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you were the kind of hope
that soothes an aching soul
just the sound of your name
makes my bones feel whole

maybe i never got the chance
to tell you

that the kindness you carry
so delicately on your shoulders
and the rooted rhythm of change
you’ve had to learn to dance to
has created waves of hope

maybe i didn’t tell you enough
that the love in your eyes
was exactly what
i didn’t know
i needed to

your l o v e
your goodness
a glass overfull

and it has over poured
into a soothing memory
a blanket of comfort
where i can find peace

so i snuggle into the loss
comforted by the knowing
that out there exists someone
as honest, as brave
as soul-shaking
as you

this alone has moved me
deeper into myself
a soothing to my soul
you’ve reflected
e v e r y t h i n g
i needed to see in me
and left me only with
tiny bruises
of what-ifs
the always wondering of
what we could have been

but these growing pains
are mine
i will kiss them
and sometimes
i will cry
i will fall asleep alone
to the rhythm of my own
to the peace of knowing
what comes
must sometimes go

the world keeps spinning
let it take what it must
to make room for
what will
b l o o m
with even more beauty
than any life experience
has yet to do

embrace all that has left you
stretch out in this new space
of self discovery
keep hope & be eager
for all that’s yet to
u n f o l d
until next time, mi amor <3
Sep 2020 · 474
sacred wounds
ohellobeautiful Sep 2020
there is endless magic
within the havoc
of the wounds
that dress
your knees

i hope you
kiss the scars
that they all leave

and that you believe
they pave the way
for you to reach
your wildest
dreams ♥
May 2020 · 272
wherever you go
ohellobeautiful May 2020
there is a stream of bliss
where all your dreams exist
and it never ceases to flow
an excerpt :’)
Apr 2020 · 203
bright and new
ohellobeautiful Apr 2020
of all the love i fell into
the only honest one
was you
a catalyst for
all things true
you gave me
bright and new
and even with you
out of view
as long as there is
breath in you
your heart
will drum
the loudest to
the songs of me
i lost in you
an old poem i found :’)
Apr 2020 · 246
flowering forgiveness
ohellobeautiful Apr 2020
forgive those who forgot
to water the love in you

they didn’t have the strength
and that’s exactly why you grew
Mar 2020 · 414
delicate warrior
ohellobeautiful Mar 2020
you are
tread(in)g through
dream-filled waters
and although beautiful
they can seem deeply
frustrating at (time)s

but (you) have the power within

(learn) to laugh when it gets heavy
you are only served the kind of tides
(that) you are strong enough to conquer

no wave thrown (you)r way
could ever submerge the
delicate warrior you (have)
(become) today

flow with (the) Universe
you will never be shifted
the wrong (way)
in time you learn that
you have become the way
Feb 2020 · 418
molecules of emotion
ohellobeautiful Feb 2020
feel the devotion
of every cell
sing through you
there is nothing more true
than the heaviness you hold
and the light that unfolds
through the catalyst
of you
Jan 2020 · 344
ohellobeautiful Jan 2020
share your space
only with the souls
that lend you
more room

hold onto the people
who shine more light
through your cracks
and remind you
of the masterpiece
your storms have
formed you into

dance along to those
who don’t have to dim your song
just to feel like they are heard

forgive those who forgot to
water the love in you—
they didn’t have the strength
and that’s exactly why you grew

you’ve only gotten stronger
the heavier your heart
has wandered

so listen to the songs
that all of your scars
now can sing

close your eyes & feel
all of the L I G H T
your dark did bring
Dec 2019 · 418
collective strength
ohellobeautiful Dec 2019
all the cells in my body
dance in unison
with the ache
in your heart
my blood pumps
with the knowledge
that you shine most
from shattered parts

you are loved in a million ways
no matter who decided they
could not find a way to stay
and even if you don’t hear it enough
you have just as much meaning
as all that glowing star stuff

i know first hand
that life can be tough
but it knocks you down
so you remember that
alone you are enough

you are the universe in motion
allow yourself to feel every emotion
because if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry
for days on end
then why would these rules
for each of us amend?
when we are filled with
the same elements as them

you are allowed as many phases
as we see in the moon
and just like the sun
this world is warmed by you
you share cosmic meaning
with everyone you meet
this world depends on you
like the air that we breathe

so i hope you recognize
the strength that you grew
from the punches life threw
and that no matter what happens
this earth keeps spinning
just for YOU
Oct 2019 · 249
the fire inside
ohellobeautiful Oct 2019
the depths of my losses
lives a flicker of fate
where a fire once burned
and it spells out your name
when i squint though the haze
i see you dance in flames
and i think how my cold hands
could use you these days

i reach out to find
the warmth in your blaze
but suddenly it shrinks
and the flames start to fade
still i keep trying
using all of my strength
but the Light
and You
are completely erased

now darkness is growing
at astounding new rates
and i am left alone
filled with unfulfilling fate
so i build myself up
using mantras of praise
for an abundance of Love
in me always stays

i open my eyes up
to peek at the bleak
darkness around me
and finally i see
through the cracks
you left throughout me
a warm Light is glowing
and i feel my heart beat
with the magic i bleed
it shines with a force
that the sun hasn’t seen
it dances to rhythms
my soul sings on key

soon my cold hands
are warmed by the heat
of all those old flames
that first flickered in me
the ones i had tamed
just to spell out
your name

but i am the warmth
i am all of the flames
what burns inside me
will forever remain

as does the truth
one that i misconstrued
about that great glow
i thought started in you
but you just reflected
the Light that i bloomed
for i am the Sun
and you were a phase
of my moon

for no thing i see
exists outside of me
the fire is burning
always at my seams
glowing to guide me
and help me to see
alone on these paths
that lead me back to me
an old poem i made new <3
Oct 2019 · 426
ohellobeautiful Oct 2019
sometimes i get sad
foraging through what can seem like
a big pile of never-ending-mishaps
and some days the weight of life
lays so heavy on my chest
that i want to give up
and just marry my bed

but then i remember
that i am the universe in motion
and if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry for days on end
then why would the rules for me amend?
for i am made of the same elements as them
the air i breathe and the stars i see
are all alive, inside of me

so i stop and feel

i mean, what is real?
my problems are
and i am forever
my soul exists in a place
where honey love is all i taste
where i fall asleep dancing
with rainbows in kaleidoscope skies
to the rhythm of the phases
of our monsoon sun rise

opening up
my heart and eyes
my lips may tremble
with the power of time
but i will kiss the clouds
in the morning highs
to remind the world
of it's eternal light
along with mine

i let it all go
and i realign
Sep 2019 · 305
ways to rise
ohellobeautiful Sep 2019
your bones
they glow
with galaxies
you have yet to
come to know

and when you sink
the ocean floor
becomes your home

the water finds
a way to seep
out of the corners
of your eyes

to wash away
all of their lies

salt that dances
in your wounds
will carry you
up to the sky

and you will feel
much more alive

so you can breathe
in the sunshine
and realize that
those falls arrived
just so you could
find ways to rise
waves to ride
ways to shine
and realign
Sep 2019 · 557
ohellobeautiful Sep 2019
the untold power
in your own strength
plant seeds in the hurt
where others threw dirt
use your tears
to water the cracks
your heart once lacked
those are the places
your light shines through
your darkness is a reminder
that all you’ve ever needed
is radiating from you
Aug 2019 · 412
ohellobeautiful Aug 2019
all that exists is now
breathe in the magic
of the infinite potential
that lives in this moment

there is a stream of bliss
where all your dreams exist
and it never ceases to flow

wherever you heart goes
the best part of now
is that it always is
Jul 2019 · 633
letting go
ohellobeautiful Jul 2019
b l i n d i n g
is the light that results
from the bridges i burn
between me and you
Jun 2019 · 948
worlds of change
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
i am sleepwalking through
this clouded view of truth
and my soul is heavy
with your need to escape
all those noises they grew
so your voices would fade
the clouds are turning gray
and begin pouring fate
the rain wants to stay
but the sun finds a way
as they grow familiar
with the rivers and waves
i have formed in the desert
with the tears that i taste
from the suffering you face
and i want to erase
all the pain that remains
so that look on your face
can be lifted some day
as we all have the power
to shine light your way
and use our own privilege
to create worlds of change
praying for the people of Sudan. please research what is going on. there is a massacre and it’s not being spoken about. they have an internet blackout and they need us to echo their screams.
let’s do our best to uplift the oppressed.
Jun 2019 · 361
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
in the midst of chaos
as we climb through
the rubble of what
we once thought
was holding us up
we will see that
maybe it was our
own bare hands
and worn-out feet
that picked us up
to defy defeat
and if we can be
still enough
quiet enough...
climb far enough in
the noise of the world
will disappear
and all that will be
left to hear is the
golden light
shining through
the cracks of all
we held on to
Jun 2019 · 384
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
you may feel alone
but your troubles are known
i blink and your worries
have found a new home

they soar over oceans
and dance past my eyes
into my limbic system
for me to unwind

your wounds
hold a glimpse of
our lost love and time
i will line them with silver
so the world sees your shine

i will carry your thoughts
when your mind is unkind
i’ll speak love down your spine
drink your tears to survive

with your pain
i will paint you
constellations for eyes
so you glow like the stars
dancing deep in your bones

oh, my heart would skip a beat
just to loan you your own
Jun 2019 · 302
the light that you are
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
alone isn’t lonely
you are complete how you are
you’ve bloomed from the ache
and found depth in lost parts
all the stars feel your pain
but see only your spark
these losses obtained
don’t define who you are
you’re a galaxy of possibilites
with constellations for scars
in your darkness you channel
The Light That You Are
Jun 2019 · 333
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
someday you will
look back at your life
at all of those seemingly
impossible situations
and all of the days that
you felt like giving up
and you will realize
how every thing
had to happen
exactly how it did
exactly when it did
to bring you to
moments of bliss
and you will smile
because you’ll know
that it was you who
carried you through
with all that strength
♥ that YOU grew ♥

—from all the pain
that you once knew

our darkness deserves
to be celebrated, too
Jun 2019 · 347
ohellobeautiful Jun 2019
if not you
then who
loving you?
May 2019 · 809
born to groove
ohellobeautiful May 2019
your soul
is on fire
every loss
is a flicker
sparking new
Light in you

with galaxies
for wound-beds
your scars form
Cosmic Truth

your darkness
was made for
dancing and
your soul was
born to groove

never can you
fall off track
when every
path leads
back to you
May 2019 · 2.2k
b l o o m i n g
ohellobeautiful May 2019
oh, but look at what grew

all because of the dirt
that they once threw
(our souls were meant
to bruise in galaxies too)
May 2019 · 544
ohellobeautiful May 2019
all of the words
you chose not to say
echo further in my head
than the ones you portrayed

and maybe this is why you
don't say what you mean
the echo would haunt you
much deeper than me

May 2019 · 875
ohellobeautiful May 2019
baby, lately I’ve been
space-dancing through
those lost dimensions
of me and you
May 2019 · 596
right on time
ohellobeautiful May 2019
you were born with
a gift in your bones
this world is shapeshifting
from your light alone
and it’s lining your vessel
with gooey lovetones
that are dripping pure gold
on to all you have known
you are gleaming with meaning
you are a multidimensional being
who thinks every thought
to create all you’re seeing
you are strong and redeeming
there is nothing weak about you
you pump never-ending value
feel your strength as it climbs
from your cosmic enzymes
they are dancing inside
singing out an endless love song
that “you’re right on time
May 2019 · 508
catalyst for light
ohellobeautiful May 2019
us humans—we are a
powerhouse for change
a true celestial force
to be reckoned with

did you know
that when we clap
down here on earth
our neighboring planets
are affected by it?

so when we cry until
we cant feel our face
or when we laugh
until our bellies ache
the whole Universe
feeels us shake

our vibrations
are so much louder
than we think
we are so much more
powerful than we
could ever see
our thoughts
literally become things
all of consciousness
is woven into a blanket
of all that we think

and mostly
we are unconscious
in how we guide
our self talk
but it’s never too late
to remember
what we forgot

create a whole
entire new you
with the new
patterns you grew

so let’s make more room
for healing our lives
by rearranging our mind
into a catalyst for light
Apr 2019 · 2.3k
growing galaxies
ohellobeautiful Apr 2019
i swear
the Universe
inside of us grew
as we danced along to
all the pain we once knew
Mar 2019 · 2.8k
the path
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
i have just always
felt (more) comfortable
walking through (chaos)
it always (lead)s me
back to (me)
may more chaos lead me
Mar 2019 · 455
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
how they make you feel
has nothing to do with them
but it has everything to do
with how you feel about you
Mar 2019 · 372
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
it’s not about
trying to seed out the bad
in your garden of overlooked good

it’s about shifting your energy towards
the never ending faucet of goodness
over-flowing within you
and allowing what seems bad
to just become background noise

until eventually it ceases to exist
within your perceived reality

because your soul will be so full
off of the sugar dripping from
the cracks in your heart
so high off of the sunshine
glowing from the knowing
that you are built from
broken parts

that what once was bad
becomes the catalyst
to all things good

and life will begin to unfold
without a single condition
for how loud you can love
or how deeply the stars listen

relish in this
let the bliss
let the magic
of this incredible
gifted experience
consume you

until no separation exists
between where your soul ends
and the rest of existence begins
Mar 2019 · 715
ohellobeautiful Mar 2019
but maybe
it’s a beautiful thing
that we can never be perfect
maybe in fact, there is bliss found
in the idea that there is no limit to
being more of something we want
or less of something we don’t

maybe humans arrived
with the purpose to be
perfectly imperfect

so that as we grow our awareness
to the expansiveness of our souls
we quietly choose qualities
we want to be more or less of
throughout all of our lives

to be more compassionate
to be less ******* ourselves

i mean look at us
already carrying so much
so much worthiness and beauty
but still always wanting to be more

and i don’t think it will ever stop
i don’t think there is a limit
to what we can ever be

so in a sense,
in our current now state
we may feel imperfect
as we think of all we hope to be
and know we aren’t quite there yet

but isn’t knowing
there is more to see
more to grow
more to know

isn’t that
what we came here for?
Feb 2019 · 1.4k
ohellobeautiful Feb 2019
life really is sunshine and rainbows
if you wake up and choose to see it
even in the clouds hanging over our heads
and beneath all of the lonely in our beds
there is light that softy shines ahead

and it is constant

with a kaleidoscope
of colors that blossom
from pain once endured
and sunshine that follows
with just the kind of warm
that you never even knew
you’d been searching for

and eventually, when it pours
you’ll start asking for more
because you’ll feel that the growth
is worth all that you came here for

and when your heart breaks
you’ll laugh
because it always
grows right back
with more reason to beat
and more clarity to see

do you know what i mean?
everything has magic at its seams

you are the moment you are experiencing
and it is perfect

so sit back and enjoy the dream...
Feb 2019 · 494
it’s all you
ohellobeautiful Feb 2019
let (you)r bones
all on their (own)
be (the) garden
for your (greatest)
(love) to grow
you own the greatest love ♥
Jan 2019 · 1.0k
loving you
ohellobeautiful Jan 2019
tell me
who drew you in 
and made you think
the bones and joints
within your knees
the veins and nerves
mapping out your entire being
were not already complete?

who made you see
through their broken glass
who made you think
it was okay not to ask
to ask you how
it made you feel 
when they realized
they weren't going to be real
to you or to your swollen heart

you were just so beautiful to see
they just couldn't let you be
and when they fed you their falsities
they made you think you had to stay
as if half of you had gone away

when in truth—you were noting short of gold

and you should have been told
the one thing they couldn't be
was everything they knew
you needed them to be

and when this realization hits
they don't even have the heart to admit
you were everything they wanted
but couldn't be

so they just had to taste it 
they had to feel your breeze
and they take and they take
and then they leave...

but darling don't you fret

for they will never forget
the love they found in you
the love you still hold true
the love that's grown too

you needed them to help you through
so now you see that the best part of life
has always been about loving you
Jan 2019 · 440
the journey
ohellobeautiful Jan 2019
in the Light we stood
it all looked so clear to us then

and now
as the clouds roll in
much heavier than before
i carry this trust in my heart that
you won’t get lost out there alone

you'll find all you’ve been looking for
within the home you call your bones
you’ll uncover the endless reason
to the pain you have known

you will come back a warrior,
with weapons of worth
your volcano of a heart

arriving whole
you’ll feel new—light as water
yet moving mountains with
just the tune of your Soul
Jan 2019 · 544
ohellobeautiful Jan 2019
but if we instead focus our energy
on the Love that eternally surrounds us
even whilst the walls we so delicately built
crumble to our tired feet
we will gain so much more momentum
towards finding the hidden meaning
to the lesson—to the blessing
each moment serves us a b’lesson
that we somewhere along the line
attracted to our path for self expansion
with each of our conscious choices thus far
we have manifested exactly this
for the Light we will gain
the blinding reflection of all that
our Souls are collectively becoming
love ~ so much love
and the light that lies inside
which through our becoming,
✧・゚: *comes to life *:・゚✧
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
a r r i v a l
ohellobeautiful Dec 2018
Love from a place of fufillment
never love to quench a lonely thirst
let your seams seep Self-alignment
from filling up your soul-needs first

externally so much noise can exist
but you have the power to quiet it
by making space for self-awareness
its expansion is your assignment

don’t let this world distract you
from the Worth that You Shine with
all that you ever seek for isn’t lost but
deep down inside—always it thrives
and like gravity, it keeps tugging
at your Soul to Arrive
Nov 2018 · 912
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
whether it was
the unwavering yearning
or the heights my heart insisted
there was a sense of hope there
that only grew with distance
Nov 2018 · 477
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
full for
every step
my able body
a moving earth
beneath my feet

two eyes that see
one heart that beats
Love that breathes
through all of me

a mind that hopes
for light to roam
when darkness
sets me free

better days
i can portray
with Trust i've
come to bleed

of course i see
the Light in me
and how lovely
i've come to be

and although i
so Love those highs
i've come to cherish
these lows of mine

it is the hardest
days i garnish
evermore with
with Light i beam

for from the dark
i do embark on
the grandest
d i v i n e
parts of
i am thankful to be full ~fifillued by the fire inside
+ thankful to be inspired by old poems of mine :’)
Nov 2018 · 552
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
You do not have to pick
from gardens outside
of the forest that is
already thriving
w i t h i n
Y o u
for if you do
your head will fill
with leaves that fall
when You need spring
winter will come in june
and soon You won't have
sight of the moon
(or You)
b e c a u s e
You lost yourself
inside somebody else's
fire and the only way out
is to find Love in the smoke
of your own two tired eyes
like You could before
You jumped ship
f e a r i n g
the possibility
of finding out that
your pieces may not
ever fit together in
the same way
a g a i n
but what is life
if we always float
where the water is
c a l m ?
i don't know about You
but i prefer the rapid descent
of water falls and milky way skies
that can only be achieved through
the most demanding environments
that leave you filled with
P u r e L i g h t

you are enough energy alone

Your Light is what will
always lead you back hOMe
to your own field of wildfires
where your broken heart's eye
can see Your vessel A l o n e
holds enough Light to fuel
all the stars in the sky,
to warm the
hearts of
m i l l o i o n s
and as you breathe
You can feel the Love of
countless stars who all
exploded to fill your
body cavities with
all the strength
You'll ever
next time
you feel alone
put your hand to
you heart and feel the
rhythm of the YOUniverse
listen to nature sing to you
melodies of the T r u t h
that you’re not a "me"
but are woven into
the cosmos as an
integral part of
“we" & every
thing you
see. . .
older poem~couldn’t remember if i shared :-)
Nov 2018 · 797
galaxies of growth
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
let love be sipped
drink from a heart
with a loosening grip
get drunk off detachment
on this transitory trip
Oct 2018 · 613
ohellobeautiful Oct 2018
letting go
of what could be
is how i finally
set me free
Oct 2018 · 2.9k
ohellobeautiful Oct 2018
i'm not sure
who planted this seed
inside all of our heads
whispering quietly

”stop feeling so much"

who made the assumption
that feelings = weakness?
because those two terms
have never been seamless

to dip into your depths
with no feelings oppressed
takes the kind of courage
most fear cant be fed

weakness evolves
from putting all of
your energy into
building up
the walls
that block
the flow of life
that was meant
to move you
further into the
depths of the you
you didn’t know
you never knew

to feel
and i mean,
to really feeeel
every ounce of this
human experience
comes with a bravery
that most resist

it breaks you apart
shakes you down
uprooting all
that’s been

to guide you
from within

to let this life
overcome you
with whatever
it may,
while being
proud of it too?

now, that
is strength

that is the
out of

Oct 2018 · 442
ohellobeautiful Oct 2018
you may feel buried
but you are just being
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
when i pull you in
there’s a certain kind of magic
that sparks between our skin

seeping with a secret glow
rising up from down below

i smile with a feeling
that only you and i
will ever know
Sep 2018 · 660
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
lately i have been thinking about
this cosmic reality of wonder i see
how i can radiate out light-filled beauty
and trust that i’m all of the love that i seek
i find comfort in how i exist beyond “human”
i know i am more than my mind now perceives
this experience may dance to the beat of illusions
but this waking state is my most favorite dream
Sep 2018 · 819
the way you do
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
when you smile
the world is new
for all the magic
you see is you
those days
as dark

the way
you do
Sep 2018 · 900
the taste of honey
ohellobeautiful Sep 2018
i spent so long
making mountains
with my inability
to trust

creating dust
with my worries
as i grew tired
of chasing
broken promises
and tasting
the bitter
in the never
of forevers

just so you
would have to climb
to my new heights
of broken life
and find my love
more worth the fight

and as we spent
less time alone
i found that broken
made quite the home

the universe in me
made sense
my worries felt
much less intense

you held my hopes
in your warm hands
and i grew trust
where i once ran

and in the midst
of all of this
i felt secure
in all those hits
my heart
once bared

for every tear
had led you there
to clear the air
for us to share
the taste of honey
in my despair
who said broken was a bad thing?
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