will continue to grow without ur help.
I am reaching for a way out but I’ve been moving in circles,
wondering if it was that blue dream or ***** purple, that
day was when my vision got so clouded
rumor has it at least that’s how it started.
I been thinking about my next Move and how to make it right,
it’s becoming a bit of a sore eye but I’ll never lose sight.
Poetic T Jun 2019
Woven in the wind was the tissue thin veils
              of wings that tore upon the heavens,
                                                in subtle breathes.

Subtle mirages were spread around there
                                  worldly travels.
              Never seeing what was there.

Just a shimmer of  rainbow shades.
                A kaleidoscope of reflection,
     seeing shades shimmer delicately.

But when a raindrop never descended,
                    and in the collective desert
                    of visual obscurity were they vulnerable.

Play things for the feral masters of pink flesh
                did they jump feverishly.
   But on human eyes did the mirage fulfil.
                   a fallen wing had fell.

And with a plastic tomb were they dispatched.
                 an offering of great pleasure.
But t human cognitive visuals a fluorescent bird
                                                              fe­athers clawed

without a hue of intention only the fever of the hunt.

Man only saw a incandescent mirage,
                       when rain fell.
                       but beneath this camouflage
                were wings that flustered the seasons
                                         pleasures on mans world.
floW Jan 2019
Who decides what’s right and what’s wrong?
How do we distinguish what to do in a tough situation?

Overwhelmed as our brain floods with water,
Mixing the black and white
Into a gray,
We can’t find the answer
Because there simply is no answer.

Everything is just gray.

We blindly choose,
Hoping for the best,
But little to our knowledge,
Based of this choice
A ripple begins,
And slowly spreads through the pond of our life,

Simply growing larger
And larger
Spreading further
And further,
An unstoppable force,
Continually altering,
more and more

Until the whole pond becomes
L Aug 2018
I have to remember. I have to remember
this. for as long as I can. for forever.
I have to.   I cant let this go.   I cant let this feeling

Umi Apr 2018
To death in love!
The eye of ones heart closes for their beloved, their most precious treasure of them all clouded by emotions stored for them deep within
Unanswered love leads to a stinging mind of the subscocious, caught and rose by a burning ember of feelings, turning into an inferno,
Blinded by it, they will not acknowledge the falsities of their partner, nor their mistakes or even their treaciousness, as for them he is perfect, conciously imaged as the ideal and the best they ever had,
But no! God forbids, they learn about the art of blinding love while they sink to the bottom of a sea of passion and affection, in a last remote of a courtain call to simple yet manifest carelessness,
Small lies lead to grand falsities overlooked by a noncaring closed eye
Rekindled in a dream they rather follow their instincs than the truth,
Illusions cast by embers of love deep within the unconcious, like a courtain to be blocked from all light, holding on to dear of what is loved and cherished, praised and adored, an emotion leading stray,
The philosophy of a hated person, would be to never close the open eye of ones heart, so you fall not too hard when you begin to love,
But when all falls apart, realisation is like the thorns of countless roses
It is the heart sign of selfless love.

~ Umi
ohellobeautiful Mar 2018
my memories of you are cumulonimbus
i want to break the sky open and
make it sink into the ground
because all i ever see
is your face in the
E McNamara Mar 2018
I wrote an ocean onto that paper
Ink stirred with salt
It was spilling out of me

I was overflowing with thoughts
I wrote an ocean onto that paper
Of anything and everything

That clouded my eyes
Till nothing harmful was present
I wrote an ocean onto that paper
Hello Poets! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and relaxes. Use a bath bomb or something.

I love feedback on my poems so don't be shy. Love you all!
Dustin Dean Jan 2018
Situated where they are
Give way from each side
In the shell of a deep well
Telling that this is nobody's land
But I don't care
I'm dancing towards her
The most riveting wells
Lie between burnt auburn shells
I'm far away from the outside
But I'm feeling safe and sound
With each step ensuring
The final point of no return
Lost, but surely found
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