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Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
Would the Mice live long
if we gave Cats enough Milk
or is hunting fun?
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
Never had the courage
it takes to be afraid
and I've never feared
enough to be brave
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2017
I never told you so
*So I never told you
Ignatius Hosiana Dec 2016
Sometimes you need to be that person even you
doubted you'd ever be to reach those dreams that
were so far from reality and score such goals you
thought you never could... Sometimes you need
to tighten your fist of faith and beat the odds
for if you hit hard, even fate can hit the canvas...
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
I read and wrote
*I wrote and read
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016
You need not take
what you can't ingest
let alone digest...
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
A happy face is a cheap cloth
I can always afford to wear...
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
I once had nothing and cried
to God but now that He heard
my cry and pieces are falling
back together
I'm second
myself, I'm
afraid they
could be just
just to splinter
farther apart
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2017
My naked eyes
hardly see beyond her luscious chest
I doubt after I venture her thighs**
we'll still keep abreast.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2017
Build wings today and the next you'll be flying
for today's suffocation's tomorrow's sighing
and such is life, you either get rich or die trying
get busy living or get busy dying...
Ignatius Hosiana May 2017
Keep happy, smile...
Run your life like a Train, trust the tracks,
sometimes you have to trust the guidance of your life
for God knows why your road meanders left or right...
He's the tracks that'll see you through the day and night...
It might take a year, two or ten, it doesn't matter when
as long as you don't derail, you will reach your destination...
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2015
If only there were 1000 letters in the Alphabet
I wouldn't fail to find 5 to explain my affection for you I bet
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2017
It's not a thousand miles you should be afraid of,
It's easier to walk those than a mile away from love.
No matter how bad it hurts to stay
it always feels like the best choice on the scale of preference...
Love is the longest distance you'll ever walk,
sometimes even without barging an inch.
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
The day the story of
my existence started
manacled by fate since 93
tomorrow I turn 23
Gone from a little boy
to a lad with a unique ploy
Happy Birthday to me
Someday I'll find serenity
in this insanity
midst these chains I'll be free

While at it I'll blow candles
for this courtesy humbles
Tomorrow I'm born again
to this life of pain
Someday there'll be sunshine
even if after decades of rain

I have hope...that's what matters
for better someday things'll change
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
Did you know that gold is dug and washed out of muck?
You miss a lot attaching so many strings
for the so many terms attached and conditions
just limit the talent you are likely to capture
As an intending or a yet to be business consultant
I honestly believe the inefficiency we see is resultant
and consequent to the boxes we create
thereby numbing the personnel our recruiting and selection curates
Don't get me wrong on this but even if I had a first class
I would not find joy being an employee to such an employer
seldom do our results show our capability
especially in the developing nations where our results
are usually subject to lots of questions
What I mean is I would grudgingly take up such jobs
where aspects like a master's degree is an added advantage
for to me I believe in the semi skilled, degrees and diplomas being vintage
this being the main reason I might take up a job to manage the HR
to prove to the world that today's academia doesn't define who we are
I'm not saying that if a company hires me I'll hire failures
No, all I'm saying is sometimes extremes are dangerous
like Wilde put it, too much is as bad as too little
Let's put away these archaic and very conservative measures
and emphasise aspects like talent and character strength
Not every good medical student obviously becomes a good surgeon
not even do good literature scholars turn into good authors or poets
We have to start realising that some go to places to survive
we seldom choose the places we end up in but endure to be alive
We need to be better employers to find better employees
in my company, the papers will not be as vital
as the man in the suit, let's not take life as a bible
especially in the business world where things often go strange
those greater than us adopted the basics for that was their change
we shouldn't keep walking in their footprints
We can find jungles and propagate our own path
leave our prints and set pace for the fresh dynamo to power generations
A million employers are going to miss me because of such rigidity
I've been a mediocre business student and I admit
I could not hit the pinnacle of preset peak for I had my limits
but I'm going to be one of the greatest transformers of my time
You can take this for pride or just another rhyme
someday these so called egocentric first class employers
will hire me to enlighten their classic fraternity
on the different ways we the open minded weave
our learned with the inborn to function as an entity
so to my would be employers... do not fall for the anchor heavy vitaes
neither should you be fooled by the experienced suits and ties
I'll come to knock clad in my miserable second hand shirt
with dusty shoes, with my collar sweat marred with dirt
but beware there's always more to every story than told by the cover
don't be hood winked to go picking like you'd choose a lover
to leave out the seemingly ugly asset for **** liabilities
cause those predefined sample spaces omit so much abilities
destroy the box,set no boundaries to let every sailor try out their luck
business is a Sea with so much in the uncharted to see
we risk fazing out boundaries but the essence of business is ecstasy
we ain't experienced but carry a flame denied to some used embers
whose blaze can fuel success in the egoistic business chambers
We can't stick to ancien methodologies to castrate the bull
for we can set up our own modern and operational dominion
no hard feelings, I'm just an enthusiast airing his opinion
Peace, straight outta the Makerere business school.
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
The Sunrise by the Sea
And Love by the Heart
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
1-Promises are buds of flowers, always wait for the petals
2-One person's nothing can be another's everything
3-Sometimes what was once compatible food can turn into poison
4-Some are stop overs, others destinations, do not mistake the two...
5-Oceans of love will always bear storms, the worthy hold firm next to your palm as you battle with the sails
6-Some wounds are too deep to heal, some memories too precious for time to steal,
7-The journey home is too short in the presence of company
and no journey is longer than the lone journey home
8-The future's only more promising along with warm company
Otherwise the past is more beautiful if the future you craved is left behind
9-It's not the sky but courage to flap their wings that makes the birds fly, it takes courage to get up and get going
10-Horizon's sometimes pitch black, yet for her darkness we appreciate her mellow
11-there're so many junctions of goodbye on the roads of hello
12-Enjoy your together while you still can for you can never know where your apart happens
13-There's always the one who hurts you, who leads you to The One
14-Forgiveness is the one thing we all want to receive and never give
15-The past is always here, who can escape his own shadow stalking?
16-The road never ends, we just decide when to stop walking
17-Love never dies, futile we stop wasting time talking
18-When the rains go, you have to water the roses if you treasure their bloom
19-You have to know which gardens to water, some flowers just can't bloom
20-We all have regrets, but they're often about those things we never did
21-The letters we wrote and never sent haunt us the most, words we never had courage to say are the ghost
22-The shortest route to the pain's believing in perfection
23-The beauty of wounds is in encircling about the core of pain,
of storms is in dancing in the rain...
24-Nothing changes, all is simply the invisible that was blurred from the far of first impression
The dark side of the moon, the mask falling off, the dust on the etched washing off under the melting glacier of familiarity
25-Forever's infinity, no matter how long we walk, we never get there...
26-Where you choose to stop is your forever, it's the much you could get.
27-We can never go back, second chances are simply opportunities to experience the pain again
28-The heart will work, whether it's broken or not... it's the mind that needs fixing.
29-It's painful letting go, it's twice as painful holding on...
30-It's hard being alone and meaningless being with someone who'd rather be with someone else.
31-Losing love changes you, for better and most times for worse...
32-I should have read the signs and taken another road
33-Even if you hadn't hurt me, someone else would.
34-It wasn't all for nothing, I learnt my lessons...
35-Time heals all wounds, but not all scars.
36-I'll love again, but not as much as I loved you.
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2015
If we were courageous enough to lift the blame
After starting the spark to deal with the flame
If we were weak enough to fight for success
And strong enough to admit our failures
If we were blind enough to feel for others
Or had a perfect vision to be as kind as mothers
If we were hopeless enough to search and find
Or filled with hope and wisdom to be kind
If we walked slow enough to wait for the outcasts
Or ran fast enough to rescue those who hunger and thirst
If we were voiceless not to insult the defenseless
Or had loud voices to condemn the merciless
If we were too lazy to even manufacture a war glove
Or had super strength to truly make love
If we didn't have the knowledge to fly into space
And rather worked our fingers to the bone to change the world
If we only rejected people for who they are not
And accepted all of us for who we are,black or white,Afro or bald
If the entire human race in unity signed a peace note
The world would be by far a better place
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
You've healed me in more ways than any drug could...
sealed most of the cracks on my broken heart
without leaving spaces like an artist does fine pottery
you've freed my chains and rescued me from self-slavery
but still stretched and touched the depths none could ever reach...
restored the courage that I once possessed...
and made a man out of that little boy I was
I'm a knight in shining armour overcoming my wars
because of you, you've showed me the roads I never knew existed
exposed a spectral beauty of the world I could never see
and rescued me from totally drowning in fantasy
You've helped reality and I come to terms after a long time
and seasoned my happy poems with spices of rhythm and rhyme
you've helped me cross the many unstable bridges
and to the broken doors of opportunity nailed new and stronger hinges
you've brought an aura of peace to my soul, the moon and the stars
I'm bleeding naught in love for most of my wounds are scars
you've loved me even better than my mother did
firmly held my hand and led me out of the dark caves I was hid
and propagated a light finer than all illumination,even the sun
you've given me wings and even cautioned me not to burn
like Icarus did fatally flying too close to the magnetic sun
you've taken my heart, filled every canyon and gaping hole
and I'm remorseful for believing the broken don't whole
you've showed me kindness above the good Samaritan level
connected the island I was to the landmass of your affection
and kicked out the cold of loneliness with warmth and real attention
like no one could,above all you've fostered my survival
you've heard the loud whimper in the silence of my shout
and answered my questions beyond the point of doubt
you're the Angel even those in paradise wish they can be
sadly the universe and destiny sit right between you and me
albeit I can't savour your seemingly sweet scent, my heaven sent
you have always felt closer to me than any attire of mine
for your kindness sparkles brighter than any star will ever shine
and you're beyond the normal lass in any lad's dream
yet this isn't close to being the reason I love you,creme del a creme
my love for you is beyond the measure of human reasons
beyond mortal seasons, and what's more?my love's incapable of treason
Sometimes stars compete in the night's grand stage,
Each twinkling light vying for an admiring gaze.
They shimmer and sparkle, in cosmic display,
A universal dance in their own vibrant way.

The aurora, some call it, the birth of an enchanting northern light
for as much as each star in the sky has its own splendid blend,
each shines magnificently, uniquely adorning the night
so together a spectrum of hope does upon us descend

The vast expanse above is a ***** canvas of dreams,
Where the stars hold a paintbrush, bursting with beams.
With radiant hues, they weave a celestial tale,
a twinkle of whispers, an ambient flap of a viking sail.

In this prismatic play, their rivalry inspires and ignites,
as they compete, pushing each other to astounding heights.
I am an ocean at times, with swings akin to the tides – rising and falling.
My continental shelf stands proud, while beneath, I grapple with planktons.
My scars, akin to reefs, find concealment within blue lagoons.
Yet, the remnants of my past, the plastics, wash and pile in my depths.
Within my vast mind lay sunken ships and fossils, some forgotten.
I am that place where tranquility and turbulence intertwine,
Where the sun's radiant beams upon the surface brightly shine,
While in the dark abyss, mysterious creatures lurk, unseen...
Bioluminescent wonders illuminate where the light has never been.
I am the dance of currents, a choreography of grace,
Softly caressing shores, yet fierce in their embrace.
In the shallows, life teems with colors that enchant,
While the deep conceals enigmas, daunting and grand.
On stormy days, my wrathful waves like thunder do roar,
Testing the mettle of sailors who dare to venture and explore,
But when the winds are calm and the sea lies still,
I am a mirror of the sky, reflecting its tranquil will.
In my heart, a chorus plays, the haunting calls of whales,
While above, seagulls glide on gentle breezes,
A juxtaposition of sounds, a harmony that pleases.
My essence is change, from high to low tide,
A conversation with the moon, a million miles away yet forever by my side.
I am a world within a world, a universe untamed,
Yes, sometimes I am an Ocean, wrecking, drowning yet unashamed.
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Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
I wish someone had
told me to stay away
from poetry
I wish I had
known it's an addiction
that won't let me rest
I wish someone had
showed me another way
to get burdens off my chest
besides dumping the shards
sealed in bags of vocabulary,
I wish I hadn't fallen
too deep in love
to find solace in words
for this sums up how much
my addiction rewards
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2015
I lost my phone,I lost me and I lost her number
Sad it was a great friendship but it couldn't last till December
*So addicted to losing that I no longer feel the pain
I cannot wait, I believe I will lose someone again
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
What's the point in fighting if we wasn't meant?
Why weep for what isn't heaven sent?
Why whimper when It's hell bent?
So what if it isn't the end we hoped & dreamt?
Why is the peace we make so easily lost?
Do we have to endure anymore costs?
We talk but never understand each other
Instead of moving on we keep going further.
If all we do is hurt each other all over again
Why the hell do we willingly bear the pain?
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2021
She's a star that fades not, even in daylight
Sun that shines bright in the pitch of the night
an exhilarating adventure on an endless path
an antique jewel of tremendous worth.
She's the calm after a ferocious storm
a mystic place metamorphosed into an affable home
a fragrant red rose in the rain with some bit of thorns
yet a clear pond carpeted by a ballet of snow white swans
She's classical music harmoniously retailed by a violin
tectonics whose cosmic shifts made my melancholic existence spin
a euphonic crescendo of hope that finally entrapped
the cacophonous diminuendos of my despair
She's an ice cold drink on a sweltering day, a breath of fresh air...
a durable canvas upon which I've drawn life lessons
an intricate piece of heaven, she's an artistic impression.
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
Looking through the window to tomorrow
I wonder how sun crawls to bring to existence
Such a wonderful art piece, hiding the looming sorrow
So that the entire galaxy moves without resistance

Sometimes I contemplate how easy it is to hate
Every Soul out here battling to evade attachments
Chained and in pain, tirelessly straining to break free of fate
Dumping promises and marriages, fed up of commitments

But looking within I find fear of future looming
Judging from the heartless past I've seen
The routine isn't promising to change,like global warning
And a Soulquake's trapped me in the rubble of where I've been

Such is a troubled human leaving in taunting fear
If this world isn't our home, why the Hell are we here?
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2015
Steal the wings of my fear and I'll come down falling
Heal my wounds, wipe every tear shed while recalling
Treat me like you don't see I'm stuck in the past
Prove to me that blessings can touch even the cursed
Make me no promise then maybe I'll have faith
Come closer and let me savour in your sweet breath
Prove to me that you're true, that we will make it through
The storms experience has taught me we must face
Fill my world with warmth for it's an empty place
Maybe then I'd know the one I've been waiting for is you
Keep me safe in your embrace far way from hurt
Assemble every piece of my shattered heart
Paint a rainbow of tenderness in my dark sky
Don't cuddle me with words for words can lie
Be the sweetest and my favourite wine
Drug me with such affection that will tempt me to call you mine
For I desire to be called someone's love again
But I'm afraid it'll happen only if you prove you're worth the pain
Ignatius Hosiana May 2017
Ultimately, I want to prove my younger self was right to dream big
to swim in phantasmal fantasies of wines albeit the absence of a single fig
to think of driving the wall Street whilst barely floating the dusty street...
that he was right to build castles in this cyclo charged air,
and in the end I wanna be proud of the foundations I put up...
working tirelessly to meet those castles, never giving up.
I want to look back with pride of never ceasing to dare...
I just want to eagerly peer back at my perspiration
and tell not sad tales but those of great inspiration
of not only the shaky bridges there were, the hails and storms
but of how I withered, of how bare I walked roads with thorns.
I want to congratulate me for dreaming without sleep...
in the end, for climbing on and on, no matter how steep...
the cliffs of life proved to be, I want to look back and smile
at the millions of good deeds,
as part of great memories I sowed midst perilous weeds
in the end, I don't want to have so many regrets
I want my name written in the stars along the twinkling greats
in the end I want to be remembered for walking the extra mile
it's easy to be that lad the universe easily forgot
when the tsunami wave blew along as soon as death
sighed and took in a gluttonous deep breath
it's hard to be the greatest of all time, the GOAT
but I'd rather be proud of myself for trying and failing
in the end, rather than even failing to try
ultimately, I'd rather bear scars of attempting a fly in the high
than surrendering to life in the pits of low...
it didn't matter how long it took, fast or slow
I just want to be proud of me for going against the flow
whether small or as wide as a container lorry
no worries, I just need some story of my glory...
"He didn't shine so bright though",
I want them to say in the end, "but few will forget his glow"...
that's why I work my fingers to the bone
to move my city from my town and turn my dusk to a dawn...
In the end, this life goes so fast so snappy
but as I out grow this world, I wanna look back and be happy.
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
The day the white sheet of my eyes lay upon you
God is one but Angels on earth are few,I knew
My eyes blinked wanting to shut forever
to keep your gorgeousness inside them for eternity
for they knew their purpose was over, finding
me a soulmate,you can call it ******* or insanity
but the day we met,my heart exclaimed in praise of fate
for the first time in my life,prior which I was always too late
that day my heart skipped a beat for your
magnetism kept a constant attraction
sending ripples in it's cardiac build, ripples of tension
my heart was yours even before I knew it
the day we met the world ceased to spin, air got thin
I could hardly respire for my metabolism paused to let you in
the sun froze, cause her brightness couldn't compare to yours
and thus there was a momentary eclipse
for she was cast in your shadow,
and all I could see were your glistening lips
the day we met my feet grew weak because
they had reached their long awaited destination
they were sure for the first time without raising questions
that you were the pearl I was searching for,the friend
the super glue which would stick till the end
flowers withered in your presence and blossomed again
trying to beat your paradisal beauty but in vain
the day I first saw you I forgot all my failures and pain
something that for centuries I couldn't contain
you were the cure for the wounds and my scars

as you walked by twinkling a better spectrum compared to stars
thus lending colour to a life that was dull and grey
the day we met ,I understood why people see mistakes and still stray
for I knew right away no matter how rough the winds blew
even if they tore the sails and broke the masts
Obedience to gravity was a constant,a must
cupid had shot his tiny arrows through me for you
the day we met my fear was cleansed in fountains of passion
and I finally witnessed the reason behind the saying
All Hearts are entrepreneurs in the encounter with the right person
You were an investment I was willing to
undertake without investigating the market price
A life long coveted and cherished enterprise
a tender Rose bound to bear spiky thorns
but I,a warrior,afraid not of guiding the bull by it's horns
into the threshold of my ownership and keep
for whilst people fall, mine fall was too deep
the day we met came with a promise of better times
and of more scripts, poems and longer rhymes

I had little faith and seldom believed in miracles
but that all changed as I watched my affection
for you bind me in invisible manacles
And I became your prisoner and slave,to serve
to wash your feet,scratch your back for a drop of your love
it seemed unfair but even that red drop meant everything
it meant every lick, the birds of the wild would sing
the grail of solitude would sublime and loneliness cease to sting
and all that from just a single drop of your love would spring*
the day we met I knew I was done with searching ,I'd found
a peg to which my wandering soul would eternally be bound
lamentations and rage were deleted off my curriculum
and what's more, my moods dropped off their swinging pendulum
the day we met I surprisingly found bliss and peace
at the same pit of despair wherefore I found my miss
and something sweeter than vintage wine, our first kiss
and believe me, not even Shakespeare would predict this
for the day we met I found a story funnier than most comedies
one which erased the memories of my tragedies
Ever heard the story of a girl who coughed out a tumor?
I'm not sure it happened, it was weaved in rumor.
Whispers spread wide, painting a bizarre tale,
Of a medical marvel that seemed too surreal.

They spoke of a girl, consumed by a dire plight,
Who, with each cough, expelled her own inner fight.
A tumor expelled, escaping her fragile frame,
Astonishing many, leaving them lost in acclaim.

Yet skeptics arose, questioning the grandeur,
Doubting the truth of this remarkable lure.
Fact or fiction, the legend remains unclear,
A tale that lingers, shrouded in doubt and fear.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2020
A fallen leaf in autumn
a golden tulip in spring...
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
She's Beautiful poetry, her eyes
are the blue sky hair, like a clear
night bear a sparkle of starlight
with a mind as strong as change
& a heart that's vast as the ocean.
She writes pieces as vivid as air
and deep as longtime despair.
Her character beats the fairy,
God must be her employer
for she's the perfect Angel.
*tried to tell myself
she isn't but where
on earth can one find
such perfection..? she
isn't one to be penned
because she's a grail most
won't believe exists until
they themselves set eyes
on it and probably touch it.
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
What was a doubtful crack
Is a hungry rupturing canyon
Comfortably seated 'tween you and I
What was a sweet melodic track
Is a sad relic of a lost companion
Of mine, oh my ...!
Something of a dream turned to nightmare
Spraying mists of melancholy in the air
The path we walked is some public road
And my heart hither light is now a heavy load
Maybe you didn't know that It's been twilight
Since you left,variance is slight twixt you and sunlight
I'm haunted by your being wrapped in my thoughts
Consumed in hot flames of the future I sought
I didn't realize it,I should have used my eyes
That without you there wouldn't be a sunrise
Should have waited a little longer for me
I still believe you and I were meant to be
I am the author to the end of our story
Don't have to take it but I'm sorry
Notes (optional
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
As tears crawl down her soft cheek
She smiles because finally she has me in her arms
And I hold her tight for she looks so weak

Staring into her eyes that seem to *****
I savor her scent not to break free of her charms
As tears crawl down her soft cheek

I don't know what to do,it's happening quite quick
Our hearts beat in an organized rhythm of drums
And I hold her tight for she looks so weak

I can feel my own tears hind my eyes start to *****
Deep inside me emotions are on the brink of breaking the Dams
As tears crawl down her soft cheek

She senses my melancholy faster than water flowing down a creek
And starts worrying for every guy she dates runs
And I hold her tight for she looks so weak

Trying to disguise her worries she can't help but blink
Her doubts are back armed with bombs and guns
As tears crawl down her soft cheek
And I hold her tight for she looks so weak
Still trying the style
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2015
FOR Mwima Zubair Naser*
(Gone too soon,when still in bloom
In the line of duty,what a pity)
In memory of you I'll always cry
I won't stop no matter how hard I try
Why do you have to promise
And then just pass on like this?
Especially when you are all gone
Leaving us in this world on our own
Did you have to leave this young
When I lack any beautiful speech
On my saddened tongue?
When the ball is still on pitch?
You had Samson's courage
Like a car with shocking milage
Did you have to go when I need you
Did you have to evaporate like morning dew
From the fragile petals of our youth
Did you have to join the boots?
It isn't fair to go when I cannot send you off
When I haven't condolence,not half a loaf
Did you have to go so soon
And leave my heart out of tune?
Say hallo to Wilber and the others
The thought of you all really bothers
I've never been one to say goodbye
And saying it will all be but a lie
To me you still breathe and live
That you're gone I cannot believe
I hope you made it through
And all these rumors ain't true
Ignatius Hosiana Aug 2016
Maybe it's a mistake to force my heart to love again
that's why I looked up this number long after it was washed in the drain
Romance is the state of a little child rejecting its mother
for when you've truly loved you easily forget her faults rather...
I remember how badly I regretted loving without gain
but the need of the Heart's forced me to return to the olden, insane

I still have hope beyond measure
Someday you'll hand me the treasure
I hold my peace with you

Just know am not parting with you
Neither am I contending against you
Because you're deep inside my heart
Let me sort myself out

Maybe you'll love me above my grave whilst I have no breath
When your feelings aren't respected!
I despise myself, believing I ain't of your worth...
better blind eyes than the events am witnessing
you've permitted the whites of my eyes to pour rivers of tears
I mean, I wish you understood the feelings of love
torture the heart but still don't tire
I'm not loved, that is obviously clear to me but am not content
for tomorrow I'll hoodwink my heart
"You're cherished and just being tested..."
Am teeth but I think myself toothless
True, that Love's a wound in the heart

I still have hope beyond measure
Someday you'll hand me the treasure
I hold my peace with you

*But know I ain't parting with you
Neither am I contending against you
Because you're deep inside my heart
Let me sort myself out
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
When I think about forever, only your
humble face shows up for my heart claims it can endure your smile
forever... that simple stretch that's
in between the make of closed bright
petals and a completely stretched
blossom but again I'd appreciate even an hour with you, because a single
moment with you is worth a lifetime
without you albeit the moment wouldn't be enough... but what's
enough about loving you? I can never
get enough of you...even forever
would never be enough...I'd crave
more and more of you the more I'd
take... I'd feel more thirty the more I
I only wish for an eternity
because it's the inadequate anyone
with such passion would prefer...One
that can give
me room to explore all
of the volatile untapped
passion that's almost fermenting to
I love you, I do... I don't need a
to prove it, we just deserve a
with each other like any other
two normal lovers do albeit we don't lie within that limitation... I would ask God for infinity but then would my romantic waves still hold their strength in a
million years? Would I still love you
this much?
It doesn't matter, I don't
have infinity in my sample space,
forever's unlikely too...I'll thus make
the best of every now to cherish you, to appreciate you, to keep you cool in the
air of romance and to protect you like
the protection a tortoise gets from her shell...
and do the much I can to lend some heaven to the earthly hell
Just run to my arms for they will always be open,
this is home for you at all times and
the doors
of home are never closed to
that's what you are, the leaf
that's been missing on my family tree,
the much welcome member of the
canopy. I love you more than a king
loves his throne, I even love you more
than an autocrat loves commanding. I
love you
for the lack of a better phrase
to mean I do.
I love you.
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
Nobody remembers but he won't forget
so many Novembers that he can't regret
and the few Decembers that  they managed to get
to light burning embers ,fond memories till date

Camping as only two members, night fires till late
Watching stars twinkle, eyes travelling interstellar
the great fables and love stories he used to tell her
drunk from sweet wines he coveted for his dream cellar
when he narrated inspirationals of guys like Rockefeller
and she convinced him he'd someday write a bestseller

The daily stroll especially in twilight
crazy dances right in the moonlight
the color and florets during any date night
the mourns of pleasure after star gazing till midnight
the promises of for better and for plight*

Nobody remembers but he won't forget
so many Novembers that he can't regret
and the few Decembers that  they managed to get
to light burning embers, fond memories till date
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2015
One side of my life is alive, the other is dead
I'm walking down the road trying to upgrade
Half of me is in a light but there's darkness in my head
I can do nothing though I pity those going days without bread
While the haves just flip through those pages I've read
They never see the floods and slides cause they read about business till their eyes' red
A part of me believes that I will make it through
Yet the louder part really doubts that is true
All I've done since is cease every opportunity by the beard
Because they claim he is bald behind
Worked my finger to the bone to be kind
For besides failure, there's nothing else I've much feared
Albeit the motor of my courage keeps breaking soon as its geared
You cannot guess the number of times I ain't cried when my eyes are teared

Take it from the racer, take it from a chaser
Take it from a player or pick it from the game
Take it from the greater, even from the lesser
Yes you might be better, but you might miss a lesson

Part of me gave up sometime back, the other says hard luck
I cannot swim across that ocean, not even like the ducks
I've seen less illumination and more of the dark
My road is filled with mud puzzles,once or twice I stuck in that muck
I struggle to survive, I'll hustle till the day I arrive
I'm like the worlds most wanted, karma wants me dead
But life thinks that's fair so she wants me alive
Unless I hit the canvas I won't throw the gauntlet
I might lack tributaries, I won't run out of faith through doubt outlet
All doors seems closed, I know there's one that got me here
The race is getting tougher so the finishing line should be near
Sometimes the sky is cloudy, sometimes It's clear
Some days I'm stressed without a solution, sometimes It's bear

Take it from racer, take it from a chaser
Take it from a player or pick it from the game
Take it from the greater, even from the lesser
Yes you might be better, but you might miss a lesson
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
Dear Father
Just because I am a girl doesn't mean I'm not human like you
I am and special, maybe more special than you
so first stop calling me names because I'm subject to my emotions
first work and buy me the necessities, the sanitary pads
before arguments about whether I smell during my periods spring
first change the system,that which promotes my rights bring
first abandon alcohol for it's the reason for the violence and fights
first realise that I am my own person with my own dreams
for we all can't be doctors, we all can't be engineers,
we all can't flow with the streams
first realise I hope to be first female President of this pearl
first recognise that time and again my hair may need a little curl
first remind my Aunt to give me the *** education
after all educating me is educating a nation
first treat mother like a human and not a slave
first think like a man and act like a woman rather than a tsunami wave
first mind about how I'm relating with my school teacher
because now is the bridge that leads to my long awaited future
first help sort out the political climate, it is too hot
Help the country be what it should be instead of expecting me to be who I'm not
first tell the insurgents and the government to put down arms
for it seems they cannot see how terribly this war thing harms
they can't see I'm ***** and bearing sceptic wounds which may never scar
first tell the fat belly friend of yours that
when I'm through with my studies I'll afford my own car
first urge the concerned to put up good schools near
so that I won't have to ride this far in the dark filled with fear
first engage in advising my school to provide us with meals
it will mean you finally understand that hunger kills
first work your fingers to the bone, don't leave it for mother alone
to provide the privilege of waking to comfortable beddings at dawn
first start believing in me as you believe in my brothers
rather than wallow in the mistakes of the forefathers
first understand me before you start pointing fingers
first get me a treated mosquito net and shoes to escape the jiggers
first do your part and I promise I will do mine
first be a father & friend then, I know everything will be fine
my brother asked me to write him one entailing threats to Girl Child Education in Africa...I hope this works
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
Our Hearts will collide and I will find reason to love again
That reason will be you, you'll teach me the sweet side of pain
I'll look at the sunsets then on but through my eyes
I'll see hope for there's little difference but direction
twixt the glow of dusk and the shine of sunrise

our words will reciprocate in the wonderful texture of hello
and we will greet each other with honest smiles
like ours won't live to savour goodbye
our bodies will magnetically bombard in embrace
our eyes will lock and like diamonds will reflect the future
to fill us with hope as we foot what's left of our miles
we will realise our palms were made for each other
our lips will be honey, with the pollen of desire
we will burn and yearn,falter and learn
you will burry your past and fade will my scars
and for the wonder of the sparkle in your eyes
there will be fault in the perfect construct of the stars
like flowers seasons will come to fade and to bloom
and I will stick through the joy and the gloom
we will drink from the adulterated cup of gossip
which poison will intoxicate us with one sip
but we won't let that permanently suffocate our amour
You will be my Queen, and I your knight in shining armour
and like magical fountains down a stream
we will sprinkle our passion and dare to dream,
in the face of melancholy we will wipe our tears
or pop a few tops off vintage wines and beers
you will be my story and I too'll be in your tale
and we will on and on narrate our escapades through Hell
how we sailed over and past the waves till we found calm
it will be a floret narrative of struggles overcome
someday we'll meet and you will give a ****
I will be surprised and probably freak out
because my entire existence rests upon pillars of doubt
yet I'll give us a try without a sigh
on that fateful day that's very yet to come
you will be the aris of love that flies me high
I'll be drunk in love, contented with my addiction
and satisfied with the small room I'm given in your heart
where  I will rent without anticipating eviction
we will fight to make up, wound each other just to heal
you will get over your fears and I'll learn pride is a pill
we'll realise that albeit at times we're bad for each other
those are just the small defects present on the best deal
and we'll find reason to cherish and love each other still
because that's what happens when we find someone true
someone who means it when they say "I love you"
this happens when Hearts are meant, I'm not a prophet
how different can it be yet lovers suffer a similar fate?
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
So many things
the eyes were no meant to see
very many tales
ears weren't meant to hear
reeking stench
the nose was not meant to smell
a million stuff
the tongue wasn't meant to taste
but because of this
heart no longer sings
the world's in ecstasy
no more inspiration wells
it's no more joy living here
we're a babel, Chinese and French
we've turned universe into Hell
Humanity's rough, survival's tough
to nowhere we're going in haste
chained ourselves, lost the keys
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2015
Well sometimes you realize that its on your own **** that the flies survive
And on it the cockroaches and other species are alive
Sometimes you learn that though you wish life was a fairy tale
Even it isn't cinderrella's your ****** story's all you want to tell
Some things get your eyes open and bloom gratitude
From knowing that you have earned great wisdom from Hozitude
Some people will always think they are young once
But believe me you there's always younger in every chance you have to dance
So once people throw dirt on you, just grow beautiful flowers
And when they **** on you, think of it as April showers
For with time like me you'll come to realize the moments you cry
Are the funniest stories and funkiest poems to write
You would do anything at some age, including telling God a lie
Just to have an opportunity of going back to re-try it
Some day you will know that while on the wrong roads
Like Soul, some people encounter their salvation
And satisfaction even without getting all the answers to their questions
Yes...some day, something will steal all the loads
And the funny thing is when the loneliness is gone, even a little bit
You realize that it was great company and you miss it
Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a life that's practically a torment
But hey, there's always a purpose for the joy and hurt of every moment
These passing nights and tireless days,
where you dream through countless ways,
The late nights, shrouded in their silent grace,
Shall someday bear the fruits of effort, in their own space.

With weary feet that tread on paths unknown,
Seeking purpose and a place to call their own,
A time shall come to heal the ache and strain,
As soothing touch brings respite, a tender refrain.

Someday, the sweat that glistens on your brow,
Shall carry the scent of victories attained somehow,
For in the quest for triumph, you persist,
And through hard-earned successes, you insist.

Let the world bear witness to your worthy quest,
As each step forward brings you closer to the crest,
In that moment, dreams shall find their sacred birth,
And your name shall be whispered, celebrated on this earth.

So hold onto the hope and wake the patience inside,
For as long as you're still in quest, let not your resolve subside
Someday, my friend, the pieces shall align,
And your long life dream shall brightly shine.
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
At times the little we crave
is too much
*& at times the much
is really too little
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
Fall in the Ocean, don't fall in love
you may forget how drowning felt like
but you simply can't ignore the ache of
a cracked heart or its shards decorating the floor
sharp pieces that you'll step on and wounds reopen
pieces which will clatter from deep within
to echo the despair especially when you're beyond repair
jump off a cliff and fracture, broken bones heal
fractured Hearts seldom truly find healing,it's chilling
when you place support about it but nothing changes
and the more you organise your splintered heart
the further apart it crumbles and breaks apart
fall in Hell, the devils and monsters can be exorcised
but the monsters of a dead romance never leave
they taunt and haunt with voices whispering in your head
and drug you through a living Hell that's eternal
fall in acid, not a single piece of you'll be left behind
love'll rip and have your pieces wandering blind
fall in an abyss or the darkest deepest pit
someone might find you,you'll wash off the ****
but Love'll rob your sanity for it's mind impairing
it'll take away your radars, disorient your bearing
fall from the sky, your entire existence will splatter
falling in love will deny you your esteem and have you stutter
fall off a bicycle, you'll get up,dust yourself and ride
in love you'll live your life like you've died
climb one and jump, there's less pain falling off a tree
unlike the fantasy of love that chains and never sets you free
fall in the Sea, the sharks'll leave nothing for the world to see
love will bewilder you through an endless cyclonic ecstasy
it's worse compared to being once and for all torn by jaws
which takes you to oblivion where lives no feeling of loss
fall for anything else, fall for drugs and addiction
love is a blade that'll never cease making its incision
fall for wines and whiskeys,or any adulterated concoction
my broken heart thinks all but falling in love a far better decision
when you're out there searching for whatever you deserve
embrace all else your heart desires, all else but love
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
I've read two poems about kissing today
Something I read about each other day
I've read about insomnia and sad rhymes
I've heard the bell of memory ring to hard times
I've read about poems titled three and eleven
I've read about a child expected to be in heaven
I've probably read about Tenth Avenue North
I've read so much today, for all It's worth
I've read about the rain in Karachi, poetry and trance
I've read about fate, destiny, hard work and chance
I've read torture, sadness and heavy grief
And somewhere somehow It's all but relief
I've read about flies patterning samun's window pane
Soon as she opens, I've read about a poet's pain
I've read as far as the trending, "Drunk a few "
I've read so many and more are still on the cue
But I've realized in all of them there's this one thing
I've read without tiring because I've read me
Spread on the white pages of hallo poetry
I guess It's true what they say
About the poet being one thing as the poetry
Some are and some ain't okay
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
Someone to come home to
Someone to look upto
Someone to share my plight
A second wing for good flight
Someone to steal my fright
One to control my heights

All I dreamed of was
Harmony and a peaceful fam
I wanted silence and a farm
I meant nobody's daughter harm
I truly treasured her charm

All I wanted was
Someone to make me a home
One I hadn't since I was born
I wanted not the silly fights
The cold lonely twilights
Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2015
Treasure every breath you make
It could be the last you take
Treasure the lake, sail the sea
Little beauty left in the world to see
Treasure even the stranger by the boulevard
You just can't tell the much that person's endured
Treasure the road even if you doubt where it leads
For the beautiful scar,a wound bleeds
Treasure the clear sky and the clouds when they come
It's not everyday we go through storms and find calm
Treasure the dusk as darkness creeps in at nightfall
As you treasure the Sunrise treasure the fall
Treasure the trees even after they've lost their leaves
Treasure kindness like everyone gives
Treasure humanity like all other species don't matter
Treasure every person and treasure the latter
Treasure the world as family probably we might find peace
Treasure all the time you spend like the cash you borrow
Treasure yourself like you cherish that first kiss
Treasure Today like there's never gonna be a tomorrow
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